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Ship of Fools

Renaissance men developed a delightful, yet horrible way of dealing with their mad denizens: they were put on a ship and entrusted to mariners because folly, water, and sea, as everyone then “knew,” had an affinity for each other. Thus, “Ship of Fools” crisscrossed the sea and canals of Europe with their comic and pathetic cargo of souls. Some of them found pleasure and even a cure in the changing surroundings, in the isolation of being cast off, while others withdrew further, became worse, or died alone and away from their families. The cities and villages which had thus rid themselves of their crazed and crazy, could now take pleasure in watching the exciting sideshow when a ship full of foreign lunatics would dock at their harbors ~ by Jose Barchilon, m.d., of foucault’s madness and civilization

On waves of love my heart is breaking
And stranger still my self-control I can’t rely on anymore.
New tide, surprise my world is changing.
Within this frame an ocean swells
Behind the smile I know it well.

Beneath a lover’s moon I’m waiting
I am the pilot of the storm
Adrift in pleasure I may drown.
I built this ship; it is my making
And further more my self-control I can’t rely on anymore.

I know why
I know why
Crazy on a ship of fools
Crazy on a ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no, oh no

Who claims that no man is an island?
While I land up in jeopardy
More distant from you by degrees
I walk this shore in isolation
And at my feet eternity
Draws ever-sweeter plans for me

I know why
I know why
Crazy on a ship of fools
Crazy on a ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no, oh no ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no.

Crazy on a ship of fools
Oh, crazy on a ship of fools

Turn this boat around,
Back to my loving ground
Oh no, oh no ship of fools



    A History of Insanity in the Age of
    Reason – Michel Foucault

    The Ship of Fools
    Volume 1, – Sebastian Brandt

    • “Went to see the captain
      Strangest I could find
      Laid my proposition down, laid it on the line
      I wont slave for beggars pay
      Likewise gold and jewels
      But I would slave to learn the ways
      To sink your ship of fools”

      “It was later than I thought
      When I first believed you
      Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools”

  2. Before I forget Id like to state that Michel Focault needs to up his Metaphysical Game. Extinct…preposterous. not because I cannot accept something like that were it true^possible. But it i smacks of Not Getting the Whole Picture. Also its another example of man having the audacity to state a damn thing about Universal Dynamics in regards to extinction of humans or anything else in space. Hoping that made sense. Puddy % had no idea about the meaning of Ship of Fools. I would like to ask your opinion on insanity. Just spent a strange and emotional two days with a friend Saea..who just hit the final tipping point in her mind she speaks a language I cannot understand…there are no connecting words….its free form keywords..words that mean something to her…she is highly delusional and unreachable. She is not on crack or meth and last night she called the police on me saying I threatened to kill her and her son. She believes this..anyway….we have to ex communicate her from our lves. Its sad….its irritating. A quandry when u have to cut someone off and its not even their fault….really..idk

    • He Dawn, good to meet you. I feel for you. I’ve gone thru the whole ordeal with my 37 yr old daughter. I can’t even have a conversation with her. She’s seems so angry with me. She was always ‘sensitive’ but I never saw this coming. There’s literally nothing I can do to help her so I’ve had to, for the sake of my own sanity, cut ties.

      • Damn.the s*** is hard. Yes Sara was the same with her dad. Its a quandry !I feel like alot of it is out of their hands and so its just a hard decision to do that. Well they say that these paths are chosen by our higher self as tools for learning and perhaps it is going just as it should ….

        Sigh. Well best energy to you and nice to meet you too. 🙂

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    • Perhaps like Sara, Michel Focault speaks in a language that you do not understand my dear Dawnatilla.


    • Insanity is the unstructured mind, the vast se(e/a) of unrestricted thought. To answer your question is to take the linguistic and epistemology for terms and then the rules of science.

      Until that groundwork is laid, the discussion or explanation are insane in themselves.

      The French have a great handle on this. I am not promoting Foucault but trying to lay a groundwork of what historical concepts will be used as we are forced to depart our zeropoint destination in a voyage into (for a better word) madness, which in my study is perfectly rational.

      As to your situation with your friend Saea, it is something I think you have experienced before. Peter has and I have assumed from knowing William, he has also encountered it in his ex-positions.

      What may manifest in degrees of this sea of madness, folly or insanity is a structure or coordinate ( a rule or compass) that takes a normal life form on an unstructured voyage and chart some trajectory for a irrational, illogical path.

      I have some psychology education, but miniscule science for this kind of pathology other than the usual assaults on us normal insane and (mad) folks that leads them into psychotic or termed schizophrenic delusions.

      Foucault and hosts of [structuralists] would have us believe or accept what we can only obtain by neurosis or regression or some form of arrested development, Whereas I think insanity occurs in the course of which the personality undergoes both dissolution of structure and reorganization of ego in Freudian terms.

      Ultimately it’s a gangstalking, a targeting , fear and loathing that takes a normal mad person to a terrorist or psychotic state and usually derived through the channels of the technocracy in some form or manner and sometimes it’s a rational sane effort with an objective. In your situation you must determine which.

      I practice this with every lunatic in government. Some get my sympathy while others get my sociopath label for to be in government is insanity by it’s very nature.

      I think the clash of ego and soul is where the icebergs float.


      I doubt if a single individual could be found from the whole of mankind free from some form of insanity. The only difference is one of degree. A man who sees a gourd and takes it for his wife is called insane because this happens to very few people .- Desiderius Erasmus

      • Patrick I thank you for your input on per usual its a pleasure and an education. I like what you said about me experiencing this is true. I love the quote about the gourd it is that kind of thing that I deal with everyday practically least thats what the people around me seem to give off….for I truly am just a girl with a gourd…:) Love You!!

    • Tell us true Nikki do…

      You haven’t read a word of Focault but the headliner in the current banner. Have you?


      • true true….

        • Your honesty is one of your most delightful characteristics my dear.


          • I couldnt do it any other way…my love !

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  3. Thanks for that Patrick. Always liked the song, now that I know what it’s about , even more. You bein good?

    • I liked it too. I was not a fan of Led Zeppelin in any way or form but I am of Plant and his works after LZ. I am really glad to see you back here after sometime Peter.

      As for your gravatar, I see you have been helped with that and it is a simple fix. I liked the old one much better.

      • Patrick, agree about Led Zep. I never liked them either. I’ve always been more of a Pink Floyd girl. Besides Jimmy Page is evil. 😀

        You don’t get more bluesy and beautiful than this(with meaningful lyrics as well)Timeless……Shine on you crazy coto diamonds .

        • I agree about Page and Bonham. If you investigate the tale of Commander of the Most Excellent Order, Mr. Plant you may see the process and some interesting observable transitions in the Larger Mind Control system which originated from the middle ages through the crown and masonry of the British Empire through Tavistock and spread throughout the world under he octopus. Plant has an open, very viewable and publicly accessible bio/dossier as others we have hashed about in the celeb realm and MK in holyrood and other art mediums and frequencies.

        • Does anyone on COTO contemplate the possibility that music was militarized?

          It can be quite powerful and emotionally moving…throw in some words and I’d guess you’d have a way of anchoring them in the heart / mind…

          Who knows? …

          • Yes, eow, I have contemplated this. What moves us more than music? Of course, “they” would take advantage of such a market.

            The music industry is full of “artists” that have sold their souls to propagate just such an agenda. I don’t think all have but it seems the ones that have are most obvious by their style of music and what they actually say in their own words in interviews and such. They actually use the term…sold my soul…sheesh. No matter how you cut it, selling out is NEVER a good thing.

            • Reminds me of that interview where Bob Dylan said something like “I made a bargain with him, the chief commander in a world we can’t see.”

              Agreed…selling out is a cop out on all levels…I guess it’s easy to do…fame & fortune & shiney things…

              Sad to not be able to enjoy music as I once did…

          • The Illuminati Music Industry. Not “militarized” but saturated with frequencies and bad ideas…you DONT GET FAMOUS without a pledge to the WILL create songs with the content THEY offer…and one WILL make public opinions and support causes wether they believe in it or not. They WILL support the politicians…and America…and if they want to be famous like GaGa famous…there WILL be a blood sacrifice. Gaga replaced madonna as the high preistess if you will. These “rappers” ae sell outs because they are told to promote the very things that keep their people down…the female popstars are encouraging young girls to be sluts…etc etc

            “Music? You dont need to know about music in my business”. Elvis

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            • Dawn…I’m pretty sure that’s what eow was referring to when he said “militarized.” At least that’s how I took it. Meaning using it as a “weapon” against the people as a tool to mind control and corrupt. Which anyone that’s awake can see while watching the videos of gaga and others of her ilk with their blatant illuminati/satanic symbolism and themes of death and deception.

              This stuff has been around forever but never as in your face as it is now with these horrific videos and the messages it’s sending to the young kids that watch and absorb them into their psyche..It sickens me.

              • Maybe EOW meant “weaponized” — which would be what JG seems to be suggesting in her comment.

                There is ‘Militarized’ music…it is marching songs and such. Rock music is much too differentiated and abstract in beat to be ‘marching songs’, other than in certain satires of.

                We strip artists of a lot of the power of their dignity when we claim they are ALL directed by the devil.

                Sure I understand what commercialization has done to music–to EVERYTHING, but the sincerity in art can be parsed in the pudding…and it still exists, will always exist.

                There is no such thing as perfect control.

                “Well there’s got to be trust in this world
                Or it won’t get very far
                Yea there’s trustin’ someone
                Or there’s gonna be war..”
                ~The Stones


              • ah my apologies…it sickens me too…Its all I see really…and it gets pretty disappointing when an artist I love is seen doing the same hideous deceptive cues, symbology..idea enforcing…BLAH!

          • Absolutely EOW. The power of the spectrum is never no evident as it is in the audible frequencies. Anyone should be able to discern the effect of not only musicology but the ELF that hovers just below and above those ranges.

            • EX: While the strings played the titanic sunk.

              Want a riot? Just change your tune………

            • Dawn, Rogue1, Jersey…I think Rogue1 hits the head O the nail with “weaponized”…

              I don’t use the word illuminati often…as it’s similar to the word conspiracy…which is thought spermicide to a lot of people…

              Puddy…Just change the tune…I like it…Soothes me savage heart…

      • I loved early Led Zeppelin – up to about the fourth album…

        So nenner nenner…


        • Bonzo was THE BEST ROCK DRUMMER EVER….IN AN HONEST RANKING …THERE WOULDN’T EVEN BE A SECOND OR THIRD…… would go Bonham: first….next, in fourth place is______,,,,,,,,,,,, ok so Deb, we don’t agree on everything (if we did one of us would be superfluous)

          PFloyd had its moments, some nice stuff….very much on the intellectual side of the rock spectrum. Down at the other end, call it what u will (balls out) one finds stuff like this (volume is your friend….and as always…clothing is completely optional)

          • camus,

            I feel that way about Plant’s vocals during Zep’s heyday.

            As far as raw high powered ballsy vocals no one could touch the guy.


            • Hey CR..always happy to see you show up even when you are decidedly wrong wrong wrong! hahaha…

              It’s so funny. I’ve had the, which band is better convo too many times to count… floyd or led zep. Pick a side! You either love one or the other it seems, eh?

              Count me with the pink floyd guys. I get where you’re comin from with Bonham and the gang but honestly, Plant’s whiney voice always got on my nerves…. sorry Will 😦 Plant can’t hold a candle to Dave Gilmour way ! 🙂

              • I loved Pink Floyd too, just in a different way. It isn’t either or to me, I have a vast range of musical likes. I liked the Beatles and the Stones at the same time – even though a lot of people were choosing “sides” on that issue.
                I always thought Black Sabbath was no better than your average garage band. I really don’t like The Grateful Dead at all…

                Music is one of those things where there is just no accounting for taste. I hate onions, and liver….what can I say?


                • Yea, Will I liked the Beatles and the Stones as well. My musical tastes are also very eclectic/ all over the place.

              • Theres really no such thing as better in the world of art and music! Everyone brings something else to the table besides…the two bands are so completely different it seems absurd to attempt to compare as to which is better!

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                • Dawn… I get what you’re saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there is true talent and there is corporate crap force fed to us which has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with mesmerizing the kiddies to get their parents to fork out big bucks to feed the music industry beast 😀

                  • WORD!!!! was actually only referring to led zep and pink floyd comparison! 🙂

              • Deb, the first song that came to mind of hers is “Oh. Atlanta” because it is a cover from one of my favorites Little Feat. I assume most of her stuff is on UTube. She’s about 40 and been recording since a teenager and holds the record for most Grammys. Full Disclosure: I wouldn’t really call myself a huge fan and would not be familiar at all if it weren’t for Lisa……not sure what your hankering for bluegrass-wise (up tempo, gospelish etc.) She was featured on soundtrack to “oh Brother where art thou?” and “Cold Mountain”

                Wish I knew exactly the songs I saw her do live….could probably investigate…the ones that left such a lasting impression were slower, on the spiritual side….very little to no instrumentation (Robert was on break) her voice was etherealy haunting, gave the goose bumps on my soul goose bumps and I remember glancing around and could tell, EVERYONE was just blown away. None of the usual side conversations, blankets full of frozen in place folks, just stunned into awestruck silence and immobility. Drinks were left undrunk, munchies unmunched…forgive the hyperbole, but it was like that

                • shit…..that’s the same song as before….sorry….wont try again cause I don’t know WTF

                • No worries CR. I’ll find her on youtube. Didnt’ know what specific song to look for. Btw, I’ve had that happen to me before when trying to post a video. Though I click on the new link, it keeps posting the old one. Trust me, it’s not bad cpy and paste skills.. It’s a glitch in the matrix 😉

            • Harumph… Check this out…has anyone here heard. Tool’s cover of No Quarter?? I dare say its. …… (Knows the backlash about to be recieved…doesnt care)…….BETTER!!! Hahah Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

          • I saw Plant a few years ago when he was touring w/Alison Krauss…and damn if that girl didn’t steal the show. Summer night, outside (Merriweather Post Pavillion, couple miles from my house in MD)….when she went after some of those old traditional Appalachian Mountain quasi religious/country angelic numbers….it was spooky good….u know people use the cliché that hairs on the back of their neck stood up or whatever…..i’m a fairly hairy rascal and I mean every fucking follicle was a twitchin an a quiverin…. only word that can really do it justice is otherworldy

            what a package! drop dead gorgeous, voice like all the Sirens of heaven rolled into one and can just flat out tear the fiddle up!!!!
            If u haven’t heard her with her band Union Station….I rec it…if u sometimes need a little, not so much “country” , but just good musicians playing what I like to call Americana. Here she is with Bobby P

            • Nice duet with Robert and Alison. He sounds so good when he’s not doing that old school whiney, screamy thing . But that’s just me. Couldn’t really tell how good Alison is though.

              CR can you recommend a song for me to listen to of hers? She even has an angelic look about her.

              Here’s the song that gives me the reaction you’re talking about.. has to be the Jeff Buckley version though… wish I knew what the hell the lyrics meant…………it’s especially ethereal sounding knowing he died from drowning at the age of 31…

              • hey Deb, beautiful song. Do you remember jeff’s father, Tim Buckley?
                another gifted musician who struggled with his own demons until he died in 1975 at 28, from a heroin overdose.
                He to was a most ecclectic artist also. I got the tingles listening to Jeff for the first time in the early 90s as he sounded so much like his father. the parallel between the two was astounding. check out the album “Grace”.

  4. Hey Patrick, jg ,, any idea on what’s happened to my avatar?

    • You seem to have morphed into a nearsighted daydreaming pink triangle Peter…maybe a facelift is in order, try the elevator, be sure to skip the 13th floor.

      ‘What, then, is this confrontation beneath the language of reason? Where can an interrogation lead us which does not follow reason in its horizontal course, but seeks to retrace in time that constant vertically which confronts European culture with what it is not, establishes its range by its own derangement? What realm do we enter which is neither the history of knowledge, nor history itself; which is controlled by neither the teleology of truth nor the rational sequence of causes, since causes have value and meaning only beyond the division? A realm, no doubt, where what is in question is the limits rather than the identity of a culture.’


    • lol will… Hey Pete.. I don’t know but I liked your real face much better. Click on your avatar(gravatar) and it should give you a link to re-upload your true self 🙂

      • ❤ totally

      • thanks Deb,, I tried that but it didn’t work. nuthin but trouble on this site.

        • Peter, do you have a black bar at the top of your page with the ‘W’ logo of WordPress on the left, to the right of that the gravitar and words, COALITION OF THE OBV… a check mark in a circle, the word “Following” a star, the word “Liked” up and down arrows, the word “Reblog”, a bargraph. the words “New Post” an orange screen icon, your name and then a miniature gravitar and lastly a magnifying glass icon?

          If all of this is missing, you are not really logged in as yourself here. Go to and look up the Help buttons and see if you can get a new password sent to your current email address – if you have a new email address that could be your problem. If you are still using your original email that you began with here on C1, you should be able to get it straightened out in a whiz. If not you will have to teach your new email – as a Second … DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST.

          Good Luck,

          • Good stuff there HR

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    • Looks like you have been defaulted…Peter! On Jun 22, 2013 11:57 PM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

      > ** > Peter commented: “Hey Patrick, jg ,, any idea on what’s happened to my > avatar?”

  5. “Folly is so human that it has common roots with poetry and tragedy; it is revealed as much in the insane asylum as in the writings of a Cervantes or a Shakespeare, or in the deep psychological insights and cries of revolt of a Nietzsche.”


  6. “In our era, the experience of madness remains silent in the composure of a knowledge which knowing too much about madness, forgets it.

    But from one of these experiences to the other, the shift has been made by a world without images, without positive character, in a kind of silent transparency which reveals— as mute institution, act without commentary, immediate knowledge—a great motionless structure; this structure is one of neither drama nor knowledge; it is the point where history is immobilized in the tragic category which both establishes and impugns it.”~Foucault


  7. [Repost with slight edit] >


    Everything gets gory in this alley, for it is the allegory that makes the story and all the stories are in that vast mysterious internal space called consciousness…and the truth is: Like is not.


  8. Edward Snowden departs Hong Kong on flight to Moscow June 23, 2013
    Source: Salon

    The NSA whistle-blower is bound for a “democratic nation via a safe route,” according to a statement from WikiLeaks.

    The Hong Kong government confirmed Sunday that NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden has departed the territory for a “third country.” WikiLeaks issued a statementon Sunday saying Snowden is bound for a “democratic nation via a safe route for the purposes of asylum, and is being escorted by diplomats and legal advisors from WikiLeaks.”

    According to a report from a reservations agent at the Russian airline Aeroflot, Snowden is on his way to Moscow, though it appears the capital city may just be a temporary stop en route to his final destination, as the New York Times reports:

    The Russian foreign ministry said that Mr. Snowden appeared to be making a connection in Moscow to another destination, but did not say where.


    • That will shape up as predicted. When I said I wanted asylum in the asylum of Russia. What does a cotohead have to do to get an invite from Putin?

      I don’t wear pink anymore, I swore off vodka too. Let’s seehow this act of absurd theater plays out. It truly does blend science with Shakespeare, don’t you think.

      Anyway I am off for a mid summers night wet dream. Smooth sailing coto!


  10. Glad I’m sailing on the Ship of Loons with all you Coto nutters 😀

    Thanks for the song PD 🙂

    • Your welcome Dame Deborah. Ditto!

      • Dame Deborah? Why thank you Sir Patrick and I wasn’t even aware I had been “knighted.”

        • Someone should knight me…for today is the day I chose to be born upon this 3D limited sense world to fight the good fight . 🙂

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          • hehehe…just kneel down in front of me Nikki, leave the “knighting” to me…


            • You cad! Hehehe.

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          • Happy creation day to you honeypot. You ladies of coto are all queen bees. There’s no drones here. We are workers collecting the nectar of truth. Let’s build this hive. Looking forward to you posting some gold.

            • so awesome thank you!!! I can promise you some gold coming this evening after my day is thru here…<3 all my love!!!!

            • p.s some tag words I will be using for my submission will be : Synthetic Tissue, Boys From Brazil, Kissinger, Obama. heehee

              • Good stuff there.

                • Hey…changed my mind..decided that writing about Obama being man-made would ruffle to many feathers to be useful. Ive decided on something else entirely. Will submit the Obama piece after awhile. Perhaps.

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  11. O ye learned men, who bear great names,

    Look back at the ancient fathers, learned in the law.

    They did not weigh dogmas in shining white books,

    But fed their thirsty hearts with natural skill.

    ~Brant, 1497


  12. The beyond beyond super snitch program is here and now:


    • The Insider Threat Program

      Yes this is THE MADNESS on full throttle with the peddle to the floor screaming towards us like a banshee in a cruise missile.


      • puts a light on singularity, science and objectives. Is the insider threat really defined to it’s core? I cannot find a more simple operation and technique than the window-gate dialectic and the Assange/Snowden/Manning – HastingsGate affair.
        At least not since 911.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Subject: FBI Investigation, re: NSA

    Hey (redacted names) — the Feds are interviewing my “close friends and associates.” Perhaps if the authorities arrive “BuzzFeed GQ,” er HQ, may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.

    Also: I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.

    All the best, and hope to see you all soon.

    Michael {Hastings}


  14. Dandelion Salad has now put my latest comment on ‘Moderation’ – which is not standard there, but a sign of being flagged…

    This is a reminder of the OEN days…I mentioned the word, “Zionism” and was asked after that comment what I meant by the “Anglophile/Zionist crew” surrounding president Wilson prior to WWI…

    I will be back to see if they post my reply…


    • just wait til we get to Orion again’re in trouble! 😉

      • I am filled with an – tis — ip —- a —— ti —–on!!!


        • hee hee yes it will be very bad for you!! 😉

    • p.s. Yes I used to think it was a language she wa speaking I didnt understand…that she was tuned in to something that others could not understand..but IO realise now its that she isnt tuned in at all..but the dial keeps scrolling back and forth between stations , picking up different feeds ..hitting randomly and savagely. non sensically to be sure.

    • Well, good…

      Dandelionsalad did publish my response and asked another question. and the response I made to that question showed up immediately without moderation.


    • “Folly” is the result of ‘foolishness’ the acts of ‘fools’ … all from the same root word.


      • aha! wasnt is a bit on the shelf and duty ..reminds me of the Fool card in Crowleys Tarot.

        • Nikki, and all,

          Foucault isn’t really concerned here – or in the book that is, about defining “Madness”…what he is writing about is the ways in which societies, and by that we always mean the elites driving the societies; what their use of the those they fingered as “Mad” resulted in.
          In this aspect Foucault describes that ‘use’ as creating the systems of CONFINEMENT, which were in earlier ages used to deal with lepers.

          As “Terrorism” replaces “Communism” as the core enemy of our current paradigm, so the “Insane” replaces the “Leper” in these ancient paradigms.

          So this issue for Foucault is not so much ‘what’ is “insanity”, as that issue is a lingual/conceptual vagueness as wispy as what is a “terrorist” or what was a “communist” [in the fifties].

          Foucault’s philosophy has always been concerned with the issue of “Punishment” and how that is doled out in societies throughout the ages, and how it is generally unhinged from the actual “Crime” it is supposed to deal with…and used as a tool of power by those who maintain systems of control.


          • Actually Will, he is also speaking literally of madness and how it’s been defined and treated through the ages in that book.

            Foucault himself was a bit mad. He had a tortured youth and ended up a homosexual sado/masochist that died of AIDS..


            • Yes, he does speak to that as well, how madness has been defined throughout the ages. But we do not land on any settled definition…
              And this is because it really is such a individual thing in each case, and the generalities are like all generalities, where everyone is unique, even in their madness. Which gets to that universal truth yet again: Like is not.

              We are all “a bit mad” – but some can fly over the cuckoo’s nest.


              • I wonder what happened to Snowden. The flight supposedly carrying him to Cuba – a slight of hand in itself – has landed with no sign of him having been aboard.


                Many possibilities arise with this…not all of them good.

                I guess we will have to wait until he surfaces again.

                Things might have just gotten strange.


                • They just havent found anything creative to say in their fabrication of Snowden and his “whistleblowing” life…

                  Sent from my HTC Status

                  • Actually, they have just cut to “the chase”…

                    But you have to use your imagination, or watch a Borne movie and replace the guy on the motorcycle with Snowden…


                    • hahahahahaha totally

                    • I like TOTALLY missed Moonraker…it was a James Bond film.
                      Right? Agent oh oh seven??

                      Sports cars, hot chicks and gadgets.

                      Celluloid Heroes and pop corn.


                    • pretty much…I wish we could rake the moon of its pests 😉

                    • Roger Moore was NOT James Bond.

                      Connery WAS James Bond.


                  • A very poor operation in my opinion. Made for sheeple of the highest order. Simplistic, full of incompetence and 24/7 repetition. All characteristic of US idiot MISO ops.

                    • But literally ANYTHING becomes a psyop once it hits the mainstream news.

                      In my view the psyop isn’t Snowden or his revelations, it is the circus now built around and on top of that.

                      What’s lost in the screech? The fact that this is a panoptic surveillance state.


                      A remarkable conversation with Sibel Edmonds.


                    • There is an online petition to Obambam to ‘pardon’ Snowden.

                      Why should we beg for a ‘Pardon’ from the real criminal when Snowden has committed no crime?

                      As Sibel Edmonds points out, such action simply ‘legitimizes’ the system…the same is true of ‘voting’, it just gives a sense of legitimacy to the crook voted into office.

                      Working within the system is always to step in a pile of bullshit.


                    • Exactly to your point the progression of a psyop from start to finish. It’s a changing landscape before our very eyes. We can disagree on the origin but I think it was a setup from start and will conclude with a finish.

                      Meanwhile it’s deflection from Hastings and the actual surveillance grid is the focus. And yes coto I call it earthraker for those who know the moonraker scenario.

                    • Yep Puddy,

                      And this disagreement will remain in the realm of opinion because all data is interpreted by allegory and analogs to build ‘story’.


                    • TOTALLY sloppy

            • You see this is how adults discuss things….:). That Neutron dance is hostile…

              Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

            • Can you take this and garner some connection between both your observations. As they are both spot on, a panoptic and confinement within a Papillon environment.

              Louis Dega submitted to the panoptic Devils Island while Henri Papillon faced jumping to his death on a life raft to the currents of the atlantic.
              Dega had his trinkets from the authorities. A pig, a small hut and garden and his madness, while Papillon took coconuts and leaped over the edge. WHO WAS MAD? Therefore the butterfly had to be controlled and so goes the Monarch Program [MK]

              It is by these ships we are transitioned by means over the sees of the committee. “because folly, water, and sea, as everyone then “knew,” had an affinity for each other.”

              Maritime considered, the madness of insanity is of the sanest order for the truly free. Especially when the authorities try to convince you that you are crazy.

          • Yes the madness thing only came up because I used that moment to discuss Sara with Patrick..:)

            Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  15. The complete dandelionsalad exchange:

    hybridrogue1, on June 22, 2013 at 10:46 PM said:
    Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that Edward Bernays was also one of those involved in the propaganda project for WWI which had designed the slogan, “Make the world safe for Democracy”?
    And this is the era when the fact that the United States was established as a Republic was being hushed by the same spin-masters puppeting the titular “president” Wilson: House, Bernard Baruch, and the rest of the Anglophile/Zionist crew infiltrating the federal government at that time.
    dandelionsalad, on June 22, 2013 at 10:55 PM said:
    Exactly what do you mean by “…the rest of the Anglophile/Zionist crew…”?
    hybridrogue1, on June 23, 2013 at 8:49 PM said:
    Are you asking for a list of names or an outline of the project?
    A mixture of both then:
    “The involvement of Justice Brandeis in drafting the Balfour Declaration (as well as the British Mandate for Palestine) along with early Congressional support, indicate an American responsibility for the theft of Palestinian self-determination that is rarely acknowledged. That the United States had little to gain from an action that contradicted everything that the United States was supposed to stand for was a testament to American naïveté in international affairs.”
    You could also reference Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley
    and The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed
    dandelionsalad, on June 23, 2013 at 8:58 PM said:
    That seems a bit off-topic, imo.
    I was wondering why you used the term, “Anglophile/Zionist crew”? It seems rather specific. What makes one an “Anglophile/Zionist”?
    hybridrogue1, on June 23, 2013 at 9:20 PM said:
    The topic of Fascism is intimately tied to the larger topic of Despotic Statism – of which fascism is simply one manifestation {the Right Hegelian side}
    Historically it is the ‘left behind’ Anglophile networks of the closet Tories that are concerned with the eventual return of the lost colonies that became the United States with the Declaration and ensuing War for independence from Briton. That is the Anglophile part of the equation.
    The Balfour Declaration and the intrigue that accompanied that reveal the other side of the equation = the Anglo-Zionist angle.
    If we are sincerely concerned with returning to a state of Liberty in the US, such issues of what the dangers of fascism really are: that being Tyranny – I would say in my humble opinion, that the topic of “Fascism” has a deeper overall aspect that needs attendance.


  16. After it’s all said and done we can contemplate how they will do it again and by what means. Willy has spent much time in exposing the ways and means but we must prepare for the New Wave soon. Disclosure has run it’s course and I see a port ahead.

    Much to do and time is the essence. Can thought precede the essence?

  17. Fed Up with All the Bullshit
    by Arthur Silber.

    In the final section of the preceding post (the section subtitled “The Filtering of the NSA/Surveillance Stories”), I discussed the manner in which the journalists to whom Edward Snowden provided documents chose to continue to conceal much of the information he had given them. I emphasized that the explanations provided to the general public are notably threadbare, and filled with familiar, vacuous phrases. One of the links I included itself links to another article. It is worth noting the fuller version of some comments from Glenn Greenwald in the BuzzFeed piece:
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    “We’re not engaged in a mindless, indiscriminate document dump, and our source didn’t want us to be,” said Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian writer, in an email to BuzzFeed Saturday. “We’re engaged in the standard journalistic assessment of whether the public value to publication outweighs any harms.”

    “I’m sure the Guardian has consulted lawyers about all of this, but as far as I know, none of the decisions have been legal, only journal[istic],” Greenwald said. He tweeted earlier on Saturday that the Guardian would not be publishing one of the full unredacted PowerPoint slides related to the PRISM datamining program, because “it contains very specific technical NSA means for collection – we’d probably be prosecuted if we did.”

    “We’re applying the standard judgment test that journalists apply every day: first, is it newsworthy and relevant, ie, is there public interest in knowing this?” Greenwald told BuzzFeed. “If so: is there genuine harm that comes from publication? And if there is harm, does the public value outweigh/justify the harm?”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    I am sure that COTO is lucid enough to filter out the bullshit in Greenwald’s apologia, that is the whole thing is cowardly bullshit — the people deserve the raw facts – fuck the lawyers, fuck the fear of prosecution, fuck the backlash, LET’S JUST HAVE THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.


  18. The intelligence-security industry isn’t about protecting the United States or you, except for extraordinarily rare, virtually accidental occurrences. It’s about wealth and power. Yet every politician and every government functionary speaks reverently of the sacred mission and crucial importance of “intelligence” in the manner of a syphilitic preacher who clutches a tatty, moth-eaten doll of the Madonna, which he digitally manipulates by sticking his fingers in its orifices. Most people would find his behavior shockingly obscene, if they noticed it. But they don’t notice it, so mesmerized are they by the preacher with his phonily awestruck words about the holy of holies and the ungraspably noble purpose of his mission. Even as the suppurating sores on the preacher’s face ooze blood and pus, his audience can only gasp, “We must pay attention to what he says! He wants only the best for us! He’s trying to save us!”~Silber


  19. Interesting comment dating order here. Not really to me but I understand this press pass.

    Crown me!

  20. “Given the unrelieved fraud that is “intelligence,” and in light of the conclusively and repeatedly proven inability to trust any part of the Establishment to “filter” any of this or any other material whatsoever, including “raw data,” I view it as a complete and shining triumph for Wikileaks and other organizations to release as much information, and as much “raw data,” as they can get their hands on. Wikileaks thus increases what is in the public record, and thereby provides more information on the basis of which you can make your own judgment. We — by which I mean you, me and everyone else — certainly can’t do any worse than the politicians and “experts” in trying to make sense of it. Moreover, I consider it much more likely that we will do a significantly better job. And even if we don’t, we aren’t the ones who will be ordering bombing runs, assassinations, or invasions.

    The broader point remains the most critical one. By acting as it does, Wikileaks entirely bypasses the structures of authority, “order” and obedience. By stepping outside them altogether, Wikileaks diminishes their power — and transfers that power to all of us. Just think about what would happen if ten or twenty organizations did this many times a week, releasing “secret” and “confidential” information closely guarded by governments, multinational corporations, and others who exploit, brutalize and act in innumerable destructive and cruel ways. The world as it exists today would be severely threatened as people began to see the details of what is actually transpiring.

    And many people — many of those “ordinary” human beings across the world who today are entirely disregarded and only brutalized, and who “merely” provide the labor and often the blood that sustains the power structure that rules us — would make sense of it. At a minimum, they would make sense of it in ways that the prevailing powers ceaselessly try to obfuscate and cover up. A lot of “ordinary” people would begin to see a fuller version of the truth.

    That’s exactly what States and those who rule and enable them are afraid of. That’s why they condemn Wikileaks with such vehemence, in a manner that frequently verges on hysteria. The ruling class understands very well indeed the threat that Wikileaks represents, and what would happen if additional organizations utilized the same strategy. If you want to understand the threat embodied by Wikileaks, do what I suggest: multiply Wikileaks by ten, or a hundred. The ruling class sees that possibility with startling and unnerving clarity. Why do you think they’re scared shitless?

    And they are.”~Arthur Silber


    • So they can’t find Snowden as he traverses the globe…perhaps he has one of these nifty little kits?

      Or then again…

      • eyesopenwider,

        Upon reading of Snowden not being on the Cuba plane, I had visions of the last part of THE GOOD SHEPHERD — if you saw that movie.

        What happened to the bride to be of the son of the main character.

        This is a spooks world…one never knows if the fork ran away with the spoon or if a cow can really jump over the moon.


        • Rogue1…hadn’t seen the film had to read the wiki…seems like the film touches on all the relevant bases…loosely of course…

          Thrown out of a plane…love that the main characters’ name is also Edward…I think we need better script writers…

          “If it can be made for you to view in a film, certainly it can be made for you to view in the news” ~ Anonymous … I like the sentiment of this…in this the age of digital deception…

          • I really loved THE GOOD SHEPHERD….

            I watched it four times in a row when I first got the DVD.

            ‘Edward’ plays that part of who in real life was James Jesus Angleton,
            [Mother] Angleton was the spook’s spook, a real paranoid nut job but serine, played more subtle in the film.

            It is amazing as an “art film” almost a sense of Antonioni in it’s surreal complexity of flashbacks and pacing.

            I highly recommend it…but then again, I like Led Zeppelin…huh.


            • I’ll have to get the DVD and check it out…Thanks.

              No worries on your music preferences…mine used to run the gamut from Alphaville to Roger Whitaker…with a whole lot of Bowie & the Cure in between…

              • THe Cure also Morrissey/Smiths are favorites of mine too eow;)

                • Oooooh Jg. ! Bowie and THE CURE! Yes yes yes. I knew I detected some of that in you…:). I saw the Cure in Berkeley years 87. They were playing with The Smiths. What a night. Did you know Robert Smith looks exactly thee same? Hahaha hasnt changed a single thing about himself…:)

                  Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

                • What about JOY DIVISION.. EyesOpenWider?

                  Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

                  • Oh yeah,,,can’t forget Smiths / Morrissey and Joy Division too…really like Irish blood English heart…as it is what I is…Just had to listen to it whilst typing this…a moving song…That damn royal line that’s still polluting…
                    Pretty sure I saw Bowie and the Cure in 87 in San Jose..twas a long time ago though…Ahh..the good Ole days…before I realized the world was controlled by evil psychopaths…

                    • Yes…the good ol days…I was an anti everything person\teen at that point.. but Had no idea why…not a clue!

                      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

                • Deb, great taste in melody. it all seems like yesterday, even tho most of my favorite, like the cure, trent reznor, the knack and on and….. now are considered oldies.
                  I can’t take it anymore.

                  • Hey have you guys heard Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy ‘s sessions together? On youtube put in their names and Reptile…great stuff.

                    Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

              • Thumbs up on Roger too EOW. Thumbs up on the good shepard for noting the Yale Follies and cross dressing. As we know they did not cover the sodomy angle but you could imply.

                RE: Snowden, the obvious reason he leaked the Russian and China spying was to insure these states did not rush to judgement and pressure from the west. At least that’s the ‘cover’ imo.

                But I still see it as a psyop to deter real whistleblowers like Hastings.
                Mercedes benz should use the footage for a commercial. It would go a long way in auto safety for sales to drivers worried about C4 attacks and the near perfect shape of the engine after such a blast.

                • Yep Puddy…Roger gets a big thumbs up from me too…No…I don’t believe in If anymore…amazing words in a lot of his songs…

                  As to the car…I came across an accident involving a 70’s Ford type car and a massive tree…head on….the car basically wrapped itself around the tree and the engine was in the back seat…you don’t want to know where the driver was…point is…the engine didn’t fly off down the road…

      • Cmon you guys do you really think he is a whistleblower??? Then why is he talking only about spying?? Why not the Kidnapping..abuse and MIND CONTROL of people from all over the world. Hmmm? What about THAT?? ITS a fucking smokescreen.

        Sent from my HTC Status

  21. Hey y’all! “Live” from a Barnes & Noble which shows up as United States of America on the windage banner… Will join in later this week. Fave Hun!

    • So you are on an “Internet Cafe” compooty?

      Are you down at your home site machine?

      I was wundren where our Boomer wuz.


    • Hiya Boomer 🙂 Hope you are somewhere enjoying a lovely vacation !

  22. Foucault’s idea that illness is culturally relative, seems to me to hover in the spirit of the subtext of MADNESS AND CIVILIZATION.

    We might recall that epilepsy with it’s ‘seizures’ – the word derived from the Caesars, whom it seems carried the disease as a genetic trait – was viewed as a “chat with the gods” at that time, and seen as a sign of divinity.

    In the postmodern world untreated epilepsy is a social curse, which frightens terribly those who witness such seizures.

    Many native Americans saw various forms of insanity as a sacred sign.

    I am of the opinion that ‘Psychiatry’ is a modern form of Voodoo, and not a ‘science’ at all, more of a con-job by control freaks. That is not to deny that some/many people lead tortured mental lives, but to say that the “treatments” are often as bad or worse than the initial maladies being suffered.

    This is of course my personal point of view, which I cannot project on Foucault. However I see some of this reflected in his thinking.


    • I am of the opinion that ‘Psychiatry’ is a modern form of Voodoo, and not a ‘science’ at all, more of a con-job by control freaks. That is not to deny that some/many people lead tortured mental lives, but to say that the “treatments” are often as bad or worse than the initial maladies being suffered.

      I totally agree with this Will. Psychiatrists don’t cure mental illness. They perform the same service a good friend would by being a good “listener”..albeit a highly paid one at that. They also dispense zombifying medication that can ultimately make you even more mad. Of course, the right (or wrong) kind of friend could perform the same service….

      • I agree as well…its a way of disabling the power of individuals…

        Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

    • The knowledge of the brain is in it’s infancy in the medical sheeple world. What the shadow group know is eons ahead of mainstream psychiatric gatekeepers. The DSM is just another history of lies and fabrication.

      Some homeless people may be talking to someone we would like to talk to. As some have theorized and some research shows, the targeted invidual can be managed by tuning to their specific frequency which we know we all have. Our individual uniqueness is not just limited to genetic code but also the EM frequencies in our personal cellular makeup. This brain, this soul, a mind and matter was an incredible feature, courtesy of the creator.

      We can never know the purpose and properties of these so called afflictions until experienced. Why we dont see like the eyes of eagles and smell like the nose of dogs, etc. is because we have senses they don’t. Pineal receivers and spinal coccyx dipole antenna, who knows coto?

  23. gotten strange?? really? ya think… lol 😉

  24. she shadows me in the mirror
    and never leaves on the light
    some things that i say to her
    they just don’t seem to bite
    it’s all mixed up

    it’s all mixed up

    it’s all mixed up

    These comments just seem to land ANYWHERE


  25. James Corbett talks to Press TV about the Snowden manhunt and how it is detracting from both the content of the documents that he leaked and the fact that another NSA whistleblower, Russ Tice, has stepped forward with startling new revelations about NSA wiretapping. According to Tice, the NSA has targeted the entire Supreme Court, major military figures including General David Petraeus, the Congressional leadership of both the Democrats and Republicans, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and even former Illinois Senator Barack Obama in a hitherto undisclosed revelation about NSA eavesdropping.


  26. Hey All.. Just wanted to check in.. Haven’t been around for a bit.
    Hope u guys are all well..

    • jay7sun,

      Yes you have been a truant and will have to make up some classes if you hope to graduate.

      I am, well, so so, oh well and what the hell, how dafukarrrya?


    • Hiya Jay.. good to see you 🙂

  27. After the chaos Robert was in the mood for a melody

    Such Folly in those waves

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.4
    Date-Time 24 Jun 2013 22:04:13 UTC
    24 Jun 2013 19:04:13 near epicenter
    24 Jun 2013 16:04:13 standard time in your timezone

    Location 10.726N 42.616W
    Depth 9 km

    This is a HAARPO NINO from the committee to spawn the African Cape Verde superstroms. Buckle up East coasters for the wild ride.

  29. Never was a Bond fan. Didn’t see Moonraker. Sorry PD.. What’s a moonraker? …lol

    • A nazi premise of super race of people sent to space to live while Draq (the psychopath ) released a bioweapon derived from the specific orchid back to earth. The virus made and manufactured in Italy points to the Club of Rome Vatican Assassins.

      Adding the Titan Supercomputer and new super focus pixel surveillance, the whole operation can be conducted and recorded from the ISS.

      We know that the shuttle missions of NASA consisted of DoD UN Nato military operations and purposes. 20 of the first forty were completely for military operations and classified today. What payloads and technologies went to space are up for consideration.

      Earthraker is an artificial Intel op to run all surveillance, data mining, war ops, weather modification and command in case of terra based system failure.

      Global security can confirm the info.

      Should the Worse Case Scenario occur, the program will assume command via this master algorithm contingency free from human programming or execution.

      • Draq….Drac…draco. draconian

        Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  30. “our technological adversary is not a nation state but the global telecommunications industry” ~NSA director Lt. Gen. Michael V. Hayden

    Now Hayden is CEO of Booz Allen Hamilton, and that revolving door reveals the manufactured enemy was a lie.Hayden’s real enemy is ‘the people’.


    • well dat juss aint true…
      it was McConnel who went to booz with Allen Hamilton.
      Buncha filthy drunks godammy.


  31. “RT: The US is focused on chasing Snowden, which seems to have distracted from his revelations – is anyone in the States asking whether the surveillance system prism was constitutional?

    Chris Hedges: Some people are, but not many, which is quite distressing. You have Glenn Greenwald, the journalist from The Guardian who broke the story. You have lawyers Michael Ratner from the Center of the Constitutional Rights asking those kinds of questions, but I think that for those of us who care about freedom of information, about protecting sources, about stopping wholesale government surveillance, I think it’s been a very lonely time. And I think one of the things that’s been so distressing is that the serious questions that should be asked are not being asked.

    RT: Does that play into the hands of the government and what Washington would like to keep secret?

    CH: Well they can’t keep it a secret anymore, it’s exposed. But I think what they have done is divert attention to that kind of a mini-soap opera that is now taking place, as Snowden leaps from Hong Kong to Moscow, to ostensibly Cuba, Ecuador. They knew we saw the same thing happening to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, to Bradley Manning, who exposed war crimes and is now on trial in military court in Maryland. It’s a very similar and oppressing kind of scenario, where the state propaganda machine has quite effectively diverted attention away from where it should be, which is the effect that there is no more privacy anymore left in the United States, and focused attention on character, on activities of Snowden. Through their lens, it’s not a dispassionate view of either Snowden or what he’s done.”


  32. Obama Backs First-Strike Nuclear War as U.S. Policy

    By Francis A. Boyle

    June 24, 2013 “Information Clearing House – I have now had the chance to read Obama’s Report on Nuclear Employment Strategy of the United States, that just came out on Friday, June 21, 2013. The critical passage can be found on page 5:

    “The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review established the Administration’s goal to set conditions that would allow the United States to safely adopt a policy of making deterrence of nuclear attack the sole purpose of U.S. nuclear weapons. Although we cannot adopt such a policy today, the new guidance re-iterates the intention to work towards that goal over time.”

    In other words, “nuclear deterrence” is not now and has not been the policy of the Obama administration going back to and including their 2010 Nuclear Posture Review as well. Since “nuclear deterrence” is not now and has never been the Obama administration’s nuclear weapons policy from the get-go, then by default this means that offensive first-strike strategic nuclear war fighting is now and has always been the Obama administration’s nuclear weapons policy. This policy will also be pursued and augmented by means of “integrated non-nuclear strike options.” Id.

    Therefore the entire 2013 NPR and Obama’s recent nuclear arms “reduction” proposals must be understood within this context of the United States pursuing an offensive, strategic first-strike nuclear war-fighting capability as augmented by non-nuclear strike forces.

    “I am shocked__YES shocked…coldcocked rocked and shocked.”
    ~Hooda Everthunket


  33. And as usual, every time the news is saturated with some ongoing story, Israel takes the opportunity to bomb Gaza again… clockwork.


    • Ya well Sztarbucks fans keep funding the shit. The Zionist CEO of Starbucks publicly THANKED starbucks customers for helping “fund his projects in Israel”. Cmon! STAR. Bucks.

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

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