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E.V.A.N. – Scientific Anarchism and Social Entropy

counterinduction 16502340-abstract-word-cloud-for-entropy-with-related-tags-and-termsHey stranger. How did you manage to get back?

Much like a virus, I hijacked change.

Commonly predictable without change, isn’t it? Barry Soetoro is a master of change without changing a single thing.

Change is the only possibility of anonymity in the machinery. You can come and go without it, but not with full spectrum immunity. Change is essential and predictability is deadly.

I thought you may have succumbed to some ancient Babylonian chemtrails. You brought me news of the great purge. How did that happen?

The same way. Change. This time it was with complex protein ESCoRTS. The timing is everything.  You can set your Obama watch to the culling of history during Agenda 20. What the Agenda 21 will bring will be new vectors of warfare and death. I believe one will involve an earthquake, a volcanic episode and then some planetary microbe. That’s the official story.

World War I and Spanish Flu?

More like the Entente, meaning a diplomatic “understanding” of the necessary purge. They could call it the Great War then but now West Point 101 can tell you it was the first great purge.

A liquidation. The first dialectical triad of population under the technology age. It was timely for the Tesla wireless transmitter and radio and Television went a long way to advancing the military complex.  If they stay on the nines (99) we can expect another war and virus any day now.

You can expect an induction  where all things converge into one theoretical philosophy, one goal and one solution.  Insanity to some, but merely science fact to them. This is the final purging because it resolves the three rules of science in it’s machinery and their machinations.

Never be at rest?         
\stackrel{\mathbf{\nabla \times E = - \part_t B}}{}


Newton would say that’s a given. He was including thought. We have to think in their terms and then decide to react in response or resistance.  In both cases we are in motion but it’s the meat that we are interested in.

In order to proceed  you have to determine the force and which law applies.  You can conclude the first is a given. The first is required to understand the principle of inertia.  The problem for them becomes much easier when they have sufficiently reduced the mass.

Absolutely. Classic divide and conquer there.  Energy conservation.  Should we go into energy dynamics of the mass?

Certainly. As a force acting upon itself or the target’s internal energy and mass must be considered.  I can focus on the NRA and AARP as examples where the force must be too great to effect the mass as both being large and moving.  Not much for the force to do until they are able to reduce the mass or at least reduce internal energy.

The object being to either purge or absorb the energy. What force applied and came from reciprocal forces of Aurora and Sandy Hook were not enough to effect the change.

Indeed. You might conclude there was an induction here though drastic or desired change was not achieved there were quantum results and information data collected.  Some change was realized.  It’s quantum social entropy recorded.

Never waste an opportunity and never accept impossibility.  It may be a quantum change due to friction in this case.  We can effect the forces of these machinations by what?

By the same principles of electromagnetism.  In identifying both, the source of the  Poynting vector and the forces, while seeming nonsensical or paradoxical, prove to be absolutely true to maintain the conservation of momentum. The time is a factor as well but can be excluded in the process.

I prefer to include time into the equations and find a predictability benefit in the counterinduction of these forces. 

Spoken like a true anarchist.  These dynamics play havoc on the machinery and operators.  Resistance is fine but then you will have to develop a reciprocal force of induction.  You will have to gain mass and momentum or find protection in motion or change and in theory,  slow the opposing force energy and bringing it’s mass to rest. This is the battle, the objective and the winning strategy.

This is one point in thought, but it must be done beyond the cognitive aspect and we now find ourselves under the physical aspects of the energy sucking forces. I  include the economic entropy as well.

These are important factors to consider. Counter measures for each and every force you perceive a threat to your momentum has to be considered. It is part of the conservation process and it is critical if you are planning a full spectrum tactical resistance and a conduction of counterinduction.

Magnetism is suited for spin and velocity but attraction can be counter productive.  It’s harder to identify the powers that be when they present a Snowden,  especially suited for the anarchist minded opposition.  It is there that one do the most work and exert more energy to look at all the properties of this kind of operation.

This is true.  It is far easier to force the light medium and earthly masses as indicated by heavenly and Terra-based forces.  One gravitates to or from a Snowden or Assange based upon the laws of magnetism. You must again look to the vector source, establish flux and velocity and chose a gauge. Once you have run the gamut,  stick with your decision until proven false.  The scalars and vectors will prove out in the end. The Heaviside approach of media and wave frequencies are quite energetic.  As a controlling force it corroborates my point of being ever changing and never at rest.  Adapting to the change in the vector media is a change in you as well. It is in psuedo-scalars they look to change or shift the mass based on magnetism.  Again the counterinduction method is required. Dont take Alternate currents for granted either as they are part of the forces now.

Monopolies on media and magnetism.  Monopole mentality is required here. This is the case of  Zimmerman-Martin.  The force of magnetism to divide, dipole and attraction is another case for counterinduction.  It serves no purpose but wasting energy.   The forces applied, once again emanating  indicate a velocity-vector with a point.   The media being the force, the vector X-Y and the magnetism driving the scalar to some point Z.  Whether the trigger for a racist riot,  second amendment gun battles,  with a hundred hate crimes attached to it will all be manufactured and in momentum. Meanwhile the attempt for the us, the mass to unite and increase our momentum will come to rest or reverse, thwarted by this pathetic waste of energy.  They love to use these and the sheeple just eat them up like Oreo’s.

As for the monopole of zero-point, in thought what would be an unstable, chaotic time, these conceptual exercises would provide a means to a sufficient consideration of the effects of these currents on moving human bodies and how we should approach the difficulties with the dynamics and  their forces we are fighting at the present time. Consider creating your version of purge as a process.  Don’t be hijacked and have your trajectory and momentum  altered. You be the hijacker and activator and move others. At least be an inductor of the currents resisting the direct energy assaults and passing the alternate onto others.  When considering the mass of humanity in thought, the density is thick as a brick. The process is to lighten and enlighten them to reduce mass, drag,  create momentum with efficient shared energy disbursement and reduce impedance to an eventual zero or vacuum.

What an advantage against the friction based, inefficient  assaults by the overlords. There is a purpose to this massive campaign which seems to be a simple attempt to deplete the energy of the people.  I’d say the solvency of power is being used with precision and the state of the union is  incontrovertibly dissolving into a solution yet to be identified.  If the purge will be one based on selective intelligence, the anti-intellectual variety, faith based, slave economy model with middle-class eradication or some other grading scale I think the safe bet is to think in their terms, understand  the purge, do the work and be ever in momentum.  The information is here and in this war, information is the key to surviving the social entropy and subsequent purgatory.

I couldn’t agree more.  Find the real information, work efficiently, stay on track and forgo the snowjobs.  They dissolve and liquidate.

And they purge the same from similar bowels, all on their own.

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  1. Whoops!



    I conclude that OJ, Kaylee Anthony, that Arizona Lizzy Borden bitch and Zimmerman are the dynamics for social decay and entropy in EMF wave propagation.

    The Attorneys on CNN and their Sandy Hook actors talk of justice and the death of the man child while deflecting off holocausts in Empire. This is an induction to united states of zombified stasis and a social disease that only Alzheimers could cure.

    Consider the TV zombies dead and beware that they have not given up on you. There is an alternate current for coto and those cognates that still function on a level they deem a national security issue.

    If you are not regressing from evolutionary points back or deteriorating in intelligence at the stated curves then you are a fucking terrorist.! So be it.

  2. Trayvon Martin’s Dad Is A ‘Grand Master’ Freemason – Ha Ha! Sacrificial Rite Lodge 25 miles south of DizneyWorld.

  3. When you hear the mainstream media begin to talk about a “derivatives crisis” involving major banks, that will be a sign that disaster is upon us.

    Most Americans don’t realize that Wall Street has been transformed into the largest casino in the history of the world. Most Americans don’t realize that the major banks are literally walking a financial tightrope each and every day.

    All it is going to take is one false step and we will be looking at a financial crisis even worse than what happened back in 2008.

    So enjoy this little bubble of false prosperity while you can.

    It is not going to last for too much longer.


    • Danger is their business. In my formula the next bubble is happening right now. Techno-Al(base)-Subprime-Housing-Derivative-ENMODcommodity= The Big Buble.

      3-9-6-6-9-3 =9 Carbon-Surveillance

      An economy of hand held devices and corn syrup must have brick and mortar. Panopticon Prison. The header lends itself to the Brubaker Model where the asylum is run by the insane, the prison is run by the criminals and the economy is driven by death and carbon taxes. Purgatory. No exits.

  4. I read, ‘How To Make Friends and Influence People’ when I was a young man. Obviously I have forgotten the lessons there…but maybe that advice was for another time and place, before this 21st Century Schizoid World:

    And exchange with Everyman:
    . . . . . .. . . .
    I didn’t accuse you of anything Scott, YOU are accusing Snowden, and you obviously took a quote of his and pointed to how ‘obvious’ it is; and I quote “he SAID IT HIMSELF”__and Scott, he fucking did NOT say it himself, and the quote is right there in the same self defeating sentence that you wrote.

    Snowden said that his “greatest fear” was that he would go through all of this and “nothing would happen”. Yet you characterize this as him saying it is his job to make sure nothing would happen. That is goddam Orwellian Newspeak dude. And yea, there you are “standing right there” saying it..

    Forget it, I am not going to post anything else here about this and push you into fucking yourself up deeper every time you try to make an excuse for what is clearly nonsense in this exchange.


    • I am not the fan of Creighton that maybe you and Boomer are. He’s talented, intelligent and equally strong in his ability. I guess we clashed based on my remembrance of his departure. I have learned over the years from painful criticism of my commentary, fear and ego can force you off course quickly.

      I was still driving letters to editors when FBI (promisgate) – Iran Contra were in play. My warrantless spying pieces were based on real life people who were being stalked and under surveillance.

      This came from ex-CIA, Bellsouth official, and a corporate international construction CEO. Then I had my turn when the letters got to someone somewhere. Analog data was McConnel’s baby and KBR Halliburton, Booz Allen, had the Saudi [Abu Dhabi] system in full operation then. It was the proving ground in my opinion. Then came the INSLAW affair. It’s a progression of kill the messenger/create the messenger/control the message.

      • Actually I am a part-time reader of Creighton, usually only when someone mentions one of his essays. Boomer posted the URL to the latest one.

        I have had issues with his analysis for quite some time, especially to do with 9/11.

        That is not to say that I find his work useless, just touch and go, hot and cold.

        But to tally up the errors in logic and rules of debate…I am stunned by some of his recent offerings. I am tripping over much of Tarpely’s newer things as well. And as you well know Gordon Duff has put me totally off.

        I still find some of the best analysis coming from Chussodovsky, and Andrew Gavin Marshall, and Global Research in general.


        • Tarplay has some brick walls he cant get through but all in all he has demonstrated the counterinduction process and faces the criticism with both commitment and reconciliation.

          His best move was to detach from INFOWARS/STRATFOR which may have been ABor C on initiation. He’s remained clear of attachments to Red or Blue and as Green or Orange go in alternative co-opt media frequencies he does not display any obvious hue.

          I remain ever suspect of all though. It’s reductive and inductive and never deductive in his case. I hope he considers counter-inductive in change.

  5. When, in the illusion framework of committee based cognitive linguistics, empirical evidence and behavioral modification one must forgo objectivity, logic and reason and delve into Innatism. Any assent to the previous must be considered after. If science is pure in mathematics then analysis and conclusion are meaningless unless one is forced by it’s determination. Causation and historical objective observations can be seen in repeated algorithmic sequences. The objects, processes, properties, variables, facts may change but in controlled experiments the laws still apply and the nexus is achieved. Zero is the clean slate from where the calculation begins.

    Snowden does not calculate on any level. Committee artifact in all aspects. No discovery, no revelation, no evidentiary, just consistencies in properties. From dialectic to velocity it has the same vector/ object and processes of previous trials to progress the NSA’s (in this case DHS or FS surveillance state) to increase it’s power, diminish ours and control the information (truth)

    /_\ 6 – 9 – 3 (when key figure/person is the trigger versus 396 when event is the trigger)

    Transitional Government – Agenda 21- GLOBAL GOVERNANCE

    In 693, the Snowjob is used in problem-reaction-solution causation. Snowden’s Triad has all the properties of multiple opportunities and redistribution of wealth , increased surveillance to the middle-class/working class small business, foreign spying, political and social divide and conquer and

    [[ Legislation introduced last month by Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, alters the ground rules that currently permit U.S. companies to object to a secretive intelligence-gathering technique, called a national security letter, used by the federal government to obtain both individual and bulk customer records.

    Part of Leahy’s proposal prevents companies from directly challenging the legality of NSL requests in their local courts, meaning they need to rely on the Justice Department to initiate litigation in a jurisdiction of its own choosing — a dramatic change that raises the cost of a legal challenge and reduces the odds of it succeeding. ]]

    In my formula, I have identified Leahy as one of the mosat powerful key figures in the Cabal. His usual silent behind the scenes manipulator position does come to the forefront when the matter and force required is crucial. He is a traitor and NWO pimp at the top.

    In my factoring the [SNOWJOB] is merely next level FS Survelliance after Assange-Manning. It points to Hastings knowing the deeper agenda of this particular 693 operation.

    note: Even if the Supreme court wasn’t already coopted and culpable, criminal Soetoro and Holder have circumvented state and local courts and tranfered power to their criminal unconstitutional interpreters and dispensers.

    • “Snowden’s Triad has all the properties of multiple opportunities and redistribution of wealth , increased surveillance to the middle-class/working class small business, foreign spying, political and social divide and conquer and…”~PD

      I would amend this – the first sentence changed to:

      ‘Snowden’s Triad ILLUSTRATES all the properties of multiple opportunities…’

      In other words you are confusing the SPIN put to Snowden’s revelations, and the ongoing synthesis by the elite cabal, with whatever this individual has taken upon himself to do to try to expose said cabal. Of course, the adage of “Let no crisis go to waste” is again in attendance to the repercussions of this, as in all other events.

      The attitudes and anti-state dialogs herein on COTO could very well be taken up by the state as dangerous {if C1 were to come to some prominence for some reason} – IF legislation then ensued to use C1 as an example to be harshly dealt with, should we then turn and devour ourselves as “agenteur” as you now frame Snowden?


      • If C1 had the history / properties of FF potential I would expect it so. If Soros Assange or Sunstein Assange was operating a C1 or Everyman blog I would be busting them.

        The meat isn’t there. Hastings-Benghazi hasn’t even been in the dialogue of the Alternate Currents who profess Snowden’s authenticity. Neither has the messenger himself even rubbed on the issues. Not since Fast & Furious/Gunwalker and the Aurora/Sandy Hooks/Sikh ops has the OFFFOCUS been better handled by the steering committee.

        HASTINGS-BENGHAZI are clearly the real meat and Snowden, Boston and Zimmerman have been the 24/7 ONFOCUS

        Everytime a real -gate opens so do three windows. I used to require only one widow in the old days. eg. plamegate – anthrax
        Now when they get caught the velocity and mass of the scandals is so big that they need ad hoc multi-distraction action

  7. “With the NSA’s surveillance program, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has apparently secretly approved the blanket seizure of data on every American so this “metadata” can later provide the probable cause for a particular search. Such indiscriminate data seizures are the epitome of “unreasonable,” akin to the “general warrants” issued by the Crown to authorize searches of Colonial Americans.”~RANDY E. BARNETT

    Writs of assistance gave the King’s men – customs officials generally, but not exclusively – carte blanche to search the homes, papers and belongings of anyone.
    Two events in 1760 led to the writs playing a starring role in the prologue to the American Revolution ….

    – Mr. Barnett is a professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University and the author of “Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty” (Princeton University, 2005).


    • Randy E. Barnett also wrote the definative article on the 2nd Amendment [IMO] Right to Bear Arms {see PDF}. He is the one of the most prescient authorities on the Constitution, along with Louis Fisher and Raoul Berger.


  8. Do not suppose because I post a link to an individual’s thread that I swallow the conjecture “whole”. Some things are entertaining and as COTO KNOWS contain opinions, valid points to consider, truth and bullshit. At times, “entertainment” value is also apparent, and worth a swig.

    COTO is a distiller of inputs, and spits out backwash and blather when the taste is bitter. This is one of the most valuable attributes of this mind foundry, to me. Like any writer, thinker, investigator, journalist, Creighton’s work must stand on its own two feet, while the barstool legs are kicked out from underneath by critically thinking observers.

    Truth in this day, is regularly mixed with many colors to present an offcolor that must be matched up with each and everyone’s standard color kit.

    Savvy? And Kudos COTO CREW.

    • Yea Boomer I sure understand that you don’t necessarily endorse everything you post…I appreciate that, and didn’t mean to insinuate that. I think we understand each other well enough by now that you already got that.

      I don’t think Creighton is a fool, I think he has a good mind and is trying to parse the farts from fresh air…but I do see a lot of hysteria lately coming from all sides. The pressure is building, and I think we all feel something sinister is on the horizon…well coming in waves and already “serf’s up”…

      The Final Crash approaches… those who are tuned in are getting antsy and some are freaking out…some are going into fits of jibberish.
      It doesn’t take much guessing to see that Scott is on the edge financially – he came out and said it. I am too, and it is hard to imagine things getting any tighter, and being able to go on…

      anyway…COTO Knows …


    • Well said, Pod. We are artists, pioneers. Survival on the New Frontier

  9. Yeah, Cheers to Rogue1. The financial and economic fulcrum has hit Americans in the nads alright. Few, but the criminal and “fortunate sons” are riding atop the waters of despair.

    You got me thinking as to “what is COTO?” as an entity. I think an entire well-thought out piece could/should be done to help folks understand what “The Coalition of the Obvious” IS, and HOW it should be used by folks as a “tool”, a very valuable tool, to cut through the programming, bullshit, disinformation, and other muck raining down upon us.

    I WISH that people would put their egos aside, and “contribute”, Speak Up, and throw their ideas and concerns and information they come across out into the COTO crucible for “purification”. I understand this might be intimidating, but Geez, we use monikers here for goodness sake! Starting way back at OEN, I realized that utilizing “Other People’s Brains” — their intelligence, their experience, their intuitiveness, their insightfulness, their instincts for smelling B.S… was an A1+ “Advantage” as a learning tool, to get to THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER.

    If an individual has “?Questions?” about this weird & wacky world we’re All living in, then Why Wouldn’t I Want to Know What’s Going On?”

    That’s My Quest — to get a clearer picture of what-the-hell-is-going-on?!

    You, my friend, possess particular heightened olfactory senses, an extensive library of information assimilated, keen detective faculties, and a low toleration for pretense. Sweet! You’re a Dog that Hunts and Trees the Game almost everytime out in the woods! Who wouldn’t want to run with you?!

    COTO boasts a host of folks that want the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, and that is one of the main reasons for my being here, and staying here.

    (Besides, its entertaining, and sometimes I feel like entertaining myself).

    I wish other folks would take advantage of this site’s acumen, and use it to better understand their world.

    • Why thank you Boomer, a most flattering profile you put for me.

      I have always felt a particular kinship to your open questioning mind as well. And you have a certain intelligent humor to your writing that I am quite fond of.

      Each of the sustaining crew has unique talents worth assessing.

      I am sorry when there is a passing and silence from some of our most frequent participants. Which brings to mind our missing JG…
      I hope she is okay and just out for some fresh air…



    Having graduated from a particular CA University ( Not the one Napolitano is heading to), it strikes me as a sad, sad case for “the kids” to have this piece-o-shit become a “President” of a University (of disinformation). Isn’t John Yoo a professor of something or other (Law? HaHaHa!!! ) at another CA University?

    This is really hilarious and pitifully sad at the same time. But also, so fitting for the twisted times we’re living in.

    • Senator Jeff Sessions, (R-Ala.), saw things just a little differently: Napolitano’s tenure has been marked “by a consistent disrespect for the rule of law.”
      “One of the most outrageous incidents concerned the publishing of a threat assessment report entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence of Radicalization and Recruitment” in April, 2009. The report claimed that the election of a black president, the economic meltdown, home foreclosures, concerns about impending gun control legislation, illegal immigration, and other factors were likely to drive recruiting into right-wing extremist factions.
      The report referred to various “conspiracy theories” that might put the country at risk, along with a porous Mexican border:

      Historically, domestic rightwing extremists have feared, predicted, and anticipated a cataclysmic economic collapse in the United States. Prominent anti government conspiracy theorists have incorporated aspects of an impending economic collapse to intensify fear and paranoia among like-minded individuals and to attract recruits during times of economic uncertainty…”
      . . . . . . .
      Doncha just love it to be labeled a “domestic rightwing extremists”?
      Why I can barely resist picking up a spray can and running out to tag a bunch of swastikas on some sin eegog sumwhers..

      But let’s face it, Napolitano was just ‘on script’ she didn’t write it…they are all tit heads…er, titular heads, puppets, just like the Pinocchio in Chief.


  11. Yeah, she’s “on script”. Mr. Rogue1, can you not access Dog Poet’s site?

    I’m of a mind to post a thread linking to this thread-of-the-today, the 13th, as the Les Visible One particularly skewers Ms. Nappy where it hurts:

    I just snuck back to COTO, and am in mid-read of his piece, which I recommend to anyone of the COTO Crew or newbies.

    • Still can’t get to the smokey one…Love the writing of the the Visible, I miss his stuff…

      He is a master of skewer his pen writes in blood…


  12. ECHELON Today: The Evolution of an NSA Black Program
    By Tom Burghardt

    People are shocked by the scope of secret state spying on their private communications, especially in light of documentary evidence leaked to media outlets by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

    Revelations about NSA spying didn’t begin June 5, 2013 however, the day when The Guardian published a top secret FISA Court Order to Verizon, ordering the firm turn over the telephone records on millions of its customers “on an ongoing daily basis.”

    Before PRISM there was ECHELON: the top secret surveillance program whose all-encompassing “dictionaries” (high-speed computers powered by complex algorithms) ingest and sort key words and text scooped-up by a global network of satellites, from undersea cables and land-based microwave towers.

    Past as Prologue…


    • Don’t miss this Burghardt piece…the perspective is essential.


      • When people like Tom Burghardt, Russel Tice, and Sibel Edmonds find Snowden’s contributions significant and valuable, I find it extraordinary that there can be such torching by those playing a People Magazine type game with this issue.

        These are the very type of bandwagons that we should have the patience to avoid leaping aboard.

        Now I have spoken to this throughout the whole time this has been developing, and I hope I am not irritating some of my brethren here too much – as I respect that all opinions here are valuable to their respective holders, and may have some general value as such.


        • cuasation in the committee context courtesy of Bansky

          (1) It’s not A or B that’s important, but C.

          I remember Tom Burghardt, Russel Tice, and Sibel Edmonds in their ‘hay’day.
          It’s [C]ertainly something. ONFOCUS

          There’s the Mafia, there’s the Don and there’s the snitch. In the case of all these [C]haracters, we know they are all the Mafia.

          Daniel Ellsberg (pentagon papers – W. Mark Felt (deep throat) =[A].

          Media Focus is a key, including the cycle or spin is another. The source, lesser a key and the information even a less a key. With the Focus on the A.player and the B.message/cycle/spin has a C. event. The players come out of obscurity are made media darlings and get ONFOCUS 24/7

          C[?] = A + B or in the vortex 9 = 3 + 6 because 9 + 3 = 3 and 9 + 6 = 6 We have yet to find the event.

          (2) A or B without C

          No event -data mining, reality surveillance, OFFFOCUS deflection, Cult of personality, mind control [Alpha]

          present a proposition or dilemma and gather intelligence.

          eg. 6-9-3 Tom Hayden [NSA-CIA] 3-9-6 the Chicago eight event

          As I stated in another comment, they used to require only one window in the old days. eg. plamegate – anthrax
          Now when they get caught the velocity and mass of the scandals is so big that they need ad hoc multi-distraction action, yet they all serve a purpose in intelligence gathering.

          The CIA Factbook was largely foreign intelligence and FBI was domestic unless paths crossed. NSA is the cross and now it’s the NSA Facebook.

          [C] No Event, No validity, No revelation, psyop, mind control artifact A+B or 366,336,633,663….

          Snowden=A enabler B NSA leak C=event or null

          • Yea,

            That could be a lot of it.


  13. Here we go…Everyman has totally derailed:

    Glenn Greenwald Helping to Turn “Snowden” Character into Public Enemy #1


    • I can only point to my post as I have tried to explain the boondoggles we discuss here as irrelevant and a complete drain on the focus of what each one of us must do to navigate the matrix freely.

      Personally, I have ID’d Greenwald years ago. He is upper echelon psyops for the Green Party Faction [9] committee. Like Tom Heneghan, Ben Fulford and others, the Alternate Media [NSA] are driven by the committee Soros/Sunstein, like the Tea Party, Libertarian Party [9] committee and Koch money.

      Their info is crucial in the vortex but so obvious in color and frequency as to be an utter joke to me now. It’s entertainment to read and motive/force. Milking the camel here and remember that a camel is a horse designed by committee.

      • Yea, I know, nobody just has different opinions, everyone is part of a psyop in some hierarchy, and ends up at fancy mansions or resorts in long robes and gilded masks waiting to cook little babies.


        • Me thinks, as an enabler, you be correct sir.

          • Make that a ‘sarcastic enabler’…sir.


  14. Oh Please, no!

    FSA demands more weapons from West
    Free Syrian Army seeks arms from international community to drive out what they say are al-Qaeda-linked fighters.

    I stink. Therefore I am – Free Syrian Army

    • Beeeezaarrr….FSA__IS__ fucking al Qaeda.

      Hopeless nonsense….


    • Recent reports within mainstream media are pushing the theory that divisions are forming within the various camps of opposition militants in Syria, while also making attempts to highlight the disparity between the supposed “moderate” rebel forces of the “FSA” – which does not exist beyond a small cadre of defectors with no autonomy inside Syria – and the Al Qaeda affiliated militia of Jabhat al Nusra, (JaN) or the Islamic state of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), while also whitewashing the presence of the larger Salafist brigades that fight alongside them, predominantly Ahrar al-Sham (SIF).

      And recall that Aljazeera is now mainstream media after being coerced by Amerika and co-opted by western bribes and threats.


      • This has McCain and Graham written all over it. What Benghazi was as trap left Syria is one right back at them. Obvious tug of war and cover for continued gladio games. Putin Assad must be scratching their heads wondering how fucking stupid are we really?

  15. Zimmerman Found Not Guilty On All Charges

    Whoops…look out


    • I read that Oakland has “rioting” inspired by the media hype on the Zimmerman case…

      What an obvious case of ‘social engineering’…synthetic dialectical bullshit right in yer face dumbfuck Amerika.


      • Watch your tax dollars funnel into a black hole of AgProv-Anonomous asswipes.

        Obama’s job’s bill gets you paid to torch a police squad car or deposit MK graffiti. Coto want’s to fill out application too. I want the DC district sales route myself.

  16. For you Rogue1, sorry I’m not putting in his hotlinks, but this is his typical well-written Torpedo to the ponderous belly of the Beasts:

    Saturday, July 13, 2013
    The Lidless Eye and the Yo Yo Dance of Butch Napolitano.

    Dog Poet Transmitting…….

    May your noses always be cold and wet.

    Submerged, below the sensors of The Lidless Eye, seeing in all directions from atop the pyramid, indifferent to the dictates of conscience, impartially contemptuous of all life, driven by one imperative and that is, the power to control and to rule without resistance, no matter how draconian or twisted may be the edicts of the scepter.

    The arrogance of power, unaffected by any natural or necessary restraints is a heady brew. It makes them stagger off course and filled with bombast and self importance, it compels them to strut, fret and play the fool for their hour upon the stage. Had they the necessary restraints and attendant capacity for insight, they would have never exposed themselves as they’ve done. Doing this, prancing about in untouchable self importance, with the flawed presumption that they are too powerful to be touched; too big to die or be torn apart by an angry mob, this juvenile personality disorder, is the gateway to perdition… is the genesis of evil destroying itself. It is an unavoidable part of an ageless dynamic. It is hidden from the view of those who harbor fear and various degrees of iniquity and who conspire with the directives and intentions of what motivates The Lidless Eye.

    And so… submerged below the sensors, there is the humming of slowly awakening minds, rising in frequency, as they contemplate the Snowden Factor and what it might mean for them. They consider the recognition; the money from the book and film rights, the aura of celebrity, the talk show circuit and some of them, possibly, even consider the good it might do for humanity, this irrevocable act, this blow against The Empire. Everywhere in the halls of power this possibility is under consideration.

    Part of The Awakening, already in progress, is the creeping awareness of personal guilt, for things seen and tolerated, for things done, ostensibly for God and Country. However, the only God involved in any part of the process is The Witness, the Silent Watcher, the recording secretary of the cosmos. This is not to say that mysterious motivations are not afoot. Sometimes what we think are our reasons for anything, are irrelevant to the truth of what activates us. Sometimes things happen without our knowing why they occur, or we think we know but we don’t know. Very often, we think we know. This gives us the confidence to go on any way we feel like it. It is attended by glib, self serving rationalizations and the perversion of logic, in support of pretty much anything one might be forced to do, in the defense of a paycheck, in the pursuit of upward mobility, in the incremental acquisition of power; the power to do things and get away with them. It is a heady brew, fermented with poisonous hops, like the arsenic in Morning Glory seeds that casts a darkness over the trip, that adds a grim hue to the hallucinations.

    When your thought process is compromised by an atmosphere of persistent self interest, you do things you know are wrong but they have that official stamp of approval which makes mass murder and really, any kind of outrage, no matter how heinous, possess that patina of righteousness that tells you it’s good for America, or Queen and Country, or some twisted construct or another, whereby formerly borderline sane individuals, are transported over the edge of the timeless envelope of naturally inherent morality, out into a strange area of dubious and dreadful enterprise.

    In truth, the morphing of a person’s humanity, by degrees into darker and darker states of consciousness does not happen overnight. One does not turn into Janet Napolitano overnight. You don’t become a callous and indifferent mass murderer, like this creature, without having gone through a variety of stages, wherein ever more and more horrific abuses are performed upon your fellows. You have to have gradually killed out every last vestige of humanity. You have to cut the throat of the voice of conscience, crush the voicebox, bury it in deep Earth, so that there is not even muffled and indistinguishable sound. You have to come to the place where you know that what you do is evil on a massive scale but you do it for the sheer joy of it. You are the kind of person who kills in an ecstatic frenzy and washes yourself in the blood of your victims. These are the kinds of actions that would create a sexual orgasm for the person performing them. Janet Napolitano is just such a person. Do not deceive yourself on any account concerning this freak of aberrant Nature. As depraved and dark as you can paint her, she is worse than that.

    Creatures (inhuman creatures) like Michael Chertoff and Rahm Emmanuel, who even now is presiding over the worst, ongoing, murder and shooting spree in American history at the city of Chicago are veritable beasts. What is happening in Chicago is not by accident. It is by intention. Devoted Satanist, Emmanuel, is gifting the bloodthirsty demon that he serves, in order to enhance his power in the material realm. These same efforts are being made by other Satanists like Bwak! Obama, John Hari Kerry and soon to be thrust back on to the scene; Smoking (from the fires of Hell) Joe Lieberman. Then in the economic sector, high ranking Satanists like The Koch Brothers, Little Georgie Sorrows (Soros), the Rothschild clan and their associated Central Banking Zio-Ogres;…. an exclusively Tribe centric operation, are collectively treating the economy like a yo yo, in order to spread a climate of pervasive fear and insecurity among the masses. As more and more of the populace, tumbles to the twisted agenda of these Creatures from the Pit, they are coming up with more and more press pacifiers for the sleeping masses to suck on.

    Around the planet, there is a common theme, a shared appetite that binds these fiends together. It is an unavoidable rite of passage, in order to win an operational parity with the other monsters. It is a basic tenet of Satanism that one must engage in such a variety of offenses that will serve to extinguish any possibility for good, regret or redemption from their nature. The Evil Inspirator must be evoked from the dark regions of the subconscious. It is the meaning of the line “And may it seal the door where evil dwells” from “The Great Invocation”. Everything present in the manifest has arrived here from the unmanifest. Everything visible arrives out of the invisible. As physicists have already proven mathematically, everything is composed of mind-stuff, everything is thought born. There are various schools of thought that are treating with these considerations. I suppose in some cases, art imitates life. There are a lot of theories but the truth is, there is only one mind (if you’re standing in the right place to experience it) and those of us who have had the required Kundalini Uprising, to that specific awareness, are resident in that awareness and resonant, as well as telepathic by varying degrees. After all, it’s only one mind. For the majority who believe they possess an individual mind, as a result, they are confined within the parameters of a fixed area of limitation and are heir to all the vanities of whatever false constructs the ego has sought to fabricate and entertain itself with. None of the things the ego believes to be true are true. They can’t be, due to the basic drive for pre-eminence, on the part of all unrefined mechanisms, like the ego; given that, essentially, all things are equal and only flawed perception gives the perspective that things are not. This occurs in order to favor whatever illusions and hallucinations the ego has dressed itself in. The ego is capable of any and all crimes, when its survival is threatened, or its image of itself is threatened. If the ego won’t die then… no doubt someone else will.

    What better place and posting is there for Butch Napolitano to matriculate to than president of the University of California? The very idea that someone of her demented character would be considered for the post is proof positive of what sort of intelligences (or lack thereof) are running the place. She moves from the casual murder and imprisonment of whomever for whatever and… generally these offenses are for the crimes actually committed by Napolitano and her Hench-thugs, to murdering the truth and reason, while actively engaging in historical revisionism and the imprisonment of human thought. She can push every kind of perverse ideology, trumpet alternative sexual behaviors as more than equal, work diligently for the destruction of the family unit, (which is the cornerstone of civilization) …and mutilate growing minds 12 different ways. She’s the Wonder Bread avatar of nutritionless substance, the sort of thing neither rats nor cockroaches will eat.

    I must be careful with this next objectively reasoned argument (grin). Although I have my informed analysis, concerning what people do with the serpent force, when it is in the physically generative mode, I’ve got no judgment on individual behaviors, so long as it is something engaged in by consenting adults (doesn’t involve children) and it’s not taking place on the sidewalk in front of my house. I’m sincere about that. However, when it works its way into excessive control over the mores of society and the intention is… the destruction of that society, which, of course, is effected by the destruction of the family unit AND when feral, psychopathic Tribe members are found to control the boards of directors, of every alternative sexual organization well, I am disposed to comment and theorize upon the matter. It’s a well known feature of mind control, along with the construction of multiple personalities and the hijacking of the individual will, that one’s sexuality must needs be bent in some direction, other than that which serves the interests of the family unit. Butch Napolitano certainly qualifies in that regard and there’s no telling but… we can speculate, just how depraved Butch actually is. As a master of ‘Dungeons and Drag Queens’, it was she who made it a point of hiring a preponderance of sexual misfits and child molesters for positions (any and all positions) in the TSA= Tits, Slits and Ass. Given that she spends the majority of her time around people with ‘special needs’, sexually speaking, she probably doesn’t feel comfortable around that endangered species; the family unit. Her favored intention is the creation of The Family Eunuch; hopefully armed with duct tape and that indispensable manual, “The Ka(r)ma Sutra for Sexual Psychopaths”.

    The culture has been twisted into more unusual shapes than those possible only for a Chinese acrobat; the nonsense of Freud, the lingering stench of Marx and Engels, the ever increasing poisoning of food and drink, accompanied by the poisoning of the spheres of media and entertainment. In concert with (pun intended) the debauching of the culture’s soundtrack, into thug noise and incoherent, saccharine redundancies, performed by plasticized androids. If you can’t see this and worse, if you actually enjoy it all and it makes sense to you, you’re not likely to be a problem for those who have no problem turning you over to their sashimi chef at the NSA.

    This all brings us to the moment of denouement and the wire screen of the grease trap, fitted into the smoking griddle at Hell’s Kitchen. Some are watching the feast in preparation. Some are battered and waiting for their turn to be cooked. Some are sitting in the cannibal seats, waiting to be served. Some are serving as waiters and all of them are metaphors for something else. If this were all a product of random chance or haphazard evolution, we’d be in deep dinosaur shit. The truth is, the whole drama is orchestrated and performed for the purpose of demonstration. I’d say the cardinal concern is one’s placement in the mix; whether one is the object lesson, or the one learning it at some remove, or… any of the other possibilities the imagination is heir to. Have a nice day.

    End Transmission…….

  17. Thank you so much Sir Boomer… just splendid…
    I have so missed that special and unique eloquence of Mr Visible.

    This on really smokes the butch and the whole menagerie of tickoloons from woods of Mordor.


  18. I appreciate his talents as well. You’re Welcome, twas nothing to copy & paste.

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