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hey COTO crew..not even close to done with my piece..but meanwhile had to share this from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite people..Prince Ray. You will appreciate his usage of facts, names, dates..etc. A real treat in this game.

In Search of Black Assassins


It isn’t President Barack Hussein Obama IIthat is watching you. The Satanic global elite has the deepest trust in a cyber political robotoid like President Obama to follow their instructions in blind faith, because he has been programmed to trick the people of the world into a future of global fascism,perpetual warfare and genocide.


It’s the clandestine Satanic U.S. Military Intelligence Brotherhood that helped mold, shape and create President Barack Hussein Obama that’s TROLLING and WATCHING YOU.


On April 3, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered one of the most chilling, moving and prophetic oratories of the 20th Century. Dr. King’s theme of the speech, “I BEEN TO THE MOUNTAIN TOP” is still as relevant and stirring as it was at the height of the Civil Rights and Black Liberation movements of the 1960s.

“… He’s [God] allowed me to go up to the mountain…

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  1. I find it odd how the article is displayed here…all the thumbnails and vid up front…weird…..I reblogged it directly from his blog..?

    • Been through it many times before. Here are some hints to improve your control over the presentation. It may sound like a lot, but really isn’t.

      – Snag only the formatting and text that you want. In Firefox, I can (1) highlight the passages I want (without navigation frames, ads, etc.); (2) right-click view source; (3) copy; and then (4) paste into an editor of my choosing.

      – Although Notepad does wonders, you can go far with an HTML editor. I’ve been using a free one call “HTML Toolkit” for over a decade, and can recommend it. It does regular expressions. You could also use Word, but the trick there: if when you paste it in, it tries to WYSIWYG format it into something pretty, (1) undo and (2) paste special so that you can see and manipulate HTML code. Also, Word can search-&-replace on carriage return (^p) and tabs (^t), which can be useful to make those HTML snippets organized and readable.

      – Once the HTML snippet is pasted into your editor, you’ll be making multiple search-&-replace passes to strip out code. Sounds hard, but actually goes fast. HTML is usually generated with algorithms, so when you find one long-bad-ass-string to be stripped, chances are if you “replace-all”, you’ll get many more.

      – Victims will be (1) anything between the double quotes of the style=”{to-be-deleted}” attribute or the id=”{to-be-deleted}” attribute on anything (like


      , , etc.); (2) all … instances and what is in between; (3) In most cases, it doesn’t hurt to aim for empty , ,

      tags. Just remember that if you take it a step further to get rid empty , ,

      tags, remember to also zap their closing , , tags.

      – Once your HTML snippet has been stripped, copy-&-paste it into [–IMPORTANT–] the HTML view (or “source code”) view of the blog’s posting window.

      – Preview your work first by going from the HTML (source code) view to the WYSIWYG view of WordPress. If you find errors, it is usually best to go back to what is in your off-line editor, do your work there, and then paste into the HTML view. Why? You’ll see that you can make ~one~ bop into the WYSIWYG editor/view from the HTML view, and if this looks fine, you can preview (and publish) it. But if it isn’t fine, you’ll discover to your chagrin that when you go back into the HTML view, WordPress will have changed your formatting and could even really munge it up that you’ll discover on your ~second~ bop into the WYSIWYG view or other preview options. However, using the off-line version in your editor of choice as your source will remove all headaches and frustrations encountered by WordPress changing your source.

      – Save your off-line HTML snippet onto your computer (in an organized manner.) Why? You never know why you might have to edit your WordPress posting.


      • The paragraph should read:

        – Victims will be (1) anything between the double quotes of the style=”{to-be-deleted}” attribute or the id=”{to-be-deleted}” attribute on anything (like <span>, <font>, <div>
        etc.); (2) all <script> … <\script>instances and what is in between; (3) In most cases, it doesn’t hurt to aim for empty <span>, <font>, <div>
        tags. Just remember that if you take it a step further to get rid empty <span>, <font>, <div> tags, remember to also zap their closing <\span>, <\font>, <\div> tags.

  2. Dawn, I feel your frustration! I lay my articles out that have a lot of graphics in a very specific way. When I’m content with it , I click preview and without a freakin’ doubt, all my hard work is for naught. They ALWAYS mess the order of things!

    Going off to read the black assasin article now 🙂

  3. The Black Assassin article is certainly chock full of interesting and valid history…


    [Minority Report]:
    The linking of Snowden the INDIVIDUAL because of his relatives is hyperbole. I get really tired of wallowing in this sort of short circuited thinking.
    What is being offered here is “STORY”…metaphor and a leaping dance of opinion. It is like a novel with a consistent and plausible storyline.

    Novels can be very compelling – but they are still ultimately fiction.

    Because of the true status of what is called “the six degrees of separation” (or of Kevin Bacon), almost any one of us could be put in the frame being constructed by the author of the Black Assassin article.

    It is wise to keep ones critical facilities engaged while reading this ‘alternative’ material, just as when reading mainstream material. So much of it can be variably true, as this article’s padding is for the most part. It is the spinning ingredient of Snowden that isn’t necessarily connected as certainly as is being proposed here.


    • Your response sounds fair and accurate!

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

      • Thanks Nikki,

        Otherwise, the article is a fascinating history, a good repository all in one place.


  4. Good recap of the “nazi experience”. Sick, so very sick and of course those mad scientists were brought here for the good of the people.. yaaay.

    As for the Obama thing. So this article is saying he was one of the “space kids”? I don’t doubt that. The man has no real trail to follow His background, what little we know of it, is quite suspect as the article details. His rise to fame out of nowhere ..well because of his dem natl conv speech. His mentors..kissinger & zbig to name just two. The obvious CIA connections. It was so easy to see, before his selection, that the man wasn’t who the dummies who so heartily supported and voted for him, thought he was.

    He is very robotic and those scars on his head need an explanation. I’ve never heard one. Anyone here know of one? Does this author go into more of this? You mentioned Obama was cloned. Is there an article that expands on this? I’m definitely interested in reading his take on it.

  5. The author covers some ground. Very good read Nic.

    It mirrors my perspective on Snowden. It’s intent obvious under the triad. With the Monarch Project, vis a vis with paperclip, chatter, bluebird, artichoke it provides the media frequencies that confirm the psyop.

    It’s not a strategy but more a characteristic that when media begins the spin and cycling of a story it is a psyop and when they fall silent on a story it carries some degree of truth. No rocket science here.

    From the Rhodes school of thought the Tavistock Research through the oSS, SiS birthed the MI6-CIA and their domestic counterparts MI5-NSA.

    The benefit to this triad are
    1. Disclosure 2. Control 3. Financial 4. Cover

    They have continued to disclose things they denied for years. Geo engineering being a recent one. Fluoride another. Many more will come.

    NSA surveillance has been doing full blown spying for twenty years or more.

    note: When all intelligence operative are interviewed, they all admit that if Snowden was a Russian or Chinese Whistleblower, they would secure all information before any release of the subject. Under the very premise of FISA-Pat Act, the immigration triad went unchecked? Hardly. They were fully ready to secure all communication SiGINT and data at the start.

    Why would any rational person believe anything less?

    Therefore the revelation of Snowden is 1. disclosure of what we already knew, 2. Control of a project to stop real whistleblowers like Hastings who get’s no coverage on MSM, regardless of the angle they choose to take.

    3^ – Financial boom for anti- surveillance boondoggles sales to the idiot masses

    4. Cover (data mining) from the masses who under the very mind control a/b, say “I’m doing nothing wrong therefore I don’t care if they are gathering all social, financial, political, psychological and medical information on me” without being versed on the draconian laws that support sanction on your freedoms under these increasing breech of powers. And then those who will do whatever in non-compliance to thwart it.

    (the 2nd amendment/gun grab triad was similar. data-mining)

    The Reservoir is huge, deep and though from the surface would indicate still, the currents are anything but. I don’t really know where coto find itself on this statement, but I tell you the kill switch has been turned on the intensity is increasing daily. The soft assassination or euthanasia is intensifying and by some date the expectation of death by any of the means we have discussed here will be just a fact of life as carbon taxes. We as assets or liabilities will find our fates in the health equity equations from this Reservoir.

    When the Dam breaks…..? The mark of this beast will be the panoptic ability to monitor, manipulate, destroy you by means of Occu-Pi, gangstalking, psyop, predictability enhancement medically and psychologically based on historical, heuristic and highly sophisticated systems where drones are not just the flying eyes and ears but the drones of a growing government and covert army of sociopaths who enjoy inflicting punishment on the innocent and free.

    • I think the effect has very small difference, the mainstream squawk box calling Snoden a “traitor”, or the alternate gurus of the sacred knowledge calling Snoden an “agent”.

      Both propositions swirl into a burlesque squabble that distracts from the real and critical issue of state criminality.


    • Thanks Patrick. I figured you would see the dedication to detail. His expose on black celebs is a surgical massacre. Its ‘funny’ that no mattewr the article oer topic he writes about…the inevitable grey photos of the Germans always present. :). Hey his father was a Project Chatter victim…African American soldier ..He writes about it on a separate Google Blog. Love you guys!

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  6. “WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) introduced a resolution to prohibit the use of war power against Syria without congressional authorization. H. Con. Res 40 emphasizes that declaring and appropriating funds for war is a power of the legislative – not executive – branch. Should the president choose to implement military force against Syria without congressional approval, that decision would constitute an impeachable offense under Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution.”
    . . . . . . . .
    Well that is clear enough. Let’s see if it gets passage without a watering down, specifically to do with the above passage to do with “impeachable offense”.


    • Did you see Tarplays posting Rogue?

      Under Cover of Snowden Snowjob, Kerry and Hague Attempt White House Palace Coup to Bomb Syria –…-COTO- 1 day ago


      • Yes Puddy,

        I’m the one who pointed out Tarpley’s take on this earlier.

        Sometimes all of this “intrigue” saps my juices, because we KNOW that all of these politicians are titular puppets in a burlesque. It is all scripted bullshit.

        Again, the main point to stress is that the system is a pure criminal enterprise. Go for the throat on this and drop the yada is my attitude.


  7. Yea, the Snowden thing.. more divide and conquer. The issue is they are spying on all of us.. THAT is the issue. The messenger doesn’t matter.. just the message. Not everyone knew about the spying until they heard the word Verizon.. THEN it was personal to them. So it helped identify the problem for the sheeple.. well some of them.. some still don’t know or if they do don’t care.

    But what do we have now in the truth community? More people bickering over Snowden and who he is instead of getting REALLY pissed off at the real perps and where they are taking us.

    When are we all gonna stop this and stand united? So Snowden’s an op? Makes no diff.. we’re still being spied on and reacting exactly how they want us to…

    • Yea Deb,

      I agree, the point to be driven into the heart of this tyrannical system should not hesitate in trivial banter, it should be plunged deep and hard.

      Cuss, but above all focus.


  8. Wow Puddy! Really cool new header!!
    The Obaputina thing is really creepy.
    Another great illio !!!
    . . . . .

    “We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”~Max Planck

    I like this quote, especially in it’s full context.


    • Thanks Willy. I’m getting to my post on Earthraker together. As many media psyops as we discuss, you know I was a screenwriter and had a deep awakening to Hollywood/holyrood and mind control. It was my first conspiracy love from Disney Monsanto to 007. I just cant break off that affair. The music and film industry, as art in general are powerful weapons against our efforts to awaken the sheeple. As an artist and in the industry yourself I know you have opinions.

  9. Why is it so disturbing now? Because MSM has exposed it? They are liars, right? Why get so riled up now when Inslaw, Microsoft, Google, Oracle-Java and the TCIP have had your numbers for decades?

    We expose 911, Columbine, Waco, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston etc., why stop exposing them now? I’m baffled.

    • “Why is it so disturbing now? Because MSM has exposed it? They are liars, right?”

      No they didn’t “expose it”, they are spinning it…yes because they are liars and spin doctors. They want it to be all about personalities, People Magazine bullshit, they are burying the message by attacking the messenger.

      I am not getting riled up now…I am seeing a crisis going to waste rather than taking advantage of it with our bullhorn. Why attack the messenger? That is the same tack as the liars of MSM are using.


      • “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter” -MP

        Kill the Messenger: Who’s Greenwald and WaPo? Are they not the exposers? If they did not expose it, who did? Was it ever exposed? Why didn’t NSA just deny him and disavow anything he said or presented?

        This was spun from day one. Like Boston, they were doing dry runs the day before. I can see a director telling Greenwald to drive to the airport and time him while having Snowden read his lines.

        What force can bring people together? None, zero! If they kill Snowden and he may certainly die in this event, the force of further revelations, his assasination or every fucking person in America getting a recorded message from the president thanking them for allowing their information to be collected for their safety and it still wouldn’t bring the force to get the American Sheeple united.

        WE ARE ON OUR OWN.

        • “Who’s Greenwald and WaPo?”

          Gatekeepers. But they aren’t Snowden are they?

          Yep we are on our own…that’s a fact. I guess we could all just put on a pointy hat and go sit and stair at the corner of the room.

          But for myself, I got this itch I gotta scratch. I know you do too.
          So what the hell what the heck, why put an ache in our neck?


  10. We can’t play this game anymore but Can we still be friends?
    Things just can’t go on like before but Can we still be friends?

    We had something to learn Now, it’s time for the wheel to turn
    Things are said one by one Before you know it’s all gone

    Let’s admit we made a mistake but Can we still be friends?
    Heartbreak’s never easy to take but Can we still be friends?

    It’s a strange, sad affair Sometimes, seems like we just don’t care
    Don’t waste time feeling hurt We’ve been through hell together
    Can we still be friends? Can we still be friends?

    We awoke from our dream Things are not always what they seem
    Memories linger on It’s like a sweet, sad, old song

    • You betcha Puddy, always friends…


      • RIP T-Bone.

        • T bone…Trayvon?

          Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  11. \\][//

  12. “What you really find is if you look at who hates Bradley Manning or who has expressed the most contempt about WikiLeaks or who has led the chorus in demonizing Edward Snowden, it is those very people in the media who pretend to want transparency because transparency against political power is exactly what they don’t want because those are their masters and the stronger they stay and the stronger that system stays, the more rewarded they will be.”~Glen Greenwald


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