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Was Moore Tornado Created To Cover Up Scandals? Compelling Evidence! Before it’s News Tuesday, May 21, 2013 8:14


2013-0521 The Oklahoma Tornado – Scott Stevens


Planets Aligning in the Sunset Sky – NASA

Joint USAF/NOAA Solar Geophysical Activity Report and Forecast 22 May 2013

Three X-class Flares in 24 Hours on May 13-14. Let’s see what happens on May 26-27


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  1. 7.4
    Date-Time 23 May 2013 17:19:04 UTC
    23 May 2013 05:19:04 near epicenter
    23 May 2013 11:19:04 standard time in your timezone

    Location 23.025S 177.109W
    Depth 171 km

    • “Location 23.025S 177.109W”

      Where is that Puddy?


    • Thass okay, I found it…

      Fiji Islands…

      Location 23.025S 177.109W Depth 171 km Distances 282 km (174 mi) SW of Vaini, Tonga 287 km (177 mi) SW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga.


      • Oooops! Strong one. Deep as well. I think Indiana sees some tornadoes, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois. Seen those fireflies yet?

        • hayk no…no fireflies…
          Iss coldern sheet here…
          I think we skipped spring and summer and went straight to fall…

          Just outside looking for Venus Jupiter and Mercury….
          No dice….it is windy like the clouds should all blow away, but it’s cloudy like it’s gonna storm again…and cold. WTF….


  2. That pattern on the clouds reminds me of looking into an ultrasound cleaning tank. Very similar the sky was being shaken by a big transducer.

    • Exactly Korn. Same principle. High or low frequencies making the uniformed chamtrail chaff distributed evenly. Then run through a condensing microwave focused vector beam (directed) to a target point in any natural system. chaos to order.

      Todays temp 5/24/13 – 51*f low tonight 33*f

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  4. For the last several months most of the chemtrail ENMOD activity has been Pacific generated while the US has been blanketed as well.

    They have controlled la-nina with HAARP and other facilities in the Canary Atlantic region. We have seen much activity in nina around the SW and that was seen by Chilean earthquakes and rim seismic activity off Japan.

    If they continue to provide this ENMOD, we will see large spikes in el-nino/LA NINA with emphasis on nino. Maintaining this cold weather by cooling pacific and US land regions will then react with southern oscillations and extreme heat both natural and HAARP/EISCAT scatter.

    The program is designed to give us the worst Hurricane season in recorded history for this Season. It is my prediction for 21 names storms coming off Africa with several forming in tropical atlantic waters.

    The Miami surfer boys have told me that the markers are there in El Nino spikes and then larger and more severe El Niño aided by El Vieja (enmod) in the Fukushima event.

    This was purposely done in order to play the “Modoki” card to give us the temps we are seeing. Along with the damage they will cause in superstorms and typhoon/hurricanes, the effects will kill fish populations and destroy American farming seasons this summer with higher rainfall and flooding again.

    The perfect TRIAD with no opportunity wasted. And as usual, the insider Wallstreet sect will redistribute the wealth in commodity futures and stock specific fluxuations due to the enmod geoengineering plan for the 2013-14 season.

    I expect the season to be most active late but expect early activity so they can ride high off the Moore False Flag tornado event. I would leave coastal zones soon because the ICLEI, UNESCO and NAU program is to obtain all wetlands and coastal property while killing or bankrupting the maximum number of slaves which we know are on coastal regions geographically.

    I think Texas may be safe but Atlantic coastlines get hit and New York and DC could get nailed. Katrina strength 5 is prime for Florida Gold Coast like Andrew. These storms will have numerous exterior tornadoes in out bands.

    Imagine the fireworks that explode and the debis that explodes, explodes again. And then again. Oooooooh! Aaaaaah! OMG!

  5. M8.2 – SEA OF OKHOTSK
    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 8.2
    Date-Time 24 May 2013 05:44:49 UTC
    24 May 2013 15:44:49 near epicenter
    23 May 2013 23:44:49 standard time in your timezone

    Location 54.870N 153.334E
    Depth 601 km


  6. aftershock?

    2013-05-24 07:32:04.0
    7hr 55min ago
    54.96 N 153.81 E 610 4.5 SEA OF OKHOTSK


    2013-05-24 07:49:47.0
    7hr 38min ago
    53.53 N 153.80 E 487 4.5 SEA OF OKHOTSK


    2013-05-24 14:56:31.0
    32min ago
    52.20 N 151.56 E 634 6.7 SEA OF OKHOTSK


    2013-05-24 14:33:24.0
    56min ago
    54.37 N 153.38 E 619 4.1 SEA OF OKHOTSK

  7. Remember when brushing with fluoridated toothpaste:


    I spoze “swish” means gargle and isn’t some comment on gay ambling.


  8. Yes i do. I guess they had a appropriate formula which included three times daily at a certain level of sub-lingual absorption. Retaining specific percentages in the system to sufficiently retard the mental faculties without killing too many cells. Dumbed down to acceptable levels to slave labor while keeping the sedation levels equally sufficient to not grok the scam. [0.312% ] x 3 = sheep [936]

    Live long and prosper ~ fail!

    • After I was in HS I never used toothpaste – after my English teacher said, “look at the label where it says if you swallow it call a Dr.” then he said baking soda does a better job anyway.

      I took his advice…baking soda makes your mouth feel fresh and clean with no aftertaste.


      • You can add apple pectin and use banana peel (inside) to whiten teeth.

  9. “For almost five years the world’s major central banks have pumped an estimated $7 trillion into financial markets with the stated aim of trying to spark an economic recovery. Economic data from around the world indicate that it has been a manifest failure.”


    However, “the stated aim”, may not be, and likely is NOT the true aim of the machinations of these central banks. It is more likely that an “economic recovery” is the antithesis of their goals. For history seems to indicate that what the elites running this system really want is a global neofeudal system. Or more specifically indentured slavery for the vast majority of human kind.

    In that case what is seen above as a “manifest failure,” is in fact a great success. The evil intent of the central banking cabal is no secret, it is revealed in sickening detail throughout history – and it is the vapid critiques such as we find in much of the “alternate press” that fails to connect such dots that put bile in the back of my throat as the fruition of these evil designs moves closer each day.

    The ‘alternative’ that is too often hailed to ‘global capitalism’ is ‘global socialism’. And it is this that is the dialectical trap that is set, for both systems must rely on the total state for their respective systems to work.

    Beware of any and all Utopian daydreams.


    • Hard to believe anyone links the market with thew economy. Sheesh!

  10. Episode 268 – Meet John Kerry, Skull and Bones Ambassador


  11. Many researchers contend that George Bush has been with CIA since the early 1950s, and that one of his jobs was to consolidate and co-ordinate the worldwide narcotics industry, the largest industry on Earth. Some say that one of the reasons behind the Vietnam “Police Action” was a cover for the consolidation of the “Golden Triangle”.


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