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Earthraker and Skyfall



Ian Fleming’s biography is pretty much an open book. Much like Edward Snowden, his newly created biography has a ‘disclosure’ value, a declassified history open for the media to investigate and report. Snowden himself has provided a disclosure value as well. He has supposedly provided Earthraker to key members of the media and it’s value is what is called a ‘limited hangout.’ I refer to the this psyop as DISCLOSURE, but it really is a poor term I have coined due to the fact that it is overused by the intelligence monolith who controls and disseminates all information.

I have to thank Webster Tarplay and the “Palace Guards” for reminding me that the limited hangout is by far a better term than my disclosure designation. For those who were alive and awake during the coup to remove Nixon from the Commander in chief position, you may know the limited hangout. If not check out the following for an outline and brief history

This is a very limited disclosure from Wikipedia, but I’ll post a snippet.

[In a March 22, 1973 meeting between Richard Nixon, John Dean, John Ehrlichman, John Mitchell, and H.R. Haldeman, Ehrlichman incorporated the term into a new and related one, “modified limited hangout.”[2][3]

The phrase was coined in the following exchange:[4]
“ PRESIDENT: You think, you think we want to, want to go this route now? And the–let it hang out, so to speak?

DEAN: Well, it’s, it isn’t really that–

HALDEMAN: It’s a limited hang out.

DEAN: It’s a limited hang out.

EHRLICHMAN: It’s a modified limited hang out.

PRESIDENT: Well, it’s only the questions of the thing hanging out publicly or privately.

Before this exchange, the discussion captures Nixon outlining to Dean the content of a report that Dean would create, laying out a misleading view of the role of the White House staff in events surrounding the Watergate burglary. In Ehrlichman’s words: “And the report says, ‘Nobody was involved,'”. The document would then be shared with the Senate Watergate Committee investigating the affair. The report would serve the administration’s goals by protecting the President, providing documentary support for his false statements should information come to light that contradicted his stated position. Further, the group discusses having information on the report leaked by those on the Committee sympathetic to the President, to put exculpatory information into the public sphere.[4]

The phrase has been cited as a summation of the strategy of mixing partial admissions with misinformation and resistance to further investigation, and is used in political commentary to accuse people or groups of following a Nixon-like strategy.[5]

Writing in the Washington Post, Mary McGrory described a statement by Pope John Paul II regarding sexual abuse by priests as a “modified, limited hangout”.[6]]


Fleming was a member of British Naval intelligence though there are no disclosures to his connections with MI5 [*] or MI6 [^]. I had earlier posted the SIS-OSS created MI5-CIA MI6-MOSSAD connections and confirmed my theory as all things United Kingdom. All financial operations come from the City of London, mind control from Tavistock and propaganda from Thomas Reuters and it’s electronic brokering platform, Thomson Reuters Dealing.

London controls the world and the world is not enough.

Fleming wrote 14 Bond books I have listed them chronologically

1. Casino Royale 1953
2. Live and Let Die 1954
3. Moonraker 1955
4. Diamonds Are Forever 1956
5. From Russia With Love 1957
6. Doctor No 1958
7. Goldfinger 1959
8. For Your Eyes Only (short stories) 1960
From A View To A Kill
For Your Eyes Only
Quantum of Solace
The Hildebrand Rarity
9. Thunderball 1961
10. The Spy Who Loved Me 1962
11. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1963
12. You Only Live Twice 1964 1967
13. The Man With The Golden Gun 1965
14. Octopussy & The Living Daylights (short stories) 196
The Property of a Lady
007 in New York”

Though I have read only one novel (From Russia with Love) I know that the books and movies are night and day. It is the Modified Limited Hangout, Bond Films I want to showcase. I call Holyrood from the British Tavistock and Her Majesty’s secret service the ultimate imagemakers. As with MI5-CIA, the American Dream was developed. It was not by chance that eventually MI6 would have to disclose it’s existence finally in 1994, some 90 years later after it’s inception. What name it went by before this disclosure were likely too numerous to track.

We have had many postings and discussions regarding Stanley Kubrick and some other Hollywood figures and the deep underbelly of the red stars and black figures who have controlled the mediums of film and music. We have covered MK-Ultra, gangstalking, McCarthyism, Blackballing and Pedophile rings from this illuminating red carpet rose croix and the development of Hollywood from War propaganda of two military theaters. I believe we all agree that mind control was used for more than a way to sell war bonds.

There is. in this organization, another war bond and that is the most prolific series of films ever to come out of the MK center of Holyrood West. The adventures of James Bond agent 007 on service to her majesty’s well-being. Unlike the exposures of Kubrick, the limited hangout of these productions are well suited for sheepledom as mere half truth disclosures. Modified to fit the monolithic frame of your teevee in Kubrick Hi Def. Stanley made the grave mistake of going beyond the limit of disclosure and he and Sidney Pollack paid the price as administrators of Eyes Wide Shut.

If you have seen all the twenty three films you can easily correlate them to events that took place during the release of the films. I was going to spend the time to dissect each but came to my senses and decided that the other fifteen posts I have started and are incomplete would be a better use of my limited time. I will say that when you look to the movies and read the summaries and synopsis of each you will easily come to many or all correlations. They are incredibly succinct in both plot and dialogue.

One general point is that the progression of Bond Films runs through the Paperclips of Nazi infiltration, including Chinese and Soviet threats and progressed to the War on Terror far before it ever hit the MSM. To this day Reuters still refuses to use the term in the creation of the news. The films have disclosed every subject we discuss and every tag COTO uses to keyword the articles throughout the technology silent war period by rogue Terror billionaires and their BCCI banks. Now the Bond films focus not on technology, for they have covered all the programs of destruction, but on the man himself. The latest thespian, Daniel Craig has brought the psychological and viciousness of man to the forefront of the
storyline. Assassination, double agents, triple crosses and physical and psychological torture are the focus for the new periodical releases.

OCCU-PI,  Anonymous,  Wikileaks,  AP,  NSA,  Snowden, Whistle-blowers are now in the mainstream consciousness and film is making them agents of terror. Meet the Press says so and your local theater reinforces it. A Modified Limited Hangout is a dangerous place to get your information unless you know DISCLOSURE and how it works in Holyrood Entrainment.


Here are the 23 Films. Does anyone want to take at crack at these?

Dr. No (1962-Sean Connery)
From Russia With Love (1963-Sean Connery)
Goldfinger (1964-Sean Connery)
Thunderball (1965-Sean Connery)
You Only Live Twice (1967-Sean Connery)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969-George Lazenby)
Diamonds Are Forever (1971-Sean Connery)
Live and Let Die (1973-Roger Moore)
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974-Roger Moore)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977-Roger Moore)
Moonraker (1979-Roger Moore)
For Your Eyes Only (1981-Roger Moore)
Octopussy (1983-Roger Moore)
A View to a Kill (1985-Roger Moore)
The Living Daylights (1987-Timothy Dalton)
Licence to Kill (1989-Timothy Dalton)
GoldenEye (1995-Pierce Brosnan)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997-Pierce Brosnan)
The World is Not Enough (1999-Pierce Brosnan)
Die Another Day (2002-Pierce Brosnan)
Casino Royale (2006-Daniel Craig)
Quantum of Solace (2008-Daniel Craig)
Skyfall (2012-Daniel Craig)




  1. Here’s a tidbit trailer for the last periodical, SKYFALL. It’s a gem of classic holyrood and loaded.

    Please note at 41 seconds AURORA, the DARK KNIGHT appears once again. Sandy Hook?

    • You give Will Short a run for the money my dear Puddy…


  2. “Some men are coming to kill us.
    We’re going to kill them first.”


    • Skyfall…..Done!

      “…if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bush[e]s have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.” – Magog H.W Bush.
      (limited hangout?)

      • Modified transmission fluid… tattle-tell-tale signs on the road to Disney Damascus.

        Or it could be a breadcrumb lager from king taunt’s tomb.


  3. Well…

    If the stars we look upon should tumble and fall

    And the mountains should crumble to the sea…


  4. Here’s some crumblings of the sand mountain

    • A limited hangout for sure, as we know that Pelosi in her position as administrator is correct. It was a violation of the law. It is in this quantum of law, political correctness and consolation that the hangout is synthesized and morphed into the ‘fin’. The masses choose to exit at points leading to the end of these events never taking them to full revolution or a resolution regardless of their final analysis or conclusion. When it happens again, the memory entrainment just allows them to be swindled time and time again by the sideshow barkers of political theater.

      The game is one of rules and laws. Justice is predicated on laws. The Executive is predicated on privilege and rules. These planes rarely connect or overlap, if ever. If rules are broken, punishment is severe (even beyond the law) yet if followed, the crimes are again beyond the law.

  5. Ian Flemings books were written on the 5th grade level or so. First time I was a study-abroad student, I found translated versions of them just right in keeping my interest in slogging through learning a foreign language.

    When it comes to James Bond authors, John Gardner’s novels were much better than Flemings.


    • By design? I think a fluoridated population requires fifth grade writing and sixth grade screenwriting. If you got better than 7th grade civics and eighth grade history, you can see the timeline of these movies to every historical hangout from Cold War to Detente to One World Order.

      (people are proud in the US to find out they are ‘smarter than a fifth grader’)

      Once the global grid came to us in the worldwideweb, there was an upside and downside. It’s benefit to them exceeds the downside but information control was the largest problem. They create all the news now. Not too hard to see the level on which these psyops are done. [tomorrow never dies]

      It’s a matter of using the -modified- limited hangout on each conspiracy to go mainstream.

      911 surely had to be one of great challenge. And we know now that there are a dozen or so limited hangouts being operated by alternate psyops and occu-Pi centers. But I know you know all about it 0011. 😉 Thanks for the diversion comment.

      • Of course, few realize that a real 007 is one of our worst enemies.
        “Her Majesties” agent murderer…

        All the plots are reverse spinning back kicks of the third kind.


  6. skyfall~

    • Yea, I saw that film back in 1963. Quantum Leopard model X16, Time Leap Module…I still haven’t received my patent on that…
      but I did see mommy kissing Santa, butt naked on the polar bearskin rug. She looked good in the firelight back then.

      Here and now rolling thunder and constant showers – seems so un-summer like wow dude what’s happening at the zoo?


  7. “By some latent intuition, Fleming was able to peer beyond the Cold War limitations of mere spy fiction and to anticipate the emerging milieu of the Colombian cartels.”~Holly Goodhead – A Taste of Cream Magazine, 1956


  8. Fleming was adaptive considering his silver spoon and political upbringing. I particularly like his creation(?) of SMERSHES Le Chiffre antagonsit. “Le Chiffre” translates from French to English as “The figure” and the 6 day of mans creation. The financial encryption of the asset [man] is embedded into his novels.

    The EON productions in visual theatre though, has taken the encryption to greater levels, imo. The movies are by far the most complex in this method than the usual Avatar, Hunger Games and Pandemic type offerings.

    For the true connoisseur of media psyops I think the Bond Films are to the level of V[endetta] and Kubrick for their intricate metaphor, subtle suggestion and encrypted cognitive cues, not to mention their mnemonic triggers.

    “the Past becomes the Present”

    “Today we are fighting Communism. Okay. If I’d been alive fifty years ago, the brand of Conservatism we have today would have been damn near called Communism and we should have been told to go and fight that. History is moving pretty quickly these days and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.”
    ― Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

    “The bitch is dead now.”
    ― Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

    “They want us dead,’ said Bond calmly. ‘So we have to stay alive.”
    ― Ian Fleming, Moonraker

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”
    ― Ian Fleming

  9. Technology carries it’s own global death sentence. And even though we don’t know the zero-hour, we do know the timer is already set and ticking.


  10. Why the matter of skyfall becomes so critical. Regardless of the truth of technodeath which I certainty presribe as the only guarantee of death, it identifies the reality of point of contact when we come to the zeropoint (or moment) of the total truth. We can never pass this on because it is your law of one and mine as well, shared only by creator and creation.

    The closest we get is ‘knowing’ and that can carry the soul beyond skyfall. no ckickin little’s need fear the truth regardless of their spies and provocateurs, their science and majic or disclosure or fear mongering.

    Skyfall or Goldeneye, it’s our choice.

  11. Henri Barbusse: These murdered souls, covered with black veils; they are you and I:

  12. “Is it possible for the American public to think their way out of Zionist enslavement . . . or is Gaza a preview of our future?”


    • We are the Indians now.

      CNN devoted an hour to the special “The N Word” to remind us that Obama is being punished by the thought criminals. The secret Huckleberry Gang has a psyop to bring this triad to some major event.

      Obviously with the big blue eyed omnibus watching and listening, best you don’t target yourself with any ethnic or racial slurs. Don’t even think it.

  13. NGO’s – “Public Private Relationships” is just bullshit Newspeak…there is no ‘Public’ government. The so-called ‘government’ is a privately owned criminal syndicate. And it has been for at least a century.


    • Our Panoptic prison has electromagnetic bars. Just look at your iPAD.
      How many bars to you see?

      I think Congress operates on algorithms and holograms. They actually spend their days in mind control programming classes and roman orgies and then it’s down the vomitoriums to the revolving doors into the lobby’s of hell.

  14. In 1952, in a famous Supreme Court case that arose when President Truman attempted to seize control of the steel industry to support the Korean War effort when workers threatened to continue striking, Justice Jackson delivered a cautionary tale about the dangers of suspending constitutionally guaranteed liberties, even in times of emergency, even when national security is at stake:

    “Germany, after the First World War, framed the Weimar Constitution, designed to secure her liberties in the Western tradition. However, the President of the Republic, without concurrence of the Reichstag, was empowered temporarily to suspend any or all individual rights if public safety and order were seriously disturbed or endangered. This proved a temptation to every government, whatever its shade of opinion, and, in 13 years, suspension of rights was invoked on more than 250 occasions. Finally, Hitler persuaded President Von Hindenberg to suspend all such rights, and they were never restored.”~Justice Jackson


    • Burn baby Burn. ~ You don’t need a match to burn Rome or Reichstag when you can toast a few documents over a false flag fire.
      The Congressional Marshmallows always seem to pop out as S’mores.

  15. “All told, U.S. Executive Branch leaders – Democrat and Republicans, conservative and liberal—have killed wounded and made homeless well over 20 million human beings in the last 50 years, mostly civilians.”
    ~Jeff Branfman

    Sometimes I feel like I could break down and cry__but if I ever did, I might never stop.


  16. Here is a provocative article about the Hastings “car crash”

    No body?

    If this is so, what really happened to Hastings? Is he in one to the Intel communities rendering plants doped up on gravy and being tortured by the nut jobs of the national security state?

    Perhaps it was felt a quick death was too easy for a guy like this.

    Check this out – very strange:


    • I think COTO needs to look at the triad [3] and Sun Tzu techniques.
      The Hastings staging is an example we can look at.

      Was he killed? Or is he MIA? The fact is likely that like Boston – Sandy Hook, the entire family are operatives. Snowjob. Mr. and Ms. Smith?

      Extraordinary Rendition is not defined to the masses as this model.

      Does disclosure in alien abduction ever occur to scifiers as a deeper NAZI paperclip, where the deaths are staged (with or without key family knowledge, under collusion or threat of safety)

      The best spies in the world are the best actors? Holyrood trained under monarch to withstand pressure and fear. Tavistock?

      Tuscon Cult, Wisconsin Cult, Aurora Cult, The Connecti-cult, The Bostonians could all be leagues or unions. We can go back and start with Adolph, Hoffa, and work our way to date.

      note: Zimmerman told the female officer who first deposed him, his take on the event. She said Zimmerman was shocked that Treyvon had died. There are a dozen layers of possible scenarios here. What I know is what it is NOT! And that’s the official story.

  17. Very Strange

    This morning I hit the Home page from COTO on my favorites list to pull up the blog…

    It sent me to GODADDY dot com , where the title “coalition of the obvious” seemed to be available as a blog name….?????

    Anyone know what this is all about???


  18. Speaking of Eugenics and Social Darwinists…

    “…Any weeping and wailing over the Poor Little Kids who would perish by immediately gobbling down pills and injecting poison, is summoning up crocodile tears, in my opinion. They would – and presently do – mature into grown-up idiots, and Darwin would be appalled that his lessons were ignored.

    These are stupid people. And if they can’t survive, they don’t have the IQ, don’t have the thinking power to be able to survive, it’s unfortunate; I would hate to see it happen, but at the same time, it would clear the air.

    I think that people with mental aberrations who have family histories of inherited diseases and such, that something should be done seriously to educate them to prevent them from procreating. I think they should be gathered together in a suitable place and have it demonstrated for them what their procreation would mean for the human race.”~James Randi

    , , , ;; ; ; ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘….the hohohohehehe “Amazing”


  19. This is one you might want to watch. In it they’re comparing schools to prisons, there’s not much difference. As far as medicating the kids, the ones they’re medicating are the ones that are bored shitless, the spirited ones. The ones that do good in the system are the ones that are the most complacent, the teachers pets. This is a cruelty beyond imagination. It’s well documented here in this DVD. The blame is not on us, it’s on a system of control that is ruled by eggheads that the very system has created that are for the most part educated in system that’s very out of touch with actuality.

  20. “If you view these observations as unremarkable, even mundane, that is because in certain crucial respects, you are an adult. Such a healthy perspective — “healthy” designating that which proceeds from demonstrable facts — enables us to see the extreme nature of the delusions necessitated by an unquestioned belief in the myth of American exceptionalism. “~Arthur Silber


  21. What is the endgame? – Questions For Corbett #007

    As it is this coincidence of this being edition #007, and he gives a great rap of general info on many topics, including the “endgame” question, I offer the URL to this podcast.

    And am happy to say that Jim and I are in agreement with the answer to the deep “secret knowledge of the ILLUMINATI”…

    There are few great secrets – only truths ignored.


    • You my friend are beginning to see the vortex in math. As an astute expert on linguistics your ability to interpret the math will make you a formidable foe of the matrix and member parties.

      Corbett has keen timing as do others who do not allow themselves to be moved or forced by the spectrum frequencies of the committee and MSM. These interferences, deflection and distortion may move sheeple but coto should only blow the cover of such pathetic transmissions.

  22. Strength in numbers?

    No, only dissolution of individual will – and a joining in a mass psychological mob mind. That is the error of “government” as proximate cause. The acceptance of, and obedience to authority.

    Go your own way.


  23. From the NO ARE YOU SERIOUS? file:

    Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events

    NWO biscuits and gravy? Maybe at a 4th of July event near you…..


    • There was some hesitation on my my disclosure of foreign troop training back in the nineties. Part of Clinton’s WTO predicated on GHWB’s Reagan puppet MK-Ultra stooge and DVD soviet bankruptcy through Leo Wanta.

      The Cold War transition to the Silent war was a Financial Coup fo the admins of committee. A Gorby, Zbiggy, Soros, tag team match aided by the Yale-Rhodes school of finance through mayhem. A real WWF event. The losers, Communist Chinese, Soviet Socialists and Democratized West.

      The world and masses of sheeple just watched a wrestling match and never saw the vortex. They kept the best of the worst of the regimes and banked on the fix.

  24. State Octopus vs The People…who wins?

    • “State Octopus vs The People…who wins?”~Boomer

      So far “the people” don’t know they are being warred upon…who is the obvious winner in that situation? Eloy in shooting gallery.

      “A salon opposition presents the men indicted under the Espionage Act as “whistleblowers“, as if the United States today were a real democracy and they were alerting citizens to the need to correct some errors. In fact, what they show us is that in the United States, from a common soldier (Bradley Manning) to the second in command (General Cartwright), men are trying as best they can to fight against a dictatorial system in which they discover themselves to be a cog. Faced with a monstrous system, they ought to be celebrated as major resistance figures such as Admiral Canaris or Count Stauffenberg.”~Thierry Meyssan


  25. hybridrogue1, on July 3, 2013 at 10:04 AM said:
    So then it is admitted that Roman Christianity is Tritheistic, not monotheism. Correct?
    . . . . . .


    • I saw a post by a JG on this thread…wondering if it is our own JG?

      JG, on June 20, 2013 at 6:40 AM said:
      Dandelion Salad….Really?


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