Posted by: jerseyg | June 15, 2013

Boom! A theory on those strange sounds we’ve been hearing…



  1. Deb,

    Ive posted a hundred or more on these HAARPINGS.

    1. BP well Event Horizon. I stated theory of multiple deep drillings beyond the legal limit. I stated that the drilling is not for oil but in instances it to place the markers (ELF) targets for HAARPING in strategic faults that beyond the Ley Lines have a most opportune point of assault. The BP Horizon is one of several in the Gulf. It is the major reason for Fracking sites from Louisiana to Ohio. Memphis is a Ley point (pyramid proven) These are their tuning forks, if you will.

    The others are the Juan de Fuca (San Fransisco) and the Fukushima. I also have posted many on the cumbre vieja {canary Is] which is another.
    From Iran to London to Singapore to Phoenix these multi globalist industrial military ops are preparing for Project Bluebeam.

    It is going to be biblical in proportion, in revelation and in thought. It will be in a series over a determined length of time with precision NASA time coordination. It will be derived from Genesis 6, executed by Nato command and the joint chiefs, communicated by, filmed by and explained by NASA NOAA and USGS.

    Every header involving Bluebeam has reference Serge’s Pucharich or Teslas findings in psychological, physical matter and energetics down to the economics which are held by Goldman Sachs, the committee carbon group of Agenda 21 and the United Nations Security Council running the UNESCO group.

    This final solution will be executed by 2016 with a series of events that will trigger a most radical series of power transfers and draconian mandates unlike Hitler could ever have dreamed of. The technology will spring forth like Pegasus from Medusa’s severed head.

    All the cosmic mumbo jumbo is filler for the heads of sheeple. The ufology, alien bullshit and asteriod holyrood nonsense will feed thew Gaia heads as the religulous memes have been bouncing through the Vatican Jesuit dramas. Time for Peace and change. I can’t wait for the cockroaches who will emerge. (played by George Clooney in the film version)

    Cuba lights -Russian lights, world booms. Alphabeta mind control reports will be ABC. Accept, Believe, Confess.

    Why can’t Dutchsince or these others put the pieces into the History of the deaths of individuals like Casolaro, Pucharich, Bill Cooper(911), Serge Monast, Aaron Russo etc. and see the big picture?

    NASA has put up more satellites and ISS based telemetry debris into space than anytime I can remember. The Lunar Hoax is the Mars hoax and the money is going into Bluebeam. And the elites are going to Antartica, Greenland and space for the show. I just wish they would start so I can rest my goddam case.

    BTW I always loved the US Army Corp, of Eng logo. It’s a classic symbol of 3-9-6 in committee style arrogance. I’m sure everyone can observe.

    • Puddy, the next big one is expected to occur due southwest of us in the Nankai trough. On the average of historical occurrences it is overdue, and when it occurs, the tsunami alone will cut Japan in half. The bottleneck in traffic arteries near Mt. Fuji is picturesque:

      That’s the Tomei Expressway, Highway 1 and the Tokaido train line. All are major freight routes. The shinkansen “bullet train” goes through a tunnel here, but would be wiped out where it crosses the Fujikawa River, on the other side of the smaller mountains.

      There are two other expressways that could be revived with relatively minor repairs–a lot of thought has gone into this vulnerability in recent years–but both go through Nagoya, which is apt to be badly hit as well, with port facilities possibly obliterated.

      If they wanted to eliminate Japan once and for all, this is where they would aim. Has there been any information on placement of targets along the Nankai Trough?

      • Thanks Pat. I’m going to chart and coordinate that. I am curious of what you have been experiencing there in ELF or EMR phenomenon. It has been non stop here.

        Are you getting the rains yet? I liked the pictures you linked.

        I have no info on Fuji or Nankai Trough. I will look into it. Are there drilling sites or fracking/construction sites there now? I keep getting the juan de fuca here and I will never let go of the Memphis scenario or the cumbre vieja. Both would make the tranformation complete here.

        The ring of fire is active though and when Chili gets hit Japan does as well or so it seems. It’s one hell of a subduction zone.

        • Puddy, every time they roll out some new EMF technology here, I deal with new health effects. Smart phones have been a real disaster, and I avoid spending much time shopping. I’m living out by Mount Fuji, though, and I think her magnetic field anomalies have had a protective effect.

          No fracking planned where we live. There has been talk about it elsewhere in Japan, but very limited.

          The big thing, however, which you can see if you google Nankai Trough, is methane hydrates, which they are heralding as a possible energy source. Methane hydrates are also found in the Gulf of Mexico, and were a source of trouble in the Deepwater Horizon blowout. They are extremely unstable, but Japan is desperate enough to try to develop them.

          If they are exploring with a mind to mine this, well… Time to shackle the bookcases to the wall.

  2. Patrick, I know you have. You were the first one to bring HAARP to the forefront here and Bluebeam. Still, after all this time, most people still think it’s all just conspiracy theory and not fact. They refuse to evn look up at evidence they can see with their very own eyes. THey don’t even notice how their skies have changed…those white lines that turn to weird clouds and make a sunny day, gray. Chemtrails?? What are you a tin foil hatter? Those are persistent contrails!

    What does one have to do to convince them that those booms they are hearing are from the ptb tampering with the earth’s very core? Actually, from the hits my strange sounds posts have collected, I’d say a lot of people are freaked out by them and seeking answers. They still leave comments years later. The booms and vibrations and strange noises have not stopped but in fact seem to have increased.

    Maybe loud noises are exactly what it takes to wake the masses from their slumber and get them up and asking the same questions we’ve been asking for years.

    PS: The army corp of engineers logo is insane.

    • Truly they tamper with all the spheres in Copernicus terms. The Earths, spheres, Mans spheres are similarly effected. It’s Nature ultimately manipulated by the nature of the psychopath. Their defense is the knowledge they were bestowed and the power that it wields. We could all relate if we shared it. They just believe it to be their patent.

      If you subscribe to Pythagorean metaphysics, the transformation and influence of the spheres should not effect the prime directive for our work. That being the transition of our souls. Logically I expected the situation to be what it is. I just had not grasped the magnitude of ignorance of society. I still have faith and awe in humanity though, just not hope. It’s a part of Occu-Pi that I hate the most.

  3. There are some things we can begin to see in the short term. Obviously the weather will gradually be a 24/7 Channel.

    note: CNN/Weather Channel merge

    The eventual decay of DSL based bandwidth. The increasing of 4G technology to beyond. Global Warfare’s most critical infrastructure was transitioning analog to digital and WiMAX implemetation. Smart Meters being the tip of the iceberg.

    note: we have all experienced the decay, but those who have 4G can begin to see the performance of the environment they want you in. Ubiquitous computing [“machines that fit the human environment instead of forcing humans to enter theirs”]

    The technocracy assures the majority to comply willingly. In Biblical terms the Mark will be represented by this mandate to be in the system.

    explanation: the war on trade (world wide web terror organization = WWWTO)

    As we look back at all the components in the postings we have done we can compartmentalize the 1. financial swindles 2. false flag terror 3. Full spectrum surveillance. Almost nothing we have exposed here cannot be placed within these boxes.

    I posted this comment to wanda’s “CiFer” Dark Side of Moon.
    in part “In Kaballah 22, 27, 32, 33

    We are in the Five now and if you figure five and the missing number
    you have the whole enchalada. You can decode all writing, music and the bible. It never fails to sum.

    4G to 5th Generation is where the rubber will meet the road of bluebeam. The greatest trick of the Committee is their commitment to concealment. In Kabbalah in politics and technology. We cannot identify it, because we cannot perceive it or decode it.

    The WiMAX – the distortion, the distraction and interference makes it too difficult. Opting out and decontaminating helps but the reality is the panoptic [grid] is in place. Your life and mental acuity is squelched by the grid and we are suffering from loss of the light and schumman “frequencies”

    note: Are you happy? Healthy? Feel free? Lucid? Powerful? Or are you stressed, tired, melancholy, depressed and unfulfilled? Only the nines are. 9-18-27-36….

    Do you feel like you are imprisoned? or in PRISM?

    What technology is beyond 4-5G is the fifth Generation of global warfare. The single most important aspect is the “Cloud” in which all communication thought and numbers intersect and function completely under their control.

    Beyond LAW, ECONOMY, CONFLICT, POLITICS, ENVIRONMENT lies a concealment of TECHNOLOGY. This is the beast. The elephant in the room is so big it is concealed. You have to move a few light years away to see it’s form. We have spent a lot of time trying to decode it like an autopsy, but I think the better method would be to go to the technology and examine it from a cellular level. Until zeropoint, where we will get light years from the grid, we’ll have to muddle in dissection.

    note: They have been reading your thoughts in 3G and 4G for some time now. When 5GW is in effect, their thoughts will be your thoughts. No need to read but you’ll have them with plenty of speed.

    • You make a good point, Patrick. Even if we ourselves manage to decontaminate and retain our own sanity, what good does it do if all around us are zombies, or even merely sick or deranged from the already observable effects of this? Will they remember to thank us as we wipe their sorry Alzheimers besmirched behinds?

      It was about seven years ago I read some gleeful idiocy from Tokyo University about cooperation between academia and industry, in which they were going to produce wi-fi transmitting fabrics for clothing–the usual stuff that sounds like good ideas if you take their word and don’t think about it. Latest news is they’re getting ready to roll those fabrics out now, and need I mention Google Glass? At least the latter is waking up a few more sheep.


        The fifth Generation of warfare. WiFI in threads? Google Glass?
        Both commercial financial ops for the Industrial Complex. We have no doubt it comes from the DoD who have the google glass in the headgear of NATO Military assassins. They also have the nanofiber suits that have compression wound care, armour and automated MEDS release technology. Epinephrine and psychotic beta blockers to keep the killing machine running.

        When hollywood hyped the vampires and zombies it was to take the focus off the studies of what would transpire if one of these (or more) scenarios took place. The real zombies are far more dangerous than advertized in the slow running dim witted variety. The studies from the Andes, gang mentality, cannibalism, etc. were quite frank.

  4. I’ll balance this post a bit for the sheeple. A little ditty from Stubblebine network.

    Monster mosquito panic! Global warming causes elephant-sized zombie mosquitoes to invade Florida; victims sucked dry (satire)

    June 15th, 2013

    (NaturalNews) – Giant mosquitoes the size of elephants are invading Florida and sucking so much blood out of victims that they shrivel up and die, warned health authorities in Seminole County. They’re being called “zombie mosquitoes” because a bite from one of these massive mosquitoes — which can weigh up to 200 pounds and can carry a full five gallons of blood — leaves victims shriveled and pale, looking much like a zombie. Those few who have survived encounters with the creatures say being bitten by one feels “like being stabbed by a pitchfork.”

    The American Red Cross is hoping to find a way to hack the tiny brains of the zombie mosquitoes and install remote-control interface chips that would allow Red Cross volunteers to pilot the creatures as if they were blood donor drones. “This could drastically increase the success of our blood drives,” one worker told Natural News. “We just have to train them to deposit the blood at a Red Cross collection location.” Watch for the Red Cross Airborne Insect Platoon to be deployed soon.

    There has been some confusion in the public response to the zombie mosquitoes. When a local television station warned that “the blood suckers are coming!” several local conservative non-profit groups thought that meant they were being raided by the IRS. The panic ended when they realized the more sobering truth. “It turns out it was only elephant-sized blood-sucking mosquitoes with a 20-foot wingspan,” explained Melvin Mayhem. “Compared to the IRS, that’s nothing.”

    The rise of the zombie mosquitoes is, of course, attributed to global warming. “The problem is that too many humans are exhaling and too many cows are farting,” explained Al Gore, spokesperson for Blood and Gore, also known as Generation Investment Management (GIM). David Blood, CEO of the company — and yes, that’s his real name just look it up — is excited that global warming might give rise to yet more blood-sucking creatures. (And no, I’m not referring to Al Gore himself.)

    Police in Alabama are reportedly attempting to capture zombie mosquitoes in Florida so that they can be used at roadside checkpoints to take blood samples from innocent citizens. “If giant vampire mosquitoes take your blood, then we don’t need a warrant,” explained off-duty officer Peewee Powers. “We then extract the blood from the creature and submit it to the NSA for analysis and archiving.”

    McDonald’s is urging Florida residents to “eat more cheeseburgers,” which makes human blood resistant to mosquito sucking because it turns your blood to sludge. “Cheeseburgers can save your life,” declares a new McDonald’s television advertisement.

    And yes, in case you haven’t yet noticed, this article exists solely to make fun of all the highly-exaggerated reporting and fear mongering we’re now seeing about the gallinippers mosquitoes now being spotted in Florida. News organizations are going bonkers over this mosquito, reporting that their bite feels like “a small knife wound.” I’m not making this up. You can read this at Mother Nature Network.

    That same story goes on to report, “Florida is about to be invaded by monster mosquitoes…”

    Fox News also reports that mosquitoes “20 times” the size of normal mosquitoes “have swarmed Seminole County.” Apparently we are all supposed to cower in terror.

    “This mosquito was so big I actually called the Seminole County Health Department,” reports one reader. Seriously. Will they call 911 next? That same story, by the way, also carries a quote from a reader who implies the mosquitoes were caused by global warming. (I swear I’m not making this part up.)

    I say, well heck, why not declare martial law and call out the National Guard? Why not tell residents of Florida to “shelter in place,” Boston-style, and have armed troops go door to door searching everybody’s homes for mosquitoes? Apparently this is some sort of national emergency, right? I mean, they can FLY!

    Call in the troops! Giant blood-sucking global warming insect zombie vampires are on the loose in Florida, and we need the government to save us!


    Source: Natural News

  5. The “government” is the giant blood sucking mosquito.

  6. I am not going to be able to watch a video of this length.

    So I have no idea what the theory is. Can it be put in a simple abstract of a few words?


    • Basically it’s about the building of DUMBS, blowing up dams & levees by the army corp of engineers, fracking, the ensuing sinkholes and booms & vibrations. Very well documented. I had no idea of the scope of these procedures. Right down to people claiming the moon that they have their telescopes & cameras focused on is “shaking”. The moon isn’t what is shaking. What is the moon, anyway?

      Will, the sounds are not people’s imagination. There are towns in Canada and elsewhere where they not only hear the sound but feel the vibration underfoot. Investigation comes up with nothing but dead ends.

      I heard a sound I had never heard before and so did people I work with. It bothered me enough to write that article. It’s really not hard to believe that all that is going on underground and all the emf going on above is detectable to the human ear.

      People are definitely hearing something that is out of the ordinary.

      How long of a video can u watch? Here’s a good one (no sound) of the scope of these things..(8 mins long)

      • Nice post, JG! And thank you for the summary too.

        Radiowave hearing is a well-documented phenomenon, in which modulated signals can be audible, with the mechanism apparently being sudden heating and cooling in certain tissues of the brain. Even Wikipedia has a page on it!

        The Taos hum, among others has been well documented. When in Denver, I heard a hum intermittently at night, but only when I was sleeping on a bed with wire coils in the mattress. When I was living in Trinidad, southern Colorado, 40 years ago, all night, night after night, I could hear a hum that I took for a distant train .

  7. I will just add here that I am skeptical – as I mentioned quite sometime back.
    It is not a skepticism of HAARP or chemtrails. It is a skepticism based on knowing the deep ignorance of the majority of the population of the nature of acoustics in the changing weather environs and the geological matrix caused by such.

    Extremely loud industrial noise can vary and waver depending on a variety of circumstances. A freeway may be virtually silent or deafening depending on cloud cover — an air pressure lid that may create the most startling echos at times. Nothing in our environment is status quo, but ever changing if one pays attention to it.

    Another thing is the nature of recording. Most people unfamiliar with recording audio are often shocked by the ambient noise picked up that they sublimate in there real situations. One can hear things that are practically constant in their environment for the very first time by making a recording.

    At any rate. I am dubious to this “Strange Sounds” phenomena that has become the rage from recordings on the www.


  8. More weird shit:

  9. Ya know, ancient man attributed thunder and lightning, earthquakes, eclipses, eruptions, headaches, and a woman’s menstrual cycle to the whims of the gods.

    It seems an allegory here, blaming all of that on the whims of technology.

    If this seems blasphemous to the spirits of COTO I apologize. But I think this is a falling into the belief of the Manichean Devil, and giving the puppet masters much too much credit.


    • Not giving them credit, Will. By making people aware of what could be causing these things will bring us to a solution quicker than sticking our heads in the sand and pretending it’s not happening, eh?

  10. I never had Tinnitus, nor a reason to have it. Sudenly a few years back it came and has never left.. Though I have never heard the strange sounds in booms rumbles or bangs, I hear a range of octave hums everyday now.

    I remember Dr. Richard (shrink rat) complain about it all the time when I was posting ELF-EMR information. The Nerve Conduction Tests I schedule have a questionnaire reagarding this and I get 25-30% who have hearing issue with Tinnitus and always have neurological issues ranging from Headaches to blurred vision and dizziness.

    The strange sounds are EMF heating much like thunder and some are earth shifts I believe. Animals will hear them long before we do.

    • Puddy,

      As for your Tinnitus, do you grind your teeth? Perhaps in your sleep?
      Do you find yourself tightening your jaw unconsciously and remember to relax at times when you notice yourself doing it?

      It could be something as simple as a dental problem in some cases.

      It could also simply be an unconscious habit you acquired.

      A friend from childhood got Tinnitus in his late twenties, it caused a distracting high pitched ringing that at times he couldn’t even converse with others it was so bad.

      He found no relief medically, and after some twenty years of this, it simply began to fade away, and it is now totally gone. [???]


      • Will, with all the background noise(emfs/haarp) we are being subject to like never before in history, you are telling us you can’t fathom the idea that it could be affecting our health in any way?

        • Of course I think that health is being affected by EMF, and I see plenty enough chemtrails {for my liking} around here.

          I am not arguing that there is nothing to this – I am however arguing that as with most things of this nature there is some degree of hysteria involved.

          I hear weird shit all the time…but I have heard weird shit all my life. I can hear the growls and roars of tyrannosaurus when big ten wheelers gear down to climb a hill on the FWY, I can hear choruses of human voices in the whining wheels of traffic, I can hear the screaming of demons in the night mixed in with all the metal hurlant in the modern industrial world.

          Sound is a very special modality. We cannot handle it. We cannot push it away. We cannot turn our backs to it. We can close our eyes, hold our noses, withdraw from touch, refuse to taste. We cannot close our ears though we can partly muffle them. Sound is the least controllable of all sense modalities. We can also sublimate common sound, especially persistent sound, until it is brought to our attention by some sudden volume increase.

          The myths of the Banshee might be kept in mind to consider how long eerie noises have freaked out human beings.


          • Those are fair observations, Will. I would definitely temper the information coming in with an appropriate degree of skepticism. For all of the real information we are examining, there will be a dozen similar decoys out there for the purposes of distraction or discrediting. There have always been natural phenomena responsible for some of what we are experiencing, such as the “yamanari” I wrote about earlier, and if compelling evidence of other causes is lacking, our first explanation should be natural or mundane (e.g., perhaps a constantly running generator in Trinidad), with other possibilities not necessarily discounted (e.g., yes, it is close to Taos, where a hum is well known and thought perhaps to be related to radio transmissions from military facilities).

  11. Quite a compilation be Stew Webb

    Illuminati Council of 13 Human Sacrifice Denver Colorado

  12. Is it Father’s Day???

    Lol, I had no idea.


  13. Patrick, my sister just developed tinnitis about a year ago. No dental problems, doesn’t grind her teeth, isn’t around loud machinery nor does she attend rock concerts anymore! Just came out of the blue. Just like everyone’s never ending sinus problems, asthma & upper respiratory problems all year long now as opposed to seasonal.

    Will, you are lucky if you don’t get chemtrailed or hear strange noises that you’ve never encountered in your life before. But so many educated people are realizing the world we knew is no longer. It’s not only manifesting itself through the political, financial scene but through weird things in the sky and strange sounds.

    This is nothing like thinking the earth is flat, Will, trust me. If you experienced any of this, you’d know it’s not a natural occurrence.

    • No, me either. No grinding, no rock concerts, no punches to the jaw, head trauma or dental problems. What it is is the dental silver amalgamates which like the chemtrail chaff are receptive to EMF.

      There are certain cranial and jaw configuration or filling shapes that may play a role. Usually tinnitis from another source are consistent sound and pitch. My, and maybe your sister’s is the same where the pitch, intensity and range change randomly.

      I can observe this most easily when I am up on the mountain top when it is quiet and I go to think. Some days it changes minute to minute. I have accustomed myself to it

      Hey Deb review the Stew Webb article above. It’s a proven ley location and part of five points in Colorado. I still have a coffee cup souvenir from the Brown Palace. I lived two miles from it in what they call Lo-Do in Denver (lower downtown) and the creepy brownstone buildings and warehouses.

      Happy Fathers Day Rogue!

      • Hey Patrick… read the stew webb article. It’s a sad day when I can say I’m not surprised by this. I did hear an interview, it may have been Webb interviewing him.. anthony levay and how he was castrated by these reptiles. Btw, Webb believes they are fallen angels and he even used the term reptilian.

        As you know, that’s exactly where I stand on who these sickos really are. They go way beyond mental illness and into the demonic for sure. Whether you believe in heaven or hell I think nearly everyone believes in the struggle of good vs evil. There is no doubt the illuminati are pure evil.

        What do you think of what Webb says about the “aliens” and area 51? How about that Ed Slade guy?

        As for living in Denver, did you know about all this stuff back then? I would feel so creeped out, having been in such close proximity to the monsters and what goes on there.

        I used to want to visit Colorado because it seemed like a beautiful state. I even have a friend who used to try to get me to visit him in Denver a few years ago. I never did get there. Needless to say, I no longer have that desire…lol.

        Rosemary’s Baby was a perfect example of how the hollywood/music crowd get lured into selling their souls….. that creepy old crone Elaine Millman could have been a stand in for Ruth Roman in that movie.

        • I never knew the history but I have a Brown Palace Coffee Mug from my visit there in 1996. 🙂 It was creepy like the Vanderbilt home here in NC.

      • In Tokyo, I had tinnitus that sounded eerily like Morse code. That ended when I left Tokyo. It could be damage from a high EMF environment (that’s how it seemed to me), and your body’s attempts to repair that through inflammatory processes. Or it might be microwave hearing, but that seems less likely. The latter I have experienced as a “zownt!” sensation when someone aims their phone at me and presses “send” (I guess, I never owned one), but has never been reliable. It is possible that metals nearby would affect the radiowaves enough to make a real difference–i.e., inducing thermal levels of microwave radiation in certain “hot spots.” This is one real and thoroughly ignored mechanism of damage from cell phones.

        • Yes, Pat, that is exactly our point here. There is all kind of sound and interference that is causing the human body distress. Dare I say, more than we realize.

          As for the sounds, people are hearing industrial type sounds that live in the country nowhere near plants or any kind of heavy machinery. To add to that, the sounds are heard often in the dead of night and wake them from sleep. Some are also feeling the earth vibrate along with the sounds. Sure, people can hear sounds that can be explained away easily but not all. There are also the youtube fakers that put up bogus videos. But so many of these noises are genuine from what I’ve read and can’t be explained away by the above. I’m speaking of entire towns in Canada and the U.S. with local officials involved in trying to track them down to no avail.

          That is why I posted the video above. They are distrubing the earth and the fault lines with their underground construction. We’ll have hell to pay.

  14. 49 – Waymarker California S.F. Bohemian Grove

  15. PD… Just had a peek at the Webb article.. I’m on lunch break right now so don’t have time to really read it now. Looks like something that’s going to freak me out and piss me off though.. Will definitley dive into it when I get home tonight! Thanks for the link 🙂

  16. “..whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”~Declaration of Independence


  17. “I can see them at home evenings. Chaplin squatting grey and nude, atop his chiffonier, swinging his thyroid around his head by his bamboo cane, like a dead rat. Oona in an aquamarine gown, applauding madly from the bathroom.”~J D Salinger


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