Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 23, 2013

Release the KraKKa!

release-the-cracker-5028_previewRelease the KraKKa!

From the Winds of 2011 to the Piss of 2013,  the birth arrives like all things in the Royal Scam.

One child dies and one is born. Such is the sacrifice for the greater goods. NASA time works in perfect synchronicity.

While  they are paid in gold just to babble in the back room All night and waste their time

So American sheeple have a new Baby Blue Boy.  A nine pound cracker who on the heels of McMartin Scottish Rite sacrificing, the Royal Birth comes to KraKKerville.  Swooning and Mooning to follow.  The Wind and the Piss blows across the big pond to the tune of raining cats and dogs and political frogs.


Is it true Trayvon was murdered? Oh most certainly and the culprits have the bloody red on their hands and blue blood in their veins. Yes the KraKKa has been released.

The bounty is set, the marches are on and the Moslem Brotherhood pumping in Washington DC,  is dumping the crimson infrared frequencies across this land.  George Zimmernan, slickster extraordinaire and his handlers have upped the ante a bit with the oh so predictable signatures of committee. In a brilliant, though COTO obvious move, our hero has re-emerged.  Never waste an opportunity to milk the camel for all it’s worth.

“We have had an enormous amount of death threats,” Robert Zimmerman said. “George’s legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats … ‘Everyone with Georgie’s DNA should be killed’ — just every kind of horrible thing you can imagine.”

Well we knew DNA was going to make an entrance.

Krakka Meanwhile the Rape of  America continues by the heirs to another rape. Middleton has conceived and birthed another heir apparent to the register. Third in line and born on the  twenty second. The numbers never lie 7/22/13 = 6.

The man child is already being touted like a leader or  the anti-christ. The pundits and prophets have spoken

[MUMBAI, Maharashtra – Britain’s royal baby may be “born to rule” as third in line to the throne, but Indian mystics Tuesday made the intriguing prediction that the new prince will one day stand for elected office.

Taking his date, time and place of birth — 4:24 pm in London on Monday — two stargazers in Mumbai have separately charted a much more politically active destiny than that of recent British monarchs, whose job is largely ceremonial.

“Maximum by 2044 he may make politics a career and start contesting elections,” said astrologer Raj Kumar Sharma. “I’m seeing very strong changes in the monarchy,” he said.

The future king “may break some rules, he may be known for doing something not happening in the last 200 years”, he added.

Another mystic and holistic healer, Larra Shah, said he would run in an election for president or prime minister “and will probably win it”.

“Being a king or prince will not matter to him,” she said, explaining he would want to work for the good of the people.

“He will be very politically inclined,” she said.

The prince will also improve British relations with other countries, especially Arab ones, she predicted.]


The 2044 election primaries are already in play. Certainly they are under NASA timekeeping.  I assume all Omens will bring us anti-liberty and slavers from antebellum to the end of time as we know it.

We can look forward to some big changes in the landscape and the excitement of a new call for global order.  Today I am Trayvon, today I am black and tomorrow I will be a runaway slave. For those who are looking to have a family I offer these verses from E.B. Browning.  Could the weep-poor-will or the cat of the glen Look into my eyes and be bold?  We are all slaves of some kind.

McMartin Zimmerman

The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim’s Point -E.B. Browning


I stand on the mark beside the shore
Of the first white pilgrim’s bended knee,
Where exile turned to ancestor,
And God was thanked for liberty.
I have run through the night, my skin is as dark,
I bend my knee down on this mark…
I look on the sky and the sea.

O pilgrim-souls, I speak to you!
I see you come out proud and slow
From the land of the spirits pale as dew. . .
And round me and round me ye go!
O pilgrims, I have gasped and run
All night long from the whips of one
Who in your names works sin and woe.

And thus I thought that I would come
And kneel here where I knelt before,
And feel your souls around me hum
In undertone to the ocean’s roar;
And lift my black face, my black hand,
Here, in your names, to curse this land
Ye blessed in freedom’s evermore.  -continue



  1. Austerity, Risk Assessment, Maintenance? What’s cheaper?

    At approximately 1740 local time (2140 UTC) on 22 July 2013 a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 crash-landed at LaGuardia Airport (KLGA/LGA), New York City. The aircraft’s landing gear collapsed upon landing, causing it to slide across the tarmac on its nose. The aircraft, flight 345, was en route to LaGuardia from Nashville International Airport (KBNA/BNA) and carried more 149 passengers on board. Ten passengers received treatment at the scene; six others were taken to the hospital, but their injuries were minor.

    • There certainly is a airline war between Boeing and Airbus. You know this comes into play.

  2. Ethnic Cleansing or Taking a Bath? The Royal Scam must bring a Roman holiday soon. I suspect as goes Syria so goes Krakkaland.


    Rand Paul: Obama’s Goal In Syria Is To “Fight To A Stalemate”

    No Fly Zone Over Syria an Act of War, Gen. Dempsey Warns

    Photos: Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Village

    Pentagon: U.S. military intervention in Syria could cost $1b a month

  3. Sorry, Britain: Bain Capital Now Owns the Majority of Your Blood Plasma Supply

    Not the Royals blood supply

  4. International Arrest Warrant to be Issued Against Pope Francis /Jorge Bergoglio for Inciting Criminality and Treason

    • I saw that too, a good bit after the fact…
      Any insight into the track record behind the ITCCS?

      • I assume as usual they find him (K Arnett) a royal pain in the ass. Much to discredit him too. Hard to know if he’s an AP to destroy the church or legit. I find his information researched and the flak and attacks a confirmation. Much like Eric Jon Phelps, the Vatican Assassins will crush you in reputation.

        The Americas and Canada have been under the influence so long, that it does not even flinch on solid evidence of the child slavers and pedophiles in the Roman clergy.

  5. New Shipment of Syrian Rebels extracted from Iraq Prison. Waiting for Obama Weapons Delivery

  6. For the fun of it read —

  7. Just incase anyone hasn’t taken the time to read the rest of the Browning piece yet, I’d love to post the last 3 sections:

    Whips, curses; these must answer those! For in this UNION, you have set Two kinds of men in adverse rows, Each loathing each: and all forget The seven wounds in Christ’s body fair; While HE sees gaping everywhere Our countless wounds that pay no debt.

    Our wounds are different. Your white men Are, after all, not gods indeed, Nor able to make Christs again Do good with bleeding. We who bleed… (Stand off!) we help not in our loss! We are too heavy for our cross, And fall and crush you and your seed.

    I fall, I swoon! I look at the sky: The clouds are breaking on my brain; I am floated along, as if I should die Of liberty’s exquisite pain–In the name of the white child, waiting for me In the death-dark where we may kiss and agree, White men, I leave you all curse-free In my broken heart’s disdain!

    • Ohh line-breaks got all messed up :-\
      Just see the linked poem in its entirety!

  8. BYT

    such is this washington-race
    yes we have fallen from grace.
    not by Paula Deen but by the liberal machine
    I now know the face


  9. FAST & FURIOUS: On 23 July 2013 gang members armed with high-powered weapons blocked several highways and bridges with burning vehicles in the state of Michoacán and then ambushed security forces that arrived on the scene. The resulting shootouts left 22 gang members and two federal police officers dead and at least 15 federal police officers wounded. The attacks come one day after members of the Knights Templar drug gang shot and killed five members of a community self-defense group who were protesting against the cartel’s violent tactics in the town of Los Reyes, which is also located in the state of Michoacán. It remains unclear which drug cartel was responsible for the latest incident. Michoacán is one of Mexico’s most violent states due to conflicts among criminal gangs, which also target security forces.


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