Posted by: boomerangcomesback | July 15, 2013

Could 9/11 Truth Topple the American Empire?

A Zen Gardener piece

Read it at:

Do you suppose They'll Tell US?  Why would They Do That?

Do you suppose They’ll Tell US? Why would They Do That?

A VIEW from the EMPIRE…

See comments for links explaining the pics below:

Inverted pentagram on the shirt the Chilean miner’s were told to wear

Inverted pentagram on the shirt the Chilean miner’s were told to wear

Where else have I seen this?

Right on the front of the Masonic lodge.

Right on the front of the Masonic lodge.

Its not a "Secret", it is Advertised

Its not a “Secret”, it is Advertised

Can we make any Connections here?



  1. Sobering read. “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” indeed

  2. As We consider the deplorable condition of our present “realities” (scripted of course by TPTB — it is certainly not mankind’s wish to languish in this ditch dug by man’s hands), we notice threads of information are tied to other bushes as we follow the web of deceit and disclosure.

    I just ran across this piece which I found at where TPTB have messed with her thread yet again. So read it at the biblio link.

    Down a bit into the meat of the discussion, you’ll notice that Dawnatilla recently posted a piece dealing with a figure associated with the “Temple of Set”. Here, we see “The Black Sun” explained and a connection made:

    “in alchemy, the black sun (Sol niger) is the name of the result of the first stage of the Opus Magnum. The alchemical Magnum Opus (or Great Work) starts with the “blackening” – the calcination of crude metals – and ends with their transmutation into pure gold.

    Today, the symbol of the Black Sun is mostly associated with esoteric Nazism and cults such as the Temple of Set. It is also found in odd places such as:

    Bracken House, London. The Black Sun bares the face of Winston Churchill.

    …and, once again, the Denver International Airport”.

    Perhaps, something is afoot leading us to more scintillating information regarding the course charted for US by TPTB?

    Feel free to comment and contribute.

    • Zen Gardener’s site is one of those that I haven’t been able to access. Lost that around the same time I lost Smoke and Mirrors.

      But I do have a good grasp on the whole secret society, Temple of Set business and the connections to the elites.

      Just remember, because they promote all this voodoo mumbo jumbo doesn’t mean they actually believe it. It is a front of a front with a façade in front of that – revetments, like pealing an onion and never finding the center.

      The Philosophers Stone has never had anything to do with creating physical gold, it like all else in this covert world has to do with metaphor and allegory. Numerology is pseudoscience, a cover for real mathematics that only the initiates in these secret societies were allowed to grasp for centuries. The Kaballah is a grimoir and a fools gold red herring. All this “Magic” is nothing but stage magic…tricks for the viewing audience.

      Avoid the fear and loathing – all of this is a strategy of tension.
      Stay human – stay sane.


  3. Used this one before. Not the first interpretation of the murals I’ve been privy to. Just a different read. All sinister.

  4. BTW this has just been announce:

    Advancing the Truth” conference, scheduled for Sept. 14-15 at the Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington, VA.

    For more information about the conference, and how to get tickets, check out the web site. If you buy your tickets by August 11, you’ll get the early-bird rate of $125 for the two days or $75 for one day.
    . . . . .
    I will be able to update COTO as to some of the goings on at this conference after it is held via my association with Truth and Shadows.


  5. On the street yesterday, as I was setting up in my usual spot in front of the LA. Supreme Court Building, next to the Police Dept. and within spitting distance of several restaurants, with a few street-performers, winos, gutter-punks, and the kitchen and floor-help who come to grab a smoke, was yours truly.

    I’ve gotten to know several of them well enough. I don’t preach to them, but they watch my act when I engage whatever confronts me, and I believe have gained some measure of respect. (The fact that I advertize myself as being fucking crazy probably doesn’t hurt either)

    I’m setting the stage here. Because this all ties in to this excellent article.

    The first questions I was asked as I was setting-up coming from one of the chefs taking a break was what I thought of the Martin/Zimmerman case, to which I answered, “All bullshit to try to divide us, and divert from how they’re screwing us.” Too which I get a chorus of approval. This was easy, because there is no “color” this close to the streets.

    Later in the day, as I sat reading, one of the kitchen-help, a black man in his mid-20’s who never says much, but is always attentive, sits down on the fence-base for a smoke and takes out his i-phone, and the next thing I’m hearing is Alex Jones voice.

    About an hour later some cute 20-something girl comes by handing out fliers to the Martin rally, and of course, I couldn’t control myself and started to dissect her immediately, screaming at her as she raced-off that she was nothing but a fool falling for media manipulation! The half-dozen older black-guys that sit on the corner and openly drink out of pints and pass roaches around again signaled their agreement.

    The powers-that-be are going to need the people’s cooperation, and although I’m nothing harboring any notion of a peaceful resolution, or even an eventual good one, I see it getting more and more difficult for them to pull whatever scorched-Earth policy they have planned, or even trying to fool the masses of people world-wide, whom are our only real hope, is that they too don’t fall for the hype. I don’t think they will.

    We have to count on the fact that people of other countries will not be able to believe that their governments and media weren’t in on the hoax of 9/11 also. And I know from my encounters with foreigners that they’re a lot more sophisticated and aware than Americans are. And even those, or maybe even especially those from the Middle-East, know it’s not the American people, but it’s government, that are in cahoots with their government, that are the real enemies of the people.

    We go – they go. Which could be also the plan. But again the knowledge of their ultimate plan is being spread far and wide. In the past year on the streets I’ve talked to everyone from an active Lt. Col., an NASA deep researcher, to every uniform, including engaging 2- fully decked-out FEMA thugs, butchers, bakers and candle-stick makers and I’m going with what I know. People are waking-up.

    Will it be enough to make a significant difference? God, I don’t know. One can only hope. But if there were to be a truth that would be the catalyst for bringing about the event horizon change we have all be looking for, I’ve always felt that 9/11 would be it. And I’ve always felt that there would be no one left unscathed.

    One last little antidote. Last week a foursome came by that were from NYC, and the black-man with his Asian/American partner, both dye-in-the-wool, trendy Liberals, got into a conversation with me about gun-control, and as the discussion progressed he actually had the nerve to say that “he was superior to me” and therefore I should have to abide by his rules. (Exact words and he was as serious as a heart attack) Then he went on to say that he was an “educated Liberal.”

    It was at that exact moment that a black man I had never seen before quirks; “Educated Liberal? That’s an oxymoron.”

    The look on the NY-trendy’s face when he turned around to see this working-class black man looking at him like he was from outer-space was classic.

    • Hah…great to have you back Mr M…and your stories from the streets of N’Orlins are always sublime and funny.

      The pain and desperation of the austerity is going to mold those with character to get their vision straight, and those who have no integrity will leap into the cracks leading to the abyss on their own.

      A hard rain is gonna fall, and flimsy umbrellas and plastic coats aren’t going to keep it out…only the righteous skin of real humanity can take the upcoming pummeling. A choice of the soul. The metaphors come and go.


  6. This is from the shownotes of the current Corbett Report, tying together Controlled Demolition Inc with government PSYOPS:



  7. We have posed the question of 911 part deux and it’s ENMOD, Bluebeam or Terror event makeup. What disclosures come may be possible revelations. But if so I can only assume a limited hangout offered at such time as they have prepared another wave of new techno assaults. It’s like two plots on the graph moving up the chart simultaneously and symmetrically. It’s too hopeful to think this is anything but an induction into Orwell’s world and as we as a mass awaken, the force just keeps a cosy cosine with their draconian behavior, mandates and legislation’s.

    I can’t say this pace is comforting. the financial roll of toilet paper is down to the core and the time, that fucking tell tale heart is ticking like a mo-fo.

  8. Firstly, it is very nice to hear from Mr. M, and to see that he is about his business in his particular locale. M, you are the epitome of “non-cooperation” with the G-Plan & Their Scams. Your rational arguments of Truth against the marketed Lies of the Controllers carry much weight. You tell the Truth, and your responsibility ends there. Many Kudos to you for “walking the walk” and living what your preach. Mankind is better, and more educated for it.

    Rogue1, Sir, you deeppolitics link above is excellent. Before I even read it, I was thinking about the Masonic angle to things, and it seems “Blatant!” that the Builders would also certainly be the best choice for the Destroyers of monoliths that they designed in the first place. Its not even an “ah hah!” moment, because it seems so sensible with regards to 9/11.

    Surely, Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and other disciplines involved with “Structural Integrity” to the highest degree were employed in the 9/11 psyop. It is the height of foolishness and absolute stupidity to think that bin Laden (sic) and his 19 arab lackeys “got lucky” circumventing all the redundant systems of the hegemonic power known as the “USA”, and brought down the 2 iconic WTC buildings into their footprints, with a bonus WTC7, not hit by any plane whatsoever, also falling into its footprint?!


    What ignoramuses would believe such a tale?

    The connections are right in front of us, and have been since the criminal psyop.

    On another note, I do believe you discount the Voodoo mumbo jumbo due to your experience or loathing of the concept of dark unseen forces (or good ones for that matter). You have stated as much repeatedly. This does not mean you are correct. Should a realm exist beyond your acceptance or understanding, your disdain for their existence and “power” leaves you vulnerable on a certain front. But this is an existential and spiritual matter, and better left for another thread, at another time. Your comments and opinions are always appreciated, and we are of course better for the brain work.

    • “due to your experience or loathing of the concept of dark unseen forces (or good ones for that matter).”~Boomer

      I won’t elaborate here other than to say the while I do not believe in a devil, I certainly do believe in a beneficent God. And as I said before, as this God is omnipotent, the “devil” must be in on the gag.

      Whether this is as self obvious to you as to me is no doubt a matter of controversy.

      So let me elaborate just a bit:

      Omnipotent. This not only endows the possession of such omnipotence, but makes that possession singular. There is no potency available to any other save that which is bestowed by the Omnipotent One.

      I presume and trust that there is Divine Grace. As such, all the powers of the Omnipotent One are directed to that one purpose, Divine Grace.


      • By Divine Grace, I am referring to what many simply call,”Love”.

        However that term, “Love” has a lot of cultural-emotional baggage applied to it. Thus I prefer using Divine Grace.


      • Or as Tom Waits would say; “There is no Devil, just God when he’s drunk.”

  9. Thanks for taking the time to elaborate. We may explore this further down-the-road.

  10. Way I see it with Masonic/illuminati talismanic symbols is, it’s like a dog lifting his leg to piss on a fire hydrant, it’s marking territory whether they think they own it or not. Do these symbols have an effect in the zero point field? They certainly do in the human mind meld.
    It’s all a throwback to medieval alchemy hoodoo kabala crap. Voodoo works the same way, you have to buy into it for it to work. Zombie, isn’t flouridated water chemtrails and toxic food the same as what Haitians used to create that alleged state in people. Difference is, they got it from toxic sea creatures. Nothing more than poisoning and damaging the human organism not to the point of death but to a state of barely conscious.
    Time to break out the ayahuasca and natural cures to get through the last vestiges of a calcified pineal gland before the portal closes.

      • “When you believe in things you don’t understand and you suffer..
        Superstition ain’t the way.”

        Good one Veri


  11. It is being reported that the HAARP Facility has shut down.
    I don’t know if this report just refers to Alaska or the linked global system.


  12. Wonder what’s with that. It’s hotter than Hades here right now with clear skies and no chemtrail activity in more than a few days. Most of what we get here is seeded over northern Michigan to overflow the Great lakes basin into the North Eastern US by the looks of things.
    Here’s one just for the fun of it.

    • That was FANTASTIC! Veri. Thank You, Sir!

  13. Update info on HAARP:

    It is not shut down but going through management change as it has changed ownership…


  14. Cripes!

    The elites are profiting on the sales of their own WMD to each other, whilst they stole a large portion to built the thing from taxpayers and targeted folks (drugs, wars, general criminal activity associated with mafia-type activities of their ilk).

    What World Class Psychopath Organization (or even worse — an individual like Bill Gates who wants to “play” with the thing!) now gets to try their hand at the buttons?

  15. Get a load of this ‘collaboration’ of the ‘steins’:

    Got the link from Les Visibles’ post of today at Visible Origami —

    Rogue1 — How can you have an internet service that precludes you from accessing most any site, like Dog Poet’s? I don’t get it?

  16. Current Kirwan piece including his usual biting insightfulness:

  17. Dutch better start facing the reality that Superheating and ELF can be handled from space. The ionosphere under the thermosphere and eliminates the ricochet assault requirement and the prying eyes. Soon they will simply carry portables here for microwave.

    Seeing through the walls, windows not necessary.

  18. I’m back from a restful absence, and will have to catch up on what’s going on–the sale of HAARP? Just my impression from living overseas, but anybody who cares enough to pay attention already knows 911 was a false flag. The only thing I can see official acknowledgement leading to would be propaganda, but they can cook that up in a jiffy any time they want anyway.

    • Hey gal! How’s things? Sakurajima’s getting pissy isn’t she?

      • Oh good grief! I didn’t even know about that! Yes, I have a lot of homework to catch up on.

  19. Zengardner piles it on —

    Hey M! Check out this Showstopper!

    A Paul Craig Roberts’ piece —

    • Dwain Deets not only worked for NASA for all those years he is the designer of the Predator Drone.
      An insider of the military industrial complex for the great majority of his life…and now this weird “conversion”.

      His subject at the new DC convention on 9/11? Arguing that a 757 aircraft did indeed crash into the Pentagon.

      Something odd is developing in the “new” 9/11 Truth movement.
      What all this will lead to is hard to discern at this time…[???]


  20. “The Pentagon OCT has been torn to shreds by both CIT and Rob Balsamo in that witnesses place the aircraft nowhere near the necessary trajectory to cause the damage in the first place and that the work Rob and Pilotsfor911Truth have done on the alleged FDR and aerodynamic impossibilities speaks for itself.”~Onesliceshort

    * * * * * * * * * * *


  21. “US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.

    President Obama released his latest Executive Order on Friday, July 5, a 2,205-word statement offered as the “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.” And although the president chose not to commemorate the signing with much fanfare, the powers he provides to himself and the federal government under the latest order are among the most far-reaching yet of any of his executive decisions.”


  22. “good art promotes goodness – in all things, in all ways, all around the world … even in squirrels, and their little squirrel families.”~Steve Brown


  23. I’m 1/2 way through watching an outstanding video called “Lifting The Veil: Barack Obama And The Failure OF Capitalist Democracy” by Scott Noble. This is the second one I’ve watched by him, the first called “Counter- Intelligence” .

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here but this shows the best I’ve seen detailing how this guy completely sold out him self and the American people to the corporatocracy in “Lifting The Veil” with “Counter- Intelligence” being a chronicle of the CIA and the National Security State and just how evil it became from the beginning to the present. It doesn’t leave too many stones unturned.

    • Sounds like a good series Veri.

      Only available on the web aye?


      • Sorry Willy, wish you to see it. Good stuff.

    • Popular History is a Modified Limited Hangout.


  24. “I guess you could say that we wrote the book on terror.” ~Elton Manzione, a spook in the Phoenix Program in S.E. Asia





    “A census, if properly made and exploited, is a basic source of intelligence. It would show, for instance, who is related to whom, an important piece of information in counterinsurgency warfare because insurgent recruiting at the village level is generally based initially on family ties.” [1]

    As counterinsurgency expert David Galula notes above, a census is an effective way of controlling large numbers of persons.


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