Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 25, 2013

Juan De Fuca, El viejo y el nuevo mundo


P-Waves to S-Waves ala HAARP H-waves

image (3)

Stormy Weather

Amerika: Homeland Tanks Moving (Video) 

I have predicted the big one for California this year. Actually last year but I got my figures corrected.  China got theirs but this year should be Juan de Fuca subduction to Cocos slip-slide on the pacific plate. Three events triggered by the PTB to trigger the largest frequency for Agenda 21 and Climategate to date. From Holyrood West to the the East troupe on the Hill, this extravaganza will delight and fright the moviegoers to enter the carbon collective.

I expect three events nearly simultaneously. The bang, the tsunami and the shake, rattle and roll.

We had the cycle from Tonga to Fukushima and the Alaska coast, the Cascadia Subduction Zone is vulnerable as is the pacific plate. The ring of fire is at three o’clock.  936, a little HAARP music, a volcanic boom and a shift to New World Order.

Now for your local weather: (previously posted)

For the last several months most of the chemtrail ENMOD activity has been Pacific generated while the US has been blanketed as well.

They have controlled la-nina with HAARP and other facilities in the Canary Atlantic region. We have seen much activity in nina around the SW and that was seen by Chilean earthquakes and rim seismic activity off Japan.

If they continue to provide this ENMOD, we will see large spikes in el-nino/LA NINA with emphasis on nino. Maintaining this cold weather by cooling pacific and US land regions will then react with southern oscillations and extreme heat both natural and HAARP/EISCAT scatter.

The program is designed to give us the worst Hurricane season in recorded history for this Season. It is my prediction for 21 names storms coming off Africa with several forming in tropical atlantic waters.

The Miami surfer boys have told me that the markers are there in El Nino spikes and then larger and more severe El Niño aided by El Vieja (enmod) in the Fukushima event.

This was purposely done in order to play the “Modoki” card to give us the temps we are seeing. Along with the damage they will cause in superstorms and typhoon/hurricanes, the effects will kill fish populations and destroy American farming seasons this summer with higher rainfall and flooding again.

The perfect TRIAD with no opportunity wasted. And as usual, the insider Wallstreet sect will redistribute the wealth in commodity futures and stock specific fluctuations due to the enmod geoengineering plan for the 2013-14 season.

I expect the season to be most active late but expect early activity so they can ride high off the Moore False Flag tornado event. I would leave coastal zones soon because the ICLEI, UNESCO and NAU program is to obtain all wetlands and coastal property while killing or bankrupting the maximum number of slaves which we know are on coastal regions geographically.

I think Texas may be safe but Atlantic coastlines get hit and New York and DC could get nailed. Katrina strength 5 is prime for Florida Gold Coast like Andrew. These storms will have numerous exterior tornadoes in out bands.

Imagine the fireworks that explode and the debris that explodes, explodes again. And then again. Oooooooh! Aaaaaah! OMG!

Tornadoes for midwest . Floods for areas between the air streams cutting a southern to northern swath through west to east fronts.  A highly active Tropical storm season with three hurricanes and one superstorm (sandy)  hitting the mainland Florida. For everyone else, Skyfall.




  1. Okay, what’s the good news?

    • Good news is Bammy will apply a little vaseline before we get the big global salami.

  2. I think the good news is that we the peeps will survive in the carbon free zone. The all powerful sheriffs will keep their oaths as elected and sworn to free men, no quarter to FEDs who have neither authority or law to back their force. The good news is “No” and if that doesn’t work then you have the right to die on your feet defending the real law.

    The other good news is that agenda 21 will fail. It will be exposed along with ENMOD HAARP CHEMTRAILS and like Monsanto, the evidence proves out.
    The bad news is that you either live this everyday and work it like a muscle or become the atrophied wasted consciousness and assent to the Invalid which makes you an invalid. Taking your time to measure or weigh the option is their greatest tool.

  3. PS. They shot the sheriff, but they missed 30 million deputies.

  4. Chile: On 27 May 2013 authorities in Chile and Argentina ordered a mandatory evacuation of a 15.5 mi/25 km radius around the Copahue volcano, which straddles the border between the two countries. Copahue has not erupted but has exhibited increased seismic activity. Chilean authorities issued a red alert for the region and an estimated 2,200 people will be evacuated. In 2011, ash from a volcano in Chile’s Puyehu-Cordon Caulle chain forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights. At this point there have been no flight disruptions from the Copahue volcano.

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