Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 23, 2013

Funny Money’s Not a Laughing Matter, Nor Any of the Other Man-Made “Plagues”

The Sleeping Sheeple delude themselves into believing “All is Okey Dokey”, or “It doesn’t have anything to do with me”, or “What can I do about it”…

Well, TPTB ARE WAGING a frontal and in-your-rear ASSAULT upon ALL Americans. This HOT WAR is actually World-Wide, but Sheeple believe that is “over there”, and therefore “it-is-not-happening”…at least to themselves. ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS HOWEVER!

Crazy, Creeping, and outright pell mell Running Corruption is running rampant over the “Homeland” (sic).

One can easily view the bombed out landscape by turning off the TV, firing up the Web-of-Truth, and perusing the information and discussions swirling around the Alternet Airwaves. Truth is doing a “Fly By” millions of times a second on the channels available to most everyone. You cannot hide for long, or deny for much longer before the Tsunami crashes over YOUR little home. NOW is the time to link arms with the “People of the Truth” as “The Creatures of the LIES” have infested every nook and cranny of societies world-wide.

WAKE UP!!! Let Memorial Day Weekend be Celebration of Your Awakening, instead of just another Dead “Holiday”.

Begin your “HOLIDAY” by reading by James Kirwan. Reflect on Where We ARE. Quit bullshitting yourself, and view REALITY for what it is. Kill your delusions with your steak knife of intelligent “reasoning”. Get back Your Power from the Propaganda Purveyors. FREEDOM, REAL FREEDOM STARTS AND ENDS IN YOUR MIND…

Article by: MARTIN CRUTSINGER , Associated Press
Updated: May 20, 2013 – 7:52 PM

“WASHINGTON – Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said late Monday he will begin tapping into two government employee retirement funds to buy more time before the U.S. Treasury is faced with the prospect of defaulting on the national debt.

In a letter to congressional leaders, Lew said that he would tap the civil service retirement and disability fund and a similar fund that covers retired postal workers. The law allows him to remove investments from these funds to clear room for more borrowing until Congress votes to raise the debt limit

Under the law, any investments diverted from the pension funds must be replaced with interest once Congress approves raising the debt limit.

Lew has said the various bookkeeping measures he is allowed to employ should provide enough maneuvering room to keep the government from defaulting on its debt until after Labor Day. Other estimates say Lew may be able to forestall a default until as late as November.

In January, Congress voted to temporarily suspend the debt limit but that suspension ended Sunday.

Before the suspension, the debt limit stood at $16.4 trillion. The government has borrowed $300 billion since the suspension took effect. On Sunday, the debt limit reset at the higher level of $16.7 trillion.

The government has run annual deficits of more than $1 trillion for the past four years. But the Congressional Budget Office last week estimated that this year’s deficit will drop to $643 billion, an improvement that reflects increased revenue from a stronger economy and the effect of tax increases that took effect in January.

Republicans want to reduce future deficits by cutting back on spending. Democrats have proposed a mix of spending cuts and tax increases, which Republicans oppose. The dispute has led to the current budget impasse.

A standoff over budget issues in August 2011 pushed the country close to its first-ever default before President Barack Obama and Republicans reached a last-minute compromise. That battle prompted Standard & Poor’s to issue the first-ever downgrade on long-term Treasury debt. The administration has vowed to prevent Republicans from using the need to raise the borrowing limit as leverage in the current budget battle.

“I respectfully urge Congress to protect America’s good credit and avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of failing to act by increasing the debt limit in a timely fashion,” Lew said in his Monday letter”.


“The Federal Reserve has printed over $1 trillion for foreign banks”

For Your Memorial Day Weekend Celebration — Have the Family and Friends gather ’round for a reading and citation of the Facts revealed in this article below:


David Dees' "Bank of the World"

David Dees’ “Bank of the World”

Absolute Insanity —


“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like… if, during periods of mass arrests, … people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”
– Alexander Solzhenitsyn

You will see this quote at the top of

The Vatic Master has some prescient articles going on over there Right Now. I urge you to check them out, read her comments, and grok the situation she describes.

One such recent piece highlights Dutch Since’s information regarding the OK tornado. Don’t stick your head up your ass or in a hole in the ground regarding “IF?” weather can be “controlled”. It won’t save you, just like the OK victims who remained above ground.




  1. Some info to consider, and see if matches up with other info being discussed on TPTB airwaves and/or the Alternet Airwaves.

    Discretion advised. Put on your Thinking Caps. Literally TONS of info can be absorbed and distilled when searching for Truth. I’m outta time for today. Comments and other Info Welcome!




  2. Obombyou is right now on FOX teleprompting the words of “The Controllers” into the TV Heads of Americans. Utter balderdash. His “reading” of this spam is completely insincere-sounding.

    I expect a new FF perhaps even over the weekend. Reports of continuous military flights into East Coast airbases have surfaced. Folks are wondering what’s up.

    Many references to 9/11 in this “speech”. “We are safer now because of our actions…”~O’salami.

    These snews blurbs have taken on the cartoonish stupidity of “Family Guy” to me (never watched it, but I know what it is from a quick peak — before my brain was melted).

    Whoa! OMama just raised the spectre of “Homegrown Terrorists”. Let’s just look at the TV and snews like this, and we’ll easily be able target what terrorists in suits look like. They appear as politicians, bankers and wankers selling this shit stew.

    Add your own observations if you can tolerate this garbage.

    O.K. Oblammo just mentioned “We” have to defeat Al-Queda! Why don’t WE just stop funding them on sly, loading them up with US and others’ sophisticated weapons? (Aye, Hillary & Obama & Crew?). Why don’t WE stop sharing “intelligence” with them, and running their ops with SF personnel? Yeah, we know. Its a game of Charades.

    He just started talking about bin Laden, and conflated “Accountability & Morality”. Can you believe this puppet?! Then, he’s going on about 9/11, blah, blah, blah…


  3. May 23, 2013
    “Two members of the FBI’s elite counterterrorism unit died Friday while practicing how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship using a rope, the FBI announced Monday in a statement.
    The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”
    Last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings…”……
    . . . . . .
    Brings to mind the Seal Team 6 deaths that happened after “they got bin Laden”…
    Akso back at Waco; the former Bill Clinton bodyguards killed by “friendly” machine gun fire by the last trooper up the ladder…

    “Dead men tell no tails”~Roger Jolly

    Another tale gets slippery and begins to morph…The FBI shooting in Orlando;

    Initially, FBI officials said Todashev, 27, became violent and lunged at an agent with a knife while he was being questioned about Tsarnaev and an unsolved 2011 triple murder in the Boston suburb of Waltham. The agent, acting on an “imminent threat,” then shot Todashev, they said.

    However, later in the day, some of those officials had backed off that preliminary account, and it’s no longer clear what happened in the moments before the fatal shooting, The Associated Press reported.


  4. Checking out “2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest “FALL” Out of helicopter to their deaths” on 12160:

  5. Orlando Detail:
    Coincidentally, Todashev had told his friend, prior to being interrogated, he had a feeling he would be shot by the FBI.

    “He felt inside he was going to get shot,” Todashev’s friend, Khusn Taramiv, said. “I told him, ‘Everything is going to be fine, don’t worry about it.’ He said, ‘I have a really bad feeling.’”
    . . . . . . . .


    Yes yes yes…I do want to read the hocum smokum from the handlers of Oblammy – I can’t stand to watch and listen to this slimeblather anymore.
    But reading it I can handle, you know glancing away from time to time to keep from gagging.


    • Funny, Alex Jones has that effect on me also

      • Yes, I’m in agreement. The entirety of the LYING makes me sick, including the moment-by-moment twisting of any semblance of Truth to TPTB’s “Agenda”. I can only stand snippets of the GREAT PROPAGANDA flatulence before my nose refuses the odor, and my instincts for “Truth” cause me to shut down the offending intruder.

        Liberty and Freedom cannot share the same space with these creatures.

  6. “And a great burning star, like a torch, fell out of heaven and Wormwood..”

    Y’all realize that Wormwood is a ‘spice’ and in the Russian it is called, ‘Chernobyl”.



    • yup. And Oblammo is the guy who can do it. Dickhead Cheney could dream about the kill list Clinton and Oblammo have assassinated.

      The seals and deals just keep on comin’ ….. meanwhile the dirtbag had a press conference today discussing more oversight on drone murders and Gitmo mind control central, Cuba.

      If you saw that Rogue, you’d be dry heaving through the night. I expect the IRS Ms. Lerner will commit suicide like Jean Palfrey.

    • Great presentation Puddy,

      Thanks for posting this.


    • And here it is the end of May…

      Only a week out from June, and it is a chilly day here…a Lite Jacket day…WTF?

      Yea COTO knows what the fuck it is…the Monkeyboys Toys.


  7. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like… if, during periods of mass arrests, … people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”
    ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn


  8. Explosive: president of CBS News and WH Benghazi fiction-writer are blood brothers…
    Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser is David Rhodes brother, who happens to be Sharyl Attkisson’s boss, the president of CBS News.
    . . . . . .

    Whew…what a carousel of interlaced points all connecting in the middle where the calliope plays.

    Great expose.


    • Yeah tweeted after reading. Good dots to connect. The zionist family tree and all the rotten fruit.

  9. (Reuters) – “President Barack Obama on Thursday shifted the United States away from a “boundless global war on terror,” restricting deadly drone strikes abroad and signaling that America’s long struggle against al Qaeda will one day end.”

    “…struggle against al Qaeda will one day end.” Oh yea and one day the sun will burn out…such vague lollipops haven’t much flavor…just a bad aftertaste.

    As COTO is long aware of it is not what is said, but what is actually done that is the flavor of the real pudding. Rhetorical apologia is a penny a bushel, as opposed to the outrageous price of herbal remedies of great value that used to grow free…like weeds should.

    “Our nation is still threatened by terrorists,” Obama said. Yes indeed, he should know he is the great terrorist warlord puppet. He’s Punch, the world is Judy. It’s been a fave since the marketplace in the square under the cathedral at Notre Dame. “As if moved – by the hand of God” – so it is said.

    Let us melt down our little lead soldiers into slugs in a real Patriot game.


  10. In the wake of President Obama’s big speech about restraining the war on terrorism, a member of the House intelligence committee is working on a bill to undo the basic authorities to wage it.

    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is preparing a piece of legislation that would “sunset” the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), a foundational law passed in the days after the 9/11. “The current AUMF is outdated and straining at the edges to justify the use of force outside the war theater,” Schiff tells Danger Room.

    Now that’s change I can believe in.

    • AUMF is not a constitutional option. The only constitutional option for the use of military in war is a formal declaration by Congress.
      They are playing games…they will devise another AUMF, and this will still flout the law of the land.
      More rhetorical bullshit from the criminal syndicate in DC…


      • If any use of Military was used it would/should require the approval and knowledge of the newly formed congrssional war committee. FISA and all Patriot act CIA activites should be monitored by this committee.

        It’s the WOT which is not a war as we know but sheeple should at least expect that it (WOT) does not meet the guidelines of formal war. Therefore covert activities need the Congressional committee litmus. This should include the War on Drugs.

        This is the reason they (them) want a real war. The false flags, lone wolf, drug running-laundering and assassinations are becoming too voluminous to handle. And the zionist owned media is inept to carry the cover for it.

  11. 45° Cloudy and Windy…


    I had enough cold weather in the winter…now this.


    • Thats the HAARP control of nino/nina. Now al;l they have to do Rogue, is wait for a frontal shift and blast you with the heater and woolah, a nice cyclonic supercell for you and toto too.

  12. Here’s that LIST You may have been wondering about…

    Sourced from


    • The Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, and Warburgs of Hamburg are primary holders of the Federal Reserve Bank.


    • CBS is owned by Murray Rothstein (aka Sumner Redstone).

    • NBC is owned by Brian Roberts.

    • ABC is owned by Sydney Bass with Robert Iger as CEO.

    • CNN is primarily owned by Aviv Nevo.


    • Jewish Lobbies AIPAC, ADL, National Jewish Democratic Council, Republican Jewish Coalition with their BILLIONS hang ALL the hacks on Capitol Hill on a Jewstring.


    • Jacob Lew — Treasury Secretary; Penny Pritzker — Commerce Secretary; Kenneth Feinberg — Pay Czar; Valerie Jarrett — Senior Advisor; David Axelrod — Special Advisor.


    • Carl Levin is head of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Diane Feinstein chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    • The US State Department finds Jews in the highest positions of authority.

    • American Enterprise Institute and the Foreign Policy Initiative, both Jewish neocon ‘think tanks,’ dictate warmongering agendas to the Jewish-bought Congress.


    • Three Jews sit on the Supreme Court Bench: Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


    • The Chertoff Group, Anti-Defamation League, Israeli Intelligence, run DHS.


    • Military brass depend on the Jewish-owned Fed for their paychecks.

    • Military brass depend on Armaments Manufacturers, whose stocks are underwritten by Jewish Investment Banks, for perks and post-military careers.

    • Bowing to the Jews in Israel last month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel took the mark-of-the-beast when placing the Jewish Yarmulke on his head.


    • Jewish Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup underwrite the stocks of American corporations and thus dictate the offshoring of US jobs to China and India for cheap labor and BIG profits.


    • The American Federation of Teachers is run by Jews and the ADL has infiltrated the Public Schools, brainwashing young children with homosexual and race-mixing books.

    • Jews donate huge grants to the Ivy League Schools and place Jewish personnel in high positions such as David Skorton, President of Cornell and Allan Garber, Provost of Harvard.

    • Jewish Wall Street mogul, Sanford Weil, Chairman Emeritus of Citigroup, is a major benefactor of Cornell University and also funds 500 Academies via his National Academy Foundation.


    • Rachel Tiven is head of Immigration Equality.

    • Susanne Salkind and Michael Schwartz are Associate Directors for the LGBT Lobby Group, Human Rights Campaign.

    • Keshet is a National LGBT Jewish Lobby.

    • Joe Biden recently “praised” Jewish leaders for growing the Homosexual agenda due to their control of Hollywood and the Media.

    CUE ANTHONY “TONY THE WEINER’S” BID FOR MAYOR OF NYC. Counting on Sheeple being stupid, and having short memories, he feels its time for him to re-infect the corrupt body politic with another hotdog up the keister, and screw The People too!,0,3032831.story

    So, the bastard Cuomo is upset about the Weiner challenging his turf?! Put em all back into the sausage machine, and plant some flowers. That’d be better to clean up the air than they’re presence “legislating” anything for The People.

  13. “I just want a second chance to serve the people” Weiner may have been targeted just like Eliot Spitzer. Weak willed characters are great for the committee to control.

    I remember the Mafia days with Gulianni and Chertoff. What they learned from the jesuit and joo crime family, has carried over to government almost in exact format.

    From RICO to blackmail to enforcer the Underbosses and Caporegimes speak for the UN (consigliere). Make no mistakes on Cuomo, Bloomberg and the likes of the Chicago gang and West Coast regimes.

    I’d welcome Weiner over Cuomo. If the sheeple in NY were smart, theyed forgive Weiner and clear the Dracosocialist worms from the big apple.

    • “I just want a second chance to serve the people” ~Weiner

      What? He’s a waiter? Who’s he gonna serve the people to? We know the list, Boomer just gave it to us. But of course it is more complex than just the joojoobee parade, there are many at the table ready to consume “the people”…

      This whole “political” thing is bullshit. Anyone who wants to play that game can go to hell in my book. Like they used to say to the hippies; ‘they ought to get a job’ and keep their filthy paws out of the public till.


  14. This is one that’s a little unnerving even to the initiated

    • Super presentation….I have to see to getting my camera’s operational….


  15. Today’s the day

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