Posted by: boomerangcomesback | July 9, 2013

You Gotta Stop, Hey, What’s That Sound? Everybody Look What’s Going Down…

Geez, a little s-l-o-w ’round here lately…, what’s up COTO CREW? And where’s JG?

By-the-way, LOVE the Cockroach “Header” by Puddy! Speaks of the spreading Disease

Guess its time to post some salsa to spice up your evenings.

I’ll just let you link to Jim Kirwan’s latest, and come back here to comment if you please.

Think of it as a little “summer vacation” from the doldrums of watching the thermometer rise, while the criminals continue their charades and escapades in-secret, whilst every American’s privacy is uploaded into the databanks of the skanks that be (STB).

America On Summer-Vacation / 2013 / By JIm Kirwan / 7-9-13

Go with it! This is satire that makes you consider the future with a monkey wrench or 2 thrown-into the STB’s plans for their NWO.

The Simplest of Things — Yeah, Remember When? Then?

My World -- Your World

My World — Your World

A DREAM? An ethereal cloud with no substance but water vapor and “wind”?





  1. Hey, “Gotta Get Me Some”

  2. Glad you “liked this” ditty Rogue1…glad to see you’re about!

    • Yea Boomer,

      I liked this, and then took some time to watch one of the DVDs Veri just sent to me.

      Still no word from JG – you know she was rear ended, right?
      She said she liked the rental car, and that’s the last we heard from her here…{???}

      I wonder if delayed whiplash set in? It can often manifest later.
      I wish she would contact someone.


      • Hadn’t heard of the collision. JG’s tough. No problem then.

  3. As per the certain giant leap that led to the maximum security state we now endure:

    JFK Assassination as Military Coup

    “That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Horne’s five-volume treatise is not an easy read but one thing is for sure: Anyone who carefully reads this well-researched and detailed book can reach but one conclusion: the autopsy performed by the U.S. national-security state on John Kennedy’s body was a cover-up designed to cover up the fact that Kennedy had been shot from the front.

    And there’s an important point that no one has ever been able to deny since the day of the assassination: The U.S. national-security state had exclusive control over Kennedy’s autopsy. Not the Mafia. Not the Soviets. Not Castro. Not aliens from outer space. Only the national-security state had control over the autopsy and the resulting cover-up. There is no way to escape that fact.”
    ~Jacob G. Hornberger


    • Committee ghouls made and ate sausage from his brains. WTC7 [no evidence]

  4. Well my friend Rogue1; the “Apparatus” is always about their dirty and wet “work”, aye? 180 degrees Opposite is usually the realm of The Truth from the B.S. What was your real point to positing “the Big Lie” as we already grok the full-of-shit serendipity of the shylocks?

    • Why post a JFK comment at this time? Because this year is the 50 year anniversary of the Amerikan Coup d’etat come this November.

      And it should be kept in mind as a matter of the continuity of such events – this particular event being the most significant in my lifetime. This was the major game changer at a very critical time.

      What is so clear to us {those paying attention} now, what is simply blatant, was successfully covert back in the early 60s, almost no one could conceive such a thing possible. And although that is one of the reasons it was successfully white washed, the utter naivete of the majority; it was yet a wake-up call for those a little wiser than your average prole. The JFK assassination was the beginning, or resurgence of ‘conspiracy investigation’ – something very alive in the late 1700s here, on up to the 1860s…but loosing it’s salt by the 1900s.

      Not only has the National Security State been more blatant and bolder, but also a greater percentage of the populations is aware to some degree or another.

      So if we can cast our minds back to the sixties, we can really appreciate how things have changed – and how in-your-face obvious the police state has become. Even the pretense is halfhearted.

      And it has personal significance for me…I was just 16 years old when it happened. I was old enough to comprehend everything that was going down, and yet stunned…I didn’t immediately assume that it was a government hit. I didn’t assume anything…I was just in a state of wonder, and did notice details that were contradictory as one day led into the next. I had seen a Mouser rifle lowered down from the window from a live feed earlier in the day – then that was totally forgotten and the cheap Italian Rifle is suddenly reported found later in the day.

      Then Ruby shooting Oswald. I saw that live as well. Instinctively I knew it had to have been staged, and allowed to happen. And although I knew, I couldn’t really articulate it…put it together as plausible, because it shouldn’t be plausible in the world as I had been conditioned to believe.

      It wasn’t until a year later that whispers began in the margins. One of my teachers made a single remark one day. It was in Humanities 101, he said we were going to be reading and studying Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR and that we should keep in mind what had happened in Dallas as we delved into the lessons of the play.

      We never mentioned Kennedy again, but it became crystal clear to most of us, that the play was a metaphor for the JFK event. By the next year I began hearing about the controversy over the Warren Report…and that Jim Garrison was investigating the possibility of others involve besides Oswald…from then on I had my eyes and ears open. And of course things began to snowball by the time I graduated from HS in 1965.

      When MLK and then Bobby were killed, I was at the point of seeing the murders as state actions. Especially the RFK shooting. Being in LA at the time, I was quickly aware of the scuttlebutt about police misconduct with the evidence.

      And since those times it has been one thing after another – each one more blatant than the last…it is a cycle, and a spiral – each concentric circle growing tighter.

      So this is an important aspect – to keep mind of the continuity, the patterns, the MO, etc…


      • That is a terrific reply, and We All should take note of the “pattern” of things past, and things to come. We appreciate you!

      • Good ol Kommie Kronkite on the job. I missed Huntley Brinkley.
        I waited on Chet Huntley in Palm Beach a year or so before his death from lung cancer. He was newsman. I think a baseball fan or family member in baseball as I recall spring training.

        La Coquiile Club had the old rich crowd. They weren’t happy when John Lennon showed up there in 73.

  5. So, WE grok along…

    “Files on Bin Laden raid purged by US Special Operations commander Admiral McRaven”. WOW! “THEY” just pinged me, and my computer “shut off” inexplicably. How rude! Afraid of the written word?! Anyways…continuing on…

    As Wayne Madsen was saying — “That’s because Bin Laden wasn’t killed in the Abbottabad compound. An old Pashtun man was killed but Bin Laden was long since dead from kidney failure. Obama’s ruse cost Seal team 6 their lives. Dead men tell no tales. Don’t like conspiracies? Shoot yourself in the head or overdose on Percocet. No one’s forcing you to experience conspiracies in this life”.

    This is some good shit here at the Zen Depot. This is an initial droplet of a 4 part series, WE ought to follow to the conclusion:


    • About sums it up Boomer. It’s open info on Tim Os(s)man, and not Charlies War but Magog Bush’s Operation Cyclone and it’s real plan to sieze the opium trade while creating ALCIADA gladio group for later use.

  6. Prole-feed for the post-American masses

    A new wave of camouflage is underway at the Pentagon and the CIA. The bin Laden “death files” contained in the Pentagon’s data bank have become the object of controversy.

    Navy Vice Admiral William McRaven has been entrusted in removing these secret military files concerning the May 2011 Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s alleged hideout in Abbotabad, Pakistan from the Pentagon’s data banks.

    The files of the bin Laden SEAL operation had to be removed to sustain the Big Lie. Osama was allegedly killed on the orders of the US government, despite ample evidence that he was already dead at the time of the attack.
    A draft report by the Pentagon’s inspector-general briefly described the secret move, which was directed by the top US special operations commander, Admiral William McRaven.

    The transfer did not set off alarms within the Obama administration even though it appears to have sidestepped rules governing federal records and circumvented the Freedom of Information Act.~Prof Michel Chossudovsky


  7. While the masses have been distracted, the drug companies have now pushed thru the court system a law that no longer makes them legally responsible for their drugs. You can no longer sue the drug companies for 80% of the drugs on the market. surprise? I believe I read the article on activist posts.

    • It’s off the slippery slope…
      and free fall into the despotic abyss at this point Ms Darlene…

      Damn the bordellos and speedballs and head..

      [FFWD >>]


    • That comes after the criminals give the shit away, bribe the whitecoats to addict and con the patients. Just ask someone trying to kick paxil or any other SSRI.

  8. “Legalize Criminality” for the cliche, and criminalize everything for everybody else. That’s the tune the Boyz-in-the-Band are playing, and they call the awful tune, “Freedom”. For them. For a time. Then the play is over.

  9. “The highest levels of government don’t know what to do about UFOs, and the official story that they are all merely weather balloons or natural phenomena have been clearly dismissed. If anything, these documents speak about UFOs as if they are surely guided by an intelligence beyond our own.

    “As it turns out, the most credible and inexplicable sightings are of vehicles that have been spotted leaving the sea floor at hydrothermal vents and directly entering solar orbit . . .

    “Because ballistic missile tracking systems and deep-sea sonar are kept as state secrets, scientists don’t have access to data about these objects. However, most of the contractors at DARPA are sure that there is a species more intelligent than Homo sapiens living in the mantle of the Earth. It makes sense, if you think about it, because that is the only place where conditions have been more or less stable for billions of years.

    “Extremophiles may live at different temperatures than us, but they have been able to thrive and develop intelligence at a seemingly accelerated rate. That’s not true, because they’ve simply evolved at the same rate, but without many of the vicissitudes which set back surface life . . .

    “The president receives daily briefings about their activities. Analysts believe their technology to be so far advanced that we stand little chance of survival in any potential war.

    “The general sentiment is that we are but ants from their perspective, so there is little chance they would empathize or attempt to communicate with us, and the current contingency plan is to detonate nuclear weapons in deep caverns to ‘sting’ the foe we have no hope of destroying in hopes it would discourage further attacks.”~Edward Snowden



    • Going back to school. This is a good idea. We ought to provide a reading list from the committee of 300 to The Most Dangerous Book in the World and give America a real history course.

  10. It can be seen that to purport to discriminate
    among mythical objects according to their
    substance would be entirely illusory: since myth
    is a type of speech, everything can be a myth
    provided it is conveyed by a discourse. Myth is
    not defined by the object of its message, but by
    the way in which it utters this message: there are
    formal limits to myth, there are no ‘substantial’
    ones. Everything, then, can be a myth? Yes, I
    believe this, for the universe is infinitely fertile
    in suggestions. Every object in the world can
    pass from a closed, silent existence to an oral
    state, open to appropriation by society, for there
    is no law, whether natural or not, which forbids
    talking about things.~Roland Barthes


  11. I´m sorry I havent been more active here on the inter-tubes but I unlike many others have a life and i am absorbed in My work. Its the only way I keep any semblance of sanity I will come out of My cave when the neanderthals dissapear,or are imprisoned.

    • Wakan Tanka – the Great Spirit or “Ha-wen-ne-yu.” [Iroquois]

      “Wakan Tanka [Dakota] was an amorphous category most precisely defined by incomprehensibility.” (Densmore 1918,85). The physical world was composed of the manifestations of this animating force. In essence, they believed that every object was spirit, or “wakan.” For this reason, the Dakota held a docetic view of the universe in which nothing was real. Everything in the material world had only the appearance of being real. Like the inferior spirits in the Iroquois belief system, Wakan Tanka employed the use of “Wakan people” (DeMallie 1987) to interact with the material world and control the lives of men. These characters were often the objects of worship and praise.

      Many Christian denominations, like the Puritans of New England, believed that they were the chosen people of God and were working toward the creation of a true “Kingdom of God” located in America. The Iroquois, on the other hand, believed that the world was as it should be, and there was nothing that could be done by mankind to change this fact {other than to ruin it}.


    • It’s going around King. Sadly the reality seems to be a lack of enthusiasm and we have are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Best we just avoid going into remission totally.

  12. I always like VC’s take on Movies. Here’s another good one.

    RIP Stanley and Sydney

    [I remember when I first watched Eyes Wide Shut, back in 1999. Boy, did I hate it. I hated how slow everything was, I hated how Nicole Kidman tried to sound drunk or high and I hated seeing Tom Cruise walk around New York looking concerned. I guess I reacted the same way critics did at the time the movie came out and thought: “This movie is boring and there is nothing hot about it.”]

    Watch it five times and it’ll have you ever addicted.

    • Strangest thing…at the local DVD rental store here,

      Not a SINGLE Kubrick film…nada. WDF?

      I saw EYES one time, I liked it right off, found it weird and fascinating.
      And of course the symbolism was all familiar to me already. I think that was in 2003, I’m pretty sure cuz I saw it in Georgia.

      Yes, the acting was stiff and stilted, but it fit with the surreal ambiance of the film. And Nicole Kidman is hot just sitting there, she don’t even have to whistle. Cruise has never been one of my favorite actors though…I just never saw what everyone else seems to read as “talent”. I think he’s a little twerp. Probably a funny-boy. Not that that “makes you a bad person”…Lol


      • Almost like being under surveillance 24/7, you don’t behave normally, you act. It was like they were going through the motions until the SHTF and then after all was said and done, they were.

  13. This was interesting…

  14. Mythical objects? We’re surrounded by them, but do we “get” them?

    Its all about your interpretation —

    Show me the LOVE!

    • Syntactics is the branch of semiotics that deals with the formal properties of signs and symbols. More precisely, syntactics deals with the “rules that govern how words are combined to form phrases and sentences.” ~ Roland Barthes

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