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the federal government has no real intention of saving it’s populace should a disaster strike

The Truth Denied

The bulk of the program covered FEMA, disasters such as Katrina andHurricane Sandy, 911 , illegal wire tapping, and something called CONPLAN3502, which is a military plan for civil unrest. Brian states on his website that:

“Most Americans don’t realize that the federal government has no real intention of saving it’s populace should a disaster strike.”

Save Yourself…


What is CONPLAN3502

FEMA NLE2011 New Madrid Seismic Zone ZIP PACK
FEMA National Level Exercise presentation from US Army Corps of Engineer server, the batch #2 – #11 compressed as ZIP file. More info: was located here:

FEMA NLE2011 New Madrid Seismic Zone #11

This Powerpoint presentation annotations contain proof the US Army is revising USNORTHCOM CONPLAN 3502 entitled “CIVIL DISTURBANCE OPERATIONS”, apparently a central plan for the US military to maintain control in event of riots or civil unrest. 3502 replaces GARDEN PLOT. Also “3502 TRIGGER / CDO EXCEDES T32 CAPIBILITIES” (sic) later proves “trigger” for CONPLAN. Events like G20 / Republican National Conventionseem based on these plans / run as exercises for martial law type control in the Unite…





  2. CONPLAN 3502-07 – A classified plan, informally known as GARDEN PLOT, that describes the way the military will support civilian law enforcement agencies and the National Guard during “civil disturbances,” or riots. GARDEN PLOT was activated in 1992 to quell the violence after the Rodney King verdict. The President can trigger this plan when the National Guard is no longer sufficient to contain a civil disturbance or after the executive agent has given the rioters an ultimatum to disperse..

    • This matches everything going on… a lot of high calibur peeople know all of this now ties in together.

  3. No surprises here however…If a government is willing to CREATE

  4. (cont) disasters..I dont expect them to save me from them!! 🙂

    • Me, either.

      • by the way Hi Lissa 🙂


  6. Wondering about the NASA document. All in big lettering and easy for morons to read, makes me do a big HMMMM! and been out since 01? Real or another shot at fear mongering?

  7. “And even though I fully understand this will have precisely no effect whatsoever, I offer one general caution. It is the same caution I discussed in some detail with regard to the WikiLeaks story from almost three years ago. In the seventh part (!) of my WikiLeaks series, I spoke about the enormous perils “of our culture’s insistence on speed as a primary virtue.” With the growing popularity and influence of Twitter in the intervening three years, this problem has been significantly exacerbated. In that same article, I wrote: “Everything is ‘news,’ and it is here today (or even only for a few hours), and gone tomorrow. Everything passes, and nothing is remembered; usually, nothing is understood.”

    I also said this:
    Nonetheless, it appears to be the commonly accepted view that the almost instant analysis offered by blogs has serious merit and represents a valid, considered perspective. I am filled with admiration, mixed with indescribable astonishment, that we have evolved so far that the world is filled with 60-second Arendts. It is truly a wonder for the ages.

    The reference to “60-second Arendts” was chosen because of one of the most ill-considered criticisms offered about WikiLeaks. As I paraphrased that criticism: “While the materials may contain points of interest, they certainly aren’t the Pentagon Papers!” The people who offered this view thus established that they understood close to nothing about what the Pentagon Papers revealed — and, of equal significance, what they did not reveal. In explaining that issue, I relied on Arendt’s justly praised article on the Pentagon Papers, which was published five months after the story first broke. By today’s standards, as I noted, Arendt was a remarkable “dawdler.” While I obviously would not be so stupid as to claim any comparison between my work and Arendt’s, I noted that I myself am also a plodder, certainly by the lightning-like standards of analysis that most writers subscribe to at present.”
    ~Arthur Silber


  8. Well, to address the topic directly:

    “The federal government has no real intention of saving its populace…”

    No of course not.

    But a deeper understanding is to grasp that there is no such thing as the “federal government” – it is a facade. There is a criminal syndicate sitting in DC calling itself the “federal government” – they are usurpers on and all. The do not proceed as a ‘federal’ establishment, but clearly rule as a ‘national government’. The distinction of form should be obvious to any 101 student of civics.

    This is not government — this is Predation. We are in the court of the Crimson King. The bulk of the people are under a deep enchantment.
    They are conditioned like the Eloy of HG Well’s TIME MACHINE.

    But me?

    Yea I fell asleep daydreaming about Jenny last night…and it morphed into a real dream – such a nice dream…

    This morn I awoke to dawn’s chorus at the first light. I came to from a deeper dream full of layers of meaning 123meta4 and so much more that fades to a mist as the first cuppa java is made and drank. But still a sense of it remains – a sense of wonder…like the heat of Jenny’s thighs as I drifted off.


    • I’m with the saddest of realities. This NWO is working hard to come in. One of the things they’ve used and continue to do so, is mass mind control utilizing Chemtrails and HAARP, weather-warfare for Depopulation. That’s the significance behind TOP SECRET Silent Weapons for a Quiet War. They willfully dumbed-down Americans, and other NATO countries.

      • Yes Lissa, the Dumbing Down of Amerika — a long range Fabian eugenics project. The transplanting of the Prussian compulsive ‘factory’ schooling — regimented confinement in bleak warehouses.

        I just finished reading John Taylor Gatto’s; WEAPONS OF MASS INSTRUCTION. It can companion Antony Sutton’s SKULL & BONES, although the Sutton book has more historical data. But Gatto’s book is a smooth read, intimate, like a letter from a well informed and intelligent friend. “Down Home” might be the best word to describe it.

        So we see that the attack on the human mind is played out on multilevel theaters. The assault on our environment, our DNA, our early incarceration and conditioning…literally born into a deep pathology.

        As such, there has been a lot of discussion on how and why we, those of us here keyed in on this, were able to see through the bullshit.

        I personally simply didn’t buy into it, I figured out the adults were fucking crazy by the time I was 6 years old. I never saw ‘Kindergarten’, so the didn’t catch me in time. I went to first grade reluctantly, with a great suspicion in my heart and mind that it was wrong to the core.
        I soon learned how to daydream – have my own thoughts, and not pay attention to place I was in…I sat at my desk quietly drawing pictures most of the time I was in school. I learned to read by reading what I wanted, which was mostly science fiction when I was younger.

        I got cocky rebellious in the 7th & 8th grades…learned the art of subtle resistance from the lessons I had in such confrontations. I learned that charm worked much better in most situations. I understood my natural grace, and I didn’t have to be a suck up, I had my dignity and wouldn’t let that be bent in any situation. I realized I had a charismatic personality – and that is likely due to being myself, unique. It certainly helped to have what was called “talent” – even ‘authority’ is impressed with that. They want to be able to channel it for their own devices.

        I was already what I wanted to “grow up to be”…an artist. I took in HS for pretty much one simple reason – that’s where the girls were.

        Mine is but one of millions of different stories on what gets us here as a sort of a radical ‘Think Tank’. I often will be the one to write the minority report. But I feel ‘consensus’ is as illusionary as many of the terms used by the mainstream. So much is temporary a transmorphing
        kaleidoscope of form and sensation we refer to as time.

        That is a bio off the top of my head for tonight…I might bring up entirely different things in my self education from time to time.


  9. Dumb as we are, might only be a little bit of a saving grace. “The Peter Principle” is a phenomenon of the corporation. Mix that with the high level of bullshit that’s being force fed to us on a constant basis. The McDonald’ized Walmartians, debunkers and other other blue pill takers still outnumber us but by less and less every day. Wasn’t that long ago when we were a very small minority, it’s said that all it takes is 10% to effect a paradigm shift. Signs are, we’re past that, the scent of change is in the air. Could get real ugly before it gets better or worse.
    Hey Willy, how long ago was Jenny? Wonder if you’d still wanna but then why wreck a great erotic fantasy AYE.

    • Jenny was way back in the 60s…1965-66 cusp. I haven’t seen her since those days__so she is eternally young in my minds eye. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen, let alone touch.
      It is another crazy story from my youth and the days of rock’n’roll.

      It’s funny how she comes to mind so often. I never got to know her well at all…I mean talking and stuff. Just some zoom-juicy nights.
      Virginia LaLain {sp?} Likely some Cajun blood…but I don’t know.


      • We honor the memories of those that inspired these sweet dreams that each of us has. I’ve often wondered what became of them in my life. My fervent wish is that they went to living fulfilled lives, I toast them.

  10. Nice post Lissa. This is indeed reality 101. I get a bad rap sometimes posting in terms of being on your own but you should consider what and who you could depend on in the OPLAN staged event.

    Depending on the degree of such a false flag would play a role in the reaction. If the blue pill is bluebeam, even the awaken may go to sleepytime again. It’s no given even the most awake could resist the pandemic, bioweapon (anthrax) or nuclear type. The question is do they expect us to die in the event or will they just shoot us down in the streets? That’s the only two scenarios I expect.


    An Operation Plan is any plan, except the SIOP, for the conduct of military operations in a hostile environment prepared by the commander of a unified or specified command in response to a requirement established by the joint chiefs of staff. Operation plans are prepared in either complete or concept format. An Operation Plan in Complete Format (OPLAN) is an operation plan for the conduct of joint operations that can be used as a basis for development of an OPORD. Complete plans include deployment/employment phases, as appropriate. An Operation Plan in Concept Format (CONPLAN) is an operation plan in an abbreviated format that would require considerable expansion or alteration to convert it into an OPLAN or OPORD.

    It is a FLUID operation. You can see the list here

    OPLAN listed

    Keep em coming Lissa

    • Obviously the US military considers the US a “hostile environment”…
      Makes sense they have created the hostility themselves.

      I have read that doc that you quote from there – but don’t recall the title…seems I have it in PDF.

      I think impressing the reality that we are all on our own is the only honest advice to give. And keeping well out of the grip of the authorities in times of crisis is essential. Hide away yea hide away.
      And for gods-sake leave your electronic gadgets behind.


      • Imagine that first step to opt out of the grid. That’ll dismiss over half the mass alone. Then you have to decide on committing to alone or banding in a group. That’s where the real ‘zombie’ scenario is likely to be realized. Interpreting the science of transformation lies somewhere between borg and hive.

        Subtle observations include Obama Sycophantics, Global Warming Environmentalists, Xenophobia, MK-Alpha/Beta and actor/observer bias which we have to be very careful since the control grid and massive increase in PIG journalism and propaganda [Psyop Heuristics]

    • I choose Warlord and Samurai or Judge Bean and Sheriff.

  11. “For those moronic amerikans who say, “I’m not doing anything wrong, I don’t care if they spy,” Der Spiegal writes that a “monitored human being is not a free one.” We have reached the point where we “free americans” have to learn from our German puppets that we are not free.”~Paul Craig Roberts

    * * * *

    * * * *


  12. “Crappy spy fiction doesn’t look quite so crappy now, does it? In many respects — in fact, I would argue in every critical respect — the spy business is actually that dumb.”~Arthur Silber

    *** ***
    * * * *


  13. “When the United Arab Emirates wanted to create its own version of the National Security Agency™, it turned to Booz Allen Hamilton to replicate the worlds largest and most powerful spy agency in the sands of Abu Dhabi.

    It was a natural choice: The chief architect of Booz Allen’s cyberstrategy is Mike McConnell, who once led the N.S.A.™ and pushed the United States™ into a new era of big data espionage. It was Mr. McConnell who won the blessing of the American intelligence agencies to bolster the Persian Gulf™ sheikdom, which helps track the Iranians.”~Silber

    \\][//™© All rights deserved

    • McConnell is the highest order of Zionist Spy Grid. His tenure shows the Clinton-Bush crime syndicate and the connections to the 911-FISA birthing. Along with key members of Congress like Harmon, Feinstein, Hoekstra and the core of AIPAC power to bring the country under the committee agenda for 21.

  14. “Forbidden Knowledge TV” is currently featuring a video called “Counter-Intelligence by Scott Noble in 5 parts beginning with the origins and modus operandi of the CIA in part one that’s very informative. All 5 parts can be viewed on the “Tragedy and Hope” website. In creating the “National Security State, the US created a monster that’s been subducted by TPBT and used against humanity planet wide to their own ends. Another episode in “The Emperor Has No Clothes”.

  15. So all of the feigned bafflement and incessant caterwauling about the supposedly indecipherable actions of the United States — Why, oh why, did we invade Iraq?, and Why, dear God, are we in Afghanistan? — represent only the capitulation of the purported critics to precisely those arguments U.S. leaders hope you will engage. They want you to spend all your time on those arguments, because they’re only marketing ploys having nothing at all to do with their actual goals. As I said the other day, if you want to stop this murderous madness — and I dearly hope you do — forget about what they say their goals are (fostering “democratic” governments,’regional stability’,
    ‘security’, and all the associated claptrap), and focus on the real problem: the carefully chosen policy of U.S. geopolitical dominance over the entire globe.~~Silber


  16. Deference to, and obedience to authority is the the most profound problem facing the human race.

    It results from the failure to grow up and become responsible adults. This word, “responsible” has been redefined by the Public Relations Regime; narrowed down to mean “having a job” – and concurrent to that notion, following the orders of ones boss.

    Any undamaged (by conditioning and propaganda) nine year old is able to see through this sort of thing as unmitigated bullshit.


    • Big problem: There are no jobs.

      • The Lord State giveth and the Lord State taketh away…


      • By the way Lissa, what is that picture you use as your gravitar?
        I can’t see it clearly, but it seems to be someone reclining on a divan.
        It is a painting?


        • Its a stallion. I was an accomplished horse-back rider, both English and Western saddles. It’s significant to me showing strength during this evil NWO process — its for the benefit of others, to give them strength as victims.

          • Ahh…

            My X3 rode Dressage. I got to know horses pretty well back then. I wouldn’t say I am “accomplished” at horseback riding…but I have been atop a few.

            Her last horse, we imported from Germany (for a pretty penny) decided she was not “accomplished” enough for his training and high spirit – he came damn close to killing her. A big ‘war horse’ this boy was…too much horse for her. I can’t say she didn’t deserve it, and I still haven’t much pity for her. He broke three of her ribs on one session. Broke her nose before that. Broke her instep another time.


            • I was thrown from a few myself. One tossed me in a creek; almost broke my hip… I got back on 🙂

              • “The rider must be more compelling than the environment.”
                ~Mary, the psychoslut’s trainer

                I was very into letting my X ride horses…it saved in the time she spent riding me. She was certainly “more compelling than the environment” in domestic situations.

                I have attracted a lot of “Alpha Females” in my life. But X3 gets the GOLDEN BITCH AWARD.

                As psychedelic as “WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLFE.

                BTW, the enn ess aye already knows the whole story…so everybody’s got sumpthin to hide ‘cept for me and my monkey….


                • L-O-L! and another LOL! Thanks for the smile.

          • And a beautiful firey stallion it is Lissa 🙂 Will, doesn’t the picture come up full size for you if you double click on the avatar?

            • I didn’t try that JG…


              • lol.. try it.. it’s a cool feature 😀

              • Thanks.

            • I can’t thank you enough… it truly is for anyone feeling powerless in a powerless strange changing society.

  17. Accused Boston Marathon bomber indicted by grand jury…

    Of course this is NOT a constitutional grand jury, it is the new corporatist style grand jury led by a federal prosecutor, not a real citizens grand jury.
    So what this indictment will establish is a kangaroo court as vile as any seen in the Soviet Union in the days of Stalin and Beria.

    In other words the fix is in for poor Dzhohkhar.


  18. NSA’s “capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left.” ~Frank Church 1975


    • We sorely need another Church Committe.

      • As you are likely aware the Church Committee was a joint one with Congressman Ryan from California as the House sponsor.

        And you are probably aware of Ryan’s fate at the “People’s Temple” in Guyana. I think this was an obvious warning to the committee from the intelligence community.

        The grand daughter of the head of the Nazi firm IG Farben was reportedly in the compound with a group of goons who brought the fancy chemical addition for the punch bowl.

        “Kool-Aid Kool-Aid tastes great wish I had some can’t wait”


        • It also doesn’t talk about Jonestown’s link to the CIA and MKULTRA. Nor does it talk about the people that tried to escape being shot nor that the jungle around the compound had troops around it. The supposition was, that Jonestown was a large scale mind control experiment that was exposed and they had no qualms about exterminating 900 people to keep it quiet but then what’s that to 9/11
          Will the next one be even bigger?
          We’re the progeny of a cesspool, it certainly ain’t neat and it’s certainly not orderly, new world or not. If it looks like shit, smells like shit, tastes like shit. It’s a pretty fair bet, it is shit.

          • Agreed. All one has to do is look-up later in the day, sometimes early in the morning to see the mass slow-kill of Chemtrail GeoEngineering spraying.

          • I worry like you… what’s next? It is just that… shit and an awfully big one. You might want to run a search on recent findings in the chemrtails namely ‘Nano’ and what it is causing (Transhumanism)… and it is not good. Its down-right wicked.

        • I remember it, very well. Now that I look back, where was the power and outrage of the congress? This is what happens when a country is seriously dumbed-down, willfully.

          I too fear with the years of heavy dumping from our skies (Chemtrails/GeoEngineering) what do they have in store for us next?

          • “..what do they have in store for us next?”

            I don’t know the sequence of events, but surely on the horizon is the RFID chip aka “the Mark of the Beast” tied into all that Revelations bla bla bla…

            That will pose a real dilemma, if it becomes mandatory, compulsory chipping. “Damned if you do, Dead if you don’t”

            That could be the point at which I become a “wild and crazy guy”…Lol


            • Thousands, and thousands in the U.S. have been made unwitting, nonconsententing guinia pigs during surgery with tiny nano implants. Mind you this is without their consent or foreknowledge — implants are Nano in size with radio frequencies.

  19. There are few great secrets
    – only truths ignored.

    As it is:

    Prima Facea – on it’s face – in your face obvious that the world is run by madmen, by insane systems.

    And yet the vast majority of peoples planet-wide, go about their daily business sedated to this obvious reality. To add another layer of absurdity to this situation is that with today’s information technology one can discover exactly how this sedation, or ‘enchantment’ has been accomplished. So what it boils down to is willful ignorance.

    Willful means conscious intent, no matter what excuses are used to try to worm out of it.

    That is why I have no problem with stating that I have no sympathy for this great mass of idiots, and they in fact really piss me off.


  20. Feeling powerless? We’ve only just begun

      • Wow

        • Thanks for the Havas vid, V.

          Yep, ringing in the ears, muscle aches, trouble sleeping or staying asleep, fatigue… they can all be attributed to other causes BUT every single person I know including those in their 20’s are complaining of these symptoms on a daily basis. Something’s not right,that’s for sure.

    • Oh for god sake… there was a bp commercial right before the monsatan protest vid V !!! disgusting

      • Sometimes I can get rid of the commercials, that one I couldn’t. When I watched it, it was a bank commercial. Equally as disgusting when you consider, they’re all tied into the same Rothschild City Of London fractional reserve debt slavery system. Sorry for responding so late, went aviating all day, then drank a lot of beer to rehydrate

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