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From the banished and censored victims of Alternative Media

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Blatant Censorhip at OpEdNews

Mar 19th, 2013 by stuartbramhall in Mind Control and Disinformation

McDonaldization: News Media, Hollywood, Television & Internet ‘Alternative’ News

March 13th, 2013

by Tracy Turner


General News 3/14/2013 at 22:27:33

Opednews Policies On Content, Behavior and Banning; Comments Encouraged

There are some topics, after long debate and even some periods of coverage, which we have decided not to explore, discuss, or give our attention to. These include:

  • HAARP and Chemtrail conspiracy theories. (See our FAQ on other conspiracy theories)
  • Claims that all vaccines are dangerous or a conspiracy to kill or maim people. (See FAQ)
  • 911 Truth Re-hashes and old news (See FAQ)
  • Theories that Sandy Hook was a government black operation or theories that mass murders are really coordinated by the government, or, believe it or not, that Hurricane Sandy was a government operation.

Coto welcomes any of the banished to publish and discuss any subject here, especially those truths that Rob Kall and the gatekeepers reject as conspiracy.  We will even provide the governments own documents to support it.

Rob Kall explains COTO banishment


[Project Expose MSM courtesy of Sibel Edmonds and 123 Real Change]



  1. So? Kall is an ass. A putrid small-minded sell-out. Next.

  2. Hey M, how ya doin? Do you realize COTO just celebrated it’s 4th anniversary of coming into being? You were the main catlyst and the man that gave us our name. Thank you 🙂 I think this reprisal of what brought us all together at this time is fitting. Also, with the new purge at OEN of COTO like thinkers, very relevant.

    Patrick, what a blast from the past ! I went back and reread every comment made on that thread about the banning. I’d only seen about half of them at the time. Kudos to Coto members and “sympathizers” (ha) that had our back: Most notably: Camus Rebel (brilliant, well thought out replies to the sycophants) Mary Sunshine (as usual cutting through the bs with surgeon-like deftness) Boomer,(witty, everyman rants) Laudy (short, sweet & to the point retorts) Richard (great intellecutal rebuttals and especially calling RK out on his “nanite” comment.. haha ❤ ) Munich (for his absolute defense of Rady) Dave Hunter & Bia for her short but definite protest against our banning and to non coto member but great debater and upholder of fairness in commenting Blaine Kinsey (who doesn't agree w/coto but doesn't

    Last but certainly not least the wonder boy that OEN tried to cage Kevin G (whose last name I still can't spell) I love that kid's integrity, intellect and writing ability but mostly his talent for critical thinking. WHERE ARE YOU NOW KEVIN ? My homework tomorrow will be to find you and see what you are up to.

    As for our COTO MIAs…. COME BACK… ALL OF YOU.. Richard, Laudy, Munich, Mary Sunshine, Dave… I truly miss you, especially after reading your comments from so many moons ago. Hope all of you are well and still have access to a computer:)

    Holy crap… that comment just read like an awards ceremony didn’t it? lol

    • I am ashamed to say I was never actually banned at Op-Ed News. Kevin G–I know that Kevin! Kevin Gosztola or something. Great investigative reporter. They tried to can him? They would! If you ain’t been canned at Op-Ed, you ain’t nobody! Me? It’s probably just a case of my computer’s allergy to cookies. Recently, I actually wanted to write Rob some encouragement for a series he’s doing on psychopathy, but I can’t log in to Op-Ed, no way, now how.

      But never mind. The last time I was able to post at Op-Ed News, a few of years ago, I was being ostracized at least!

      • Pat, don’t feel bad, I was banned because I was contacting those who were like minded to Coto( and defended us) through OEN’s mail system and asked them to join our blog.. up until they found out I was doing that, I was still allowed to comment. lol

        • AAAhhh…..the enchanting Miss Deborah……it was you! Couldn’t remember how I stumbled from oen to here but your mentioning how u reached out to like minded’s jogs the ol’ memory box a smidgen. And thanks for the compliment.

          Pre pogrom of May 09 I wasn’t a frequent enough guest @ da Krall’s Nest to be considered COTO. In fact I was allowed to comment for a few weeks after Kristalnacht. My last was June 13. This thread got me lookin back….. i did object to the whole “edges ” BS…..and the eagerness tp please the NYT…….sad a site with such promise had to sell lout so completely and abruptly

        • What a vengeful bastard that guy can be! And a few other of the established writers on OEN. Good on you for helping decent people out of OEN. Yes, you certainly deserved to be banned there.

          I was away on one of my month-long breaks from cyberspace, and came back to find OEN completely changed. You were gone by then. The content had gone so dull I hardly participated. I think it was Will who was still managing to hang out there who answered my query about whatever happened to COTO a year or so later.

          • By “Will” I don’t suppose you mean me? I was one of the first to go after Mr M…I got in a dispute with Lessar and Trimlett and they said I had slurred Trimlett. It wasn’t true, it was a limp excuse. And that evening I could no longer log on.

            I was surprised I lasted as long as I did. Kall hated me from the first couple of weeks of my commentary. I got zonked for using the word, “Nazi”, “Zionist”, and “fuck”…and then Rob asked if I was a “cartoon”.

            Of course he was as, or more insulting than anyone else there.
            I wasn’t insulted though…I could sense him gritting his teeth in his text.
            He was always a small minded person. The concept of the Hegelian Dialectic absolutely baffled him. That something as elementary as that can trip him up….well, that is stupendously funny.

            Again, the mans deepest fault is his mind numbing mediocrity.


            • I did mean you, Rogue! But I’m all mixed up. You were a help to me there in some other way. Oh well. I owe a big thanks to whoever it was that linked me up to COTO.

              • I was lucky in that I knew COTO existed and was forming just before my main computer got slammed.
                I was able to log on a couple of times from a friends computer during my stay in North Carolina…But I think I used her gravitar to post a couple of comments, before fleeing NC as well.

                We owe a big thanks to whoever linked you up with COTO as well, you are valued for your insights here.


  3. Postcript: Patrick…just curious…were u Nemo in those banning comments? Also.. LOVE LOVE LOVE the header. You are just brilliant. I also am a big fan of the comedy stylings of Stephen Wright 😉 pure genius.

    • Jeeese…so he made it really big, I remember seeing Stephen Wright long ago…I thought he was so amazing – he told a long story about a phone in the middle meridian of a eight lane highway…

      I just remember he finally answered the phone to her a woman say, “stop it.” That was the punchline and I have no idea why it was so funny…but it was.


      • Will, I know what you mean. It’s such simple stuff and yet so hysterical. He’s at the top of my list of comedians.

    • I am glad you didn’t get married or kidnapped Deb. Who was Nemo? I can’t remember Dinner last night. I have been watching the old comics on utoob. Wright, Pryor, Hicks, Hedberg and Larry Miller.

      • Married? lol nope..been there done that. As for kidnapped.. I feel as if wordpress is hijacking my ability to type comments and post articles. It freezes, the margins go wacky (as in my letters seem to disappear into the edges of them) and part way through a long article my words just flip off the flippin’ screen and disappear@! I’ve never had this trouble in the past and it’s NOT my laptop that’s the problem.

        It’s really frustrating to say the least. I do know that people all over the internet with different providers have been saying how slow their connections have been recently and how unreliable. I’ve experienced the same with comcast.

        My sister and I were out together today and when we got back to her house she wanted to show me her son’s website with pix on them. It took forever for the damn thing to connect and that is a recent problem she’s been having as well. She has verizon.

        Anyone else besides Will and me noticing this?

        • What browser are you using Deb?

          I advise using Mozilla or Chrome. I hate to have to say it but they are needed as well as Java updates. If you use IE 6-7-8 you will have some issues. Firefox and chrome are easy to download. Just pay attention to checkboxes for extras you don’t want.

          Also keep in mind that WP has been the target for many atytacks lately and I am sure there are reasons beyond the random. There are many good coto types throughout the family of bloggers as you may have discovered. I have identified dozens of sites like coto and Scott Creighton | American Everyman. Jon Rappaport etc.

          I had huge issues with IP flooding for a few months but I got around that. Viruses (rootkit) are more common now and can cause what you are experiencing. Malwarebytes can solve that as well.

          email me for any help.

          • JG should be able to add Chrome Frame to her existing browser to some good effect.

            I don’t know how long the good effect will last though…

            When I first loaded that atop my IE it was lightning…but the last few days turned to molasses again…???

            I have had a particularly hard time today.

            \\][…woops a wing fell off….

          • Patrick, I have them ALL on my computer. Mozilla which used to be the best is now the worst offender of all. IE, which I hate, is faster for me now and more reliable. Chrome is better than firefox at times. But honestly, I’m having issues with all three when it comes to wordpress. I have webroot and two or three different anti spyware programs that I run all the time. As I’m typing this now < I can't really see what I'm typing because it's going UNDER my avatar pic and the wordpress text next to it…….

            • Your problem may be due to conflicts between the browser software, You should probably stick to one at a time…same for any virus protection. Things can conflict and cancel each other out.

              You also could try resetting your computer to a previous time – a time when everything was working smoothly.

              To do this go to: Performance and Maintenance
              From there click on: System Restore
              At that point you will be offered a calendar of Restore Dates.

              If you don’t like what this does, you can always go back and restore to current.


              • Thanks Will. The conflicting browsers could be a problem but I’ve had all three for months now and my anti spyware progs since forever and I just starting having problems with wordpress in the past month or so. The only other consistent site I have problems with like this is my yahoo email! But that’s simply because they are spying on me ..ha.

                I just restored my computer a few days ago didn’t seem to help me here. ~sigh

                • Well, the other theory is that “They” are fuckin with the web…

                  And that isn’t so “theoretical” at this point, is it?

                  I find that when ‘certain phrases’ are used my email won’t send. I can go back a few minutes later and send it. I think what is happening in these instances is that the emails are given a human eyeballing before being allowed past the spooky gatekeeper’s normal software procedures. But then again, I am one of them paranoid conspersee theorististas.


          • I have Google Chrome, but things have been incredibly slow out here in Japan too, for about a month now. Thanks for the info on Java updates. I kept ignoring the notices, and finally got sick of seeing them, and did the complicated little dance recommended. I haven’t gotten any notices recently, but I’ll keep that in mind.

      • Just watched the Regan vid — Thanks Brother! I needed the laughs.

  4. Rob Kall explains his bland mediocrity, and his petty conman persona, in both his text and example here:

    ‘Rob Kall explains COTO banishment’
    . . . . . . . .
    I read this excremental ululation just a couple of days ago, for the very first time.

    This was from the very first days of the building of COTO as an independent site, after the purge at, OEN. This was the era that my computer was torpedoed by mysterious forces. So this was my first encounter with Kall’s pale gruel excuses and further lies and insults.

    I also found and enjoyed Willy Loman’s commentaries that were posted sequentially afterwards.

    I am quite frankly shocked that OEN has been able to maintain a readership of any kind for so long__it is steered by such an obvious charlatan…
    But then again that is so typical of this postmodern pathological society.


    • Aye, Rogue1. There seems to be a certain percentage or “ratio” of the herd that just craves Cotton Candy, Jumbo Sodas & Sausage Chasers. WTF WE Exclaim! Yet…There They Are at the trough, lapping up whatever bilge is pumped in front of them.

      What are ya gonna do?! They are mostly beyond reach because their mandibles are straight-piped to their stomachs, curly-skewed to their colons, and intimately associated with their assholes…

      I don’t hear the “hog calling” to go their aid, so they’re left to themselves and the wims of philanthropist psychologists to save them.

      Bon Vivant — SoWheeee! See Ya!

      • Be a part of something. (OEN) herd mentality. The recent banished included many fine writers and investigators.

        I hope Tracy will continue to send these links and updates on others who find the Kalling to leave the mediacrity of Oped, regardless of their readership and hits.

        • hiya all:-)
          well 4 years flew by,
          followed a link last week led to dropdeads site
          its a lot..of not much.
          Puddy they gave Lendman th flip?
          confirmation (not needed) of low IQ by mismanagement:-)
          was interesting re reading the krawls statement
          never got a word just you have been banned, emails asking why? ignored-no reply.
          looking back
          he did us all a favour
          without his actions COTO wouldnt have come to be.

          • Hi Oz

            I am aware that several were booted. Lendman and a few others were not banned but certainly censored as indicated in the OPED post regarding vaccines, chemtrails, HAARP and other taboo subjects.

            Funny that these are the very issues that are the greatest threat to human wellfare. Whether environmental modification or vaccine adverse effects which as you know are already published mainstream, the rejection by OPED to allow their inclusion in the discussion is nothing short of burlesque.

            But the fact is that once the truth becomes main stream, that is when the warrants come down. Rob Kall is not an egotist with a power issue but confirms he is subject to directives in order to maintain his standing in the co-opted alternative liberal sector. Pravda for left-wing status quo in the political cul-de-sac. It’s his ago that directs him when his political cronies marginalize his website as a haven for conspiratorial lunatic fringe.

            If Lendman and others who are not banned want to continue to post articles there, they should do what I did before the coto purge and post articles on propaganda and censorship. I knew my time was short there and I came in softly but stepped it up quickly moving into the Clinton and Bush assassination lists. Now the mainstream NY Times discusses Obama’s hit list. I’ll bet dead whistleblowers still won’t get through the chicken wire of OEN.


            • It’s not really strange that it is the vital topics that are banned, and not only at OEN, but widely throughout the alternative flotsam and jetsam. Anything important gets tarred as “conspiracy theory.” Then the people who are more concerned with reputation than truth distance themselves from it. It takes determination to keep digging when all the actual dupes are laughing at you. I keep an eye on COTO because nothing is getting censored here so far. Keeping it up for four years is pretty good.

              • Seems as if the admiralty requires setting no precedence of actual conspiracy within it’s cpmplex .org. It simply does not exist above the ranks of proletariat organized crime. The.coms are purposely there to support this effort.

                ..ergo, newspapers, gumshoe reporters, whistleblowers, scientist, observers or witnesses must all be placed under the CIA-Googleplex where the upload and download can be monitored. It’s a balancing act to collect data on the plebes to form enhanced dossiers, yet control the information of true conspiracy to mitigate it’s damage.

                I say to the Associated Press, “who gives a shit about the .gov spying on you.” You’re only gatekeepers anyway. How about Inslaw and PROMIS, where the attorney generals, law enforcement and FBI were being spied on by Israeli Mossad, Russian Mafia, and London MI6?

                If you cannot stop major conspiracy fact, create conspiracy minor. The Octopus has many tentacles but only one brain and mouth. This is the Media and Information complex. OEN is just one little sucker on the leviathan.

  5. Those who promote the ‘bungling view’ of history, who claim there is no ‘rhyme nor reason’ to it, that it is all ,“chance and fate – chaos and human folly” are in fact working very hard to hide something very simple and historically verifiable; human beings make plans and accomplish great works.

    The world of man is not a product of happenstance.

    This is not to say there are no fools of course. The people who buy the excuse of incompetence made by those running things, they are the fools and the dupes. And they are produced like widgets in the grand production of the Public Relations Regime.

    There are few great secrets – only truths ignored.


    • Beautiful last sentence there. Quoting Joseph Goebbels, “Propaganda is not meant to fool the intelligencia, it is merely meant to provide them an excuse to avoid seeing ugly realities they’d sooner not believe.”

      • Thanks toots.

        Goebbelism spikes Globalism with prismjizm ala rainbow colours.

        er sumpin…


  6. Transcript of Norman Dodd interviewed by Ed Griffin:

    “..number one, defined what, to us, was meant by the phrase, “un-American.” We defined that in our way as being a determination to effect changes in the country by unconstitutional means. We have plenty of constitutional procedures, assuming we wish to effect a change in the form of government and that sort of thing; and, therefore, any effort in that direction which did not avail itself of the procedures which were authorized by the Constitution could be justifiably be called un-American.
    That effect [of the foundations] was to orient our educational system away from support of the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and implemented in the Constitution; and the task now was the orientation of education away from these briefly stated principles and self-evident truths. That’s what had been the effect of the wealth, which constituted the endowments of those foundations that had been in existence over the largest portion of this span of 50 years, and holding them responsible for this change. What we were able to bring forward, what we uncovered, was the determination of these large endowed foundations, through their trustees, to actually get control over the content of American education.”~NORMAN DODD


  7. One of my favorite reads

    The next one is suposed to be as good. I always like to get the reviews from the culprits.

    • Hah…Wiki doesn’t want to talk about it. Amazon doesn’t want to talk about it…

      I found the book available on Amazoinka but they had no info on it, and only one short review that said zip about the book itself other than it is an “essential read for every American”.

      I can’t find a PDF of it that will actually download.

      Rene Albert Wormser (Author) FOUNDATIONS, their power and influence


      • It’s 20 bucks well spent in my opinion. I’d send you mine but I love it and covet it.

        Here’s a link to download that will help in this area. a GOOD .PDF

        The Subversion of America by Tax Exempt Foundations – 1953 Investigation – The Reece Hearings

        • Book Description
          Publication Date: June 1993
          Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the media and the financial elite, the committee discovered that the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie Foundations were working in education, government, and the media to convert our country into a socialist nation. This book documents the power of the Tax-Exempt foundations and how they used that power to subvert a nation.
          Show more
          Show less

          Sounds like the education the average Amerikan needs to have. I’d buy the book and pass it around but I know none of the willfully ignornant people I know would bother to read it. They are more interested in fictional murder mysteries and stuff……..:P

      • try

        • I did…it didn’t work for me. [alibris]

          I think I will try the library system here locally, it is pretty vast and can get books from all the libraries in that system.

          But to tell you the truth, the actual congressional hearings on this that Puddy gave the address to is the best, for making ones own assessment of the goings on.

          One thing is clear enough, there has indeed been a mass subversion of the constitutional system – it has bee squashed by big money.


          • That’s why I sent you that Rogue. Wormser had some bias obviously where Dodd may have as well. So do I.

            I could parallel McDonalds as such a entity where I should give them credit for the Ronald McDonald House for cancer kids considering they have killed more children in a slow kill model for diabetes and obesity it does not diminish the .00000693% of profits they offer in this foundation. Make a wish? I have and I will not reveal it for the sake of decorum and politeness to recently banished gentlepeople who are linked to this post. .

            • Bias that is eventually revealed to have been correct…is that really bias?

              The “foundations” controversy is often played as a right wing ‘republican’ nasty do. But like Quiggley revealed, it was not the Commies, it is the Fabian Socialists who were the real conspirators…

              “San Francisco attorney Aaron Sargent, whose political and economic thinking could be judged by his charge that the U.S. “income tax was part of a plot by Fabian Socialists operating from England to pave the way for socialism in this country.”~Wiki

              His “thinking could be judged”?? Wiki’s thinking can be judged by subsequent revelations of history that prove that, income tax was part of a plot by Fabian Socialists operating from England to pave the way for socialism in this country.

              Think of it Sargent was on the money as far back as 1952, yet his “thinking” in such a way supposedly makes him some sort of “nut”, even now in the 21st century when so many veils have been lifted.
              I would say that Wiki suffers from ‘normalcy bias’. We see that in most of their entries on “controversial” subjects.

              The Hegelian L/R paradigm is still being hidden by the mainscream media anal hurlant.

              Time is short for the shortsighted and the intellectually lazy. Those unwilling to put their minds to this history jeopardize their own future.


              • The true basis for all is Liberalism as I see it. I agree the Fabianism and Socialist model was drafted by the Liberals. It was the foundation of religion that was supposed to create the balance between what Liberal progressive and conservative Libertarians would do if unchecked liberalism were to become [neo] in ideology and allowed to run amok .

                The Fabians and Pilgrims of the left-right can excuse much in morality for the sake of ideological beliefs but the controller are the neo-darwinians who believe in what they do as genetically masters of the universe. They have a set of rules I am certain that does not allow for the kinds of torture they can inflict on the human population.

                The green machine gives more credence for the earth, wildlife and art than they do the unwashed masses. The very agenda has created the fear and loathing of our brothers and sisters and through these foundations have funded the research, education and creation of pogroms, wars and the philosophy of death as necessary to sustainability.

                The earths abundance is boundless but competition by the unwashed who are threats to the agenda put every human being at risk. They will go the distance to maintain the system they have created over centuries. The foundations have spent our hard earned money well in the scientism, psychological and other aspects of human social development. Liberally and generously. applied of course.

  8. Rappoport brings us another excellent essay:

    My comment just left there:

    As a sculptor myself – {see my gravitar; a bust of Hippocrates in bronze} – the ending of your little story was particularly disturbing…and I am very glad I can be disturbed. Very glad to be angry at the idea of collective sedation…as an artist I have fed on angst my whole life; it feeds the Muse, it brings color and feeling to life.

    If you can feel pain, you know you are still alive. The boundary between pleasure and pain is a thin line…it modulates.

    The pleasure of wonder and epiphany exceeds all others.


    • Hollywood did a bad movie about that… Natalie Wood was offed during it

      • Golly Ms JG,

        I rather liked the movie BRAINSTORM…

        Even though it led to me despising Robbie Wagner, the fuckin’ thief.
        But he wasn’t even in the movie – all he was ever good for was the small screen – the smaller the better.

        But Cat on Hot Tin was better – that’s true, that’s so…


        • Will… a confession.. I enjoyed it to 🙂

          • You enjoyed it to where Deb? {grin}


            • jesus h christ Will…what are ya, a spelling nazi??! TOO will TOO 😛

              • Two too’s makes a tutu – must be time for ballet…
                Have you ever danced Swan Lake my dear?

                What do you suppose the “h” stands for in christ’s middle name?
                Maybe Hank…? Or Hunk… Maggie thunk he wuzza hunk, huh?


                • That’s funny William:)

    H. Res. 217
    . . . . .
    Got it — thanks Puddy


    • There is a point in these hearings on the foundations that the investigators begin to confuse the political principles of Liberty with laissez-fair economic theories. And I do have philosophical problems with such arguments.

      Another point is the whole concept of “tax-exempt” derives from the idea that the income tax is legitimate. In other words, it seems rather an end run around the issue, rather than facing it head-on. Thus the whole process begins to appear like another Hegelian blunder-cycle reaching another synthetic climax.

      I am opposed to collectivism – yet I am also opposed to extreme Libertarianism wherein every square inch of Earth can be privatized..
      under private ownership which includes the seas. This is monopoly mercantilism off the edge of reason into insanity.


    • Well, the only library in the system here that has the book FOUNDATIONS by Wormser is the one in Indianapolis and it isn’t loaned out – you can only read it in-house….so they can’t send it to my local…sheeeze loieeeeze and I can’t order from the amazoo cus of the frickin’ deal with my stolen original gmail – which frucks me up on so many accounts webwise…oinky doinky doodah deal this whole “high tech” thing is…just voodoo for postmodernist man.

      I tell ya kids__this is all just a dream.


  10. ‘Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists’
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

    The Global War on Terror (GWOT) is led by the United States. It is not directed against Al Qaeda.

    Quite the opposite: The “Global War on Terrorism” uses Al Qaeda terrorist operatives as their foot soldiers.

    “Political Islam” and the imposition of an “Islamic State” (modeled on Qatar or Saudi Arabia) is an integral part of US foreign policy.

    America is the Terror State.

    The GWOT is a diabolical instrument of Worldwide conquest.


    • Mikrosoftkill Gates and ‘TED’ Turner knew the deal. ‘It’s not your money’.

      We heard Barry Soetoro’s message to the entrepreneurs. Though a mind-control frequency for the masses, the message was more clear to the foundations and entities. ‘You didn’t do that on your own, you had help’

      “We made you and we can break you” Time to pony up. Call it a charitable trust, foundation or whatever makes you fuzzy warm. But the reality is that it is anything but charitable or trust. Just epidemically derived bullshit to provide tax-free covert societal engineered agendas and tax havens to keep the monopoly board free of banking and full of get out of jail passes.

      Zuckerberg got his invitation recently. That’s why evertime you see him he looks sweaty and oily. When you get to sit at the big table the stakes go way up.

  11. Rather like a hydrid duplex containing a site-specific GNA-like chiral PNA monomer..weaker can work better…subtle…ya know?

    That’s why we prefer a Steven Wright to a daffy duck like Jim Carry {we do don’t we? or am I alone in this and in deep purple haze?}

    Our gang all got spanked but me – I refused to go to the office.
    nenner nenner nenner…


    • Peptide proteges: The Gaga-Carrey phenom? P21, the damage done
      Quite a Harvest.

      • I remember seeing Neil Young with Crazy Horse at The Topanga Corral back in the early days…
        I used to go up there almost every night during a certain era of my life.
        I’d say it was somewhere between 1969 – 1971, not sure. The place rocked. And lotsa chicks__I was always on the prowl for chicks…
        Ahh…the one track mind of a young man {grin}

        Anyway, Neil was special, and it was something to remember.


  12. “A. Have they [the Foundations] financed studies regarding the excellence of the American Constitution, the Importance of the Declaration’ of Independence, and the profundity of the philosophy of the Founding’ Fathers? And, if not, what is their excuse, for neglecting the study of the basis of the American Republic?”~Reece Committee

    As we all know, the foundations are not the only place to look for subversion of the Republic. A question for Holyrood is similar: How is it that in face of the fact of the hundreds of films on the Civil War, there are only two films {to my knowledge having to do with the American Revolution? Disney’s JOHNNY TREMAIN and Mel Gibson’s THE PATRIOT.

    Why is it that ‘officialdom’ is so insistent on using the term “War of Independence”? rather than “The American Revolution”? granted, it is both, but the term “revolution” seems very much a ‘four letter word” akin to the term “conspiracy theory”.

    Why is the term “Democracy” used to describe the form of government that was established by the Federal Constitution, when in fact that form of government is plainly one of a Republic?

    COTO knows.


    • I think Mel Gibson has a love for America that is substantial and based upon the Aussie truth movement regardng the Royal Scam. His hatred for zionism and the Crown propels his choices and he surely was targeted by authorities, his ex-wife, the MSM and the high priests moguls of Holyrood. Short of actual blackballing like Cliff Robertson who turned whistleblower in a major corruption and embezzlement scandal at Columbia, Gibson has felt the hands of hollywood pressing down on his head.

      As you speak of Brainstorm I am reminded of my admiration for Robertson as well as Gibson. Robertson died in 2011.


      • Yea, Cliff Robertson – one of my favorites as well, he was a great actor. I agree about Gibson too…his passion is without bounds, and holyrood has stomped on him as hard as they could and he’s still ticking.

        ‘Flowers for Algernon’ — great story…and the film adaptation Charley was wonderful too.


        • A required read for me in school. Loved the movie too. Very well acted by Cliff. Emotional roller coaster.

      • How odd that you wrote that about Mel, Patrick. Yesterday I watched his biography on the bio channel and following that the movie “signs” was on which I also watched again..

        I was thinking how much I truly like Mel Gibson and how they have done their best to bury him.

        PS: I always liked Cliff Robertson as well. The movie Charley made me cry like a baby… what a great actor in a great film.

        • The edge of Darkness was superb. I could watch it several more times like I did conspiracy theory. I was a fan at Mad Max.

  13. I find the subject described above to be in need of its own thread & archive. The information is below the radar of most. In fact, I don’t have the time at the moment to explore it further, yet realize its importance. 5 min. ago on some cable/snews channel they’re outing the IRS’s head piece-o’shit ‘s 156 “visits” to the black Whitehouse over the last so-many-months or year. I’ve heard this recently, yet they’re all up-in-arms as the “visitations” were many more than shiva/divas like Shillary, and other VIP’s of the Elite Class. So, they’re wondering there that “politics must have been discussed!” as how many coffee chats can the pRes and the IRS shitznel have about the weather, aye?

    Nice run-together paragraph above, eh? Just popping in to the COTO ROOM for my daily infusion, brothers and sisters!

  14. George Dumbya had it right. The constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper. It’s not worth the parchment it’s written on because this govt has never really been of by or for the people as it’s pretended to be. Now, it’s dropped ALL pretenses and here we are faced with the cold hard truth.

  15. I find myself listening to AJ and his minions less and less these days. THe Sandy Hook thing really tore it for me. Their angle that Lanza was the shooter on SSRIs was ridiculous. Makes me believe Gordon Duff when he said it was a mossad op since one dare not speak harshly about the zionists on AJ’s show. Could be why they took the Lanza did it track.

    Now with the Woolwich hoax… I heard PJ Watson stating it was NOT staged that the guy had blood on his hands… really PJ? Well I found this video by Max Malone and it not only had me laughing but proved that PJ & the AJ gang are truly controlled opposition or disinfo agents. Seems now that things are heating up, they are being exposed more by the day………..

    CHeck it out:

    • No blood on his hands…but the shot from above shows plenty of blood on the sidewalk….

      Uh…I don’t get it? Blood and no blood at once.

      I admit it is curious that there is no blood around the body…so what the hell what the heck I get a pain in my neck…


  16. I’ll say I was wrong the day that they clean AJ’s brains off his office desk. Sorry but if I hear him say they won’t kill him because they ‘don’t want to make him a Martyr’, one more time I think I will puke.

    I have had to accept hard things to believe. The real coto transformation dictates a huge amount of pain and sorrow when both principals and principles must ultimately be destroyed. It’s torture of the ego and a lonely and desolate place that I can attest to.

    David Icke is a sell out. Alex Jones is one as well as is anyone on the fringe of MSNBC or FOX. Beck, Stossel, Rivera, O’Reilly, Maddow etc. The writers and intellects like Chomsky and others included. The reality is death only makes you credible.

    David Icke wrote and spoke often of the Rocks, Roths, Carnegie, Fords, Guggenheim, and many other elite wealth foundation based social engineering war mongers and eugenicists over the years, yet he is linked with the TIDES foundation which is literally a clearing house for donations that go out to left-wing, socialist, NWO activism type entities who have spent billions to divide and conquer under fear and lies.

    Theresa-Heinz Kerry, the Fabian, and her skull and bones hubby John are involved as well with the TIDES foundation. Her first husband John (Heinz) was murdered the same day as John Tower in bogus air crashes for their part in exposing the socialist movement to destroy the country in their roles of the banking oversight that they and Larry McDonald warned about before he was killed in KAL007 Korea crash. David Icke lost a bunch of his money and is now aligning himself with the winning team. So is Jones with Molly-Gate and Stratfor.

    We have to be honest after Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKCity, 911, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston and the next one that WILL come. Most of these headlines and tweets we post are fabricated as deflection, interference and complete distortion. The majority are distorted and much is complete fabrication.

    If you don’t admit, expose or question the entire media complex and all frequencies as a inter-relational conspiracy and you are not dead, then you have to prove yourself every minute you are given the platform to reach the numbers that Icke and Jones do. I admit I cannot vouch for my mentor in the awakening, Bill Cooper but he is dead, murdered and on record as Clintons most dangerous man on radio. His death adds credibility and if Icke, Jones, were Breitbart, they’d have had their heart attacks already. I have to dismiss both on their alignments to the money.

    We may never know but we can assume it all goes back to follow the money. Find me a poor prophet or wretched wise man and I’ll show you a dead man or at least the most dangerous man.

    • The jury on Icke is still out for me. I still like Icke..ha. He may still be alive because of his Reptilian theory. Most online think he’s a nutcase because of that and the ptb know he is marginalized.. so….no threat to them. Not many people have even heard of him in this country.

      AJ is a different story. He has become mainstream and people ARE listening to him. Jesse Ventura’s show helped that along as well.

      Only thing I could see Icke could be used for by the ptb is to pull people in to the Bluebeam alien agenda but if he’s meant to do that, he’s not moving quite fast enough in the popularity poll for that.

      So, I keep my eye on him as with all the others but i still like him. I still like Alex as well….but it’s obvious to me he has an agenda. I don’t sense one yet with David.

  17. What a whoop and hollerin’ ball Ms Tracy Turner is…

    Wow does she ever skin Kall alive and leave him in the kleag-lights to fry.
    Now that is passion. Loved every word of her mini-Kall bashing

    So fine to see this pathetic worm is getting outed for the shill he is.


    • I told you. She’s great and there are others who are REALLY PISSED! 🙂 see others.

      Outrage is Power and intelligence a deadly force when powered. I remember when I figured out all media is controlled and your weatherman is not your friend. Hee hee.

  18. Don’t forget COTO, you can send Snob Rob
    links to all these delightful criticisms to him
    via email:

    Hahahaha…amazing the stupid putz actually banned his own webmaster.

    I wrote Kall an email with the URL to this page…maybe he will have the balls to comment here…I don’t know where he would find said balls, maybe he knows someone who will loan some out for a price…?
    Maybe Zippy’s Rent’a’Testical.
    Or perhaps he could put a couple of marbles in a ziplock baggy and stuff them in his shorts for the time being, being Mr Mini-Me-d’Ocre.


  19. Left, that which when facing west is to the south.
    Right, that which when facing west is to the north.
    Wright, a creative craft.
    Rite, a ceremony.
    Write, to make symbols with agreed meanings.
    Right, that which is correct.
    Left, that which remains.


  20. “So, we’re stupid and we’ll die.”


  21. AARON DYKES is a co-founder of where this article first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.


    • Read what Dykes says here as well.

      He is quite the talented wordsmith:


      • Aaron Dykes and Jones parted company but have seen to make up lately. I always liked him best of the original Jones crew. I hope he does not link with infowars again.

        There was a major house cleaning and the Stratfor Jesuit crowd moved in.

        It’s been a running theme in G6, the Googleplex and Panopticon full spectrum surveillance grid. Just because I link the Mark of the Beast shouldn’t scare agnostics from the facts. Now it seems to be mainstream.

        My old colleague Evan used to discuss this before internet. He called it the multiplex after the ARPANETWORK. It was easy for me to combine it with Google[plex]. Maybe can work as well.

        We both had bought wyse pc’s with 10 megabyte hard disks. About $3,500.00 then in 1980. Wow 10meg! Incredible. Like having an 8″ floppy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. \\][//

    • Vintage Mac. A fine year.

      • Yes – Green Mac, always my favorite, before Fleetwood went pop.
        The whole album [Then Play On] is a masterpiece…one to experience in the flowers especially…”yes, yes, yes…??”


  23. The word “revolution” is commonly associated with a physical conflict or development of some sort accompanied by publicity that marks its progress one way or another. Not all revolutions are accomplished in this manner . The lower the social stratum in which a revolution originates, the noisier it is likely to be . On the contrary a revolution planned in higher circles by some segment of people at policymaking levels may be very far advanced toward successful accomplishment before the general public is aware of it .
    – [pg. 627] Reece


  24. The fictitious entity of Corporatism creates postmodern “law” – Law based on fiction IS fiction.


  25. apologies if this links been posted prior
    but its worth a read if it hasnt been:-)

    • No, I didn’t see this. Thanks for posting it!

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