Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 20, 2013

papel de estaño


Tin Foil Disclosure

So what’s the deal coto?  Is it live or is it memorex.  Can we be bombarded with more inane disclosure and theatre?  As The Myth of Sisyphus plays forward, the reasoning, the man and the creation are beckoning the insanity.  The papel and parts all handled through the media frequencies of Holyrood and Hollywood.

papel higiénico

Every time we are presented with a -gate, they open two or more windows. Let us not be distracted by the windows.  Benghazi-gate is the time-bomb.  The news is bleak for major bank failures and another QE is needed to keep the -gate closed. The rumblings of the Dow are just rumbling in the rim of fire.  Mere tremors before the bang.  Bankrupt since 33,  80 years of liquidation has come to it’s conclusion on this Chapter.

Manning, Snowden, Assange – windows   ———– Hastings-Gate

papel pintado

It is time to read the writing on the wall. There are a hundred sites I receive financial updates from and not one other than Ron Paul has a remote understanding of the program. I have eluded to the process of the transition as one that will begin with the deliberate execution of the financial system as the prelude for war or the economy implosion resulting from the initiation of global event -gate.

Both seem likely now with the news of the banks frauds and derivative  exposures where naked and shit meet the paper.  Thus the looming failures are dropping the Dow in chunks like turds. Add the hotspot reports of civil unrest globally which is never reported on MSM except the Turkey Park Psyop and you can see the pressure cooker bomb is ready to blow a gasket.


The usual suspects in Paperclip are working overtime on playing every card left. It is without a doubt the largest -gate that will unite the world in economic psychosis and bring the World Terror Markets to a high,  just in time to drop the last turd in the bowl.  Two or three good flushes and the DVD gang will have their war.  China,  housing-construction and the commodity scammers can’t keep the metals following this trajectory.  It’s a ploy to keep them on the toilet.  A strong dollar is an oxymoron.

I have to know the sell off is not for Joe Blow. It’s a LIQUIDATION!.  You know diarrhea.



  1. All with as much class as bobbing for turds in a punch bowl

  2. QE – Quiet Execution – Qualitative Extortion – Quantitative Easing to INFINITY

    Hastings-Gate – WikiLeaks says Michael Hastings contacted it just before his death. Are they implying he was murdered?

    Ron Paul: Gold Will “Go To Infinity, Because the Dollar Will Collapse Totally

    • Puddy..its an honor to “know” you …while there are a lot of people doing big things regarding exposing truth and have a unique and staggering sight and sense of timing with everything….impeccable and incredibly useful…also a very very good writer.. ❤ (not kissing ass because I have been inactive…COTO!! I hear you! (Just Kidding) ahem. hey guys ❤

      • It’s you. It’s the diversity of coto that I am inspired by. It’s other folks around this ball that inspire me. (and I’m not one easily inspired as you all know)

        I get it all from what and who is truly inspirational. I just post bits of what it all means to me. I just posted a little thing called ship of fools and I feel like the captain of that ship more and more these days.
        Wish I could figure out the rule and compass to navigate this boot to somewhere but I’m okay with sailing with the crew to some destination in the future. Thank you and please be on deck more.

        I need you all.

        • Aye aye Cap’n. ❤

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      • Oh by the way, P. S. I’m insane. I will go willingly to the re-education lobotomy center because I KNOW. I know that I love you and Deb and I know like Ted, that our survival is an environmental issue and the Climate is toxic as long as government and technology continue to poison our families.

        • It is that. So much so. Its prob a wonder that more arent succumbing..or maybe I just feel grateful. I love you guys so very much and I know it would be sucky without Coto to Go To.

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        • Patrick, I am surrounded by insane people and I include myself in that crowd. It’s a mad world, is it not? At least we know we are crazy which makes us not crazy at all. I love you too, Mr Dunne.

          • lets not mistake crazy for disturbingly insane..there IS a difference.

  3. NSA whistleblower Russ Tice:

    “All of it is set up to silence the whistleblower.”


    • As to the Corbett Report URLd above:

      I think if you pay close attention to this it will dawn on you what the difference is as to the process Snowden used to release his information, how he learned from the initial NSA whistleblowers as to how the media stabbed them in the back, as well as congress and the courts – and why what he has done now verifies what the first whistleblowers with actual documentation.

      So to say that Snowden isn’t saying anything we didn’t already know is rather a false dig. He has offered smoking guns, whereas others have said that they have seen the weapon they just didn’t have it to bring to court {a quick allegory there}


      • …..send a message Jeeves “kill the messenger”
        (or the reverse)
        its 396 or 693 potato-tomato

        FISA wireless spying has been here for fifteen or twenty years. Even before wifi, they were converting analog-digital cell and overseas satcom.

        Just like Facebook as a cia dossier/boarding pass, the FISA wireless bypassed the TSA airport screening known as the justice system and has been groping america since 1999.

        Barry knows if you used the N word.

        • “Barry knows if you used the N word.”

          And that would be “Next” – right? Like, “Who’ll be the next in line?
          Who’ll be the next in line for heartaches? Who’ll make same mistakes I made over you?”

          I know that’s kinky but that’s what came to mind for the N word, cuz I been away from south Georgia fer quite some time now.


          • T(n) the determination of the amount of resources (such as time and storage) necessary to execute them.

            In mathematics, big ‘O’ notation describes the limiting behavior of a function when the argument tends towards a particular value or infinity.

            For O(n) the surveillance is the tool for algorithm analysis to determine the requirements to transition and kill the (n)umbers indicated in the database dossier and formula.

            Hastings T(n) = f(n3) f(n) = n3 is not a tight big O bound on T(n)

            Which, why, when and how much is the (n)

            Killing the Messengers is a O bound by the mass eugenics program we are in and it is all recorded in one place.

            N is the target, we are N and the N word is likely 6 billion. THe algorithms are multiple, methods and manipulations from a system that verges on artificial intelligence and not random but particular values and eventually running infinite programs.

            • Just imagine Sisyphus happy…


  4. Puddy,

    You don’t have my current email address. Veri has it, you have Veri’s.
    Would you get it from him?

    I got second hand your alert as to OEN…


    • So that’s why you haven’t answered my emails in over 8 months – and here I thought I pissed you off (well, maybe I did and don’t know it)

      • Hah…I spoze you know that when I lost my email, I lost all my contact numbers as well. I didn’t have all of them backed up on word docs, and have since figured it is a good idea to have such jotted down in the real world of pen and paper, in case you loose your whole system at the core__like I did with mine just at the transition after the OEN banning and the start of the COTO site.

        If you have Veri’s email Casa, you can get my address from him as well.

        Those who have never had their email hacked have no idea what a bitch it is on very general terms. I am still dealing with it on many levels with things that haven’t been resolved.


      • And no, Casa, you never pissed me off.


      • I hope CZ got it?

        • Message received – thanx

  5. “If people can’t trust, not only the executive branch, but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges to make sure we’re abiding by the Constitution, due process and the rule of law, then we’re gonna have some problems here.”~pResident Obammy

    Uhh yea…”trust”? Yea I think we have a problem here Huston.

    Any intelligent 9 year old could read the Constitution and tell that the executive branch, congress, and the judicial branch don’t give a flying shit about the Constitution.

    Trust has nothing to do with it.

    One isn’t meant to rely on ‘trust’ in the Republic founded by the Constitution, one is meant to rely on the right to know. Hiding the information that is the right of the people to know under that blanket of the spurious ‘national security state’ is prima facea evidence that the Constitution has no standing in the eyes of this criminal syndicate calling itself “the government”.


  6. Living in a house of mirrors, it’s even hard to shave without cutting your own nose off.


  7. Here’s some flying shit for you. The plot thickens.

    • T’is the Season of the Whistleblowers…

      A Midsummer Night’s Scream that no one will hear.

      Open source info has made the conclusion that Flt 800 was shot down by a missile as beyond a reasonable doubt. So, this MSM revelation flashes in the pan for one day and the zombies who might even notice forget by the next day.

      Bottom line again: The Sheeple don’t give a shit. Give’m a lollipop and they will be sedated.


    • I saw that a few days ago. It’s MSM and a part of the disclosure project for sure don’t you think?

      It’s coming out as part of fast and furious, will be a major part of the windows operations. The Gate is clear. Obama is another of a line of puppets who are running a lengthy program/pogrom to assassinate 6 billion people in a darwinian version of “survivor”

      Whether you see yourself as a Hastings or Wellstone or as a slow kill Novak or Russert, the sanction has been cleared for 6 billion to die.

      Crack the codes and find the numbers, functions and operators and understand the carbon sequestration in it’s truest sense. Bypass the drones as they are only observers.

      is O(n3) when one.

      • I saw her today at the reception
        In her glass was a bleeding man
        She was practiced at the art of deception
        Well I could tell by her blood-stained hands


        • You can’t always get what you want
          .But if you try sometimes you just might find
          you get what you need

          ..Maybe we should try harder..

  8. Summer solstice 2013: Longest day, best Mercury-spotting. This year’s summer solstice, Friday (June 21) at 1:04 a.m. EDT


  9. fairly reliable sources say ausgovt is also working to enable cyprus style funds theft of aus accounts, usa in place already as far as I know.
    wall st and ben d over doing their best to milk the last dregs of anything
    left in pockets..NSA shits splattered worldwide.
    aus govts a pathetic brouhaha and we’re counting the days to elections here, and praying for some honesty and a brain or two..
    repeals of carbontaxes and the rest of the greencrud
    we wont have to woryy re fuel consumption when ford and holden shut down
    fords going holdens near dead in the water.
    most food manufactories gone etc etc
    sit back n watch it all fall over
    tween the old ripoff merchants and the new green ecotards wanting to knock us all off.
    nice to be a fly on the wall.

    • Were all being killed in some functional program. Why do we need our money?

      The purpose is to take it, manage it, use it to provide death panel care and eugenics until such time as the program has completed. You may as well kick back and submit or get off the keester and change the formula. One to many relationships is not an option as they have sufficiently doped the masses.

      They have also captured the remainders and they are enabling the pogroms of committee transformation. At the time of completion, those enablers will undergo the same and they don’t even know it. It’s an infinite program in motion since recorded time.

      The logarithms and lightbulbs are getting easier to see if you bypass those drones and decibels.

  10. I appreciate Dave Hodges but this is old news.

    Aristotle argued that knowing does not necessitate an infinite regress because some knowledge does not depend on demonstration. In this case the demonstration is there. The neural correlates of consciousness have been under assault for the sheeple who cannot even get to vigilance states anymore. There are volumes of information on the Agenda [21].


    Agenda 21- Wetlands/Wildlands Project – ICLEI – UNESCO – Rockefeller Fund

  11. On the morning of 21 June 2013 a security guard shot and killed a man at the Western Wall Plaza, located near the Dung Gate entrance to the Old City area of Jerusalem. The incident took place inside a public restroom, where reports indicate that the victim – described as a Jewish man in his 40s – was behaving suspiciously. The victim reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar,” an Arabic phrase meaning “God is great” and which militants often use before conducting an attack. The guard — who alleges that the victim also attempted to pull something from his pocket — opened fire several times. There is a very heavy Israeli security presence at the Western Wall site, and authorities quickly responded to the incident. An investigation is underway, and it is unclear whether the victim posed a credible threat. Authorities cordoned off access to the area, but it remains unknown if the Western Wall area is closed to visitors.

    • Maybe he forgot his beanie.

      From outhouse to abattoir in a few swift trigger jiggles.

      A Jew singing Jihadi lyrics deserves some hot lead in them that parts, I spoze. Did anyone call the next of kin to the wayward wind?


  12. Meet my new bff 🙂

    • Administrators just take US intel / UN on word. Hamas and Hezbollah providing arms – chemical weapons? She leaves me with some reminder that my Scotch Irish ancestors were under the tyranny of British psyops who made the IRA a tool for conquest. So goes Al CIAda. She’s a pistol.

      I wonder what Cavlan is up to?

      • I’ve always been a fan of the fightin’ Irish and I’m not talkin’ about Notre Dame 😉

        • Good call JG. You put this out on C1 before “Forbidden Knowledge TV and Unfiltered News”. You scooped them on it.

  13. How to identify CIA limited hangout op? -W. Tarplay

    [The operations of secret intelligence agencies aiming at the manipulation of public opinion generally involve a combination of cynical deception with the pathetic gullibility of the targeted populations.]

    • That Tarpley piece is old new Puddy


      • Sorry I backread and see you posted it. I liked it Rogue, thanks.

  14. “If the seriousness of these NSA unconstitutional acts and crimes against “we the people” were properly recognized and processed by the American citizens, this would result is such a strong reaction it would bring down the current regime which illegally seized the SSG in 1963 with a coup de etat that assassinated JFK.
    The NSA is trying to portray Snowden as a big traitor that committed treason, when that could not be further from the truth. He is a stand up man that had a conscience and unconstitutional and highly illegal acts by the NSA. They are the ones doing these crimes not Snowden or any others who previously reported these serious crimes and unconstitutional acts.

    Does the Snowden disclosure signal a major lane change inside the SSG, the high military command or certain sectors inside the highest level of intel? Might it involve a significant number of former high ranking Brass and Flag Officers or high intel?”


    • “Edward Snowden was not the first NSA whistle-blower, but perhaps the one that may have “broke the camel’s back”.
      ~Preston James – Veterans Today [see: above]


  15. “It certainly seems the manner in which the Snowden disclosure was released and immediately fully accepted and validated by the CMMM is noteworthy, especially when so many other prior ones were largely ignored. It seems likely that this is best interpreted as an indicator a major internal shift of some kind is occurring structurally deep with America’s Secret Shadow Government (SSG). It is too early to ascertain exactly what the scope and range of this shift is or what it entails, but it is clear that numerous individuals are distancing themselves from the current administration and the Bush2 administration.”

    Again, Preston James – Veterans Today

    This is a hot COTO geared piece – don’t miss it kids.


    • Have you seen Hennigans attack of VT and the Adamus Group?

      Al Gore kills this guy for me. He pops some good balloons but Al Gore, pleeeease! If he had been sworn in by bilderberg the ship of fools would have sunk like the Titanic.

      • What do u make of Jon’s report? I feel in his attending to the squares (those not in the know)…he isnt fully coming out on things…which I feel he does. A lot. Makes it more publicly palatable….or?

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      • This is all a long series of assertions, by Henegan…

        Is there any actual EVIDENCE offered here?

        I didn’t notice it Puddy, if I missed it copy and paste it here for me if you would. Thanks.


        • \\][//

  16. I like Professor James’ approach because it reminds of the essentials of what is the critical point of the unmistakeably illegal and constitutionally unlawful the whole surveillance state is. The core foundations of Liberty have been attacked viciously and are critically wounded. To fall into the carousels of chatter that distracts from the essential matters of utter criminality of the so-called “government” are to be chumped into ‘Fun-House’ distractions through warped mirrors.

    I feel that all this nit-picking on what and who Showden is, fogs the very clear proofs that should be what is kept in focus and pressed forward as the prime point and target to prosecute by public exposure. It is now simply undeniable that DC is infested by a criminal syndicate representing and instating a thinly veiled global despotic agenda.

    As a crisis this is a ball in play. Whether this is a manufactured crisis, or a matter of the system becoming too unwieldy and cumbersome, the fact is that it could turn unexpectedly in any direction.

    As it is obviously the state’s capability to monitor the people, it can be assured it has the pulse of public opinion as it’s top priority. The tragedy of the people remaining generally somnambulist, is balanced by the possibility of another engineered “tragedy” – one that would require a martial law crackdown. The preparations for such a crackdown and dragnet are well known in the open source arena. So the second danger is a significant number of people distressed enough to join in the racket being made on the blogosphere.

    The test-run dragnet and lockdown in Boston should serve as a demonstration to the state of readiness of the gestapo organizations. This system isn’t willing to provide the resources to adequately respond to devastating forest fires…but rest assured it has plenty, an excess of resources to nail this maximum security state down tight.

    We are in another period of great novelty, and unknown possibilities.


  17. I like James’ stuff too. He’s been a guest many times on the radio show “short end of the stick” on the rense network. However Will, you may want to know, considering your rabid dislike of Gordon Duff, that they are good friends along with your other favorite person Jim Fetzer…

    Look at the comment he left under the article you linked. Truly chilling to any parent of school age children. Also, makes me want to get rid of all my wireless devices…again.. Because I’ve been mulling over that problem for the past year or so..~sigh.. Anyway, here’s James’ comment:

    Preston James, Ph.D
    June 21, 2013 – 10:16 pm

    I was told this by a source and I do not have smoking gun proof that it was the NSA only reports, but what has been done in at least two schools is a fact and has been measured with a second witness. At this time it is worthless trying to expose it because no-one will listen. Most of the large urban public schools are now locked down and militarized and they are very closed and do not want any input from parents of the public.

    Anyone can acquire small inexpensive microwave detector (approx. $75-100) with earset capability so they have silent indicators. Then walk through the school when going to parent teacher meetings, PTA ect.without attracting attention. Study the European actions against WI-FI in the schools as a medical problem. search it on the Internet using a proxied server like Denmark (I think) removed all WI-FI in their schools and replaced it with fiber optic because their studies showed 3-6% of population have altered EEG and EKG around WI-FI. One province in Canada removed them also.

    The biggest danger appears to be dect and portable phones. The base phones can be turned up fremotely and emit level of microwave way over allowable Europeamn health standards. Smart metters are just as dangerous or more to some folks. I suggest folks consider not using WI-FI, dect or remote phones, keep their cell phones waway from their heds when at all possible, uise an earphone or speakerphone. Folks can now buy special wall paints and ground it to block outside transmissions. You can buy smartmeter shielding kits which work.

    A place called is supposed to carry this and other useful products. Numerous places now carry these products so foks can get help. Books and studies are becoming available all the time. Check out the article RoboCops and learn about the top expert in the world who developed many of these microwave devices and weapons, Barry Trower. He has a number of videos on He is the wolrd’s top expert and highly respected, a standup terrific man.

    In my town there are two large public schools where teachers and aides have gone temprarily besrk and run down the halls and had to be restrained by paramedics because of this and numerous kids with newly diagnosed anxiety reactions.

    Some of the first tests were in a sporting good store/chain which had HD cameras with sound also wired into the local fusion center for real time expermentation. One such store I am aware of had several managers and workers crack that had no prior histories. The stores had micowave levels wave over European health standards when swept.

    The HD cameras were wired into facial recognition software as part of the experiment. these operations are protected by the incredulity of anyone who hears the truth, except the few that are in on it. The pan is to take it public to every store and school and work place eventually unless stopped and track everyone 24/7 when the new system comes on line this October. Some call it Skynet. It has the computing ability of 41 million human barins allegedly. This plan is a very sisnister one designed to control everyone 24/7 no exceptions unless you are one of the very top handful of SSG.

    • Oh yes Deb,

      I read his praise of Fetzer for his JFK research. I am not at all familiar with Fetzer’s JFK stuff and cannot comment on that. The only thing I know about Fetzer is he really doesn’t grasp applied physics… with his position he should…

      But I don’t equate friends as the same as each other, I take each person for themselves.

      There is nothing about Fetzer nor Duff that I have said that I will retract simply because I think this piece by Prof. James has validity.
      I won’t even say that I agree with every item in the current essay.
      I have pointed out specifically that which I see as the core value of what he brings forward in this essay. I have not critiqued the entire thing…we are all limited in such endeavors.
      As per this comment you have posted, I have read and heard a lot of info on Wi-Fi, and I do see the sinister side….I don’t have a cell phone, primarily because of my suspicion that this bad jazz is true.

      I have a Wi-Fi web connection, but that device is sitting on the other side of my desk with the computer between it and I to shield me from it.

      I think simply the wiring in a modern house and all the radio waves constantly around us is harmful, especially in it’s compounded effect.
      I also think that the constant noise level in the modern world has an ongoing oppressive and negative effect on the human mind, especially because it is sublimated.

      All in all, the post modern world is really fucked – high tech is a big mistake in even the larger extent that Ellul warned of. But hear we are now, and there is nowhere to run on the whole planet to get totally away from it.

      Maybe just dream it all away…aye?

      “And so, she started another dream.” — a Hopi saying.


  18. “Known and documented, Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, which has covertly supported the “Islamic Terror Network” since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.
    While Al Qaeda is a US sponsored “intelligence asset”, a “New Normal” has been established.
    An Al Qaeda affiliated organization, namely Syria’s Al Nusrah, is being supported “overtly” by the US President, rather than “covertly” by the CIA.

    Everybody knows that Al Qaeda is now directly supported by the US government.

    The implications are far-reaching. Obama’s decision not only undermines the legitimacy of the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT), it also casts doubt on the “blowback” thesis.”~Prof Michel Chossudovsky


  19. From so-so toro [mediocre bullshitter]
    to Obambam slick neurolinguistic magic.


  20. Will, can you listen to an hour podcast? If so,check this one out. It’s Preston James that was on with Mike Harris just yesterday. It’s the second hour and it’s really good stuff. What he discusses on this show is why I like the guy.

    scroll to 6/21. hr 2

    • Thanks Deb,

      I assume that this was much less than video and listened.

      It was most interesting – especially the last part about the new super computer ‘Titan’, which just may turn out to be the advent of THE TERMINATOR… and just may be the manifestation of the technological invention of “the devil”.

      Depending on the time scale of introduction…we may witness the beginning of this in our lifetimes. We certainly see the robotic killers in the skies already…and the next generation of those is seen to be autonomous in the robotic software…they will in fa0ct make their own decisions for targeting. If that isn’t nuts…well hell…ya know?

      ‘It’s all science fiction’ … that has been my motto since 1965. We are living in ‘True Science Fiction Stories’. That is a title of a magazine I designed in the 1990s. Uhhh no, it never went to press…{grin}


    • Here is one for you Deb, either vid or podcast:



  21. The historic powers of citizens’ grand juries were eliminated in 1946.

    “In addition to its traditional role of screening criminal cases for prosecution, common law grand juries had the power to exclude prosecutors from their presence at any time and to investigate public officials without governmental influence. These fundamental powers allowed grand juries to serve a vital function of oversight upon the government. The function of a grand jury to ferret out government corruption was the primary purpose of the grand jury system in ages past.”

    The 5th Amendment:
    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.”

    “A ‘runaway’ grand jury, loosely defined as a grand jury which resists the accusatory choices of a government prosecutor, has been virtually eliminated by modern criminal procedure. Today’s “runaway” grand jury is in fact the common law grand jury of the past. Prior to the emergence of governmental prosecution as the standard model of American criminal justice, all grand juries were in fact “runaways,” according to the definition of modern times; they operated as completely independent, self-directing bodies of inquisitors, with power to pursue unlawful conduct to its very source, including the government itself.”

    “In 1946, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure were adopted, codifying what had previously been a vastly divergent set of common law procedural rules and regional customs.[86] In general, an effort was made to conform the rules to the contemporary state of federal criminal practice.[87] In the area of federal grand jury practice, however, a remarkable exception was allowed. The drafters of Rules 6 and 7, which loosely govern federal grand juries, denied future generations of what had been the well-recognized powers of common law grand juries: powers of unrestrained investigation and of independent declaration of findings. The committee that drafted the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure provided no outlet for any document other than a prosecutor-signed indictment. In so doing, the drafters at least tacitly, if not affirmatively, opted to ignore explicit constitutional language.“[88]“

    “[W]hile the writers of the federal rules made provisions for indictments, they made none for presentments. This was no oversight. According to Professor Lester B. Orfield, a member of the Advisory Committee on Rules of Criminal Procedure, the drafters of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 6 decided the term presentment should not be used, even though it appears in the Constitution. Orfield states [22 F.R.D. 343, 346]:

    ‘There was an annotation by the Reporter on the term presentment as used in the Fifth Amendment. It was his conclusion that the term should not be used in the new rules of criminal procedure. Retention might encourage the use of the run-away grand jury as the grand jury could act from their own knowledge or observation and not only from charges made by the United States attorney. It has become the practice for the United States Attorney to attend grand jury hearings*, hence the use of presentments have been abandoned.’ ~Creighton Law Review [Vol. 33, No. 4 1999-2000, 821]
    [*This attendance is what is known as ‘minding’ and is rightfully considered intimidation.~ww]

    That’s a fascinating statement: “Retention might encourage…the grand jury [to] act from their own knowledge or observation.” God forbid, right America? The nerve of these people. They have the nerve to put on the record that they intended to usurp our Constitutional power, power that was intended by the founding fathers, in their incredible wisdom, to provide us with oversight over tyrannical government.

    And so they needed a spin term to cast aspersions on that power. The term they chose was, “runaway grand jury”, which is nothing more than a Constitutionally mandated grand jury, aware of their power, and legally exercising that power to hold the federal beast in check, as in “checks and balances”.

    The lie couldn’t be inserted into the Constitution, so they put it in a statute and then repeated it. And scholars went on to repeat it, and today, as it stands, the grand jury has effectively been lied into the role of submissive puppet of the US Attorney.



    • As has been reiterated time and again, statutory law cannot be used as a substitute for constitutional amendment, which is in fact plainly stated in the Constitution itself.

      It is such attempts to give the appearance that this can be done, that is one of the clear presentments that the sitting so-called “government” is a disingenuous usurper bent on tyranny.

      Hey hey enn ess aye put that in your pipe and smoke it.


  22. Titan may be space based or mirrored in Earthraker for the new carbon economy and sequestration ala NWO. Being a term for the super race and a moon of Saturn it fits to be the achivement of total surveillance and dominance and operated from the most advantageous position.

    I hope I’m wrong but I hate hope. So I pray.

  23. Patrick I hate hope too. Its a deceptive word..everyone thinks its such a nice positive word…but it ISNT. Its a word that implies : UNLIKELY…OUT OF REACH…but the worst part of it is that it robs people of the knowledge and usage of their own personal powers of manifestation. Perfect word for the fake man campaign. (Obama) Patrick have u ever been to the blog here known as In Search of Black Assassins ?? Very very spicy meatball this one.

    • Absolutely Nicole. De-powers you.
      Makes you accept A, Hoping for B while ignoring C

      robs people of the knowledge and usage of their own personal powers of manifestation.^^^^^^^

      You make your power. You can take power from others too if you wish. There are plenty of sheep to shear, willing and able to roll over and be clipped. That’s their power only.

      The difference is they have limited power, you have unlimited power and you don’t need theirs. Neither theirs or from sheep. We coto share ours. We have a glut. We have to share it.

      No fear-no shear. For them, no pain-no gain.

      • ❤ no fear no shear cap'n!!!

  24. Everything gets gory in this alley, for it is the allegory that makes the story and all the stories are in that vast internal mysterious space called consciousness…and the truth is that, like is not.


    • We were just discussing this last night as we cruised by the star nebula system that has appeared over Orion. Hybrid had stated this and I suggested he tell it to COTO the following day…..;) On Jun 23, 2013 6:41 AM, “COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS” wrote:

      > ** > hybridrogue1 commented: “Everything gets gory in this alley, for it is > the allegory that makes the story and all the stories are in that vast > internal mysterious space called consciousness…and the truth is that, > like is not. \\][//”

      • Yes Nikki/Dawn, and I awoke thinking, how utterly true it is that a human life passes in but a blink of the eye.

        The thought brought a moment of sadness – that too passed in the blink of an eye.


        • dang…:( Im going to slow the gears…k?

  25. There is an intelligence and information “war” going on between different factions within the US government. There are even different groups within the Galactic & ET Disclosure movement that are at “war” with each other. You all know the players but I have decided to name a few of the well known intel agents and groups for a memory refresher.

    Poofness, Casper, John MacHaffie, Tom Heneghan, Gordan Duff, Sorcha Faal, Benjamin Fulford, Sheldan Nidle, Billie Woodard, Neil Keenan, OPPT, Tolec, Drake, Tanaath, Cobra, Project Camelot, Alfred Webre, Steven Greer, White Hats, World Wide Light Workers, Alex Jones

    “About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposely partially false, because if I didn’t write false information, I wouldn’t be alive.“ (Duff – Video Link)


    • Benjamin Fulford was not an agent. You guys may not believe this but it is the belief of many in interesting and semi valid circles that Ben was cloned.

      • Is a “semi valid circle” an oval? Egg like? Or more like a flat tire? Round on top but squished where it counts – where the rubber meets the road…


        • bah!! makes me sick..this guy is just a smokescreen..DISGUSTING!!!

        • i lOvE yOu!

        • LIKES!

        • Indeed!!!

        • you barstard you got me somehow !!! lol

          • Hahahaha…what a range of emotions in a matter of mutant minutes

            Love you like you too indeed in deed and by ovals and little fishes.


            • yes its a gift …heehee ❤

  26. If these posts weren’t questionable enough, there is the October 29, 2012 Veterans Today article by Don Fox, along with Clare Kuehn, Jeff Prager and four others. Veterans Today is the publication that editor Gordon Duff says is about 30% “patently false.”


    • LISTEN TO ALL ….FOLLOW NONE.. Excellent advice. Too many sycophants fawning over the various “truther gods.” We really need to stop that. None of them are saviors or heroes. THere are real jewels to be garnered from the many sources we all listen/read here on the net and also a lot of disnfo type crap. Every last one of them have been found wanting in one category or another by myself and I’m sure the rest of you as well. We need to be smart enough to recognize the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond. It’s not that easy since they perfected the cz to have the same kind of sparkle.

      • Yup Deb … I carry a little salt shaker where ever I go, as most every dish needs a dash of my own perspective to make it palatable.


  27. Edward Snowden departs Hong Kong on flight to Moscow June 23, 2013
    Source: Salon

    “The NSA whistle-blower is bound for a “democratic nation via a safe route,” according to a statement from WikiLeaks.

    The Hong Kong government confirmed Sunday that NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden has departed the territory for a “third country.” WikiLeaks issued a statementon Sunday saying Snowden is bound for a “democratic nation via a safe route for the purposes of asylum, and is being escorted by diplomats and legal advisors from WikiLeaks.”

    According to a report from a reservations agent at the Russian airline Aeroflot, Snowden is on his way to Moscow, though it appears the capital city may just be a temporary stop en route to his final destination, as the New York Times reports:

    The Russian foreign ministry said that Mr. Snowden appeared to be making a connection in Moscow to another destination, but did not say where.”


  28. The dawn of madness on the horizon of the Renaissance is first perceptible in the decay of Gothic symbolism; as if that world, whose network of spiritual meanings was so close-knit, had begun to unravel, showing faces whose meaning was no longer clear except in the forms of madness. The Gothic forms persist for a time, but little by little they grow silent, cease to speak, to remind, to teach anything but their own fantastic presence, transcending all possible language (though still familiar to the eye). Freed from wisdom and from the teaching that organized it, the image begins to gravitate about its own madness.
    Paradoxically, this liberation derives from a proliferation of meaning, from a self-multiplication of significance, weaving relationships so numerous, so intertwined, so rich, that they can no longer be deciphered except in the esoterism of knowledge. Things themselves become so burdened with attributes, signs, allusions that they finally lose their own form.
    Meaning is no longer read in an immediate perception, the figure no
    longer speaks for itself; between the knowledge which animates it and the form into which it is transposed, a gap widens. It is free for the dream.

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