Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 12, 2013

Fade to Black

Black Room, Black Site, Black Op, Blackout, Blackmail = Black Octopus

octo-fixThe history of Sigint is as old as the telegraph. There’s no news here for COTO. We have discussed surveillance, both legal and illegal for years. The true purpose of 911 was to create the World Terror Organization, better known as the War on Trade. The Black Room came into existence soon after.
Refresh yourselves with the Atlantic Charter and then the “Five Eyes” surveillance and Brusa Treaty. The basis of Pearl Harbor was a false flag agreed upon by the Axis to get the American sheeple on board for the big war and the GATT (get all you can) and more when the GATT would transition to the WTO. WTO would become the name (identifier) for all false flags that would be implemented once they had planned the World Trade Center false flag at some time just prior to 1993. The 1993 version of the technique previously used in Oklahoma City where  the truck bomb at WTC was used as a staging in order to have access for the next seven years to bring in clandestine CIA and engineer operative to wire the building for demolition. And well,  the rest is in the books for this event.

Moving on, the purpose of the 911 staging was to accomplish multiple opportunities. Never wasting an opportunity, 911 was a bonanza. Sending asbestos and nano-toxic compounds to kill thousands in New York would be one benefit. The prelude to Afghanistan opium takeover would be a huge windfall as well for the committee. The destruction of evidence in WTC Bldg 7 would be another along with several other smaller benefits, but the prime purpose was to establish the USA Patriot Act.

The_Punisher [Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism. was a construct of a firewall to bring Congress and sheeple alike into the psyop of fear and safety in a Hegelian dialectic model that we have seen similar to World War II. ECHELON would be it’s name during the post-war transition to the psyop known as the Cold War. Forming the third triad for a war on terror would encompass and combine the prior fascist and communist fake threat into one pool with all lone wolves or us, whichever you prefer. We are, as you know, all designated as sheep or wolves where the wolves are designated as possible pack leaders. Those wolves in power positions are slowly becoming extinct.


glass eyeWithout oversight the Five Eyes has been a multi-beneficial program. Not only would it provide the Military with it’s best recruiting and promotion tool by way of blackmail and extortion if bribery and other inducements were unsuccessful. During the 1990s many investigations indicated that the United States was exploiting ECHELON traffic for industrial espionage, rather than military and diplomatic purposes which of course were true. It also was determined that investigations of others were identified as Abscam type operations.  This is the elephant in the Black Room. You sometimes can’t see it but in the black room you really can’t see anything.

So is the NSA Prism operation. When Obama says the NSA was not recording or listening to calls but instead tracking numbers and durations, he was pretty close. He may not even know that the Prism or Echelon technology is so sophisticated as to limit very few who can access the deepest parts of the system. This carries a benefit to the cabal that the employees and administrators are not able to get the details or data encrypted information even if they were inclined to try.

Dark-Side-of-the-Thats-No-MoonThere are sites and then there are grids. Sites access grids and the grids access everything. Layered upon layers. Fiber optics in San Fransisco and Wireless in Colorado. Landlines in Pennsylvania and DSL in Texas. The Enterprise system creates the system by which few can take all platforms and process into one working model for “Eyes Only” by the deepest of black op personnel. A framework for Full Spectrum Dominance


I have discussed the transition of the WTO and it’s effect on the furniture business in North Carolina. I have information from a source who confirmed the tracking and surveillance capabilities of China who owns the furniture business after the Asian Invasion in the 90’s thanks to the Clinton Crime syndicate who opts for a Chinese takeover in the spirit of David Rockefeller and Mao Tse Tung. The point of a triad is that you have a need (WOT) a warrant (WTO) and as many opportunities you can manufacture.  Surveillance being one and a big one at that. The Chinese have exploited the surveillance opportunity long before the NSA was a baby. The ability to chip the things we buy has been a norm since the China Import Boom. Who cares, Walmart sells it cheap? Of course they do and Walmart was instrumental in selling the surveillance and eugenics toxic products for the Chinese and your $800 on sale Samsung flat screen LCD is watching you from Beijing and soon from Utah.


The Mormon and Zionist Jew segments of the Committee wing are well versed in surveillance and spying as we have seen with “The History of Israeli Spying” and “Under the Mormon Tree.” I recently provided information on and all it’s Mormon affiliates.  Scientology and the Vatican can hunker under the black umbrella as well.  My point being that when these master architects of the New World Order put the plan down in black and white, they were savvy enough to spread the systems out to many organizational administrators. The hierarchical heads were involved with implementation, technologies and operations. That creates the distraction of the unified agenda to divide and conquer.

enhanced-buzz-10740-1370910117-9Snowden or Snowjob?

You have read the details offered by MSM and Alternative sites regarding the validity of Mr. Snowden and his wikiLeak to Mr. Greenwald of the Guardian and other frequency transmission sites. I have never assumed anything but that whether we are reading it from NBC or INFOWARS, we are just being mined for our dossier. Should we be so bold as to comment as well, this information is being mined, recorded, analyzed, categorized, run through psychological and linguistical or lexical algorithms and rendered in an extensive dossier that may contain as much as a gigabyte of data or more. Since the administrators such as google, ebay, Amazon, Huffington, OPED and any others who have had known funding by government for the purposes of data mining, they have no problem or no knowledge they are contributing to this grand social and marketing network and that they are being grossly underpaid for it. We too are grossly underpaid for our information but by the time we are on our deathbed we can know that we paid for a kings funeral and yet we will get $225 from social security.

Mr. Snowdens revelations on Verizon were already known from the Bush era with the patriot act and we had the assurances that they were going through the proper judicial channels. Oh please, tell me that it was so. Mr. Snowden is a pawn in a game and whether he is an MK stooge, sacrifice or operative matters not. He is an operation in himself. I suggest the agenda of killing him as a warning to anyone who wishes to bring the darkness to light. Or at least make it look good for the camera. I am reminded of the old soap operas where everyone is rich, a spy, politician, surgeon, artist or writer and in every episode they are never working,  just acting out. So seems Mr. Snowdens rise to fame wealth and his lonely, hot girlfriend.

black-octopus-blackgound-hiDISCLOSURE,  I have used the term Disclosure, taken from the UFO meme that has had it’s day. Though I expect ufology to play a role in the final solution, I use it as a term for a planned program by the committee to begin to dump.execute us with hundreds of these revelations. Another part of the psyop for transformation where you gradually disclose the FOIA redacted information in incremental disbursements to plant the seeds of full spectrum surveillance until it has identified all citizens who will be either wolves or sheep. It comes down to how much can you take. At what point will you resist, rebel and react. Too many already think that the fake war of terror is real and that this wall-to-wall panoptic surveillance is a small price to pay for safety from the terrorists who are the ones surveying them.
e21337ca4066d25e5307672212a90c9bcee0463fNow once the disclosure has been sufficiently distributed as to become an accepted inconvenient truth, the historical information suggests a new false flag. Those of us who are wolves will be the target. The senate, house, Governors, ACLU, legal organizations, sheriffs or whistleblowers and any citizens who protest the NDAA, Assassination list, drone american program and full spectrum surveillance will be marginalized, hushed or mad fools when they begin to preempt false flag stagings or allow the big one to happen in 911 II, the sequel.

By creating 911-2 with the lone wolves and a prominent Pack Leader in a conspiracy of terror, they can then move ahead with the junk they have been collecting in armored vehicles, fema camps, plastic coffin liners, ammunition and fifteen billion dollars worth of drones. It is in their best interest to do this in conjunction with a major string of ENMOD HAARP events that may help in getting a FEMA DHS martial law scenario in action. It does not matter whether the event in Los Angeles in an earthquake is combined with a terror attack in Chicago, they can put the authorities on the streets in New Orleans or Orlando with a mere staged intelligence yellowcake alert.

biglogo-blackAl Gore was given the Climate Change and a convenient fortune for giving up his election win in 2000 and Mit Romney may get the surveillance contracts to share with the Chertoff Zionist Group but we already know the data-center complex in Utah is under Mormon control. They have Utah wrapped tighter than a microwave cavity resonator. We can call it the granddaddy Black Site.

It all will eventually merge under the United Nations which will soon be renamed to something like the “New World Assembly”


lucis trust

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  1. OOOOOOoooooo… scary. Double scary with sexual undertones.

  2. Meet Mr. X’s Handler

    Hot, like you Wanda. Isn’t it so James Bond? I’d sign up for a five year contract with Verizon to lick her cones.

    After a week of explosive disclosures, former NSA officials come out to say what the highly secretive agency does, and does not, do.


  3. Without even knowing her personality?

    • I didn’t think holograms had one.

      • So, what you’re saying is the “illusion” is worth throwing away money on? Curious. Thank you… by the way… i don’t mean to be ungraceful….

        • It’s to throw off the trolls. She’s scrawny and low resolution. I joke about such things. It’s all a joke. News Disclosure is an oxymoron. The whole running joke are a mix of paradoxes.

          “O heavy lightness! Serious vanity!
          Mis-shapen chaos of well-seeming forms!
          Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health!”

          Maketh the magic shakespeare.

          • I think Ms Cupcake is a guy w/long hair 🙂

            • I tend to agree with your take on Ms Cupcake. His shoulders are cut more like a guy. Looking down to hide Adam’s Apple?? Pic cut off at bottom so the package in the undies isn’t obvious?


              • Yep, that’s exactly what I noticed too Will…

                • No No No. They have told us she is HOT. Get with the programming. She is also LONELY. Please sheeple do not forget this. 🙂

                  • LOL Patrick. Oh yes, what was I thinking! I..I think I need to be taken to re-education camp for a tuneup.

          • Shakespeare… make enough colloquialisms to last a few life-times. To last for Life and Times… the times, they are a changing…

            News @ 11:11…. the humans see…

      • I am not aware they don’t… the key, i think, is to know the difference… we humans are able to breathe life into all sorts of artificial things.

        • “And all sorts of artificial things can breath artificial life into humans.
          Factory made widgets and prefab sprouts flood the playground of the demon-strata to demonstrate the echos of mindlessness.”
          ~Eureka Concetta


          • And Jack and Jill… Dick and Jane… Punch and Judy… it is very mind-full, if it weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to replicate and replace.


              Did i ever tell you guys how much you inspire me? Thanks again…

              A Ruse by Any Other Name… is Still a Ruse…

              The Jackie-LIN, Mary-LIN and Rose-a-LIN illusion…

              Marilyn, the perfect woman… a sultry, sensual, sex kitten. She’ll love you lots… and your little dog too. Keep you coming back for more… when you tire of the fantasy, no problem, just rub her out… she’s not real, never was… you can’t get arrested for erasing an image, can you?

              Linotype (machine) — Encyclopedia Britannica:
              Linotype, (trademark), typesetting machine by which characters are cast in type metal as a complete line rather than as individual characters as on the Monotype …

  4. beware the s.ytimg

  5. A terrific piece of le’Resistance and Disclosure, monsieur Puddy. Your “work” in putting this together deserves a COTO Kudos exponential.

    Those are small flaming cupcakes however. Not a feast.


    “One better knows why the U.S. becomes a failed state when one sees the absolutist overriding of every attempt to bring it back into line with life-respecting values during the last half century”.

    I took the time to read the above linked piece which I posted in the comments section of the thread directly below your exceptional piece here.

    Stodgy writing, but gold gleams through-out. Bolstering the theme your illuminate here.

    Certainly, (even if you’re not a Native American Indian with actual “instincts” and trail-tracking abilities), the “British are Coming”, meaning the White Boy Banker Wanker Klan, to fuck up anything that resembles a “society” of people trying to live peaceably together, and honor Mother Earth.

    Black Hearts are about, and WE best take notice. But then, what’s new, aye? As Bush, the fucking Jr. stated, “you’re either with us or against us”.

    Being an inbred idiot shitbag, he couldn’t possibly have grokked that any “normal” human would certainly be “against” his war machine-minded psychopathic for-profit-clusterfuck, treasonous, despotic, Constitution-burning concept of Killing entire Cultures for their natural resources…, now would they?!

    So now, we get the blackened version of a burning Bush, thinking he’s God, whilst truly and surely being God-Damned.

    Nice STATE we’re residing in, aye?

  6. I imagine Bush is on heavy medications now and for the rest of his miserable life. We will be in a mode of chaos and dumbing with a fear and loathing segment of total apathy to what they see as others.

    The frequencies will continue separating us, divided into oblivion. That thin line between love and hate is where a crime of passion usually occurs. Definitely a form of insanity. Obama may be a real psychopath. His cabinet cronies surely are.

    I agree the Redcoats are coming. Aided by the white (silver) boys and their bluebelly bloombergs.

    • Patrick.. if u still have access to facebook, check out this vomit inducing website that cindy sheehan pointed out..!/gbpotus

      • It’s a perfect example of ACORN black funded propaganda.


        >Obamacare will destroy 6 million jobs over the duration of his term.

        >The 6 million jobs are temporary, underpaying, government and foreign jobs (IRS)

        >DC workers will resign over Obamacare because they cannot afford it.

        >20,000 IRS workers will be on the payroll to enforce Obamacare which is just G^6 #2 (destroy private property) along with his efforts to raise the titanic (climategate)

        >The IRS collects as much data-mining treasure for the globalists as any of the foreign run/banker operations. It’s value is less in revenues than it is in informatics. The revenues are a mere tip of the iceberg.

        >30 million people with benefits will guarantee a mojoiry of useless eaters on a PhRMA $ rich ,dedicated special emphasis (death) panel eugenics system.

        >This panel will again as others already in the system, provide data, Genetic-dna, experimental biological/psychological enslavement.

        This facebook page operator is either looking for a position or administrating the psyops that Obama used in stealing the election. That’s the perks of committee incumbency.

        If you all have not researched or reviewed the Harvard/MIT data-ming and psyop program Obama used to manipulate the masses into Barrymania, you should review it.

        The research is sequestered as far as the method but Obama had unfettered access to;

        FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MY-sites, IRS, ACORN, UNION DATABASES, FARMER-AGRI, SMARTPHONE APS and illegal data derived by IRS and other so called gov agencies. He had an analytical team and psychologist mind control team from the Chicago Crime syndicate that came from Northwestern University, U of Chicago, Harvard, MIT and UC campuses. [Legal and Illegal]

        Payback to Right wing for election fraud in 2000. The right knows he committed crime but what are they gonna say about it. The Left has the evidence of 2000 election fraud. It’s the Game and they have rules. They just don’t apply to CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

        The IRS scandal, like fast and furious are just paradigm left right chess moves in a psyop game until they achieve the final WORLD ORDER.

        And just like like Fischer and Spassky, after game SIX is over, they will shake hands and hug after a 1/2 finish and stalemate.

        • PD….I think it’s possible they may start to knock each other off as competing forces tend to do when the heat is raised and the end game is near. Plus we can’t rule out others in the mix gumming up their works. I still don’t buy that they are invincible and their plans fail safe. If they are human as most here think, then they are subject to the same human emotions and human error as the rest of us. That is the simple fact. Humans fail, machinery fails and extreme hubris has brought down many an empire no matter how powerful.

          • Courage is such boldness I would not bestow among the committee and administrators but if it were true then maybe.

            My Adversary in Rivalry is my confederate in mind. If the information holds true on illuminati, the lineage, sociopathy and delusions of grandeur, I’d say they hate us more than each other.

            There’s an affinity in this relationship, a marriage and consanguinity in a blood relationship between them and they will always spill yours on any day before each others.

            I think it’s the rules~

            • They hate… they hate a lot. They are anti-life… they hold true to that.
              It’s a CORPSE (Corporations) thing… it can only beget according to its own kind… it is begetting more corpse… it doesn’t care if you are a jew or a gentile… that’s what everyone needs to real eyes.

              Jews are the tools who profit/prophet from this system of systematic destruction but they are the ones who have been being destroyed far longer than us… they need to see the reality of this… then we’ll be-getting somewhere.

              • I concur. Something about we ‘the chosen’ maybe. If it be myth only then the ‘fallen’ would be next to consider. Selling out, just doesn’t explain it. There is more here than just opportunity but more a destiny or dna thing.

                How many did Mengele father?

                • That’s the conundrum. Selling out doesn’t explain it… doesn’t even come close. Destiny is a haughty presumption. Destiny is not in the control of any man or group of man no matter what perceived power they have attained… we have evidence of this historically. Creation is the active force here… F is G here… we have seen many species come and go… we have yet to see one come again. The mother does not make the same mistake twice.

                  That leaves the DNA thing. I think Mengele (the idea) fathered some 2%… then factor in all the stray bastards and self made idiots and that brings us to X. There’s an equation for you… to my mind, “racial” insanity is the only explanation that’s logical. What we witness can only arise from the mind of lunatics… and lunatics is too kind of a word.

  7. COTO please take time to add some data for the mindsweepers

  8. From

    “Deputy Director of the CIA Mike Morrell resigns. To be replaced by Obama’s White House lawyer, Avril Haines, 43, who has no intelligence experience. Just putting another Obama toadie at the CIA to facilitate Brig Bro’s drone and surveillance state”.

  9. The IRS Ten: The New Keating Five:


  10. Hunkering down in the West Wing while the deep shit is happening in the East. [Time is of the essence] would be my best explanation of the DC machine right now.

    Expectations for Wildfires, explosions, earthquakes and vortexes while a slow blackout of media on scandalgate when the Benghazi fast & furious ties the IRS and birther and spying to find the real whistleblower because it aint’ Snowden. I refuse to have snowblindness during this diversion off the master plan.

    Coto mode should be DERECHO! ————–>0

  11. It was so black here at 10am the street lights came on. We had torrential rain, wind and thunder. Meh… was no big deal.. BUT apparently it’s not over until tonight in S Jersey.. another storm supposedly moving through..right now the sun is out..

    So you think Snowden isn’t the real thing PD? Again, he didn’t reveal anyting coto didn’t know but it’s nice the public has a clue now albeit very late in the end game.

    • They are pushing the triad imo Deb,

      ———> He is a Chinese Spy ( CIA psyop to NSA setup)
      <——— He is a whistleblower (death or gitmo for him)
      He is a trigger (event)

      3-9-6 or 6-9-3 makes no difference in the game. He’s operative run and has a specific agenda for;

      1. false flag event patsy (mk-ultra)
      2. increase surveillance and further freedom restriction (ingsoc)
      3. message to any real whistleblower (kill the messenger)

      or any combo ie. 12(3)45(9)78(6)

  12. Partial good news here:
    Supreme Court says natural human genes can’t be patented

    Myriad won half the battle though on the synthetic end… f’n bastards.. stocks went up 10%

  13. What’s THIS going to be:

    • GB = Garbage out. “His People” Mormon-part of the Jesuit/Israeli blueteam.

      America is great! Where alse can an ex-junkie drunk clean himself up, join the CIA Mormon agency and get a multi-million dollar job running psyops and props for the committee largesse?

      The contracts are all the same for Rush, Beck, Hannity, Jones, Drudge, Savage and those across the picket fence, Data-mining, viewers, advertisement, sales and sublime psyops.

      Just keeping us in camps until they send Custer and Indians.

  14. Beck is full of shit.

  15. Shit is made of Beck? hehe

  16. For the Weather Heads at COTO:

    “6/12/2013 — United States Directed Energy Warfare Office — High Powered Microwaves (HPM)
    Posted on June 12, 2013 by sincedutch

    Directed energy weapons take many forms. From EMP (electromagnetic pulses) to HPM (high powered microwaves), several weaponized forms of Radio Frequency are being developed.

    These .pdf’s from the US Navy Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO) show multiple applications for defensive / offensive Radio Frequency weaponry.

    Many people have fallen behind the times in regards to understanding what capabilities are being developed, and what current next generation weapons are being deployed”.

    “Artificial Atmospheric Ionization : A potential window for weather modification”:

    • 101 Boomer. Good for the newbies

  17. Found at

    • WAG THE DOG. – News drives the economy, wars, and thought energy of sheeple. The COTO reality must assume FORCE multiplier in friendly (paradox) fire.

      The reality in COTO knowing should dictate to us that their are so few true combatants that the committee trust must always either;

      1. create and then direct the combatants (911, Boston)
      2. manipulate/assist combatants (Benghazi/Aurora)
      3. force energy into delusions of combatant (Assad/Sandy Hook)

      or something like that.

  18. Derecho for dinner?!

    Fast forward through the video of last years Derecho and grok the outlandish cloud formations and action. Also, scroll down, and grok the HAARP reports regarding our current timeline preciding this “rare” Derecho.

  19. Gettin hit with it right now Boom. Heavy winds & torrential rain… a bit of thunder but no major lightning strikes yet.

  20. Be safe JG!

  21. We have had the strong winds here since last night, but no thunderstorms and just a small amount of rainfall.

    Seem we are in some sort of pocket right where I sit…everything harsh seems to skirt me here…even as Evensville just south of us gets really slammed.

    Good luck Deb…


    • It’s a game of chance where they focus the EMP ricochet. Creating the Supercells is a merging operation and depends on the squall’s natural movement.

      They have manipulated both jet streams throughout spring.

      THough this was poorly illustrated, the two jets are always under manipulation by endothermic microwave and the two stream jets are more cyclical that illustrated. It’s why the constant drought fires plague the Western states and flooding in the east. The alley (derecho) between them is where they can best provide the vortexes and cyclonic mayhem.

      It was cold here and still is today in the sixties for Summer. We had supercells created here yesterday and power outages. Not because of lightening but because all EMP emit scalar waves which play havoc on power grids in brown out and spikes.

  22. Thanks Boom & Will for your well wishes. Glad you are in that pocket Will. Seems my little town is in a bubble as well. All around us seems to get hit worse than us and we’re so close to the coast. It’s weird really. It got a little wild here but nothing scary. This town does tend to get flooded but not in my particular area of it. But NJ is supposed to slip into the ocean eventually same as Cali. I’m pretty sure with the way we’ve been getting hit with all these storms lately it’s gonna become reality one of these days. A state can only hold so much water before floating away..haha….

    • Hey Deb,

      Potential catastrophe is not necessarily eventual catastrophe. Not all potential is reached, the integers are complex to the point of mysterious.


      • Yes Will, I know. I like to live dangerously otherwise I’d have scuba gear in my survival kit 😉

  23. Boomer was Beck’s revelation the thing about Justice(haha)Roberts being threatened to pass Obamacare?? Did he ever reveal that himself?

  24. “I think an ominous question exists that every person capable of rational thought must ask themselves. What kind of country are we leaving to our children and grandchildren? What will you say when they ask what YOU did to stop the tyranny and destruction of our Constitutional Republic?”
    ~Doug Hagmann


  25. One where truth is only reality. Reality is false and therefore truth is void. They have co opted reality externally and internally. Externally co opted reality is far more expensive but necessary for the (3) phase of transformation. Once completed it will all be internal reality operations which are easier and cheaper.

    We can expect a complete BLUE SCREEN world coinciding with a BLUEBRAIN and the BLUEBEAM finale.

    • We already have that… it is done. I think what we witness is their frenzy to keep the ill-u-shun from fading… and it is.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.7
    Date-Time 13 Jun 2013 16:47:23 UTC
    13 Jun 2013 23:47:23 near epicenter
    13 Jun 2013 10:47:23 standard time in your timezone

    Location 10.030S 107.182E
    Depth 11 km

    Scalar quake / enmod flood event for indonesia that has been active since january – a major useless eater area.

  27. Tis hard to stay abreast of all the jibber jabber on all the manipulated fronts. But thanks to COTO and other critical thinkers who can add to all of our knowledge bases…

    Here’s 2 from Mr. Creighton on recent political game-playing:

    Header material here Mr. Puddy!

    • Yeah the header stuff Pink Floyd. Dark Side may have been the ticket for mental illness when the band began to separate. Maybe the Tavistockian influence and SiS that birthed the CIAda had recruited many in the British Invasion. Floyd may have been one. It may be a case of precognizance or remote viewing for Syd Barrett.Is it Syd or ET?

      • That’s weird… i was thinking about doing a post on the Dark Side of the Moon… there is much in the symbology on the album cover… i had a conversation, with myself, on Old Blog New Tricks on June 9th.

        Here’s what i get, and it is far from mental illness… it is a foreshadowing…

        The Old World Order colors were Red (which corresponds to the root chakra) and Dark Blue (technically Indigo and corresponds to the third eye chakra). So in that phase they soften the target (in war terminology that means they shell the victims to put them into shock -look it up)to uproot you (red/root) and take control of you consciousness (dark blue/third eye).

        Here’s the New World colors:

        Here’s Pink Flloyd’s Welcome to the Machine:

        That album came out in 1975 – how could they have known? Look at the symbolism. The colors are the New Old World Order colors, pale blue and orange/yellow… except for the Pink… and the pink is us.

        Back to the album cover. You have the elements earth, fire, air and water. One robot arm is extending up from earth and it’s sleeve is square. Square is represented as the material plane, the number four. Now look at the hand extending out of the air… it has a round sleeve. The air symbol represents intelligence and the round represents the creator of ALL… the feminine (think about it) and is represented by the number 3 (the trinity). Four and three make seven, and seven is the number of heaven (seventh heaven?) and also the number of perfection.

        • Wait a minute… not dark side of the moon… welcome to the machine. Sorry about that. I just caught that. Perhaps i need to study the symbols of dark side of the moon now… i can do all sorts of pink breakdowns.

          I have found a great site for understanding occult symbolism… Marty Leeds 33… he doesn’t feel you information… he just gives you tools. I think he’s pretty great… he’s doing the truly great work…

          • i meant to say feed… not feel.

            Back to the machine… the land is brown and barren… no life there. The water has turned to ice. The sky… are those clouds or chemtrails? Clouds are puffy and white.

            While we focus on money, or politics or struggle within the chains of our religious beliefs, they are buying up all the water… Agenda 21 – the twenty first century agenda. You can live without oil, you can even live without money… you can’t live without water.

            Teach a man to fish.

            • Green is love… love is truth. There is no green in the machine world… no truth and no love. Not good.

              • All i can see in Dark Side of the Moon is truth… as above, so below. You combine the two images and you get a six pointed star… the merging of male/female forces. The whole israel chosen thing is a biblical farce… we are all chosen… it belongs to no one… there is no ONE that is separate from all others… it belongs to ALL.

                All religions, on the other hand, are the same government. All governments are the same religion… they divide to conquer.

                • Rodin
                  Vortex Mathematics~
                  Do -Re -Mi -Fa -So -La -Ti – 8 (cycle)
                  6.7 Harmonies
                  The 9
                  Left handedness
                  Prism-Harmonics (Schumann Resonance)
                  Golden Ratio (+Fibonacci)
                  Gospels 7 (4+3) The secret Gospels
                  Q Source
                  Bible Code
                  666 = 9
                  3-9-6 =CiF Mark of Beast (cost, insurance, freight )

                  CiF: 3-5-6 =14(5)
                  BUY: 2-21-25 =48(3)
                  SELL: 19-5-12-12 =48(3)

                  E=(5) [find the answer to five]

                  If you figure the five you will find zero. Even if you guess it’s 3 you have to have to do the math to identify it in Vortex terms.

                  If you go the Sacred Cifer Lucifer is 32=(5) Unlike the Lucis (trust) is 22.
                  G in masonry is man ^6 God is zero, Holy Spirit is 7.

                  In Kaballah 22, 27, 32, 33

                  We are in the Five now and if you figure five and the missing number
                  you have the whole enchalada. You can decode all writing, music and the bible. It never fails to sum.

                  • Very interesting. How many years do i get to cipher that out? Lol.

                    What can be said of the number 5… The number 5 = E = Man/Woman = Mankind because E (being the second vowel) also represents duality. E is also a cube squared when you consider it is also a W and an M and a 3 (which is also the Goddess symbol).. and a cube squared = 7, which is perfection.

                    E, as 5, is represented by the roman numeral V and represents the female aspect of as above, so below… inverted V represents the male… when these two elements meet it forms the merkaba or six pointed star… the hex… the “spooky” thing that makes jews inexplicably think they are chosen above all creation… but which really reflects the carnal nature of life on earth and illustrates that the creative force on earth is sex… sex… sex… which is represented by the letter F (FU… go F yourself… two ball cane are but a few examples of F).

                    Back to 5…

                    5 = man… a five man with five fingers and five toes and has the shape of a five pointed star… upright is correct.

                    There are many interpretations and many meanings in all… but there is no magic that conjures anything out of thin air… there is only illusion that that has happened. Studying symbols and science reveals this. It is IGNOREance that has us running from shadows. Anything that shows up, we created.

                    Jury’s not out yet… i will be studying your cipher and discussing it with my resident expert. In short, i think the value of five is four… because four is the mirror of five.

                  • Lucifer is the morning sun. This is interesting… i recently found this out. You know how Orientals say flied lice? Turns out L and R have the same value… mean the same thing. L= Lucifer & R = Radiation. 9 is 3 squared.

  28. For the 50th comment on this fine thread, allow me to put a cherry on top of this yummy sundae?!


  29. “It mystifies me. I cannot get my head around that mass of the population, who possess no curiosity and do not thirst for the truth, as if it were the wellspring of existence, which it is.” Right on Mr Dog Poet!

    Mystifies and Angrifies(yes I know that’s not a word) Here at coto our thirst for knowledge is never quenched…………

    • Dangit ta hayak… I kaint git doggie poet nomer.

      I think the answer is in the depth of ENCHANTMENT… it is real, it is deep, it is already a new form of “god” – the broadcast media that is. There is now no interior contemplation, the word is heard and it is obeyed automatically – automaton, TVZombie. This is a new paradigm that of course baffles those of us who are still conscious.


    • I’m just glad your here Deb. It was getting too dry and barren.

  30. Righto Ms. JG! The very quote you posted, jumped out at me also!

  31. It just is. Never.

  32. Puddy… you would be welcome at our extremely humble abode for conversation any time… i think it would take a month or two just to get the small talk out of the way.

    There is correspondence in all… the numbers relate to the alphabet and the musical scale and the colors of rainbow. It is pi, fibonacci, prime and odd/even. It is O and I. When one can understand what the symbols reflect they have no choice but to step out of superstition and into the realm of understanding… because everything begins to make sense… everything is part of everything else and nothing is excluded.

    Heaven is right here on earth… there is no other place we can go to… this is our drop of water and there is nothing outside of it. Someday we may swell large enough to merge with a nearby drop or drops, but that is perhaps a billion or more years out… we have a lot of growing to do in the mean time.

    Now, how to make the lunatics, useful idiots and the IGNOREant see that? I think we used to have that type of world before religions came onto the scene… i think all governments are the same religion and they gots to go. We don’t need any rules outside of common law based on natural law. We self govern, we do now and we always have… we are conned into thinking we need an unnatural structure to do it for us.

  33. Thanks. I agree heaven is here. Hell is here too. One comes with the other. What was created was for purpose. What comes from entertainment versus enlightenment is up for debate. The magic of ordinary days versus the extraordinary daze. The CiFer and Vortex have one common denominator. They reduce all things to a simple codex from which we can accept or reject.

    The real religions all have the consistent basics or base mathematics and formulas. Organizations co-opt and restructure on false assumption and the BASE (al-qaeda) a perfect example of Talmudic, Qur’an, Old Testament calculation. What Government and Market machinations came were exactly the same system of error for purpose.

    We never had a chance. What education is now is even more frightening than previously seen. Mathematics will never meet science in curriculum let alone in understanding language. And philosophy has been reduced to form of text messaging.

    • I have often said we never stood a chance. But anything you can say about nothing… the exact opposite is also true… we have always stood a chance. As heaven and hell are right here together, and certainly they are… the more they try to destroy truth, the more truth will destroy them.

      :)… funny dream last night… i was eating fried ham and egg sandwiches on toast… i haven’t eaten meat in a couple years now…it must have been the Pink Floyd speaking to me.

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