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Forecasting Snowden (a hill where snow lies long)

“I can now report” the hoax of Hotel Novotel aka Hotel California MKultra.  It is from the dream state that the information leaks out to the masses as some sort of singularity and an ultimate conclusion for the powers of the fourth estate. The frequencies, timed to synchronization with natural and unnatural events. This is Vortex conditioning for the cortex of sheeple.  As I have stated these forces are powerful. The fourth estate comes from the manipulators of estates one, two and three and use the appropriate force known as ‘the press.’  These three estates provide force in threat, financial and legal pressures, all manifesting in fear and loathing. It’s their laws of motion.

Edward Snowden aka Wikiman II, like Julian Assange, Wikiman I, have common ancestry in the same sense as Norwegian trigger, Anders Behring Breivik and James Holmes, as programmers, gamers and hackers.

The Common Dream (A study in mind control and force)

Everyone knows what a dream is.  In this realm, awaken thought is in my opinion, an oneirism. A brown study.  It’s the desire for a common dream and singularity of thought and its ultimate consensus that drives the estates to squander so much energy.  The daydream world of our realm is controlled and manipulated totally by the four estates and now the fifth column or estate, the one of technology.  Social engineering at its core competence is driven by EMF’s. Frequencies and projections are enhanced by experiences of previous events.

Hold your breath and count to Ten  Nine and dream.

911 and able danger have provided an opportunity to see something I find quite interesting.  The dream state of the 911 commission, the awakened state to many inconsistencies like able danger as well as a plethora of other coincidences and boondoggles as laid out very neatly by the James Corbett Video.

3. the event  6. the perpetrators and  9. the controls of 3,6, with 1,2,4,5,7,8.  How able danger and a host of third, fourth and fifth estate forces have controlled the dream state which I will refer to as reality. (1×3) The reality dream state is the official story.  What occurs in this state is the common dream and Sheep-like stasis of ignorance and acceptance derived by pressure.  With safety in numbers (acceptance), safety from TERROR (programming)  we can see the effects of nine by six.

Then there is the false awakening, another dream state with the reality changing to a (2×3) station.  A dream within a dream state where one believes they have become consciously aware of coming out of the common dream.  With the aid of nine again the forces apply pressure through energies and frequencies delivering an astonishingly realistic alternative current through what we have come to know as disclosures and limited hangouts.  But again this is a dream within a dream or false awakening. Granted, it is a better reality for the one looking to conserve their energy, maximize their power reserve and navigate more easily through the matrix.

Then ultimately there is an awakened state, completely true in the sense of consciousness and mostly pure in perception.  This is one that provides that the awakened see those who may be in one or the other lesser states.  One may find that others see them as a lesser state only confirms that state.  If the continuum is present, then the subject is in full mind control and we as a subject in the third kind can understand that they too believe they are in third realm.

Mk-Ultra live entirely in the continuum and their reality is always ruled by subconscious forces filtering the other conscious dream states.  If we bend the realms of time space, the continuum in consciousness may produce long forgotten towers.  Those we may still see in subconscious sleeping sequences and in that state it is just as real.  Hyperreality.

Why would inception produce an idea or definition as the act of instilling an idea into someone’s mind by entering his or her dreams and achieve this by sharing a subconscious dream? I call this induction into MK-Ultra. As disappointing as I found the movie, I find this more interesting.   Inception? Scientists produce false memories in mice”

Is it the subconscious assaults that somehow effect the conscious states of people?  Is it the factor in why we find ourselves in some level of the dream state?  Does the true reality lie within the deepest reaches of our superego, soul in this subconscious? How does the 911 event size up as a primary objective of trauma mind control and it’s damage to the subconscious?  Why do the conflicts of knowing rest on thermite or HAARP, Israelis or Saudi’s, planes, drones or missiles?

What is so far more important to me is how do these estates manage to control so many people in a state of acquiesce, denial and consensus?  How do they drive thoughtful and relatively intelligent folks to the brink of virtual reality where they believe George Clooney is a doctor and ten boxcutters brought down two skyscrapers?

Vanilla Sky or Skyfall?

In my reality should I wake up from my current dream, the Skyfall or Vanilla Sky will become the next reality.  The inception finally revealed and the most challenging event to take place. It’s not that we, I are suffering some memory induction or some delusion or disconnect from reality but that we, each of us may be randomly awakening from dream states by levels.

My sky is not as blue. I see chemtrails.  I smell a bad batch of ozone many days.  It has rained webs in trees here in the mountains. What a New Yorker is realizing may be much different. I can’t vouch for the truth only the dream state that I currently occupy.


So what is this common dream?   How do you get it into your head? I hear the same voices they do, the same frequencies and see the same images.   I posted the latest Intelligence Brief from M. and along with the re-emergence of the climate change meme, the Killshot is back again. The same year comes into play for each of the characters and player in this game.  What is the key to 1999 and the enormous amount of gaming, surveillance and hacking.  It’s like a 2001 version of Alice through the looking glass.

I have to admit being totally freaked out by the incredible amount of energy and money this ongoing dream state has required and it doesn’t seem that anything is too ridiculous or ludicrous to capture the audience in virtual reality.  It has almost become an embarrassment to have to communicate to someone captive in this common dream realm.  I know others must be totally alienated to society based upon the diseased population and corrupt government.   It has all become mere entertainment and a mode by which they can text something of interest over the usual uneventful and thoughtless drivel of their day.  I recall a paragraph from John Coleman and a section in the Protocols Of The Elders that addresses this mind dumbing and thought numbing use of triviality and technology to fluoridate the Pineals of the Plebes. Well MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

This post is going into the time capsule under the hope that in a hundred years or so people can still read or are allowed to by law.  Maybe they will just say “been there done that got the T shirt” or “BTDTGTTS” will suffice.



  1. Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald—who broke the story on secret spying exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden—was quick to seize on the irony of the White House statement on Twitter.

    And we should believe SNOWDEN LONGLIE has info that can damage the NSA program? Sounds like the liberals are in a higher state of dreamville.

    Greenwald is a gamer, Snowden is a hack and Obama and Co. master programmers.

    • Yea that vote already happened and the good guys lost.

      But there is an upcoming deal with a video linked testimony to the congress by Greenwald. Maybe they will send a drone with a hellfire missile to blow Glen up in the middle of it, and say it was a focused solar flare.


  2. chronicle su is the hoax Puddy, not Snowden because the name sounds like ‘snowed in’. Snowden has ALREADY damaged NSA. It is outed in the news like never before.

    I ain’t going with you here captain.


    • They’ll up the ante in Royale and the bluff will be had by a folding of America. Now they can operate holding all the cards. We can get another false flag in this and we likely will.

      I’m waiting for Snowden to call or raise. Aren’t you?

      • I will wait out the two months before coming to any conclusions on this.


  3. Ed Dames has been discussed here before. As far as I’m concerned that whole ‘remote viewing’ trip is BULLSHIT.

    I told you I followed him on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast back in the early to late 90s – NOTHING the charlatan predicted turned out to be true. He was oinking just before 9/11 – never had a clue it was coming. Then afterwords he was “viewing” bin Laden in his cave complex…total bullshit. We all know bin Laden had nothing to do with it. If Dames was legit he would have known that at the time.

    As far as I can tell from my research that whole “Killshot” thing started with Chronical SU. That rumor ballooned into 140,000 mirrors on www since that first bogus story there. If Wiki and Snowden have anything to do with it, it will blow my mind. It is a reputation killer when no “Killshot” happens this September. That is what this rumor is for…it was probably started by US Intel.


    • The point of the Heneghan piece is def. disinfo cointel. What makes it so is that the leak makes it out to be a natural event. That’s the ‘killshot’ I don’t ever buy NASA bullshit. 1999 is code for all bullshit prior 9-11 bullshit.

      If the EMP event happens it will be unnatural made to order black swan by the authorities, by committee and with Russia fully knowing like they did on 911.

      Geo-politically US-Russia- this is an obvious program just like it was with Ronnie and Gorby. Medvedev and Barry’s open mic episode had more clap than Snowdens thunder. Threats of hot war are ludicrous.

      • Yea, I am with you on the hot war not going down. It’s like 1984, it’s already a linked up one world system, all theater for the domestic populations of each nation.

        Putin is playing a theatrical part just like Obambam.

        But I don’t think Snowden or Greenwald are sophisticated enough to understand this.

        I don’t think an EMP or a nuke event will happen. It is all just a strategy of tension holding centers of power together.

        If I’m wrong…???…well fuck me.


        • Yes I agree 100%. And keep in mind I am not damning snowden. I think he’s a victim maybe in a deep dream state. Queen of Diamonds deep if not a Russian spy period.

          I said the spy grid went up five minutes after GHW Bushbag said ‘kinder, gentler nation”

  4. BTW, Truth and Shadows went silent, just around the same time COTO did. And it was running hot just before then.

    Who knows how these rhythms work? Some sorta overload I spoze.


    • Nico just popped in. I guess it’s not a sequester by committee, though I know any day it will come our way.

  5. You THE MAN..the motherfucking MAN! brilliant! Almost creepy with exactitudes!

    • Talkin bout you Patrick.. youre damned amazing.

    • Thanks Kitty..prrrr…sweet kitty.

      Yes I am creeped out. In a large way. It’s not just the fact that the western half of the US is burning down and the east is drowning. It’s we officially have had 40 days and nights here in God’s State.

      Yesterday I saw a coyote and doe sharing a log going down flood. The town looks like zombies who could commit Hari-kari at any moment. Like a scene from M Knight Shamalan.

      I wonder what Boomers seeing to the south?

      • good question. I know my friend is leaving Arizona because he said its not only desolate but quite dankly evil . Russians and weird planes and new laws.. and that f**** mayor!! YIKES!! ❤

  6. Seen it questioned here, around the web, and even in segments of the MSM… What did Snowden provide that we didn’t already know?


    At least not if you’ve been paying attention (I’ll admit that having some degree of technical knowledge doesn’t hurt).
    In all practicality, PRISM was revealed almost 10 years ago… Actually, PRISM as we know it has been basically obsolete for almost that long…
    Does anyone remember a little room by the designation 641a? Thanks to whistle blower Mark Klein (, we know that from no later than 2003, a far more sinister framework has been in place…

    Yes, that’s right! Cooperation is not required by corporations such as Apple, Google, or Microsoft 😉
    Internet Service Providers will gladly mirror ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC to the surveillance state.

    To anyone who might think the Verizon “metadata” “scandal” was something to scoff about… Please remember that this has been PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE for at least a decade.
    Not only have the big telecoms wittingly agreed to the full-scale sale of their customers’ data, but they have even been granted immunity from future prosecution due to said abuses of The Constitution (07/10/2008)!

    What PRISM actually means to the world (of surveillance) is:
    NSA employees no longer have to duplicate Goopplesoft’s work!
    Rather than reading from the hub, our “intelligence” agencies can query directly from the structured data provided by our beloved data providers.

    This has nothing more to do than “saving time and resources.”
    Whenever Goopplesoft changes its database structure or its communication protocols, whomever is COLLECTING EVERYTHING must adapt their own storage/retrieval protocols.
    Unless… perhaps we could obtain a copy of the data post-process!

    Yes, this is the key 😉 It’s that easy!
    Intel don’t know what they’re doing, and they are counting on big data to fulfill their big promises…

    Most certainly will these companies comply. Knowingly, or by the hand of a plant is unknown…

    BUT REALLY!? Dost thou truly believe that be conspiring his/her greatest plans on these American data-farms? Surely not!

    This is a “terrorist” trap designed for Americans by heretics…

    Believe in SSL, PGP, or any cacophony of “one way encryption” all you want…
    With back-doors built into all modern software (and hardware), your encryption is useless… Yes, I mean you!

    Voyeurs by vocation, seeing illusions of illumination, performing lawless acts without limitation, all the while eluded by elation…
    Secrets and speculation; thought protected by privatization, ignorant of your own indoctrination, and earmarks for elimination- standby for supplantation!
    Walk away now from your workstation, or ignore this direct invitation, and languish in lamentation & loss of legitimization…
    Death by disassociation, and icebergs of insubordination; better expect the ultimate equalization!

    The real solution is to begin imagining truly resilient & sustainable systems.

    • “Seen it questioned here, around the web, and even in segments of the MSM… What did Snowden provide that we didn’t already know?
      . . . . . . . .

      Yea sure, that’s why the former NSA leakers [Tice, et al] are praising Snowden for what he has done; because it means “nothing”.

      I still say this is a horseshit attitude, rather than pushing for greater awareness of the surveillance state – jumping on a dogpile of shoot the messenger, by all you magical mystical conspiracy gurus.


      • How is Buck’s post horseshit?

        “by all you magical mystical conspiracy gurus”

        Yes, we are. 🙂 Sign up when ever u like. 😛

      • I praise Tice, but I don’t know if he’s genuine? If the WIKI & Co. wasn’t a Soros gig and had not entered the fray, it would have gone a long way in making it less obvious.

        Much like Koch-Breitbart. Soros-Assange should have been operated similarly with Assange dead.

        Breitbart was big and it was a hit for sure.

        Here’s Obama’s Dead Pool –

    • Yes 641A was bells spy lab in SF Cal. wasn’t it. And yes I agree.
      Plus the fact that the CIA admits foreign surveillance for years by way of NOC, contract, disavowed cells around the world. Hackers, gamers and programmers.

      I give Rogue the nod that this brought it mainstream. But dissect this and argue- that

      A. Snowden would have been dead as fast as Hastings if they had found him before leaving for mainland CHINA.

      B. If the US goons wanted him bad enough (as a real threat), Medvedev-Putin would gift wrap him for any price and the goons would pay it. Tsarnaev-Boston tells me so.

      C. Why blow Hastings car in such an obvious way. This could have been a simple shooting or poisoning. Why the theatre? Why is Snowden getting so much?

      This is all theatre to trauma-fear any real whistleblower, distract FAST & FURIOUS, Benghazi, and the clear and present danger of Al-CIAda supporting Congress and POTUS which would come from Libya. It would have come from Chavez too if Obama hadn’t offed him as well.

      The vote in the house was a fix. It was never going to fly. Made close, this vote, just for the masses.

      If there is any real teeth in this project Green-Guardian or Snowden, then this con artist Greenwald who for years has carried liberal water for the left paradigm, better get with it. I have 10% maybe, confidence in this as a real event. Sandy Hook was 10% as well.

      • “I give Rogue the nod that this brought it mainstream. But dissect this and argue- that”~PD

        I HAVE argued that side of the case for weeks, ever since this first went down.

        I don’t think Greenwald is a con-artist, I don’t even think Chomsky is a con-artist. Do I think both have compromised to maintain a privileged position? Yes to some degree or another. There are also just different opinions – actually real opinions, ya know.

        Like I have a different opinion here right now, and it certainly isn’t because I am compromised – connected – privileged – or anything other than my honest opinion.

        And I DO think things can turn into woowoo circle-jerks based on a whole lot of ‘theory’ and speculation and too few facts.

        And even though some ‘Lord on High’ proclaims the dogma of “9/11 IS THE LITMUS TEST” – and I am in agreement TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. I still give leeway, and grant some measure of appreciation for positive contributions of knowledge.

        And although I don’t have this opinion of PD, I do think that some of his fawning sycophants are products of too much bias, of being practically suckled on ‘conspiracy theory’ and haven’t a wide enough knowledge base or perspective.

        I think Puddy himself has his own subtle shortcomings, but they certainly aren’t based on lack of knowledge, but perhaps just being a bit too clever for his own good, seeing too much complexity and intrigue where things are pretty straight forward.

        Knowing PD as well as I do and for as long as I have, I have a great amount of respect for him. I do not have that respect for the other posters who have joined in this particular thread, although I do for most of the main crew COTO.

        I think there are some really silly and juvenile newer commentators. But that is just my opinion – you know…we can have them here. And any critique I have is my own. So don’t feel chastised by the site itself – and carry on as you will, one and all.


        • Hey Will, we all have opinions, thats cool, thats why we’re here right? No need to enforce them.
          Silly juvenile commentators? That’s not fair and you know it. Shame! lol

          • I may not seem “fair” to you Jay, but it is my opinion nevertheless.

            Shaming only works on timid members of a group. I am an independent enough thinker to laugh at the concept of being “shamed” here, the concept in itself is jejune.

            I am not an “enforcer” I am simply frank in my assessments. Going along to get along has never been my style,


            • Thanks for your comment Will. I very much do appreciate your comments overall.

              ” Shaming only works on timid members of a group. I am an independent enough thinker to laugh at the concept of being “shamed” here, the concept in itself is jejune ”

              Oh lord shame on you for exaggerating. 🙂

              • Hohohohehehehahaha…

                I do appreciate your sense of humor Jaysun.


        • That’s a fact and well and thoghtfully said. I agree with the assessment of PD. He has serious shortcomings and too smart(stupid) for his own good. Stretch the imagination. Oh yeah!

          It’s based upon a weakness of intelligence on my part. The assumption that whatever I think I am wrong and that they are far more intelligent (eons) beyond my capabilities.

          I am less suspect on Snowden than I am on the rest. There is a common denominator in the fraction of 1/3 and Common dreams.
          Glen Greenwald, Ed Dames and Tom Heneghan have in common. AL GORE and the climatechange neoliberal NWO. From that I have an inclination of temperaments to discount them in entirety.

          I am so vehemently opposed to carbon-gate, the climate hoax and very concept of Carbon Dioxide as anything but the very basis of our existence to create it for the plant-life of this planet. The very notion that cutting down the rainforests (cattle) forestry devastation (paper vs hemp) and the bio fuel /oil wars would not mitigate the miniscule effect that this puny population of this planet could ever create is nothing short of MURDER by PROXY and I would hang them all with new hemp ropes without a single moment of hesitation or remorse.

          While the toxic trails, HAARPING and Wifi killing goes on Apple and Microsoft are poisoning the earth with proficiency. It can only be surpassed by the MIC and manufacturing arm.

          The bottom line is anybody promoting Carbon-gate is a enemy of human beings. Those who profit from it or earn their living by it are the lowest form of scum. If the BIG PICTURE doesn’t come into focus as a means to control all food, water, sunlight and ultimately, humanity itself, then you are in the common dream state and under the most dangerous of delusions. There are those who will not allow this to happen at any cost.

          • Yes, the carbon/oxygen breath cycle between the animal and plant world is at the heart of this very obvious gumballation of hootinroobers of so-called “climate science”.
            As well is the modern observations of the other bodies in the solar system warming up as well system wide. Which would tend to throw the human responsibility for any so-called warming calibrated on Earth.
            But we must not take the human footprint out of the mix so quickly, the pollution is beyond any possibility of denying. The tearing down of habitat for any other species is as beyond such denial as well.

            Industrial Man has fucked up this planet, and it continues unabated.

            But to reiterate, the “Carbon credit” is another fucking scam. And I agree with you 100% on that Puddy.


            • Isn’t it typical of the hegel dialectic Rogue? Isn’t the fundamental with us or against us used in this false dichotomy? I know what pollution and green efforts are important. I was highly involved on protesting rain forest decimation and everglades restoration.

              ‘The World is Burning’ [Alex Shoumatoff] was my conspiracy. Then a climate scammer comes out with ‘The Burning World’.
              after the inconvenient farce of Gore.

              Death and Taxes certainty

              trilemma says the synthesis is Carbon Eugenics and certain death for the numbers Kissinger edified. A typical triad reflects the falsum in omnibus from inception to inferences these terrorists think we don’t see the ways they manipulate the real issues of pollution to a meme on a complete hoax or limited hangout. They run the gambit of doublethink and demagoguery on this triad.

              I admit one here. Bias for the three. Unfair in the discussion of Snowden I know, but based on reasonable assumption on history.

              • Obviously the HAARPING here and days of rain have taken some toll on my objectivity. I appreciate your leniency Willy.

                • I appreciate your massive talents and lucid mind Puddy.

                  You need no “lenience” from me. You have my respect in spades captain.


                • Waterlogged is an understatement, eh Patrick ? 😦

                  • Hi JG. Yes it’s been unbearable to live through this and see people who know nothing about aerial global “Sun Screen” and HAARP ENMOD. I/m happy to see you. It’s some sunshine in my dark place.

                    • Patrick, you never fail to make me smile 🙂

  7. Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud has announced his defection from Al Saud royal family through a statement, calling on other princes to break their silence and reveal the truth for sake of God.

    “This regime in Saudi Arabia does not stand by God’s rules or even (country’s) established rules and its policies, decisions, and actions are totally based on personal will of its leaders.
    All that is said in Saudi Arabia about respecting law and religion rules are factitious so that they can lie and pretend that the regime obeys Islamic rules.”~Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud

    He criticized the royal family for considering the country as its own property while silencing all voices from inside and outside the government calling for any change and reforms.

    [Source: Global Research News]


  8. Boomer believes the chemtrailers, Enmod, and Haarp “players” phave screwed with the jetstream and regional weather patterns to engineer the weirdness we’re seeing ’round about. Its very abnormal to folks across a swath of southern states.

    • In the beginning there was the road, the real. Of course the course was coarse and rubble strewn until the road was paved with stone and circles were hewed of timber that rolled goods and souls hither and fro. And to the sides of the road there were comfort zones that became real-estate where towers of babble were built by crafty priests who had rites and runes that led to ruins for the ander’s garments of flesh and bone.

      Roads of blood, rituals of blood, rivers of blood that turn to mud. Genocidal fiestas of cruelty. From whence we came shrouded in mists of the aerosol of carnage dank and rank. A hole for your thoughts, dug by bony claws of desperation. Finally the masks of persona hid them all well enough to get along to go along. And woven cloth hid the dermis-garments from lustful eyes. Hallowed be thy sobriquets.


    • Did you see the World News in North Carolina. 10 inches in 6 hours of an already over saturated 40 days of rain. We are a total loss for crop and millions in damage.

      • “40 days of rain”~PD

        Hey isn’t that the biblical number…40 days and 40 nights?

        That is pretty heavy waterworks.


        • Roads are missing here. Houses and people too.

          • It is hard to imagine such a divergence of effects from there to here. It has been ideal weather here, cool yet sunny. Like early spring rather than mid summer. It is hard to believe August is just three days off.
            We have had rain. And some thunder storms, but none so violent, and I love a good lightning show.

            But to here of the deluge you speak of just a few states away. It’s crazy. And then the fires out west…it’s like separate worlds, alternate realities…but we are in instant contact via the web.

            Bizarre; the future is bizarre and here we are.

            And I sit here listening to the Fibonacci Frogs again, on a calm cool midsummer’s night.


            • Yes the west burns as the east floods. HAARP HAARP HAARP … I will keep harping on HAARP!!!

              • Watch the meme monster re-emerge on climate change. It will be Obama’s main goal for the remaining term. Wrapped around his lies about green jobs. Solyndra Syndrome.

    • hi Boomer and the rest of coto:-)
      boom, despite chetrails they simply arent high enough to affect the jetstreams,
      however the massive buildup of ice down my end of the world IS pushing cold air snow etc as far as sth america.
      the hot dry/cold wet youre getting was forecast almost perfectly by Piers Corbyn some time back.(
      remember the jetstream /ocean circulation story was a Fat albertgore special:-)
      the only time the circumpolar currents have stopped was a massive massive outflow from lake aggaziz? which oddly has been filling and flooding massive areas inland again for some time and yet? goes unreported.
      that decides to break out seaward eventually and it all cycles round again
      or a volcanic event nth or sth oceanwise to move/redirect currents would also do the same.
      now re snowden..I also know nothing much hes leaked so far is new to cotocrew.usa used NZ and prob Aus to trial their sneakthief programs starting in 2001, no reason to think it was a shutdown after either,
      our govt assholes of the time and ongoing arent any less fawning to ussa mil goons.or the pommy bastards either for that:-(

      sorry to hear youre all either roasting or swimming, its NOT hitting the media here at all, not a peep except one report of failing corn crops. sheesh.even my alt sources arent mentioning isnt that odd?
      last year aus was cool to cold most of the summer except a short burst of late heat that was all that got presstime,
      now some moron says 2013/4 will be abnormally hot for aus.
      ha ha I dont reckon -suns quiet ENSO is neutral to neg.
      between lamestream media and govvy mis dis info and the general global meme of mankinds a pest on the earth were so bad etc, and yeah I also fell for that…for a while.
      is it any wonder everyones on edge
      reality…what a concept:-)
      harder to stay grounded as the days go by.
      hug a puppy:-) do the real things, garden ,walk, talk in person and keep the bullshit meter to high:-)

      • hug a puppy:-) do the real things, garden ,walk, talk in person and keep the bullshit meter to high:-)

        Excellent advice Oz and I do all of the above on a daily basis (except for gardening 🙂

        As far as my neck of the Jersey woods goes, al gore’s global warming looks accurate. Of course it’s not, but hard to convince anyone of that around here this summer after 4 horrendous heat waves in a row. It’s really nice this evening though. Cooler with a gentle breeze…….ahhhhh reprieve.

  9. Edward Snowden and the Emerging Police State
    Global Research News Hour episode 33

    MP3 — Length (59:08)


  10. “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” and What They May Be Planning Now: A Review of Daniel Estulin’s book By Stephen Lendman

    For over 14 years, Daniel Estulin has investigated and researched the Bilderberg Group’s far-reaching influence on business and finance, global politics, war and peace, and control of the world’s resources and its money.

    His book, “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” was published in 2005 and is now updated in a new 2009 edition.


    • I remember reading this years ago and posting it. Great piece and Estulin’s work is top notch. I am still sad we lost Jim Tucker. He was a real NEWSMAN and not from the Ministry of propaganda like the rest.

      • Yea, this article is a keeper, a good digest of the book.

        I missed the Tucker thing until just before his murder. I read about him, but never read his books, or heard his radio shows, other than some rebroadcasts after his demise.

        Yea it is certainly an Orwellian world we have entered into.
        The 1984 template is perfected and augmented by digitalis.
        True Science Fiction Stories fill the headlines.


  11. According to sociologist Hadley Cantril in his 1967 book, The Human Dimension – Experiences in Policy Research:

    Government “Psycho-political operations are propaganda campaigns designed to create perpetual tension and to manipulate different groups of people to accept the particular climate of opinion the CFR seeks to achieve in the world.”

    Canadian writer Ken Adachi (1929 – 1989) added:

    “What most Americans believe to be ‘Public Opinion’ is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public.”
    . . . . . . . .
    From Lendman’s article mentioned above.


  12. I again stand with Will on Snowden. Again I say.. the masses knew NOTHING about the NSA spying until it was made public by he and Greenwald. Sure, they’ve been told before but they thought it didn’t apply to them because they weren’t doing anything wrong like the terrorists.. His revelation woke a lot of them up. I can’t see that as a bad thing.

    Sure everyone here already has known for years about echelon and carnivore and the latest in nsa tyranny but did Mr & Mrs John Doe America? Hell no. Some still don’t!

    So the fact that Snowden has told US nothing new matters not. More of the public is now aware and more skeptical than ever about their “government’s” motives. Too bad, it doesn’t apply to all of the sheeple still grazing….

    • The overriding point is that FISA NDAA and a number of signing statements and EO’s has exempted them and preempted the disclosure. It will only rest in the subconscious of sheeple because like 911 they will not investigate the legalities and facts.

      They will ‘move on’ as fast as they did Sandy Hook. What the purpose is (imo) is to make this mainstream acceptance in that common dream.

      Snowden has not provided manifest confirmation of the program but the Media and Government have not disputed it. That’s not the MO of the executive. Denial and fabrication is usually their base position. Therefore I think they have scripted the disclosure (baiting)

      The Implied assent has already run the legal gauntlet and the evidence of how far beyond the legal parameters are not evident.

      Mutual assent to this as ‘business as usual’ will be met when
      1. They stop a serious terror attack that they stage as in New York bomber…or

      2. If the people were to create enough pressure on the executive the committee will stage and execute a real false flag staging and then use the false dichotomy to affirm the next level of surveillance and civil rights restriction. (just like Patriot Act after 911)

      It’s a no win scenario for sheeple or coto and it’s another movement to world order by degree. Information regarding prior knowledge of 911 terrorist (Saudi’s) were disputed and the sheeple accepted incompetence and the need for global spygrid and collective intelligence from all agencies. Well shit, if that isn’t world order what is. For us it’s obvious that Saudi’s were recruited by CIAda and enabled to run their little theatre. If Snowden cannot present documents (the BOMB) then it’s just disclosure and incremental slinky to “1984”

      • So as usual, it is the compliant don’t give-a-shit chumps called “the public” that are both at fault and on course to get just what they deserve.



        • If the bomb dropped, it may be enough to shake the majority out of the trance. My fear Willy is that we will not acquiesce . We have drawn the line in the sand. When the majority sheeple decide safety over being attack then we will be their enemy and the (long knives-brown shirts) FEMA and DHS come into play.

          How did Americans ever manage the civil war where families on opposite sides shot each other down? And they weren’t under the insanity assaults we are. At least I don’t suspect they were?

          But the truth is that most Americans have led a sheltered and conformist lives over the last seventy years and the reality of histories pogroms and genocides are just fiction and movies to them. On their couch with a blanket and locked doors they scare easily. Cowardice for some while others just assume strangers care about them. Governments, Capo-regimes for elites and bankers, surely qualify as strangers. We are not in the family.

        • I cancelled my cell phone. [verizon] and terminated/ disconnected my wireless card for laptop. This is a hardship for my business but I did it and made it loud and clear to management why I was terminating.

          How many Americans are going to do that? Answer: Not a fucking one of them. Do you know any? Does Deb, Boomer or anyone else know one who did?

          • All I have is this web connection.

            That’s enough to scoop the poop on me.

            That will go by some intuitive moment in the future…how ever long that might be.

            I haven’t had a cell phone in three years now. Of a TV in a century. but I still microwave my coffee when in cools in the pot. Rather than leaving the heating seat under it which just ruins it.

            And I do Camels instead of Chesterfields….Lol


          • PD, I barely use my cell phone. I don’t have a smart one. It’s just a basic dumb phone that costs me 20 bucks a month plus of course all the added taxes and ridiculous “fees”. I don’t text or have a plan to do so. I only turn it on when driving in the car in case of emergency. I get yelled at by friends and family all the time for forgetting to even turn it on. However, I do like having it on me in case I break down or days like when I had my accident. Having said all that, I have thought about getting rid of it as well. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship. Still debating that one.

            As for wifi, I have it for my laptop and printer and I hate how the signal constantly drops anyway. I’m ready to throw the damn router out the window for that reason alone but mostly for the health factor. Stupid question here…I’ve only used wireless for my laptop, how do I run it and keep it mobile without wifi?

            • Similar here JG, hate damn phones but I need one to run my business. Not only are the sheeple walking dazed but they got their fat heads stuck in the fuckn phone most of the day too.
              No smart phone here either, I refuse to own anything that starts with an “i”.. No wireless connections either, don’t trust it and actually don’t see any need apart from like you say for a mobile laptop.

  13. CNN is doing the Dirty Dershowitz Dance tonight. The meme of the Manning verdict tommorow will help prove my position as a well crafted psyop to end any whistleblower that isn’t part of the narrative and staged for the mind set of American Dreamland to the Israeli model of living under the TSA-DHS grope-a-dope.

    Then on top of that we have this kind of BS. wikiwiki

    Please… Do we need to remind the awakened masses that psychopathic compulsive liars will never stop lying and that Hillary’s meeting with Obama today was about the information war and the need to step up the disclosure and co-opting of the alternate media. I think they are doing a fine job of it already.

    It was stated as incompetence to have allowed Manning and Snowden access to the information. What information? Incompetence is brilliance in the triad.

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