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10 Things Government Can Do That Would Land You in Jail

In keeping with the Message from the Asylum below; You Know you’ve reached THE TWILIGHT ZONE when these are the…

10 Things Government Can Do That Would Land You in Jail

…and The Perpetrators are on TV almost daily, with zero accountability.

Sourced from Activist Post and the Zen Zone at

New America resembles the Tyranny of Old.

Also from Zen’s site, comes this insight. Don’t expect the current leaders to grasp anything from this except the genocidal, homicidal angle they exploit for “profit”:

See & Believe:

Borrowed from Rense:




ALSO READ the info at this thread —



  1. My coccyx tells me the time is sooner than later. Not the end of the world but the world of the end. I think that’s worse. Plume-gate will bring about the syncronization of cancer to the planet and people. I miss those days of lesser knowing.

    BTW where is Deb and Nic? Did they pull a Thelma and Louise on us?

    • I’ve been wondering where Deb was myself…


  2. Everybody needs to take a break every now & then. Being COTO is a tough job needing a tough mind. Lots of crazy stuff happening. In NH they are voting on making well water a property of the state, so they can meter it out to us, of course. Fighting the good fight, but it also gives one a pause in the WTF big picture all the time! I mostly just read and lurk because I don’t have a lot to add to all of the knowing people here……but just being aware is tough stuff.

  3. OH, BTW…….hello 🙂

  4. Hello back from US! And yeah, to you and Puddy on the lesser knowing days…, what are we gonna do now? A One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? Naah. Who’d want to aspire to be a Steve the Lesser anyways. hehe. That’s like being stuck on stupid with no hope.

  5. \\][//

  6. “Though brutal and bloody, revolution is actually a very natural human act of balance which counters the unnatural and engineered functions of centralization. Human beings are not meant to be “ruled”. The spirit of individualism, inherent in every person from the moment of birth, strikes hard against the visible construction of any cage. We are designed to rebel. It is a fact of our existence.

    Only an oblivious fool would try to deny that America is on the verge of revolution today. Public discontent politically, socially, and economically, is at an apex not seen in decades. The White House under the presidency of Barack Obama is in a shambles, sweltering in a sweaty sauna of corruption and scandal. The revelation of Nixon’s Watergate is a joke compared to the Benghazi conspiracy of covertly funded Syrian insurgency and false flag treason against a U.S. diplomat, the IRS persecution of conservative opposition, the wiretapping and privacy invasion of mainstream journalists, the admission of assassination initiatives against American citizens, etc, etc. Truly, whether you consider yourself on the “right”, or the “left”, if you have any sense of conscience or honor, Barack Obama is a monster of epic proportions.

    That said, I challenge you to question whether or not Obama is the real danger, or just a boogeyman being used to control YOUR sense of rebellion?

    The American citizenry is ready to snap. I can feel it, and I think many others out there can feel it too. A fight is inevitable. The question is, what will be the form of that fight, and who will ultimately determine the outcome? There is a lot of talk in the Liberty Movement today concerning “solutions” which I believe, according to historical reference, are perfect examples of controlled opposition. After several years working in the movement, I’ve heard it all…”

    Read the article “It’s Not About Obama…” by Brandon Smith

    • Just a point to focus on. Keeps the left-right paradigm in check and allows the alCIAda boogeyman to come to anytown usa. Barry Soetoro is a lazier yet intellectual version of Bush. Clinton had the Full Monty but played a better role as ‘the most powerful man’ in the world when we all know they cannot fart without their ‘Handlers’ orders.

      Such a satire, is this illusion of authority.

    • Thanks Boomer,

      As usual the article “It’s Not About Obama…” by Brandon Smith, is top notch with no hopscotch, just straight ahead and lucid.

      Doctrinaire Doggy and Dogmatic Hoggie want to boil froggie so they cook him slow.


  7. This has shit written all over it. Sanctions? MISO stupid. It’s like deja vu all over again.

    U.S. Lifts Iran Sanctions on Laptops, Mobile Phones via @BloombergNews

  8. Reblogged this on PROPAGANDAWORLD.

  9. Make sure and watch the Chemtrail Whistleblower video I added up on the thread (if you haven’t seen it). Send it on to the disbelieving govt. addled friends and family who still wanna call em “contrails”. Yeah, they’ve been Conned alright.

  10. A bygone topic? Here’s a different spin to it.

  11. So Why Did The FBI Shoot Ibragim Todashev? May 30, 2013

    First the media reported that Todashev, according to unnamed “law enforcement officials,” was killed by an FBI agent after pulling a knife on the agent, just as he was writing his confession to a crime unrelated to the Boston bombings. He had been interviewed for several hours, it was late at night, the FBI had interviewed him several times before, and suddenly he flipped out and attacked an FBI agent with a knife, forcing the agent to shoot him to death. Todashev was said to be an acquaintance of suspected Boston bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev

    Only now we find out that Todashev had no knife at all. He was unarmed.

    This came not long after law enforcement officers killed bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and then tried to kill his suspected accomplice brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was hiding, unarmed, in a boat.

    Man Linked to Tsarnaev Boston Suspects “Shot Six Times”, Killed during FBI Interrogation. Photos.

    Ibragim Todashev, who was killed by the FBI during a questioning, was shot six times, once in the crown of his head, photos shown at a press conference in Moscow reveal. His father suspects it could have been a kill shot.

    “I can show you the photos taken after the killing of my son. I have 16 photographs. I just would like to say that looking at these photos is like being in a movie. I only saw things like that in movies: shooting a person, and then the kill shot. Six shots in the body, one of them in the head,” Abdulbaki Todashev said at the press conference at RIA Novosti news agency in the Russian capital.


  12. No way to escape a shit-storm when assholes run the planet…


    • May as well present a counterpoint also

      • Well,

        I have to agree with the response to Stormcloudsgathering…for the many vital reasons sited.
        If a “second revolution” actually comes about I think it will be a manipulative transition designed by the present global elite themselves. It will have to do with the destruction of the majority of the Amerikan infrastructure, and a weeding of the majority of the population. In other words another vast divide and conquer ploy…
        See: the ILLUMINATI Game Cards – there are a lot of hints there.


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