Posted by: veritytwo | June 14, 2013

It Can’t happen Here

I find that as we approach the edge of the abyss, video’s are getting clearer and more concise but my question is. Are these being produced to instigate the reaction that TPBT are ready for? Still, would one rather be privy to a hard truth, or? I don’t think that’s a question with COTO’rs.  It’s VIA Infowars and quite good.



  1. Veritable, that is a good question. A friend of mine, Arthur Firstenberg, who writes about the dangers of EMF, has been an outspoken opponent of using the Net to organize initiatives. When you do so, you broadcast your intentions and plans to the enemy, and furthermore, you are being outshouted by the cacophony of disinformation.

    I think the only good of the Net, beyond providing reams of low-quality information that needs to be tested for verification, is morale-building for one’s own side, like the threatening drums audible from distant campfires in the dark forest. However, even if we don’t use their execrable technology along with six billion others, they have ways of tracking us all. We’ve been sold a Trojan horse. We willingly bought it.

  2. I am going to hijack your thread for a moment here, Veritable, with apologies. About ten days ago, a friend of mine made his first post here, but it was at the end of a long thread which was winding down, and right then, the news came in about Snowden’s disclosure, so we all turned our attention to that.

    I was telling him to expect quite a response to what he was saying, but it got overlooked, which is not typical here. What I ought to do is put up an article about Tony. I can vouch for him. He’s a close friend and the one who warned me most graphically about the dangers of economic collapse we face on account of the loss of cheap petroleum resources. He said a society like that of North Korea in Japan was probable. Of course, that is now happening worldwide, as we see.

    The thread was Puddy’s

    And Tony’s comment under the name “tonbo80” was:

    “Yes, I largely agree with the above – so it seems that the “plan” is to manufacture an alien invasion scare, then use that to convince the world’s population that world government and space-based weapons are crucial to repelling that invasion, and then hold the population in thrall with the space-based weapons, drones, biometrics, militarized police forces and all the other recent security technology – and then the mass culling through war? Or maybe the war isn’t necessary, but in Japan people are assuming that it’s coming while Abe is PM – so before Dec. 2016 (this would usher in a kind of geopolitical restructuring in favour of Russia and China, with the US pulling back from Asia, but it’s not at all sure how this ‘fits’ with alien invasions). Also there is mention somewhere above (in one of the videos?) that the “alien invasion” is to happen in 2015, so we all have approx. two years of “normal” living to go before the world and each of the national societies is restructured, the population re-managed, humanity then being dragged into what I assume TPTB have in mind for the 21st century. I have a bit more to say about this, but any comments???”

    He’s new here, so he is not acquainted with a lot of what has been discussed, and needs some filling in. He is paying even closer attention than I to the political developments in Japan, so he is a worthwhile COTO crew member.

    Anybody want to help him?

    • Hi Patricia and Tony,

      I have mixed feelings about the whole scenario, it is a ‘maybe – maybe not’ for me.

      The maybe not stems from the ‘popularity’ of the Bluebeam project. In that it seems to be so expected by a certain minority that has been paying attention to the machinations of the dreadful ‘controllers’.

      As with the PRISM revelations, they now seem like primer for hiding something even deeper and more sinister as far as the real surveillance capabilities – which I suspect have been more sophisticated and total than anything anyone yet imagines.

      The question then arises is the info thus collected on the human race ‘actionable’? Are the powers we assume that be, capable of sorting anything out from such an exponential mass of data?

      Is it even necessary to attempt to “fool” a global population that seems now to be so thoroughly enchanted to the point of bicameralism?
      The psychological engineering is the sharpest shank in the toolbox, as far as I can read into this situation.

      Remember in Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother was the most brainwashed of all.

      I think Puddy has a coherent theory that he might outline in a post directed to Tony. He is likely more certain as to the probabilities of a “space invasion” event than I am able to muster at this time. But let him speak for himself.


      • I wish you had the bandwidth Willy. V’s selected videos are always A+. This one is fit for public education as a primer for how little power they have. Yet the control they hold over sheeple is incomprehensible.

    • Not a problem. A greetings from me to you and your friend Tony

    • I’m sorry I missed Tony’s comments. The Nuze cycle has been so active we are moving at a pace so fast now. Too much shit and shinola to separate. 🙂

  3. Veri,

    I like your article – even, as you know, I cannot watch that length of video.


    • Sorry Willy but I found it doing my usual trolling through alternate news. Just had to put it up. Got “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” and am still waiting on “Sirius”. I’ll fire them across to you ASAP. Got a whole DVD library of all the dark shit. As stand out as this video is, it not one I want to keep. At least this video points out what needs to be done to stop this from coming to fruition but we’re counting on a slim hope. The mutton heads wake up.

  4. Although the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Gates are happy to sing its praises (or perhaps because they are), Planned Parenthood has a racist eugenicist past that it would prefer to sweep under the rug. The bigger problem for the organization, though, is that the past isn’t over and the public is beginning to discover the real driving force behind this globalist institution. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we pull back the curtain and expose Margaret Sanger’s monstrous offspring: Planned Parenthood.


  5. The Atacama Mystery

  6. It’s a very concise presentation and the point is unalienable rights and why we should go back to zero. We don’t need the constitution since we have GOD.

    Religion is the enemy, the law they can get around. You have to be a free man first. Understanding UCC and the MC. The truth on why you don’t need a drivers license or should carry a social security card is public information. What you don’t know can kill you or put you into the injustice system and prison ponzi.


    Tony should investigate the works of Serge Monast.

    He’s published many papers as an investigator of Project Bluebeam.

    Operation Northwoods
    Project Monarch
    Project ARTICHOKE
    Area 51
    Angels don’t play this HAARP -Begich
    Electronic Harassment – Auditory microwave (Frey effect)
    Die Glocke – Nazi Bell project
    Project Pandora
    Energy from the Vaccuum – Col. Tom Bearden
    fire from the sky documentary

    Serge Monast and another journalist, both of whom were researching Project Blue Beam, died of “heart attacks” within weeks of each other although neither had a history of heart disease. Serge was in Canada.

    The other Canadian journalist was visiting Ireland. Prior to his death, the Canadian government abducted Serge’s daughter in an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing his research into Project Blue Beam.

    His daughter was never returned. Pseudo-heart attacks are one of the alleged methods of death induced by Project Blue Beam.

    The pieces fit nicely into a catastrophic event, holgraphis lightr show, fake alien visitation and psyops using psychtronic/tropic weapons. I call it the Big Blue Omnibus.

    I am glad to have Tony here and he has 1700 posts here he can find links and documents to with a simple search keyword in the right column. I will provide him with any documents the PTB did not erase from my database.

    On a bit of good news

    UN Climate Talks Collapse Amid Acrimony In Bonn

    Date: 12/06/13
    John Parnell, Responding to Climate Change

    THANKS TO OZ down Under (the scounger) for her tireless info searches.
    I love you OZ.

  7. Chris Hedges. This is strong

  8. “give me liberty or give me death”

    RESIST !

  9. Thank you all for responding to Tony!!! He has the same idiosyncrasy as I in that he disappears for long spells into a world of fractured English due yesterday. He has not responded to me either. So I will get after him again. He’ll be here eventually!

  10. Thanks, everyone,

    With my current living arrangements and work I am unlikely to read 1700 posts! A friend of mine posted this yesterday:

    You may find it interesting and I am interested in what you think.

    If this is correct, then PM Abe’s current problem is that the global (Zionist) elite has told him (made him an offer he cannot refuse) to crash his economy (by raising interest rates and making it impossible for Japan to repay or pay interest on government bonds), go for TPP (which will put the final nail in the coffin of Japanese agriculture), restart the nukes AND get moving on the export of nukes (AND ensure Japan has a range of nuclear weapons options), start up a “My Number” system to register all people living in Japan under one unified system for tax and other ID purposes, monitor all Internet traffic (presumably including smartphones – I believe these and the previous cell phone communications are archived anyway), and turn the clock back on the Constitution to pre-war times. It’s all out there in the newspapers and on TV for all to see. Apparently 60% of the nation support him and his cabinet. Must be something to do with his haircut and the fact that since he was last PM about seven years ago he has learned to smile most of the time. Interested to know any comments or questions you may have.

  11. I’ve been wanting to reply to Tony’s post for a few days. It has been a couple of decades, I think, since I’ve read anything from Richard Wilcox. He was published regularly on the Japan Environment Monitor, before that went cyber (and is now Rice Farmer’s blog). I disagree with his blanket condemnation of Jewry. It is clear that Zionism is playing a crucial role in the New World Order, and it has seemed to me that the main reason for this sympathy for what the Jews endured in Germany, which psychopaths can exploit (and as a general rule, psychopaths try to elicit sympathy and exploit it), and it gives them the enormous power they wield.

    There has never been a system of social organization devised by humans that psychopaths cannot infiltrate and exploit. Even Buddhism has been exploited. The latter, however, is more resistant to this than most systems, and it may be that Jewish culture has features that make it vulnerable to playing a key role in international psychopathic domination. I do not know Jewish culture well enough to comment. Just like any other form of social organization, Judaism should face critical analysis from the standpoint of facilitating tyranny, and if that is taboo, the people saying so are most likely psychopaths defending their Animal Farm, and should be outed as such. Most of the Jewish people I know would agree with me, and I have a favorable impression of them as honorable, above all, active, optimistic, and in no way wedded to materialism.

    There is considerable evidence, on the other hand, of a global Zionist elite. How America bends over for Israel! This little bitty nasty country that we are all supposed to feel sorry for. Jews are also prominent in finance, but by no means exclusively, to which the government is creating money out of thin air to feed.

    Whoever these globalists are, the Japanese Prime Ministers and cabinets have been their marionettes for a long time, going so far as to humiliate themselves publicly and subsequently hang themselves in shame, should they not obey their masters swiftly enough. So, yes, Tony, Japan is screwed along with the rest of the world.

    There is still hope, however. Regarding ponerization, Lobaczewski distinguished between that which occurs insidiously from within, as happened in America, Germany and Russia, among others, including Japan prior to World War II; and that which is forced on a country from outside. France in World War II is an example, famous for the resistance. While Japan has an amazingly somnolent populace who have lived for decades in fairy-tale land (there is a Thomas the Little Train Who Could Museum not far from me fer cryin’ out loud, and the Beatrice Potter Museum (Peter Rabbit) off Scotland way is patronized by nothing but busload after busload of Japanese, I hear), and there is also a well developed underworld through which to exert control, my impression is there is a lot of resistance, mostly in the form of lip service and foot dragging, habits cultivated during the long tyranny of the warring era and Tokugawa rule. They tend to buffer people against draconian rules.

    Please feel free to criticize my view–remember I’m a hermit in an area so rural that nobody has a clue what’s going on in town, let alone in Japan or the world.

    Is the English-teaching biz really dominated by gay Jewish Brits? I only recall exploitative Japanese companies. I remember guys were favored (due to sexism and the fact the clientele are mostly housewives), and among them many gays, because Japan’s a decent place to be gay. And I encountered demand for specifically British teachers, “Queen’s English,” I guess. But Jews? Good god, the prejudice against Jews here! I think they’d have to be really quiet about it.

  12. Thanks, Pat

    You got the wrong Rick – this one is not the rice farmer. If you recall who that is then you will know not to take things too literally, though there is “truth” in what he says. You seem to be talking about “English conversation” where he is talking about the university English teaching scene.

    My mother was Jewish. I have a largish Jewish family in London. They threw in the towel with Israel in the early 80s – Lebanon. However, they are all well-off business people so it’s hard to say where they stand.

    Actually, I don’t see much hope. Things have really come on fast since 3/11 and the chips are heavily stacked up on one side. The USA (now I think the laboratory for the future being planned by whomever) is now thinking of RFID implants on ALL ‘citizens’ (er… inc. the Pres and the bankers and literally everyone?). The psychopaths are getting close to cornering the market on control/power. The latest incidents are revealing – Prism? ‘Prison’ of smoke and mirrors that looks like it’s giving something away but is hiding something far more sinister (Hybridrogue1 above) – what we are allowed to know, we are allowed to know it for a reason; to keep you off balance or thinking that things aren’t nearly as bad as they really are… — or ‘Sandy Hook’ – what does that mean? A hook that hooks nothing? You think you have something on the end of your fishing line, but when you pull it out, there’s nothing there! Like you’re trying to pull something you ought to know out of your subconscious, but it just won’t come. We live in a grim dreamtale. Boston Marathon? 3/11, 9/11? Even psychopaths may be too tame for this. It appears to be driven by ‘people’ who are criminally insane.

    What for? That’s part of what I want to know. What for?!! So what if you control everyone on the planet and 90% of the “wealth”? The day after that is achieved, how will ‘you’ feel? Cheated. You know what happens? You solve some problems and others immediately start climbing out of the woodwork. It’s a never-ending descent into hell. The answer? Stop trying to “solve the problems”. What ‘problems’ exactly has 5000 years of civilization actually solved? And what have we lost as a result? The ability to know the meaning of life on this planet. See my paper on “Happiness” – it’s archived on the net somewhere (not you, Pat, our friends here – I’ll paste the link if anyone is interested). I have to go off for a day with some farmers to see their carbon-recycling method – uses wood and bamboo chips to improve the soil and needs no fertilizers or pesticides (not even compost – it makes its own compost right there in the soil, so it’s a little organic farming niche). We need everyone to get their noses right into some flowers and other vegetable material that is actually growing in healthy soil!! Do you think that will have any effect on the psychopaths and criminally insane??

    • Oh, I know my Japanese Ricks and Richards–I just don’t mention Rice Farmer’s name out of respect for his privacy. Probably in vain, but I try.

      What I am going to do with your paper on Happiness here on COTO is wait for an opportune break in the conversation (which is currently focused on the obvious murder (called an “accident”) of an investigative reporter in LA), then link to it directly with a compelling quote from it.

      Everyone is focused on the horror of what is happening–accelerating as you note. New Zealand is another laboratory, and they seem determined to make a laboratory out of Japan as well. There is no place on Earth that will not suffer massively.

      Lobaczewski said that psychopaths were generally less intelligent than normal people, and that they were not represented at all among the highly intelligent, but I wonder if there are exceptions. Brzezinski and Kissinger come to mind, but they’ve made the mistake of becoming famous. We must assume there are others that haven’t. Because the condition does not pass directly from father to son, we must consider women in the background as well. Even a clever psychopath who is not in the privileged strata to begin with would have to climb and claw his way up there.

      Emptiness is their fate. But that is the biggest danger. Since they cannot see the intrinsic value of life, they will be tempted to obliterate all of it in one grand final egocentric gesture.

      If they try to RFID me, I have a plan for that, but I don’t talk about it on the Net.

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