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Lying is “In-Style” NOW…NWO

Here WE are, smack dab in the middle of a complete cock-up. Brought to us by an ilk bent on bending “reality” to suit their nefarious profiting purposes. I find the following “concept” to be Right-on-Time for this day and age. You will no doubt smell many undercurrents of similarities with certain public and private purveyors-of-the-lie. For some reason, Monty Python popped into my head, as things have gotten to the point of ridiculous now.

In fact, we might say “LYING” has come out of the closet!

Deception Services: Company Offers To Create And Maintain Webs Of Lies
July 10, 2013

Source: Disinfo / I’m mirroring this from

“This model seems, ironically, like a more direct and honest version of what many businesses already do. As described by the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Lying as a Job / Career Path?  Hey, that's what politicians, bankers, and corporate mavens specialize in!

Lying as a Job / Career Path? Hey, that’s what politicians, bankers, and corporate mavens specialize in!

Tim Green will tell anyone anything, for a fee. As the founder of Paladin Deception Services, he will say what clients want him to say to anyone calling on his dedicated phone lines. He provides cover for cheating husbands, fake references for job-seekers and even “doctors” to confirm that someone needs a sick day.

Since he started Paladin in 2009, he has had about 250 clients on a ongoing basis. When potential clients call, Green connects them with one of his five employees. He picks the one best-suited for the job — male, female, or someone fluent in Spanish or Chinese. One employee is known for his ability to speak with a British accent or a Southern drawl. Paladin provides a phone number with any area code in the country.

One deception, called a “scenario,” costs $54. That includes callbacks if the person
being duped calls repeatedly to recheck the facts. The service, with the same scenario, can be maintained for an additional $19 a month. And a new line of deception can be added for another $19 a month.

Green said that similar deception services operate in Europe and Japan. In the U.S. they are rarer, but they include a business called Truth and Deception Services based in Florida”.

Or try the “live” version of the sketch — both are ridiculous & funny:

CONSIDER: The Obvious substitution for the “dead” parrot — of the Bill-of-Rights, and a now-dead U.S. Constitution lying there limply, being bashed about, and still the Murderers/Sellers of the “LIE” insist that the victim is “alive”! It truly has reached the point of ridiculousness and insanity.

CONTEMPLATE: The vulgarity and hubris to sell War as “Peace” to a populace?! AND, to sell it not only to the populace exporting the fodder, technology, bombs, bullets, and death, but to ALSO sell the ridiculous idea to the Victims in the countries being “cleansed” and “freed”?!

What have WE here, but a “Dead” parrot narrative being promulgated as the opposite no less.

This LYING & DECEPTION has become ubiquitous in our present age, to the point of unabashed ridiculousness. It would be funny (like the “Dead” parrot sketch) if the results weren’t so sinister.

Absolute Control & Greed & Power are the purveyor’s goals.

So a WARNING should be sounded to us all, when liberty is being bashed for “protection & security”. A WARNING should be sounded when WE are forced to use a cabal’s currency, which in turn impoverishes us all, ceding ‘control’ to psychotic control freak families. A bit of history on it here The 2 Party “system” being sold as legit? A “dead” parrot sketch. A Democracy in the U.S.? Dead parrot. It was supposed to be a Republic. Legit elections, health “care”, taxation with representation, etc., etc….? Dead Parrots everywhere, sold as the-real-thing.

***I hope you will go away from reading this thread, with it in your mind’s eye for ever after; with the “Dead” parrot concept popping to mind whenever you see LIES being sold as TRUTH. Its NOT funny anymore… Point out “the Obvious”, and Call Them on It!

In this thread, we see a “business” being built upon Deception and Lies. When we look around us and take note, we see this business “concept” has been Big Business for a long time, and has permeated our culture. It is without borders.

Remember — YOU don’t have to buy the “Dead” parrot.

How do LIARS deceive so many people? Unfamiliarity I suppose. Here, we have a LIAR-N-CHIEF parading as a “Savior” to the poor Haitian people (Bush, Jr. must be offstage with Hillary), all-the-while he is selling a “dead” parrot tied around his neck as a healing Talisman. WTF?!

How do you sell Disaster Capitalism to a devastated country and people? “Give” em the RED CROSS, then hit em with a Right Cross. And keep swinging until they’re all on the ground, punch drunk and forever Poor…

Scott links to The Story at:

He Do the Voodoo!

He Do the Voodoo!



  1. “Doncha just know it? {echo} ah ah ah ah, dayo kooba kooba kooba aw aw aw aw….dayo”~Aristotle

    Jes jou gots me rockin wheen I aautta be rollin’….


  2. Figured you’d aw, ah, awe, guffaw on this one Rogue1.

    • It is amazing the pathology of this current paradigm.

      As my newer comment illustrates, even those who have taken it upon themselves to reveal the inequities are oft times full of shit…
      And one finds it difficult to sift the chaff from the kernels.

      Always demand citations…these rambling diatribes building a plausible “story” just “ain’t necessarily so”… just like the stories your liable to read in the Bible.


  3. It’s funny you post this Boomer. I was talking to a fellow coto type from Florida and he was upset about the chemtrail disclosure after years of lying.

    I told him honestly that I hate the pathological and consummate liars more than the perpetrator bankers, government and pentagon. I realize now that I have a certain respect for the criminal intellect and plans they contrive, but the media, ngo’s and minstalking propagandists are the worst. It is they who I would like to see bleed first. No doubt now. Cowards. Liars are insignificant, irrelative and are the lowest form of class and species.

    This douchebag, a perfect specimen.

    • “7/10/2013 — Woodstock Festival (1969) Cloud Seeding — Making it rain on the hippies”

      • “Making it rain on the hippies”…

        Lol, like it would make them melt like the wicked witch?

        Jeeezoosies blandersnatch hoiknoid

        Next we’ll “find out” that HAARP caused Noah’s flood….


        • Who’s noah?

          • A metaphor.


        • I was impressed with the Beiber Zombie who recently relieved himself in a restuarant kitchen mop bucket while screaming FUCK BILL CLINTON!

          I misjudged his talent and keen eye.

  4. * * * * * *
    “The Rothschild family combined with the Dutch House of Orange to found Bank of Amsterdam in the early 1600’s as the world’s first private central bank.” ~ Dean Henderson*

    The only problem with this assertion is that the “House of Rothschild” the infamous banking dynasty didn’t come to financial power until Mayer Amschel Rothschild who wasn’t even born until 1744. Even his father Amschel Moses Rothschild was but a boy in the early 1600s, and as an adult he was not a “banker”. He was a goldsmith, but of no power politically. His “fortune” was due to a scam he played on the Prince of Hesse in the early 1700s, when Hesse was forced to leave his holdings and flee.

    Henderson reads “authoritatively” but has zero citations. And one wonders what else in this piece is based on flights of fantasy like his opening paragraph…


    • I count you good on your points. You’ve got more time than I, so post a more bibliotech’d link(s) on this.

      Vaticprojectblogspot has posted considerable info on Them in the past. My point still holds water however.

      I will point folks to a current Paul Craig Roberts piece discussed at

    • John Adams took a loan we have been paying back for centuries. He was not smart enough to wait for the interest rates.

      Fabians and Pilgrims ~ Dutch Deutsche, Orange, Windsor


    Evo Morales was detained in flight. Now the shit hits the fan over this BIG FAT LIE!

    Bolivia asks OAS to condemn Evo Morales’ plane row

  6. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    The answer would naturally be as much as the average woodchuck is known to chuck. But the original question intimates that a woodchuck can NOT chuck wood, for it asks if it “could” – and sense a woodchuck is actually a type of rodent which does not actually chuck wood, we know that there is no chucking done when it comes to woodchucks. Therefore the original question is seen as nonsense, rather like the types of roundabout self dialogs of existentialists such as Kierkegaard, who build word riddles such as I here am that I am. And I am therefore I think, and not the other way around. I think, therefore I am has it backwards just like the woodchuck question which begins with a sort of false advertisement in its syntax or sin tax if you will. And as such there is this diatribe on complex streams of thought that somehow are meant to impart a substance to a line of thinking that is not to do with existence but with thinking about existence, which is said to negate existence during the process of thinking about it. Yet one continues to exist, whether one thinks consciously upon it or not, and whether one is capable of chucking wood or merely chewing on berries for a living. And realistically one could follow this line of thinking to the perimeters of infinity and explain absolutely nothing about nothing which is precisely what nothing is…or is not to be more precisely precise. And if we wish to jettison morality and ethics in the ongoing process it leaves one free to let it be a free-for-all, and all free to “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, which is exactly as the self proclaimed “Beast 666” Alistair Crowley claimed to be the final truth of life as a free thinking human and magus. So where has this dialectical ended, with Saint Kierkegaard, filling in the subtext for The Theory and Practice of Majick?

    Well perhaps Porgy and Bess said it best, “it ain’t necessarily so..the things you are liable to read in the Bible just ain’t necessarily so”…? That seems much more likely than any woodchucks chucking wood.


    • Kierkegaard was King.

      • A king by any other name stinks all the same…


      • Or to put it another way:

        Regardless of it’s rhetorical complexity, superstition retains it’s essential quality.


  7. Hey guys, whats this I hear about JG missing!? Can someone fill me in, how long has it been? Kinda freakin me out, remember she had that 1 post few months ago where her name was x-jerseyg.. 😦

    • Well all I know Jay7 is that JG has indeed been absent for quite some time…not even a “peep” from her.


      • Thanks for the reply Will, I hope shes ok

        • Yea…I keep hoping each time I pull up a page that I will finally see a comment from her.

          It is seeming mysterious at this point.


    • It’s only been two weeks since her last post and less since her comment. She needed a breather and I think it works well in this environment.

  8. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as.

  9. Man, the LIST of LIARS is Long…when you think about it.

    Just ran across this notorious LIAR story. Instantly, you’ll recognize the “dead” parrot sketch being played out again on the poor folk:

    Scott links to The Story at:

  10. My wife just informed me she rec’d a ticket “in our subdivision” for a rolling stop at a stop sign. $135.00. Supposedly, a conciliation at the low end, as it could’ve been $260.00?! Definitely a WTF?! moment. Now, cops are coming off the thorough-fares, main streets, and by-ways to ticket Moms just rolling home through their neighborhoods.

    Shall WE salute the “just-doin-their-job” gumshoes? With High Crimes, Felonies, & Murder committed with impudence by the policy-makers paying the gumshit’s meager locked-down salaries, I hardly think so!

    C’mon Law “enforcers”! Fucking open your eyes, and arrest some REAL criminals for a change! If you want to do some real investigating and make some note-worthy “collars, pull your badges out of your asses and go where the real money and criminality resides! It ain’t in the suburbs, bub! Follow, and make contact with your local politician, banker, or corporate CEO and their associates. Follow the MONEY, not the Moms!

    • Same thing happened to my X when we lived in San Diego…

      All a bloody technicality having zip to do with traffic safety, and everything to do with MONEY.

      Traffic School is cheaper, and ‘fixed’ you are practically guaranteed to pass. Check it out.


      • HaHaHa!!! That’s LA dude! There is no “traffic school” option in the South. They like Cash though. Whooda thunk it?!

    • The Death and Taxes meme. Puddy says “we are paying for our funerals”

      The reality of e-con-o-my is realized in the model. Cops are paid in production of theft. Boomer knows well the “biggest game in town” from our expose’ of “Walter BURIEN #4 Where’s your money?”

      The CAFR is an agenda [21] for rebuilding after monetary assets have been seized and human liabilities shifted to asset columns.
      It will pay for the armies once all tolls, taxes and levies have been measured and collected.

  11. James Kirwan ~ “When I was a boy on Saturday afternoons we went to the movies, for entertainment. This was a national pastime that began with cheap movies for the entertainment of the hungry, brought to us by Hollywood whose message then had not yet been detected.

    The Westerns were based on lies, which most of us only discovered later on. Yesterday I watched one of those films to check that theory.”

    Grok the Gist at “Standing In The Ruins” —

  12. Don’t know how it works in the Good OLE’ US of A but I always take those things to court just to be a pain in the ass. The cops hate having to have their personal regime disrupted over trivial shit and it clogs the courts. Most of the time, the cops don’t even show up. My favourite line to them is, “See you in court” Ya know that grates their nerves.

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