Posted by: Mr. M | May 25, 2013

Musings From the Mauled

Musings From the Mauled

As I will be stating what is to you obvious, and therefore nothing new, I will nonetheless try to draw some perspective that will hopefully be entertaining.

I’m sure somewhere on Facebook someone will have the New Orleans Monsanto march, and I might have my short 5-min. speech. I didn’t want to scare them with the whole truth. That, I think, is a dinner best eaten alone.

It was rather meager crowd of 4 to 5-hundred that were there, and perhaps 100 that stayed to even listen to anyone talk. It was most likely due to the heat, and the total disorganization of anything that functions in the City of New Orleans.

I thought it was funny that several times the Park Police stealthily ordered all bicycles from the park, which of course everyone ignored, and they then later-on ignored the order to disburse, and that “order” too was ignored. I saw no uniforms, so I don’t know where these orders where coming from, and that was okay because no one was giving a shit about them anyway.

I hit them with some humor and inspiration, reminding them that although it seems that the same people, are showing-up at these events and that at times it seems all we’re doing is preaching to the choir, I said it doesn’t matter.

We could all be standing around in Purple Tutu’s with our hair on fire, and 90% of the people walking by us right now wouldn’t notice, and if they did 90% of them wouldn’t know a GMO from their elbow, or care!

So all we’re trying to do is get that small percentage to wake-up! And really that’s all we need. Because throughout history it’s ALWAYS been the small percentage of dedicated people that have changed the course of history, and we’ll have to save those sorry-ass dim-wits along the way.

Anyway, I said something very close to that. It seemed to go over well. And I think they believed it and it gave them hope.

Now. If I could only convince myself.

I’ll leave it them to figure out what parts I left out.



  1. “Now. If I could only convince myself.”

    Yea Mr M…that is a constant challenge isn’t it?

    Hot in Nawlins? It is colder’n a calcified dog turd here…almost June…


    I like your illustration too, bon happy tights


  2. “Kudos” from the choir M. What is the writing on Holder´s shirt ?
    We got 15 inches of rain in 2 or 3 hours in San Antone yesterday. Only 4 dead. The NAFTA Stuperhighway I35 was closed down all day. The trucks full of chinese crap were clogging up the works all over.
    Mine and many others lives were in jeopardy as we crawled along at 20 MPH and the trucks were weaving around us at 70 MPH. Goddamned sucking sound is starting to piss Me off. I 35 was paved 3 years ago and now its being paved again,and who gets the bill? You guessed it. The NAFTA trucks tear it up,we fix it and the robber barons make the profit. But You all know all this.

    • “I Survived Fast & Furious.”

  3. The artwork is splendiferous. That pose of Barry Soetoro is brilliant and it really speaks to his ambivalence to the whole charade. There’s no doubt like Bush Dubya, he seems less interested in the game. Both he and Dub are generally lazy. They like the takes on camera as bloated egotists do but the day to day punishments are arduous.

    He had to go to Oklahoma and you know that was a misery as is monotonous parading over the Auroras, Sandy Hooks, Boston Tea Parties and all other state sponsored sacrifices for world order. He’s a drone, like Bubba and Dubya.

  4. When Pigs fly

    H7N9 bird flu found to spread through the air

    Virus can also infect pigs, say HKU researchers, who warn officials to maintain tight scrutiny even though threat seems under control

  5. So, today this women with two younger men (sons? maybe son and friend?) walk by and I have a few signs left-over from the Monsanto march displayed, and she gives a wave of her hand and a snide remark about the march.

    Now, I’m thinking, this is weird, nobody likes Monsanto?

    Five-minutes later she’s back standing looking at my cart without young men, and I mention her condescending remark, to which she shoots back, that her husband has worked for Monsanto for 30-years and provided her and her family with a damn good living.

    I say that explains the first snide remark (but what was she doing back? and without the two young men?) So I ask her, that for the sake of argument, say for the moment that GMO’s do no harm, still shouldn’t people have a right to know if the foods they are buying contain them?

    To which she answers that they do. At which I explode and scream; “The HELL you say!” About the time the two young men join us and I’m thinking – ut-oh – when one of the young men takes his arm around the women and says, “He’s right.”

    But that doesn’t stop her! She gets in my face and says; “Well that’s the public’s problem.”

    Remarkably all three of them stood there as I went into a 3-minute tirade pointing out several of Monsanto’s more visible crimes, culminating with me pointing my finger down at the women and calling her for having sold her soul for comfort and I condemned her to HELL!

    Elmer Gantry would have been proud.

    I need to get this damn thing built to capture these encounters. Maybe Google-glasses?

    AWWWW!! BANG!!

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