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Blood Alley: The eye thirty five corridor

Don’t turn your back cause they got it

Listen to the commanders words.  A very interesting one indeed. Was Fugate there before the tornado?

US-WEATHER-TORNADO-OBAMA-SCHOOL dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls

What’s up with this?  How about some eye contact? Quit checking out the junk. Oh no, here he goes again. Thanks for the Illuminati sign Barry.


Ames Ankeny Ardmore Austin Burnsville Carrollton Cotulla Dallas Denton Des Moines Dilley Duluth Edmond El Dorado Emporia Faribault Farmers Branch Fort Worth Georgetown Kansas City Laredo Lenexa Lewisville Liberty Minneapolis Moore New Braunfels Norman Oklahoma City Olathe Overland Park Owatonna Pearsall San Antonio St. Paul Temple Urbandale Waco Waxahachie West Des Moines Wichita ih35_xqq8


imghompagetop6 220px-Paul_Wellstone,_official_Senate_photo_portrait lookingfoward_large

Minneapolis – Directed Energy Weapon [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

MNBridge2 MNBridge3 MNBridge1

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Directed Energy Weapon [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

Des Moines1 Des Moine2


Despite Lack Of Natural Disaster, Thousands Flee Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, IA – HAARP ENMOD  [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

OKCity1 OKCity2 OKCity3

Oklahoma City OK [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

Moore Towers MilitaryGlory

Moore OK –  HAARP ENMOD  [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

FtHood2 Ft Hood3 Ft. Hood

Temple TX – Ft. Hood Killeen TX [MK-ULTRA: Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

waco2 waco1

Branch Davidian Compound

Waco TX [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

cotohaarpwest waco-explosion_1

Waco, TX – Directed Energy Weapon [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

Texas Flooding 9af0f715845ce211320f6a7067009f0b-1305251627_4_3_rx404_c534x401 SAFlood1

San Antonio –  HAARP ENMOD  [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

mejico-cadaveres-nuevo-laredo-644x362-620x348  from the blaze dot come           atfAttorney Gen. Holder, DHS Head Napolitano, And ICE Director Morton Announce Details In Child Pornography Investigation

Laredo TX  – Nuevo Laredo

Fast & Furious     Sinaloa – Zeta Cartel  –  Zapata CIA

[Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]


Rockefeller Dealy Plaza – North American Union JFK

[State Sponsored Terror]



[Foreign State Sponsored Terror]

50 years on Blood Alley

JFKPlaza2 s_i35_82207495   i-35-nascoJFK3DallasJFK1images3e



  1. Quite an interesting photo-essay.

    It would be strange to drive almost pole to pole; Ushuaia to Prudhoe Bay.




  3. Quite a bit-o-history on that drive. Navigating it would be a challenge if you had to stop at the event markers along the way. All silk roads lead to Antioch and intersect at three.

    As falls Witchita….
    Syrian Antioch
    Location Antakya, Hatay Province, Turkey
    Coordinates 36°12′N 36°9′E

  4. Blood Alley eh?

    Bloody False Flags?

    Bloody Riots?

    Bloody Provocations?

    Bloody Money?

    Tied to?

  5. Yeah Jones-kokesh. The hip bone connected to the thigh bone. Gotta use the ol’ headbone. It’s a mainstream bad dream but the alternative is becoming a nightmare.

    London FF’s surely indicate the herd is even more sheeplike.


    Make sure you expect it on the most lovely day. 396 views

    non-seismically qualified Spent Fuel Pools in the US
    Get your most shiny foil caps on this one COTO

  6. Something like this?

    • Umna…yeeeeaahhh….sure.

      Whatta bunch whoooooooresheeeeet.


    • Cumbre Vieja? I think Juan de Fuca west coast, but I posted the X-Flare news a few posts back. I will not assume that they will use the NASA-NOAA tools to cover their fannies.

      It’s due, it points to Juan de Fuca like a clock and it’s why I have been sick to my stomach for weeks. At least I am losing weight. Maybe I should call it the American Spring diet.

      I am going to ATV up the mountain this weekend with the camera, telescope and 3 axis and Trifield Natural EM Meter.

      • Don’t lose too much weight, Puddy. Nobody could see you if you turn sideways. Then again, maybe that’s an advantage?! hehe


  8. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

  9. What’s cooking? The City of Angles.

    7km W of Isla Vista, California
    2013-05-29 11:38:40-04:009.6 km deep

    6km WNW of Isla Vista, California
    2013-05-29 10:50:02-04:009.5 km deep

    5km W of Isla Vista, California
    2013-05-29 10:38:03-04:007.4 km deep

  10. Witchita Lineman on the line. Dutchsince Iowa and Kansas

  11. Well we have got the typical smeary milky streaks and swirls attended by diamond and square shaped clouds being poured on us today…Also the circle and oval areas of squiggly turbulence in selected spots.

    I saw a hazy white jetliner fly half way across the sky and simply blink out…just vanished. WTF that was I have no idea.

    More of this perpetual Twilight Zone episode we are living in…

    Crazy motherfuckers run this thing, that is the one obvious thing.


  12. Ah, May 29, 2013, a perfect day to say FUCK YOU to the anonymous asshole calling itself “Señor”….whether a cock or a cunt, a person or a bot, this slandering creep needs to take a long hike off a short peer.


  13. Reblogged this on My Story of Organized Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism and commented:
    Minneapolis Minnesota – Directed Energy Weapon [Domestic State-Sponsored Terror]

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