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Shadow Government bringing Mental Illness out of the Shadows

Remarks by the President at National Conference on Mental Health
East Room

10:00 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you so much. Welcome to the White House. And thank you, Janelle, for that introduction and sharing your story, and making such a difference through your organization. We’re really proud to have you here.

I want to thank Secretary Sebelius, Secretary Arne Duncan, Secretary Ric Shinseki for their leadership and helping to organize this event. And I also want to acknowledge some outstanding members of Congress who are here and who care deeply about this issue.

And finally, I want to thank all of you for participating in this national conference on mental health. We wanted to bring together folks who’ve suffered from mental illness and families who’ve supported them. We wanted to bring together advocates and educators, faith leaders, veterans, local officials.

All of you have shown an extraordinary commitment to what is a critical goal, and that is to make sure that people aren’t suffering in silence and that we have the capacity to pull together all the resources and support and love that’s out there to go after an extraordinary challenge in our society.

The main goal of this conference is not to start a conversation — so many of you have spent decades waging long and lonely battles to be heard. Instead, it’s about elevating that conversation to a national level and bringing mental illness out of the shadows.

We want to let people living with mental health challenges know that they are not alone, and we’ve got to be making sure that we’re committed to support those fellow Americans, because struggling with a mental illness or caring for someone who does can be isolating. And I think everybody here who’s experienced the issue in one way or another understands that. It begins to feel as if not only are you alone, but that you shouldn’t burden others with the challenge and the darkness, day in, day out — what some call a cloud that you just can’t seem to escape — begins to close in.

The truth is, in any given year, one in five adults experience a mental illness — one in five. Forty-five million Americans suffer from things like depression or anxiety, schizophrenia or PTSD. Young people are affected at a similar rate. So we all know somebody — a family member, a friend, a neighbor — who has struggled or will struggle with mental health issues at some point in their lives. Michelle and I have both known people who have battled severe depression over the years, people we love. And oftentimes, those who seek treatment go on to lead happy, healthy, productive lives.

So we know that recovery is possible, we know help is available, and yet, as a society, we often think about mental health differently than other forms of health. You see commercials on TV about a whole array of physical health issues, some of them very personal. (Laughter.) And yet, we whisper about mental health issues and avoid asking too many questions.

The brain is a body part too; we just know less about it. And there should be no shame in discussing or seeking help for treatable illnesses that affect too many people that we love. We’ve got to get rid of that embarrassment; we’ve got to get rid of that stigma. Too many Americans who struggle with mental health illnesses are still suffering in silence rather than seeking help, and we need to see it that men and women who would never hesitate to go see a doctor if they had a broken arm or came down with the flu, that they have that same attitude when it comes to their mental health.

We see it in veterans who come home from the battlefield with the invisible wounds of war, but who feel somehow that seeking treatment is a sign of weakness when in fact it’s a sign of strength. We see it in parents who would do anything for their kids, but who often fight their mental health battle alone -– afraid that reaching out would somehow reflect badly on them.

We see it in the tragedies that we have the power to prevent. And I want to be absolutely clear: The overwhelming majority of people who suffer from mental illnesses are not violent. They will never pose a threat to themselves or others. And there are a whole lot of violent people with no diagnosable mental health issues. But we also know that most suicides each year involve someone with a mental health or substance abuse disorder. And in some cases, when a condition goes untreated, it can lead to tragedy on a larger scale.

We can do something about stories like these. In many cases, treatment is available and effective. We can help people who suffer from a mental illness continue to be great colleagues, great friends, the people we love. We can take out some pain and give them a new sense of hope. But it requires all of us to act. And there are a few ways we can do our part.

First, we’ve got to do a better job recognizing mental health issues in our children, and making it easier for Americans of all ages to seek help. Today, less than 40 percent of people with mental illness receive treatment — less than 40 percent. Even though three-quarters of mental illnesses emerge by the end of — by the age of 24, only about half of children with mental health problems receive treatment. Now think about it: We wouldn’t accept it if only 40 percent of Americans with cancers got treatment. We wouldn’t accept it if only half of young people with diabetes got help. Why should we accept it when it comes to mental health? It doesn’t make any sense.

The good news is, there are plenty of groups that are stepping up to change that. So a former colleague of mine, Gordon Smith, a former Republican Senator, lost his son to suicide 10 years ago. And I remember him speaking so eloquently about it. Gordon is now the head of the National Association of Broadcasters, and today, the National Association of Broadcasters is announcing a new campaign designed to change attitudes about mental illness through TV ads and social media, because Gordon doesn’t want other parents to go through the agonizing loss that he’s endured. So we thank you, Gordon, for that great work. (Applause.)

You’ve got secondary school principals who are holding assemblies on mental health. You’ve got organizations like the YMCA who are volunteering to train staff to recognize the signs of depression and other mental illnesses in our young people. You got leaders from different faith communities who are getting their congregations involved. And dozens of other organizations have today made similar commitments, so we’ve very thankful to all of you.

There are other people who are leading by example. My great friend, Patrick Kennedy, when he was running for reelection back in 2006, he could have avoided talking about his struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction. Let’s face it, he’s a Kennedy. (Laughter.) He was — his seat was pretty safe. Everybody loved him. And yet, Patrick used his experience as a way to connect and to lift up these issues, not hide from them.

And one day, a woman came up to Patrick at a senior center and told him she was afraid to tell her friends she was taking medication for a mental illness because she was worried they might treat her differently. She told Patrick, “You’re the only one who knows aside from my son.” And so Patrick started realizing how much power there could be for people to speak out on these issues. And Patrick carried these stories back with him to Washington, where he worked with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, including his dad, to make sure the mental health services you get through your insurance plan at work are covered the same way that physical health services are — a huge victory. (Applause.)

So because of Patrick’s efforts and the colleagues who worked with him, it’s easier for millions of people to join him on the road to recovery, which brings me to a second point. It’s not enough to help more Americans seek treatment -– we also have to make sure that the treatment is there when they’re ready to seek it.

For years now, our mental health system has struggled to serve people who depend on it. That’s why, under the Affordable Care Act, we’re expanding mental health and substance abuse benefits for more than 60 million Americans. (Applause.) New health insurance plans are required to cover things like depression screenings for adults and behavioral assessments for children. And beginning next year, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny anybody coverage because of a pre-existing mental health condition. (Applause.)

We’re also investing in science and basic research to make it easier to diagnose and treat disease early. And earlier this year, I announced an ambitious initiative to develop tools for mapping the human brain, which could help scientists and researchers unlock the answers to conditions that affect mental health.

We’re also doing more to support our troops and our veterans who are suffering from things like traumatic brain disorder — or traumatic brain injury or PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today, we lose 22 veterans a day to suicide — 22. We’ve got to do a better job than that of preventing these all too often silent tragedies. That’s why we’ve poured an enormous amount of resources into high-quality care and better treatment for our troops.

And today, under Ric Shinseki’s leadership, the VA is going even further. They’re partnering with 24 communities in nine states to help reduce wait times for veterans seeking mental health care. And they’re — they’ve met their goal of hiring 1,600 new mental health providers, which means this summer they’re going to hold more than 150 summits like this one in communities all across the country so that every one of our servicemembers and veterans understand — just like you take care of yourself and each other on the battlefield, you’ve got to do the same thing off the battlefield. That’s part of being strong.

For many people who suffer from a mental illness, recovery can be challenging. But what helps more than anything, what gives so many of our friends and loved ones strength, is the knowledge that you are not alone. You’re not alone. You’re surrounded by people who care about you and who will support you on the journey to get well. We’re here for you.

And that’s what this conference is about. That’s why these issues are so important. So if there’s anybody out there who’s listening, if you’re struggling, seek help.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Thank you, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: You’re welcome. (Applause.) If you know somebody who is struggling, help them reach out. Remember the family members who shoulder their own burdens and need our support as well. And more than anything, let people who are suffering in silence know that recovery is possible. They’re not alone. There’s hope. There’s possibility. And that’s what all of you represent with the extraordinary advocacy and work that you’ve already done.

So thank you all for being here. Let’s do everything we can to help our fellow Americans heal and thrive. And now I’d like to turn it over to Secretary Sebelius who will be leading our opening panel.

Thank you very much, everybody. (Applause.)

10:15 A.M. EDT

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COTO knows where this goes. Along with the new crafted DSM-5 mental health overhaul this year, the continual spying and data mining along with the false flag stagings for years to present a crazed lone wolf profiling image to the dumbed down masses, the erosion of civil liberties will move into a whole new dimension of Baker Act

After dissecting the DSM-V, I have discovered proof that about 4 in 5 of government directors, media talking heads and Pentagon officials have a cocktail of mental disorders all of which remain hidden under the obsessive-compulsive liar disorder. Some of these include;

sexual sadism,
Bipolar disorder
Dissociative identity disorder
Fregoli delusion
Grandiose delusions
Ganser syndrome
Transient global amnesia
Severe mental retardation
Histrionic personality disorder
Narcissistic personality disorder
Impulse control disorder
Pathological gambling
Persecutory delusion
and Schizophrenia

I’d like to declare a Celebrity Poster boy and girl for these disorders and any others we at COTO should bring to the attention of the masses with hypersomnia. Oh wait, we have been doing that for four years. Never mind.



  1. BTW the header represents a case of Fregoli delusion and Persecutory delusion by psychotics at ADL and their lunatic minions.

  2. Not only Dumbed-Down but now mentally challenged

    • Rachel is the daughter of a Military Colonel I believe. She’s making the cocktail circuit in NYC these days. SOHO gallery party pics and all.
      This is very wonderful

      • The snarking Mockingbird making fun of white “redneck: males is a new meme that is introduced a lot these days.
        I encounter this in the Communist State of Kalifornia.
        Strange as wasn’t really aware till yesterday how prevelent this meme is.
        Am sure that is deliberate. Maddow is just opportunist. Dad probably said “marry” the respectable book lady and get on with it girl.
        Clever commies go far in the NWO.
        And you can party in NYC with hedge fund heneas and banker ghouls all while maintaining up with people street cred.
        Rachel call me I can do over your villege coop into a RED scenario if you know what I mean.


    NASA’s HS3 mission may target Cape Verde Island hurricanes in 2013

  4. Operation: Whack-a-mole: Woolwich


    BBC Pedophiles whistleblower

  5. “The brain is a body part too..”

    So is your asshole.


  6. “We want to let people living with mental health challenges know that they are not alone”~Obamypajamy

    So they are writing up a CODEX wherein EVERYONE can be shown to have some form of “mental illness”, and make the diagnoses vague enough to include anyone with a pulse.

    “Psychiatry” another soft “science” gone limp.
    As substantial as an Oedipus Fart.



    • The Judge accepted James Holmes insanity plea. Poor stooge is cutting a deal for something he either didn’t do or was not responsible for… and the kicker is there are thousands of James Holmes’ standing in the wings ready to fly.

      I harken back to Spitzer when he was going after Pfizer for the teen suicides (paxil) and their bogus, falsified clinical data. Well we kinow what happened to Eliot. He caved like a Louisiana sinkhole.

      Where in the world is a flag officer, US marshall or US Attorney willing to follow through. I gave up on Governors, reps and Senators. I think the sheriffs are the last bastion of men/women who can stem the TIDES of malfeasance, dereliction of duty and breach of oath.

  7. Since 1908, robber baron oligarchs have been using a network of private organizations to hijack foreign diplomacy, localities, and public education, under the disguise of “charitable organizations” or “foundations”. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, rather it is a fact – as determined in congressional hearings in 1953. This rare PDF file is the digitized prime record of those hearings. 

    The robber baron families have tried strenuously to keep this matter under wraps, but you can download and preserve your own copy here. See also the wealth of related info at the links below:

    The Hidden Agenda: The Norman Dodd Interview

    Tax Exempt Foundations The Enemy Within – Norman Dodd Dr Stan Monteith 

    Tax Exempt Foundations and Collectivist Treason – Overthrow of the USA –

    Obama’s END GAME REVEALED – Documentary


    • Those were good interviews. It’s communism’s tools, but not the endgame. The true Capitalist Manifesto a tool as well. The ultimate Hegelian dialectic where the Zion Zen Masters who controlled the entire agenda come out unscathed once the left right transition to One World Order has been burned into the mentally deficient masses, globally.

      Drop the solution as a synthesis will happen without a need for political strong arming or draconian force. It will manifest in social upheaval, willing transition and necessity for survival based upon those ‘conspiracies’ that no one questions cause or causality. It will be a contributory process by a fear ridden, dumbing agenda that has absolutely stunned this observer. Nothing can stop a wave in the gamma range but you’d think we could fend off the alpha and beta bullshit. Not a chance.

  8. “It is difficult to re-educate people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supra-national body.” Prince Bernhard

    “Denial of the authoritarian plan by elites like the Bilderberg cabal is the equivalent of Satan’s greatest lie, convincing us he does not exist.”

    “Whatever its early mission, the Group is now “a shadow world government….threaten(ing) to take away our right to direct our own destinies (by creating) a disturbing reality” very much harming the public’s welfare. In short, Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate controlled, and check-mated by militarized enforcement.”
    As Paul Joseph Watson reported in his May 11 2009 article Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich, top Nazi industrialists were present at the cradle of the European Union and, through the creation of the Bilderberg group, guided her growth during all stages of development into the post-war era. German industrialists, it seems, have aligned themselves with the Anglo-American establishment after the war, teaming up to form what is better known as the New World Order. As reported in the article, a group of top ranking German industrialists planned for an economic super state founded upon a common market for the whole of Europe. It has also been confirmed that the Bilderberg group had their plans for a European Union and currency in place by at least 1955.The idea of uniting Europe in a closed trade bloc is no longer shocking if Germany assumes domination over such a bloc”, wrote one of the founding Nazi-ideologues in the 19th century. The man who arranged for Hitler to become Chancellor of Germany, Von Papen, had also written about the possibility of a “European Federation” under strict German control of course, with Berlin as its glorious power center.
    [Corporate Feudalism]
    NATO has provided for the international army, while the European Central Bank does the same for international finance. All these activities have been developed under the careful direction of the Bilderberg Group and subsequently carried out by its designated subdivisions.”

    Now the relevant viewpoint is that the Bilderberg assembly is by invitation from the highest echelon of committed agents of globalism. Their decisions become policy and governance turns into a continuous decent into slavery. The manifestation of the Bilderberg coalition is in keeping with the Round Table, a secret society started around the turn of the 20th century by Freemason and Rothschild agent, Lord Alfred Milner, who was entrusted the mission by Cecil Rhodes. The Anglo-American dominance of international intervention is rooted in Bilderberg discussions organized on the principle of reaching consensus for global hegemony. Pro Zionist financiers impose the objectives of the House of Rothschild upon America and England. The origins of totalitarian assimilation under the banner of the centralized authority oppression stems from the cult of the moneychangers.
    ~SARTRE – June 2, 2013


  9. Bernhard the protege of the Bilderberg NWO mastermind. Joseph Retinger~

  10. Bilderberg? = Mental Illness. Never say a word. Shhhhhh.

  11. See this yet? New York Times Warning: Trust Authorities on Boston Bombing, or You’re Nuts

    • Thank You for the link Patricia,

      I always enjoy reading about these mainstream oinkulations pretending at rationality.
      . . . . .
      “In 2010, Swami and a co-author summarized this research in The Psychologist, a scientific journal. They found, perhaps surprisingly, that believers are more likely to be cynical about the world in general and politics in particular. Conspiracy theories also seem to be more compelling to those with low self-worth, especially with regard to their sense of agency in the world at large. Conspiracy theories appear to be a way of reacting to uncertainty and powerlessness.”~Baker

      “In these moments of powerlessness and uncertainty, a part of the brain called the amygdala kicks into action. Paul Whalen, a scientist at Dartmouth College who studies the amygdala, says the amygdala jump-starts the rest of the brain into analytical overdrive — prompting repeated reassessments of information in an attempt to create a coherent and understandable narrative, to understand what just happened, what threats still exist and what should be done now. This may be a useful way to understand how, writ large, the brain’s capacity for generating new narratives after shocking events can contribute to so much paranoia in this country.”~Swami
      . . . . . .
      It is interesting to note that it is a deformed and inoperative amygdala that is often found in brain-scans, or autopsies of psychotics, and serial killers.

      “analytical overdrive — prompting repeated reassessments of information in an attempt to create a coherent and understandable narrative, to understand what just happened..”

      Isn’t it curious how this is framed as somehow ‘dangerous’? To be especially ‘analytical’ — to “attempt to create a coherent and understandable narrative,” is framed as in some way an error of thinking.

      The mainstream is obviously playing to the lowest common denominator.


    • Patricia, here in the US, you have two scenarios at play. Obamacare death panels or government gangstalking psychotrope to get you into the panoptic prison system or medical money merry-go-round, both institutions created by the DVD, Nazi paperclip program and operated through the same foundation-education-eugenics system that began 100 years ago.

      It’s Auschwitz and the Hanoi Hilton rolled into a model for Obamacare. This is exactly why Sebelius, Arne Duncan and vetrans affairs sec. Ric Shinseki are there at the unveiling of the new DSM softkill for kids and young adults. They have the seniors dying at a clip that is over two times the reported numbers.

      We talked about our parents recently.

      There are articles all over the place like this one

      Warning – Are You Being
      Targeted For Euthanasia?
      By Mary Therese Helmueller, R.N.

      Now we can look at the targeting for the psychotropic poisoning of our children and youth.

      I expect this scenario and these things to happen.

      BIOLOGICAL ASSAULT requiring all citizens to be vaccinated
      A WAR that requires the draft be re-instituted and all to be vaccinated
      DOMESTIC FALSE FLAG requiring all citizens undergo mental health screening to travel or work

      • I just watched THE EDGE OF DARKNESS last night Puddy,

        Thanks for good reviewing it and sparking my interest.

        I was taken by the casting of that John Kerry look-alike for the part of the sleazy Senator…

        Great presentations as “fiction” can be more truthful than documentaries.

        The product being manufactured by the corporation the daughter worked for was an ingenious proposition. And oh so likely somewhere in our real world.

        The movie is worth another viewing or two.


        • Glad you liked it. It was Mels attempt to to disclose FISA-Patriot Act-False Flag and Boston all in one movie. It has Occu-pi, shadow government and Kerry/Romney type and the Plume-Gate scenario.

          The scene where the female whistleblower gets whacked was intense. I love Ray Winstone.

          “What does he give you back? I drive down the road and there’s more holes in the road than what there is in a tennis racket, you know.”

          It’s sad that these celebrities don’t understand ‘by design” They could all use the scripts we deposit here as required reading.

      • Several years ago, a topic of vital interest among the electrosensitive was what to do should you find yourself committed to a mental institution. I know of two cases in which that actually happened, due to their claims of experiencing physiological effects from cell phone and other radio-frequency radiation. They were drugged up and required to take drugs after their release, with seriously negative effects. One tried suing the doctor who committed her, but if you have ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder, you’ll never be taken seriously again. She has a doctorate in literature. She says she has had to avoid using metaphors since then.

        If you want to discredit a political opponent, or deprive a group of people of their human rights, if you can get someone to diagnose them officially as mentally incompetent, they really cannot do much. Among my relatives recently, one used the claim of “undiagnosed Alzheimers” to try to get hospital staff to disregard the stated wishes of her husband. This worked wonders with the nurses and social workers, but fell flat with the doctors, who were aware of his actual state.

        Tipped off by others’ experiences, I have avoided talking to doctors about electrosensitivity in the first person. But they said if you do wind up hospitalized, you have to “come to see” the doctors’ point of view, and admit that you were silly and paranoid or whatever they are saying, and take their drugs. Forget about trying to convince them of anything.

        With such a huge list of disorders claimed for what used to be normal behavior, anyone determined to diagnose you will be able to no matter what you do. For the chipped drugs, so they can know if you’re being a good boy or girl and taking them, there has to be a way to circumvent that. You obviously want to minimize that assault on you biology.

        The vaccination situation in the States is a real travesty waiting to happen. I would prefer frankly to be shot in the back while running. Dart guns anyone?

        • Alzheimer’s – senility Autism – toxic shock

          There are many reports of reversing autism and eliminating it totally by nutrition and detox. If the kids are sequestered from Hi-def, Wi-fi and other flicker spectrum assaults and fed, they can recover. PhRMA just sedates them and dumbs them down.

          Women who refuse to breast feed their babies is playing red/black roulette and increase the chances enormously. Synthetic proteins and acids used in formula are shit. This is torture that exceeds Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

          Now they want women to destroy their breasts and replace them with shit bags. I can connect the dots. Damn, I hate feminists and whitecoats.

  12. Interesting Weather Wars Thread here:

    Some PNAC members used to be on BAE Systems “Board”. Like Dan Quayle.
    Cowper-Coles, Sherard GB Business Development Director, International, BAE Systems plc. BAE is a scandal plagued British arms merchant.

    I don’t have time to run down Who’s Who at the corporations seen centered around the radar “pulse”, but we can guess they’re there, and interwoven through the fabric of the Controllers.

    • I’m sure many of the original cotocrew left over turmoil but many likely did over the content we deposited. I think those who did should come back now that the ENMOD scalar, weather wars, chemtrails are all declassified main stream.

      Clifford Carnicom, Sofia Smallstorm, Nick Begich, Serge Monast, Andrija Puharich, John Hutchinson and Col. Tom Bearden as well as others cannot be dismissed.

  13. When we’re talking about certain kinds of weasels, like McCain or Lieberman, or Graham, “Mental Illness” should immediately be suspected. Clinical, and other forms…

    So, here’s Graham musing on 1st amendment rights for Bloggers —

    It is AMAZING that creatures like this have any power or persuasion at all over another human being, much less, sit in Policy positions?

    • Yea Boomer,

      Lindsey Graham is a sick little twat isn’t he? He’s one at the top of my “Despicable List”…but there are so many — too many to count or rate.


  14. Like the Kings and Court Jesters of old, the “der Leaders” of the masses of reached the pinnacle of The Shaft. Their “up” is really deep “down”, and they don’t grok it because of their delusions. Witness this fraying, now appearing even in the halls of power…Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s House floor speech from 6-3-2013. Source:

    The catcalls and cabbages have come a’callin.

    • “The only problem is that his vice president is less fit is even more embarrassing.”

      Woh hohoho…on the floor of Congress no less.

      But the most “embarrassing” of all is there is not a politician in DC fit for any seat in government.
      They should all recuse themselves and run for the hills.


      • The entire shithouse needs to be hosed down and dismantled, with the “Occupiers” sent to FEMA camps for re-orientation, shuffleboard games, and waterboarding festivities. All to provide real “reality TV” shows for the masses to see how blind they’ve all been to the diseased “system” called Government. A name Mankind should recoil from immediately as an avowed and Obvious Enemy of all that is synonymous with the meanings of “Liberty & Freedom”.

        “Government” is surely at odds with “Liberty & Freedom”, not preserving or protecting them, but AS SEEN IN REAL TIME — Acting continuously to eviscerate Mankind’s Right, Freedoms, & Liberties.

        That “LYING is POLICY” for governments is all we really need to grok to grasp that they are psychopathic in nature, ALWAYS serving their own interests which run counter to the “citizens”.

    • On June 26, 2012, Bridenstine pulled a major upset against five-term incumbent U.S. Congressman John Sullivan in the Republican primary election. He defeated Sullivan 54%-46%.In November, he defeated Democratic nominee John Olson 63%-32% in Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district. He won all of the five counties in the district.


  15. Pretty soon, if not already, every one of us can be tagged mentally ill. Normal human characteristics that relate to different personality types, (you know the things that make each one of us unique), can now be considered a mental disorder.
    Are you shy when u meet new people? Social anxiety disorder. We have a pill for that !

    Are you an active pre- school age kid that would rather run around playing tag and climbing monkey bars instead of sitting at a table coloring or sitting in a circle listening to a story that has no interest for you? ADHD. We have a pill for that !

    Are you a school kid, especially a teenager and you have definite opinions about things and aren’t afraid to voice them? ODD. We have a pill for that!

    Good god.. Rein in the kids as early as possible… It’s a Brave New World.

    • “One pill makes you larger the other makes you small…”


    • Mr. Pendleton Herring, of the Social Science Research Council, wrote in 1947 concerning this matter : “One of the greatest needs in the social sciences is for the development of skilled practitioners who can use social data for the cure of social ills as doctors use scientific data to cure bodily ills.”~Reece


  16. “Ever since the world began, well-meaning people, lacking faith in the common man to conduct his own affairs, have promoted the idea of government by an elite .

    Plato wanted his perfect society run by powerful, all wise and, of course, incorruptible philosophers.

    Francis Bacon wanted his world run by a group of top scientists answering to the same specifications .

    Robert Hutchins and the other members this self-anointed professional intellectual aristocracy dream of an America governed by social scientists, guided by their benign infallibility under a system which save the people from the responsibilities of freedom.”~Carroll Reese – 1955


    • Great post of quotes there Rogue1. Any thinking individual would immediately see the poison in the well with these types of social engineering Fantasies.

      • I suppose the greatest error-lie-sin is in thinking one can give up ones natural born Liberty – and in doing so give up one’s responsibility.

        The truth is that Liberty and it’s attendant Responsibility are inalienable from the human being. It is the attempt to hide from this dual dynamic that has set the world on the long highway to Hell.

        “Issnot my yob” is not only a cop-out, it is delusion.


  17. Pretending America

    obiter dicta 1. Law; an opinion voiced by a judge that has only incidental bearing on the case in question and is therefore not binding.
    judge’s observation: an observation made by a judge that is incidental to the case being tried and, while being authoritative, is not binding on future courts under the doctrine of precedent.
    passing comment: a comment made in passing.

    The “Personhood” of Corporations are based on an incident of obiter dicta, and is therefore not lawfully binding [Southern Pacific v Santa Clara]. Syllabus; Case U.S. Supreme Court Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific R. Co., 118 U.S. 394 (1886) Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company

    The Headnote
    C. Bancroft Davis, wrote the following as part of the headnote for the case:
    “One of the points made and discussed at length in the brief of counsel for defendants in error was that ‘corporations are persons within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.’ Before argument, Mr. Chief Justice Waite said:The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, applies to these corporations. We are all of the opinion that it does.”

    Why did the chief justice issue his dictum? Why did he leave it up to Davis to include it in the headnotes? After Waite told him that the Court ‘avoided’ the issue of corporate personhood, why did Davis include it? Why, indeed, did he begin his headnote with it? The opinion made plain that the Court did not decide the corporate personality issue and the subsidiary equal protection issue.

    The court’s actual decision was uncontroversial. A unanimous decision, written by Justice Harlan, ruled on the matter of fences, holding that the state of California illegally included the fences running beside the tracks in its assessment of the total value of the railroad’s property. As a result, the county could not collect taxes from Southern Pacific that it was not allowed to collect in the first place.[9]

    Obvious Obiter Dicta

    Thus the Supreme Court’s actual decision never hinged on the equal protection claims. Nevertheless, the case has been allowed to have clear constitutional consequences, as it has been subsequently taken to affirm the protection of corporations under the Fourteenth Amendment. [10] At the very least, this is a wrinkle in the normal understanding of the workings of the Court’s tradition of stare decisis – the reliance on precedence. It is an instance in which a statement which is neither part of the ruling of the Court, nor part of the opinion of a majority or dissenting minority of the Court has been taken as precedent for subsequent decisions of the Court.


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