Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 6, 2013

Metamorphosis America

I’ve followed the codes and disclosures of these doodles for years. I surely took note of the Kafka Google_Doodle_Kafka_CockroachKocKroach,   The three klans and KKK’s and the selected inference to the following came to mind;

In 2008,  I posted an article on [Why Obama?] which followed up my article to Why Bush?  Gore was not prepared for finishing 911.  He had made a critical mistake during his “lock-box” campaign. The committee took note and swung the fraud vote to Bush going so far as the right supreme court to avail. I concluded his consolation was  “An Inconvenient Truth. What it essentially was based upon the time of disclosure that the committee would know and in perfect step the 911 truth movement would become a LIMITED HANGOUT unlike no other.  Post  Bush, Gore would not be the man (as neither would Hillary) for what will be the American transformation.

CHANGE would be black.  Not only in spectrum color would it be less visible than in the black arts of OPS for stage three of the transition.  What was delivered in the drones for phase three was three buildings or towers and the towers remain intact in the psychological aspect of GW6  global warfare.

For baby boomers it was less important but more for Generation X and Y population demographic. We baby-boomers had Korea, Vietnam and our share of false flag ops. We live through operation fast & furious which in reality has been in operation since Ross Perot noted the “giant sucking sound” and his departure under death threats from his run for supreme commander.  I note that he was the last independent candidate detached from the Bilderberg group. Now all realistic candidates get invited to Bilderberg for screening.

cotogoggle.jpgFast & Furious was actually one of the many triads of transformation and had major components. It involved the open border influx of alien traffic through all borders and maritime channels but strongly in the southern borders where the committee could under the cover of  ICE, part of the 911 triad to invent DHS, take it out of the hands of Labor and Justice.  From there, the war on terror [WTO-WOT] could operate the drug business domestically and internationally all under one set of CIA eyes.  It also had a sucking sound of industry and manufacturing flying out as quickly as the the alien nation was flying in.  The redistribution of wealth is always the consistent component of all triads.

Obama was selected to fulfill the Beatles code Helter Skelter and prophesy for race/religious war. We have discussed Manson’s continued prophesy of such an event.  It is not hard to piece together the Arab Spring which under the cover of some MI6-CIA Qaeda operations (derived through GLADIO) the civil wars that began and continue today.  Indeed secular/ religious hatred is fine and dandy and always an easy tool in warfare if you have studied Sun Tzu’s, Art of War.  The Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s admired Chinese strategy and techniques and we have heard the words from their very mouths on this subject. Would anyone see the insect-social order of the Chinese as anything else but admirable?

Why Obama? To create the largest most observable split in American demographic, largely but not exclusively, racial-* in nature.  Then, having driven the work of DVD Bush-Clinton crime syndicate, begin redistributed wealth to the apex even faster than  his predecessors  had done during their missions as CIC.  You may deduct from recent reports that Clinton has been on a active campaign to further distance left  from center while Bush has condoned Obama to bring the right in a little closer to center. These shifts are designed to position the factions strategically on the Nolan Plane in coordinates to the design of the next civil war (American Spring)  Numerology and mathematical markers to Lincoln and Kennedy are sequentially on the spot.  Other factors such as the brotherhood,  Petrus Romanus and the new pope have and will continue to assist in the process. The Nolan dispersion is just one of the planes on this three dimensional matrix but include all aspects of beliefs, thus creating this diaspora of us slaves while suppressing our ontological growth.

The Bomb has been set by many primers.  Not only has the Dark Knights  delivered the Aurora’s to the mind controlled masses but he has alienated the illusionary two party paradigm.   These factions who are largely insider key figures in house and congressional power placements only exacerbate the process of fast & furious as demonstrated by media operations over a period of time.  This technique and program(ming) are a memory function of the committee in a very slow process running from Bush-Clinton_Bush-Soetoro with designs as far back as OJ Simpson and other high profile Muslim and Jew media and alternate media psychological operations. These are not excluding either,  LGBT and GENDER operations as well.  Ironic how his change platform would be based upon metamorphosis of America which would have used the Daoist principle in technique. Though it’s a slow process, we should conclude that it has moved to Fast & Furious now. The ADL and Southern Poverty teams will provide maximum support as they have in past psyops.

The Ship OFools Technique has been delivered through subtle, unseen forces and by way of lifeboatchange, we cannot hope to fight it with the weapons they acquired over the years.  Even if we were to get the masses awakened and in agreement, the process will be irreversible.  The rule of law is the law of rule inasmuch as the transformation is one mostly one ruled by force, economically driven and materialistically consuming it’s victims.  Any legal progression is now totally resource-based law and independence restrictive to all persons not on-board with one world order.

This SOFT sale approach is legally implemented under a matrix so complicated in domestic and international scope that even the Supreme Justice cannot operate.  Rules run the law and the committee makes the rules.  Crime under incompetence conceals premeditation and insanity dictates proceedings.  Evidence is destroyed daily under patents and humans are sacrificed in trials all under an electromagnetic energy enterprise in the e-layers of our global prison system. Built on fear and loathing,  we have been our own juries, jailers and wardens. The masses just exist under this prison.


In the googleplex, are the clues.  Just as a hypnotist will deliver the suggestion to his subject, the committee is willing and enjoys suggesting all things NWO.  How, why and when I believe is all coded as is the Old Testament.  The Kafta KocKroach is another suggestion that clearly identifies the vision of the committee who see the human race as insects,  with some as having purpose and most now being expendable.  I  see the insect as a  “Brundlefly”, a metamorphosis of Agenda 21, the stated trans- humanistic movement to Georgia guide-stone utopia of a select group that while the ship sinks, there will be only a certain number of lifeboats. Those who survive will rebuild the Brave New World Order and so will some of us cockroaches to labour under it’s governance while NASA^NSA work their magic on the silent kill programs in a larger scale of the Genesis program.  Spying is mainly required for continuity and financial purposes, though emphasis will continue to be put on classification of us vermin.  I feel certain the first wave will be to contend with the awakened and subsequently onto the Entomophily or Zombie approach to spread their holocaust to the more mind-controlled strata of insectum.

Let’s wait for the World War Z and the  Zimmerman decision and determine if it is merely another piece of the plan or the trigger for a greater part of ObamaCare.  I,  for one suspect that the key ingredients are all there for a major event.  The Climate is definitely indicative of a storm of global proportion and as a cockroach, my senses have me in an excited state.  I can hear the hisses of other fellow Periplaneta in economics and science, that the big event is soon to be here.  hydrogen_bomb_toroidal_cloud

The game is just not sustainable at this point and when the divide and disperse  of we the people coincides with the convergence of authoritarians in one entity, evolutionary changes will occur. This is the strategy.


  1. Best strategy is, wu-wei – action through non-action.

    Action men fuck things up, action men fighting action men to stop the fuck up, fuck things up even more. Cycles become vicious, vicious are the cycles.
    Especially motorcycles. Machines, ach der liber das iss ien mech-phuk.


    The words of the prophets are written in the Bazooka bubble gum comics.
    Remember, oil is crude and lollipops are rude and cherubs are nude.

    The road leads to the death tollbooth.
    A mainstream bloodbath.
    Maybe a detour is in order?
    An auld and gentle footpath.

    Who knows not me I never lost control…


    • I think I’d like to rock some boats before I drown.

      • I think you already are rocking some boats my man.

        When I speak to “action”, I do no mean speaking up. I mean physical action…like taking to the streets and getting caught up in a crowd.
        One can be propelled by a mass of people, just like a stampede of cattle. Being jostled and pushed can inflict rage if it is extreme enough.

        At this point you loose your personal volition.

        It is also easy to loose your senses in the vibe pulsing all around you, and you can get caught up emotionally as well as physically.

        One who wishes to remain in control should never chance being caught in a crowd.

        “Events” and “happenings” have been off of my agenda for quite a few years now.

        One of the reasons I got out of rock’n’roll was the crowds, and the sense of hysteria that had at one time been a pleasant excitement.
        Controlling a crowd can make on feel powerful…and after some contemplation that power seemed to be something from the dark side, regardless of whatever intent I had begun with.

        I experienced some of the amazing things one hears about the music industry. I was approached by a “fan”, a guy a little older than I, a successful writer and editor of a well known magazine. He had a coven of girls…witches, and he actually saw me as a potential “Anti-Christ”. These people offered their adoration. He wanted to be a PR rep for me…not for the band so much, but to promote me as a charismatic.

        This whole thing led to some conflicting emotions…the pedestal…led to psychic acrophobia…it was creepy, to put it in blunt terms.

        Anyway, via del luz, that is how I learned about crowds.


        • I avoid the mob at all costs. The idea to combine the mob with EMF in sound or light was a volatile mix. I have had a few deja-vu experiences at such rally or assemblies. I heard the trumpets and beats and felt the need for speed and went for the exit. Adding chemical reactions to the event either internal or externally always brought some additional fireworks.

          (@) (@)

        • “The pen is mightiere thatn the sword.
          The sword brings death.
          The pen brings knowledge.”


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  3. I would say the right moved further starboard and the left to port over Barry Soetoro. A premature Nobel Laureate for this Chicago gangster was my confirmation as a divider and not a uniter. He just consolidated power to the Security Council and remains M. I. A. as a US Leader.

    HOPE -A – DOPE

    “Before the Law”

    A man from the country seeks the law and wishes to gain entry to the law through a doorway. The doorkeeper tells the man that he cannot go through at the present time. The man asks if he can ever go through, and the doorkeeper says that it is possible. The man waits by the door for years, bribing the doorkeeper with everything he has. The doorkeeper accepts the bribes, but tells the man that he accepts them “so that you do not think you have failed to do anything.” The man did not attempt to murder or hurt the doorkeeper to gain the law, but waits at the door until he is about to die. Right before his death, he asks the doorkeeper why even though everyone seeks the law, no one else has come in all the years. The doorkeeper answers “No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. I am now going to shut it.”

    This fable shows how one’s goals are achievable (by the gate being open) but often, represented by the path, are blocked by antagonistic people like the doorkeeper. It also represents how one must make an effort to reach that goal, as shown by the man not even making an effort to barge past the doorkeeper. When the man died, the gate closed and showed the impossibility of reaching that goal then. It shows how one must make an effort to reach their goals before it is too late. This fable was found in Franz Kafka’s book The Trial and showed the absurdity of waiting for things to happen on their own.

    In some English translations of the original German text, the word “Law” is capitalized. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this is the prerogative of the translator who might wish to focus attention on the myriad connotations of the word beyond its simple juridical meaning; for example, in religious (law as moral or divine law) or psychoanalytic (Freud’s “Law of the Father”) contexts. In the original German, the capitalization of the word Gesetz (“Law”) reflects a standard adherence to the rules of German orthography, which require that all nouns be capitalized, and does not necessarily have wider significance.

  4. Old Zen Saying;
    “Let Go”
    “Or Get Dragged”
    I wonder if TPTB know that one.
    Be awfully fitting wouldn’t you think?

    • I can sure relate it to TPTB, that have successfully by [force] inertia, dragged us to points off trajectory. We fail to apply this inertia.

      About them..? I can only theorize the mass of wealth, the inert power and the energy it can tap to provide force. What phenomena or factor may be at the core is undefined yet.

      Are they victims of the FORCE? Or the creator and controller. This question may be the dilemma of the man at the gate. What should he have done?

      I think the Laws of science versus the rules of men take precedent when forced by conscience. Morality is the Mass of the equation.

    • Treasure of the Sierra Madre had that Zen saying as a theme…

      A totally cool movie.


  5. Obama launches video game contest: 100 child winners to drone-kill real terrorists
    Posted on July 6, 2013 by Carl Herman

    (Satire): President Obama announced at a White House press conference today that a national video game contest would produce 100 US child winners to become Air Force “guest pilots” to kill real terrorists with Hellfire missiles from MQ-9 Reaper drones. Press conference excerpts:

    • “You think I’m joking”…

      No not at all, Obama is a serious psycho. The titular head lunatic, basking in his position. The guy’s obviously a well groomed loon,
      And there are legions of them….


      • Nervous laughter was forced or he was on a cruise with a ship of fools.

        Of course he was serious. The Jonas brothers being devout Christians represent Obamas prime target. He sacrifices innocent Muslims, missing the CIA Jihadist,s but hits the boys and girls with incredible precision.

  6. Was Washington Behind Egypt’s Coup d’Etat?

    A perfect example. Mursi was fairly or as fair as it get’s the duly elected. It provided intel to the committee the demographic for Gladio as how to approach replacing Mubarek.

    It’s a no-brainer in my estimate that the process now is fully under the Military cabal (egypt-gladio) and the real successor has been picked. The only question remaining is will they place the military operative (alCIAda candidate or a Gladio built ultra-jihadist and stir the pot of other regions.

    Venezuela offered asylum to the hologram aka Snowden. This gives the Cabal a focal point to disrupt the anti-banker/west movement in Lower America.

    Bolivia, Equador, and others were heading south as of late. It explains why Brazil was targeted. Like Libya, Gaddafi was able and ready to unite Africa against the ravages of Obamacare and Africom so he was eliminated, much like the Bhutto affair.

    Now Brazil represents the largest/richest in SA and they needed a reminder of how the IMF-World Bank can easily bring chaos-financial and civil unrest.

    The Mafia techniques are quite revealed. They can easily send a cable as well

    “Remember Japan?”
    “Remember Fukushima?

  7. And a little something from “Storm Clouds Gathering”

    • Just to throw this into the fray

      • #1- V, I ask your opinion. Isn’t it really a case of the power elite that are operating a revolution?

        Did the tactics used by our forefathers represent the same use of force to overthrow and overturn the rules. So be it that the rulers were monarchies versus governments but when did the Republic disappear to a corrupt democracy?

        Is the mission for the people to have an evolution and not a revolution since the revolution repeats itself. I look at revolution as the nine. Whether we reach ten we are really starting at one again. To evolve to zero is the closest to utopian self governing. The people will migrate to points where their self determined pursuits can thrive without interference. The pursuit of life will govern the laws.

        #2 – The Hemp conspiracy is an interesting research and has a long history. W. R. Hearst, The Wheels of Mellon, Rockefeller and Carnegie were instrumental.

        Reefer Madness – 1937 Act. While Heroin/Opiates were legal. Coca in cola, but cancer treating marijuana and miracle plant Hemp had to go (after the war effort of course)

        Talk about a mind control op and a conspiracy, this is as big as the War on Trade and the World Terror Organization.

        If we have a revolution and it is successful, Hemp will be one of the biggest factors in sustaining an economy that promotes income and peace.

        • I think it all gets down to an interplay of words and interpretations as far as revolution to evolution goes. Are we evolving? I believe we are, in my interpretation, knowledge is learning and understanding. If at first one doesn’t grasp things we keep researching until we do have a handle on what’s going down. That’s a thing of growth. Before the internet, as convoluted as it can be. If you had time and who did except for the scholarly to do the massive research that’s just at ones finger tips now. For those that have the where with all to ask the question, what’s what, it’s much easier to seek the answer to that question. Does the corruption ooze through the ether? It certainly does, isn’t that why we’re here questioning that and each other? To me, this is a search to cut through the crap, that’s why I’m here. Been a pretty good place to be to accomplish just that amongst other places of course. What I see is just that, a play of words. Am I educated? No, but then I haven’t had to undo a lot of the crap I learned in High School As the song goes.
          The hemp question, I just have to look at Prohibition and do the research on what that was all about. Of course we know that the internal combustion engine was designed to run on alcohol, the Order couldn’t have that. Would have been too much competition for the budding petroleum industry. It’s common knowledge that Ford made flex fuel cars right up to 1934.
          Problem is, the criminal cabal is feverishly hanging the old and is standing in the way by whatever means they can to keep us from growing. Standing in front of a tidal wave is a fools play.

      • Hemp is Sacred

        All things anti-hemp are demonic and evil.

        As has been said:



        • DAS HOLY SMOKE!


      • Hemp, and Cannabis are the same thing.

        The word Marijuana was a local Mexican word, and that was the thing that tricked Ford and other hemp industrialists.

        There are only two varieties of the species:

        Cannabis Indica & Cannabis Sativa

        It is not true that sativa has no psychotropic affects. Naturally both are very closely related chemically and both have active cannabanoids, the substance that makes humans high.

        What our dear reporter gal said about not getting high on ‘industrial hemp’ is bullshit. The natural stuff, that grows all over Kentucky and even here in Indiana is pretty much like what you could get in the 1950s…about a joint of it can make the average person happy and giddy.

        But Indica, which was very similar chemically to begin with has been the product of husbandry, human intervention in it’s evolution, and has been purposely made more powerful.

        Both types can make you high, and both types have all the other benefits that are touted for ‘industrial hemp’
        Medicinal Hemp is some of the most powerful as far as intoxication is concerned, and it is those qualities that cause intoxication that are also the qualities that make it a health benefit.

        It is absurd to attempt to legalize only one form of cannabis.

        It is a sin against all that is divine to curse cannabis, to make it ‘illegal’, to rip it up and burn it as contraband, and to criminally monopolize it as the War on Drugs has done. The government is attempting to monopolize the distribution of cannabis and keep the prices absurdly high…it is all about profit.

        Hemp-Cannabis is a blessing of nature, it should be honored and rejoiced as such.


        • The Truth of your discourse is Obvious of course. The venom spit against that which is beneficial is an affirmation of the “free” benefits available to mankind. V points out the petrol-glyph which mankind still tools around with, while free-energy and other forms of propulsion are “hidden”, to continue with the petrol-control grid. What a fucking shame it all is!

          • Great to see you back again friend Boomer!

            I hope the drudgery has come to an end, or at least subsided.


    • Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis is essentially the first roadmap to Revolution as it developed in “The New World”.
      It is Utopian, and therefore not achievable on the physical plane. Or any other form of aircraft.

      A deep study of the American Revolution brings certain questions to mind. From a certain perspective it can be argued that the British threw the fight. It is also a curious “coincident” that King George suffered his “madness” just as the war was developing.

      Bacon’s work also reveals that a knowledge of the western continent had existed in various circles long before Columbus…{Christ’s Dove}.
      It may be supposed that all that has happened historically has been deeply influenced – if not outright manipulated by the Rosicrucian agenda that Bacon and John Dee were involved in.

      Do not believe that despite all that has come, that all could not change in the blink of an eye with enough will power.

      ~Magus Maverik


  8. From Oz down under – false flag alCIAda

    More on the train derailment and explosion in Quebec
    The story itself seems eerily similar to the plans that various muslims arrested in Canada claimed to be planning.

    Canadian push for the surveillance groping campaign? Let’s create a monopoly on transportation and call it NTSA Global. Whadah you say?


    Holyrood stills? Do they move you? Keep on playing the mind guerrilla, COTO!

  10. Is that you Rogue?

    • Yes, I am everywhere and nowhere at once.

      “When standing still be like a mirror.
      When moving like water.” ~Bruce Lee


  11. From OZ DOWN UNDER FILES: This would have been better if some innocent bystanders got capped.

    • Good one

    • fabulous….on point.

      • What a ClusterFuck!

        • Yea, and a fluster cluck too!

          Any word from JG to anyone yet???


  12. Go one step further using this method of inquiry to cross reference a lost connection missing between the Rosicrucian literature of The Fama and the Confessio, The Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosenkrantz, The New Atlantis, The Tempest, with The King James Version of the Bible, The Advancement of Learning and Dee’s Monad Hieroglyphic. Somewhere there lies a common thread, a code, meant for those who would cross reference all these words. Perhaps when the code is broken we will have the equivalent of Prospero’s buried staff and recognize the impact of Dee and Bacon’s relationship with their dedication to the enlightenment of all.


  13. First, Moloch, horrid King besmeared with blood
    of human sacrifice, and parents tears:
    Though, for noise of drums and timbrels loud,
    Their children’s cries unheard that passed through fire
    To his grim idol
    Milton, Paradise Lost

  14. COTO has often wondered what it is that makes us different. How is it that we see through the absurdities of the current paradigm. I encourage that this be read:

    “This perfect adaptation to society’s norms–in other words, to what is called “healthy normality”–carries with it the danger that such a person can be used for practically any purpose. It is not a loss of autonomy that occurs here, because this autonomy never existed, but a switching of values, which in themselves are of no importance anyway for the person in question as long as his whole value system is dominated by the principle of obedience.

    He has never gone beyond the stage of idealizing his parents with their demands for unquestioning obedience; this idealization can easily be transferred to a Fuhrer or to an ideology. Since authoritarian parents are always right, there is no need for their children to rack their brains in each case to determine whether what is demanded of them is right or not. And how is this to be judged? Where are the standards supposed to come from if someone has always been told what was right and what was wrong and if he never had an opportunity to become familiar with his own feelings and if, beyond that, attempts at criticism were unacceptable to the parents and thus were too threatening for the child?

    If an adult has not developed a mind of his own, then he will find himself at the mercy of the authorities for better or worse, just as an infant finds itself at the mercy of its parents. Saying no to those more powerful will always seem too threatening to him.

    Witnesses of sudden political upheavals report again and again with what astonishing facility many people are able to adapt to a new situation. Overnight they can advocate views totally different from those they held the day before–without noticing the contradiction. With the change in power structure, yesterday has completely disappeared for them.”
    ~Alice Miller

    More here:



    JG – JG where for art thou JG???


  16. I’m not a “fan” of Tom Heneghan, but here he poses some quite good questions, and posits some quality guesses… check it out!

    What WE DO KNOW is the TRUTH is a Victim as a matter of policy. So, what must a Columbo do?

    • I was able to access the Heneghan report. It plays well as far as I can see, it has been open source for years that the Brotherhood is a Western Intel cutout. I can’t vouch for the details , or the memo…beyond my range, I would like second and third opinions from some experts in the language.

      Of course the US is up to its eyeballs in Benghazi, as far as Morsi being the bag man for the hit…??? this is where I have to admit I don’t have the expertise to parse the details of this. Both the Egyptian military and elBeradhi {sp} are in the US pocket as well…

      Libya is another US/Western client…so anyone involved in Benghazi links back to US Intel, or State Dept on one chain or another…

      On the Visible sites…none will load for me. Been that way for a couple months now at least…I miss reading his stuff.


  17. Particularly for Rogue1:

    I know you have difficulties accessing as you’ve stated. Try this Dog Poet “chew toy” for the mind! Here, WE MUST confront the “reality” of the actions we are privy to, with the dogma and propaganda served in heaping helpings to the imprisoned masses.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy the view.

  18. A new wave of camouflage is underway at the Pentagon and the CIA. The bin Laden “death files” contained in the Pentagon’s data bank have become the object of controversy.
    Navy Vice Admiral William McRaven has been entrusted in removing these secret military files concerning the May 2011 Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s alleged hideout in Abbotabad, Pakistan from the Pentagon’s data banks.
    The files of the bin Laden SEAL operation had to be removed to sustain the Big Lie. Osama was allegedly killed on the orders of the US government, despite ample evidence that he was already dead at the time of the attack.
    A draft report by the Pentagon’s inspector-general briefly described the secret move, which was directed by the top US special operations commander, Admiral William McRaven.
    The transfer did not set off alarms within the Obama administration even though it appears to have sidestepped rules governing federal records and circumvented the Freedom of Information Act.~Prof Michel Chossudovsky


  19. “Once feelings have been eliminated, the submissive person functions perfectly and reliably even if he knows no one is going to check up on him. This perfect adaptation to society’s norms–in other words, to what is called “healthy normality”–carries with it the danger that such a person can be used for practically any purpose.
    It is not a loss of autonomy that occurs here, because this autonomy never existed, but a switching of values, which in themselves are of no importance anyway for the person in question as long as his whole value system is dominated by the principle of obedience. He has never gone beyond the stage of idealizing his parents with their demands for unquestioning obedience; this idealization can easily be transferred to a Fuhrer or to an ideology.”~Alice Miller


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