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Five Danish high school students recently won an award for an experiment that proved beyond any doubt that mobile (WiFi) radiation is detrimental to the growth of plants.

The five girls took 400 cress seeds and placed them into 12 trays, then divided them into two groups, placing them in two separate rooms at the same temperature. The two groups were given the same amount of water and sun over 12 days, but one of the groups was also exposed to mobile (WiFi) radiation.

Add WiFi from a Router in the room, and here’s how plants grow — They Don’t:

Cress seeds exposed to WiFi Don't grow!

Cress seeds exposed to WiFi Don’t grow!

The “healthy” cress without the influence of the router:

Cress Growth Minus WiFi

Cress Growth Minus WiFi

Will this simple experiment impact your WiFried Brain enough to make changes in your life, and share this information with Family & Friends? I hope so…



  1. I hate to be a party pooper but that’s not proof. The “experiments” were far from being done in a controlled environment.and one could say the outcome was swayed by the expectation.

    It is also a dismal prospect that they were given an award for it.

    • So go ahead and fry your brain cells Wanda.

      It’s no sweat off of anybody else’s ass…


      • No… you win Will. I am no match for your superior intelligence… not to mention your blue blooded charm and wit.

        • Thank you Wanda.


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  3. I don’t know why you want to parse on the obvious outcome of the kid’s simple experiment, Wanda? This experiment can be performed by anyone with a WiFi router, so I don’t grok how elaborately “controlled” of an experiment you require to satisfy your scientific bent?

    Frankly, the initial reaction I expected from folks was, “Of Course!”, its Obvious — WiFi is not some natural, healthy commodity humans should consume in large quantities.

    I’m baffled by your negative reaction to this experiment, as if you work for the purveyors of such things. Do you own stock in Repeating Station antennas or something?

    • I’ve had the same response from people to my own experimentation with tropical fish in EMF from household electrical wiring. I got similar striking failure to reproduce or thrive in the near field and obvious sighs of relief, including vigorous mating, shortly after they were moved to the far field. It was amateurish and poorly controlled–my intent was not to experiment, but to save the fishes’ lives in crowded sub-optimal living conditions, and I noted the flaws in my write up. But anyone could repeat my experiment and improve the conditions to their satisfaction if they wanted to, but they don’t want to do that. They are happy scoffing. They react like tobacco addicts at the news of cancer.

      Even in the far field of wi-fi (between 10 and 50 meters from it) I get sick within a few days and do not recover until I escape entirely. If others are not experiencing that, it could reflect the general level of toxicity in their lives, coupled with lack of awareness, or perhaps their health is more robust and they are just not affected notably yet.

  4. Not the least bit surprised by the kids results. Good on them !

    Wifi is deep frying all us, whether we care to believe it or not.

    • Hi JG! You’ve been missed by the Crew!

      • Thanks boom…missed u too 🙂

  5. It is a great experiment. I suggest a nobel be awarded. They’ve actually done something.

    EMR kills and tortures without warrant.

    • It is selective torture of the aware. Real nifty for our persecutors, eh?


    Little Billy Holder?

  7. HoHum, Comrades.

  8. Classic duplicity there, aye?! With all the gesticulations going on ’round Syria, and the elite players twanging the media blowhorns this way and that, WE now see “Collaboration” between the US/Russia — in Germany no less?!

    What we have here, and should take note (not that WE didn’t already know it), is the Leaders of the G7 & others ALL are in cahoots in the backwhore room, swapping stories and fluids. Its propaganda and ruses galore for the peasants.

    The Rothchild plants like Churchill, Lenin, Trotsky, and others of their time and up to today, have played both sides for their “higher” calling. Here in the U.S. the dual citizen embeds have been shredding this country for years now.

  9. G7 and the crazy eight.

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