Posted by: boomerangcomesback | June 12, 2013

The News Brought to You Today, is Heavily Weighted on the “Red” Side


Turned on a couple MSM sNews shows for a few minutes, and it “SLAPPED ME RIGHT IN THE FACE!”, that Amerika has been turned into the Soviet Union I heard about while growing up — Totalitarian, Communist/Marxist, everybody feared their neighbors and everybody else because they might be criminals or worse, a Stasi/KGB State police force, zero privacy and maximum surveillance, state-run media, shitty jobs and worse economy — YES…a Police State on Steroids!

So, look around folks! What do you see, what do you hear? Amerika has become Russia of last century.

Just read down through Wayne’s news snippets for today: Take a Scroll this morning and Wake Up!

Klowns are Scary

Klowns are Scary

Look at the pieces here:

Turn on the TV, and watch some of the faux, state-created-and-run sNews shows. Grok the subjects, and listen to the rhetoric. You figure it out! Do YOU see RED when you start comparing the USA to the previous version of the USSR?

Read around on the web today and contribute some other information in the comments section here that corroborates the premise of this thread. MOST things are RED now. The Truth is buried under layers and layers of Lies. Check it out for yourself. You live in the “Land of Fear”!



  1. yeah noticed it strongly last few years USA is more red than the ex reds:-(
    today an aussie news report stated USA is concerned at the turkish edogans represion of peoples right to protest and feedom of speech
    had me roaring laughing
    Hypocrisy and then some
    who used pepper n teargas and water cannon etc on peaceful protestors in the bankster fraud and countless other amerikkan protests?
    who harasses and jails people seeking to speak about USA govt crime
    whistleblowers get jail or vanish.
    who suppresses free speech and tag ntracks and eavesdrops the bloody worlds comms?
    violates personal privacy at every airport.
    sheesh, not even russia did that in the bad old days.
    germans did, and their NWO is now YOUR nightmare
    and yes Aus has far more repressive rules for some things youre at least still fighting to keep, guns ,NO RFID etc weve adopted and enforced some of the worst stupidest amerikkan ideology already:-(

  2. Much to list here. Recall Gorbachev has been ensconced at The Presidio in San Francisco following the fall of the walls & Russia. A template seems to have been followed to “change” the USA into a facsimile of the communist/marxist form. Bush, Jr., Clintons, Obama, and their wrecking crews have instituted the policies that have changed the landscape of America to Amerika.

    We see it all on the TV, note the MSM propaganda, the corporatism whoredom with the political, as well as the bankster TBTF ruses. Ruskie Ruses for the masses, and most are missing the “Change”.

    When you hear on the MSM TV talk about Jeb Bush, or Shillary for the next pResident, it should blow folks away! We have a Monarchical elite system at the highest levels. Everything else occurring is in lock-step with the march to totalitarianism in the former supposed “land-of-the-free”. (sic).

    • “A template seems to have been followed to “change” the USA into a facsimile of the communist/marxist form.”

      Yes indeed Boomer, this is exactly what the findings of the Reece Committee on Non-Profit Foundations detailed.

      Of course the dialectic goes deeper than simply “communism” as it is a synthesis of both forms of the Total State: Corporatocracy and Communist – or Fascist/Commie. This is most readily revealed in Carroll Quigley’s work TRAGEDY AND HOPE, as well as the collected works of Antony Sutton.


  3. Love this quote at the top of Wayne Madsen’s web page:

    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”~George Orwell


  4. Always the out there child I am glad I read the Communist Manifesto in High School. It is so wonderful to observe the MSNBC operation go Mockingbird RED for culling tomarrows.
    But this whole Weimar Economy stuff is trying for an old broom like me. Still I am an AMerican and believe in POSITIVITY ! So I as a fassshoon forward progressive am starting up a personal shopping service for the busy Janets and Harrassed Dianes of our lovely government. They need to look good as they send Murkans to the gulags I mean entrepreneur camps.
    That helmet hair of Dianes is serious business. Can’t Barbara Beautiful Mind Bush give her pointers?
    And lets not go there with Janet. $250,000 plus perks and the whole Ross Dress 4 Less. I am sure the French and Brits snicker and cackle behind their backs. But if they hired me I would give the whole crew a Weimar/ Glam Eva Braun look, maybe enlist Tom Ford.
    I can be reached at STAZZI FASHION @

    • Thanks Jules,

      We all need to hab a dashery to glam up our werx at sum point.

      Good luck at the entrepreneur camp, stay camp and be a champ.

      Doobie Do,

    • LOL JulesDonkey!

    • You know Feinstein has not a real hair on her head. Neither does Barbara Bush. Testosterone telogen therapy. It keeps their testacles from shrinking but has some side effects.

  5. Some kind of “inquiry” on the “surveillance scandal” is on FOX sNooze at the moment. Finklestein is working her side of the “angle”…, so speaking of Klowns, I’ll point you to alt-news on the subject:


    Hmmm, names, names, names. Busy little stinging bees.




    “THE US IS A POLICE STATE” Prof. John McMurtry

    Hell! Just go reading, and put some of the info up that YOU come across!

      ~Brandon Smith

      Thanks Boomer, I have always liked Brandon’s essays, and this one did no disappoint.

      The local library notified me that my book had arrived yesterday, so I picked it up this morning, and have been reading it for most of the day.

      ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction : a schoolteacher’s journey through the dark world of compulsory schooling’ – Author: Gatto, John Taylor.

      He is a good author, makes for an easy read of a lot of the material I have already encountered in dense tomes and government reports.
      This is a good companion to Antony Sutton’s ‘SKULL AND BONES’, and Iserbet’s work on ‘Dumbing Down’, etc…

      I recommend the book highly to all of COTO’s readership.


      • Is that John Gatto from OEN past?

        • Boomer,

          I have no recall of John Gatto on OEN, although his work may have been cited.

          He received quite a bit of notoriety/renown with his first book, DUMBING US DOWN.



            Rogue1, I believe this is the Mr. Gatto from OEN past. I communicated briefly with him. He was suffering from ill health at the time related to his former military service. Mr. Gatto was an author of many threads/articles, and a contemplative commenter who spoke from life experience. That you recommend his work is a testament to his personal stance against the enemies of Liberty and conscience.

            • Well I’ll be Boomer, I wish I had paid more attention at the time.
              I wonder what he thought of the Stalinesque purge of the most radical of the commentators on OEN?


  6. Q. What is the problem with pure democracy?

    A. Huge masses of stupid people.


  7. I hadn’t had time to read the pieces I linked to earlier in the day. I just read Brandon Smith’s piece, and it speaks the Truth with his usual literary excellence and instinctual insight.

    The point of this thread is simply “Observation” of where We the People in America are today. We have “arrived” at the juxtaposition of a crafted move into Tyranny, against the naivete of the 1980’s and onward of the not-so-distant past. “Freedom” was fleeting was it not? Further back into our grandparents’ times to Today, we see that Freedom & Liberty have been “illusions”. What was Cold War Russia is NOW this shitty replay occurring Today in the former USA. If only The People would/could realize the similarities, the players, the very dirge of the tune being played upon the masses.

    We are witnessing a veritable “replay” of a Rothschild M.O. in America.

    There is now no denying this fact. Puddy and COTO have shined more than enough light upon the incrementalism, and outright blitzkrieg on so many multiple levels affecting everybody negatively.

    “THAT” — the negativity, the tenor of the times; People must realize is a “symptom”. The “cause” lies slithering in the shadows of politics, finance, militarism, and psychopathy on a grandiose scale. Folks “feel” the weight bearing down on them on multiple levels. But, they’re so busy trying to stay afloat, they can’t identify and isolate the culprit(s). That’s of course, The Game They Play!

    Much can be discussed and contemplated on this subject. We KNOW shit is going Down! May Wisdom be granted to All to understand What is occurring, and Who are the Authors…

  8. I had the same epiphany Boomer

    The 180th Degree 2008


    scribd download


    Creighton provides a nice list of links to ill-legislation slinking through the cracks.

  11. Gatto mentioned this guy in the book I am reading:
    William Torrey Harris (September 10, 1835 – November 5, 1909) founded and edited the first philosophical periodical in America, the Journal of Speculative Philosophy (1867), editing it until 1893. He was a key member of a philosophical society that, during the beginning of the American Civil War, met in St. Louis; it promoted the view that the entire unfolding was part of a universal plan, a working out of an eternal historical dialectic, as theorized by Hegel. He also established, with Susan E. Blow, America’s first permanent public ‘kindergarten’ in 1873.
    Harris was associated with Bronson Alcott’s Concord School of Philosophy from 1880 to 1889, when he became U.S. Commissioner of Education, serving until 1906. He did his best to organize all phases of education on the principles of philosophical pedagogy as espoused by Hegel, Kant, Fichte, Fröbel, Pestalozzi and many others of idealist philosophies.
    As the United States Commissioner of Education, Harris nearly succeeded in making Hegelianism the official philosophy of American education during the late 19th century.

    “Ninety-nine [students] out of a hundred are automata, careful to walk in prescribed paths, careful to follow the prescribed custom. This is not an accident but the result of substantial education, which, scientifically defined, is the subsumption of the individual.”~Harris
    The Philosophy of Education (1906)
    “The great purpose of school can be realized better in dark, airless, ugly places … It is to master the physical self, to transcend the beauty of nature. School should develop the power to withdraw from the external world.”~Ibid
    . . . . .
    So he is one of the major villains in our epic betrayal.


  12. Here is a radically different assessment of the NSA leak by Snowden – Greenwald. The author is Cliff Kincaid, who I would characterize as an obvious fascist, and a propagator of the Right Hegelian bullshit of the neocons – the site he writes for is clearly a Republican rag…


  13. I imagine it may be true but where and what he attends may be worse.

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