Posted by: boomerangcomesback | July 17, 2013

I Think We Are Just Going to Have To Laugh THEM Off the Stage…

Cue the Laugh Track below:

Then open up this link to Jesse Jackson’s Insane Suggestion:

WE’RE SURROUNDED BY THESE IDIOTS! They need to be laughed OFF-THE-MSM-STAGE! No one better than one or the shills himself — Tom Hanks!

Y’all are FOOLS! Shit!



It gets even funnier & MORE Out-of-Whack as one takes in the sNews from the MSM as they parade their elitist demons across the stage as “saviors” and “humanitarians”? WE can only marvel at these Marvel Comics!

You really gotta go to this link and watch the videos of this shlock! Laugh until you cry, as you realize the depth of the sickness of these psychopathic monster “Actors”.

“In a rare and warm appearance, former President George H.W. Bush returned to the White House on Monday. The 89-year-old was there to hand out the 5,000th award from his “Points of Light” Foundation, but the celebration also recognized the 41st president’s legacy of charity and altruism”.

There’s a “Points of Light” FOUNDATION? Of course there is. WTF?!



  1. I guess not too many folks feel like laughing. O.K.

    From (News & Pithy Comments at the top)

    “”Miss Lindsey” Graham wants US boycott of Sochi Olympics over Snowden. But Miss Lindsey, just think how disappointed your friends in the figure skating competition will be!”

    • I can’t tell you how many times I have busted the “1000 points of lights” and the Fortune 500, foundations and 13 royal tribes. Thats the points of light. The illuminatists.

      Obama still has feelings for his father though he be frail and wheelchair bound. I’d still hang him.

  2. Pit Bulls in the Pulpit ~ PD
    April 29, 2008

    For years I have wanted to be in a discussion with Rev. Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton and ask them simply to remove the Reverend from their titles. Considering the fact that I rarely hear anything uttered from either that deserve reverence. I tried in my best Christian front to forgive or look past their comments to find a sacrosanct core of their message. It never really materialized.

    I have labeled them as pagan pot stirrers or pious politicians. Like a couple of old witches stirring the cauldron of racism. We don’t have to look far to see the inequities of color in the legal and justice system in America. We don’t have to discount the corporate attitude. We understand the design of affirmative action and it’s grand intent. This is a country who has come of age with racism, bigotry and religious intolerance. It’s not singular.

    Every verdict that comes down the pike as in the Queen’s Bachelor Party tragedy is made theatre for the Reverends to bombasticize the racial motivation and travesty of the decision. In fact, the duo will inevitably agree to a racial miscarriage of justice on any decision that does not vindicate a black man. Not a Hispanic, Asian or Caucasian.

    What was their feeling on the Knoxville Murders Jan 2007 – Newsom and Christian, twenty year old white couple who were carjacked and murdered over a period of four days which included genitalia and breast mutilation while living, gang rape, poisoned by bleach, shot and burned. The defendants, five blacks, one a woman.

    I am not sure why the media hushed this story. Oh yeah I remember now. They were afraid of white supremacy groups getting all up in arms and creating a lot of public outrage, emotion and hatred. Just like the Reverends when they get involved in these occurrences. Does that make them kind of the counterpart to the white supremacists? Do Jackson and Sharpton become an extension to the Farrakhan or Black Angel counterpart? I suppose that if they are they should just remove the Rev. from their titles. If not, they should share their divinity for all, step far and high above the fray and let the cauldron cool.


    The tragedy is those still under the influence of this pot/kettle black bullshit. There’s no black or white here. It’s all gray shades of dehumanization.

  3. Very well put Puddy — and thanks for the extended comment here!

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