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  1. This alleged NASA document doesn’t look legitimate to me. The logo is blurry like a bad copy. Are you adept at Photoshop and other Adobe applications?

    Have you any info as to the origin of this doc?

    \\][// {Willy}

    • I’ll find out this Thursday. Matter of fact, I’ll email the group, part of the Occupy Hub in California.

  2. I have heard Deborah Tavares on Wide Awake News. In fact, I posted an article back in January on these very topics after hearing a round table discussion including Deborah. The radio show is posted. It was a very informative hour.. The Iron Mountain Rept doc is there as well ..

    • Thanks, Jerseyg.

  3. Will, is it really necessary at this point to see a document. This is exactly what they are implementing. I trust that the document is legitimate for that very reason. It’s being played out right before our eyes.

    • “is it really necessary at this point to see a document.”

      I suppose it depends on ones perspectives and criteria.

      If we don’t need “Exhibit A”, why present it into evidence?

      We could skip all the jabber here entirely and just say, “hey it’s all so obvious — werph aucht” and go sing ‘Row Row Your Boat’ till the tsunami hits.

      Where the fuck is my salt shaker?


      • This group also helps expose ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet War,’ and other issues at… there is no denying all of this is going on.

        • No dear,

          There is certainly no denying all of this is going on…

          The thing is, what exactly is “all of this” when there is so much of all of it and much of it is bullshit…just like any other situation, it is straining the speck of truth out of a mountain of bullshit.

          I think you will get used to my abrasive nature after awhile, I don’t mean it personally against anyone here. There is enough about the national security state and the corporatocracy it veils that is fully documented and verifiable in the open source that these so-called “secret” caches are just superfluous window dressing that makes me one of the chairmen of the bored.

          Now that I am small, I am going to have a talk with a caterpillar.


    • And, sadly it is. The writing is on the wall.

      • Yes it is Lissa… and it is very obvious to those of us that have been following the unfolding of their agenda for years now.

        Thank you for posting these articles and a big welcome to coto 🙂

        • Appreciate your warm welcome, Jerseyg. I’m generally quiet but this stood out, making sad sense.

  4. And Welcome to COTO Lissa.

    JG, I read Iron Mountain way bag in the analog days of the last century as a paper and ink “book”. Quite the controversial item at that time. Many things have come to pass in the intervening decades that seem to enhance the message therein.


    • Scary stuff Will. Deborah Tavares is great at presenting this info. She’s very well informed. Wish you could watch her video. Since it’s a long one, you can always listen to the podcast from my january post if you haven’t already.

      • Thanks Deb,

        I know this stuff inside out and backwards. I listened to Tavares back then.

        Yea, we all know that the human race is in a pickle. A big dill with a jackboot raised just above it…been hovering there for so long it seems like a tease–a taunt ,a jack yer nerves haha boogie.



        • Got that right Will. Somehow, even though I’ve known this stuff for quite a while now, I cannot believe how quickly it’s progressed.. can u?

          • Tell ya what Deb, I was surprised we made it out of the 80s alive…
            Ronny Raygun had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

            The gradual ‘drip drip drip’ has turned into a torrent, and STILL we are here in that state of WTF?

            It gets to the point where I think it is all a strategy of tension just to make you die of anticipation constipation and the BlockHead Blues.

            My fall back position now is Mr Natural…

            What’s it all mean??

            “It don’t mean shit”


            • I can go back further than that Will to “duck & cover” and later..the Cuban Missle Crisis… we’re all gonna die !!!

              • Yea but “duck & cover” had it’s positive side when the sirens went off in study hall and I was sitting just opposite of Pam Sipple in her teeny short short tight dress…

                I can still close my eyes and see it.


  5. Deborah hit home when she said the sunshine is a soft sunshine because it doesn’t shine like it used to. That’s exactly what I’ve been seeing for the past couple of years. THere is always what seems to be a film over the sun almost as if it’s wrapped in cellophane. We are chemtrailed here on a daily basis with an occasional reprieve from the monsters when we get the old school blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Those are infrequent and much appreciated when they show up.

    • What gets me jg is the spraying is so obvious but still nobody notices. Drives me mad. The other day here in Melbourne it was a clear blue sky morning, I mean not a puff in the sky, I know because it’s the first thing I do when I step outside, look at the sky, make sure it’s still there. 🙂
      On my way to work I notice a chemtrail half way across the sky, needless to say I was not happy. By lunch time the sky was full of haze and dumb looking shit that makes no sense.

      • jay7,

        I am astounded rounded splintered and skabashed that hardly anyone will fricking LOOK UP… it’s like they need to make sure their shoes are still on all the time…??? Or maybe they want to make sure the ground is still under their feet.

        I mean, pointing up to obvious checkerboard squares filling the sky, and having one say — “oh yea contrails, I’ve seen them my whole life” totally freaks me out … WTF???

        It is like a stubborn willful ignorance, as if they are taunting you…like they just COULDN’T be that STUPID.

        I know some really smart people that just won’t look at what is right over their head.


        • Exactly Rogue, well put.

          That exact day I mentioned, was working with a good friend who is one of the smartest dudes I know, but I know not to go “there” anymore, not worth my energy.

  6. the Snowden case, NSA spying, limited hangouts, the Russell Tice blackmail revelations, Glenn Greenwald and establishment gatekeepers, the Michael Hastings assassination…


  7. Blind Spot

    Paul Craig Roberts persistently stubs his eloquence on the curb of Reagan. His continuing praise of Reagan in the face of the contra-veiling facts of history is weird and shocking. Otherwise prescient essays are tarnished by this glaring blind spot.


  8. it is your classical Edger Allen Poe dark and stormy night here.
    BigBattaBoom and a great light show…cloudburst, the whole menu.
    Yahooody Tootie Fruitee !!!


    • The NASA doc is legit. Google the mad scientists name and about 8 results down I found his name on a conference where this doc was presented. Apply sledgehammer to robot.

      • Well, it sure is bad quality…but that is likely due to the time it was produced. Maybe it has been through some degrading processes in the meantime. New PDF algorithms might not be what the original was meant to be viewed in.

        This was likely projected during conferences then…that makes sense of it’s format, which looks very clunky on the modern computer monitor.


  9. This powerpoint could be legit. The document does not discuss anything that is not already covered by coto and the documents posted here and at the website.

    Skinner, Bernays, Morrissey, Moravec, Kurzweil, Minsky, and the rest who have agreed to the concept of liberal transhumanism. Now the idea of singularity is in process now. They agree that the issue of transformation is not cut and dry. But its a raking and shoring process.

    The ultimate fall out explains the silent war. I am going to post the Earthraker next where I will try to convince you to watch Moonraker and the bass of Holyrood and the reasoning behind the criminal elite and the loyalty of the adminitrators.

    The technology curve and control will provide the world you will not want to live in unless you take the bluebeam pill.

    3-9-6 is 2025

    • “The technology curve and control will provide the world you will not want to live in unless you take the bluebeam pill.”

      Hmmm__yup, chipped and dipped in candy glaze…

      Born Again Suckers.


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