Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 20, 2013


May 19-20-21 EF4 – EF5 – EF4
Silent Wars – Secret Wars: and a perfect timing for attack.

Timed with Solar Activity

=Agenda 21





  1. Message to Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas: Don’t mess with Obamacare or Gun Laws or we’ll phuc you Phast & Phuriously.

  2. Just to give you a heads up PD. I pulled this out of spam. Google was doing the same to Lori Price from CLG

    • Really V? with no attachments? Hmmm. I guess coto should be honored. I’m used to it.

      Has anybody got any email from me at starsandstripes4sale? I had someone say I sent them a hate mail from the account. Ha ha. They did that a few years ago. They captured my address book. I think they hacked my mailing list.

      Poor Lori, she digs deep into the mire as well. I appreciate the heads up V. It seems they can now cover the entire net in keyword. HAARP surely made that list.

  3. I think that monster of a tornado would have whisked Dorothy back to the future instead of Oz. Those poor people 😦

    • Tomorrow may bring the same. I think it dies down for a few weeks then. The earthquakes won’t. Time for Californy and China to get a few bumps.

      Funny that I received a anonymous query regarding VATT last week.

      The Jesuits don’t offer very much information but I assume their calendar has something happening in the Blackstar or Bluebeam. I can’t figure it out without the Horus Holy See.


  5. A half-mile-wide tornado touched down in Moore, Oklahoma, just south of Oklahoma City, this afternoon. A reporter from local news station KFOR supposedly called it “the biggest, most destructive tornado in the history of the world,” and estimated it was two to three times the magnitude of the massive tornados that hit Oklahoma in 1999.

    Well shit, they have had sixty years of practice and testing. You’d think they can coldplay an EF5 endothermic blast from any of the ten heater facilities.

  6. Aha! The AP spying…

    Report: DOJ Leaked Docs to Smear Fast & Furious Whistleblower, Says IG

    Holder is the biggest Criminal punk ever.

    • I don’t know…but there is something in the air…an intuition forming that the wheels are going to come off this system’s cart just as it starts to hit hyper-drive and the whole thing is going to crash and burn.

      You might call it ‘Divine Blowback’. You might call it karma. You might call it ‘just deserts’ but don’t call it a one eyed jack…neither are in the deck anymore…now there are three jokers.


      • Living has become something less than life. I can’t put my finger on it but I’d like to put my fist through it. – PD

        • It’s no country for old men…


  7. Ummm…your header there Puddy, is quite the Psychopathic “tell” of the PNAC ghouls. Really, that entire list, their protege’s, their peers, all need to be brought to Justice! That they “walk among us” is a travesty of justice, and I hope Karma catches up to them ASAP!

    • Well I know you and I agree on the terms of the Jesuit Great Apostasy of their ranks. What does the Vatic Project and the good doctor think about this unbelievable change in Vatican hierarchy. Sol Invictus is in the wings and being readied for anointing.

      The final conflict approaches surely we can see this now. I figured it will be Russia and US funded through three theatres. Pakistan=India,
      China Korea=Korea, Japan and Syriana=Israel.

      The final alignment of planet S.J. and the last conclave are a few of malachai’s markers. 1999 was an interesting year. It had everything going on for the changeover. Now we await this head of everything to pop out of the UN window.

      I’m all a tingle to see the triad completed. Stranger, please enter and sign in! I also can’t wait to see Barry bowing and scraping to this goats head. They took Phelps’ site down. They attack Educate yourself frequently. I hope Vatican Assassins gets back online soon.

  8. 4AM and it is general electric city in the skies here where I am at.

    Strong rains, a cool breeze. Not at all unpleasant.

    Just watch out for them gnats…they gotta bite like a rattle snake…


    • ‘no see ems’? those little flesh eaters that fly through screens?

    • That’s a good one Deb. He’s getting there for sure.

  9. I think he’s missed the important key. Chemtrails are predominate over the pacific and west coast, that’s a fact. They steer the jet stream to control the nino/nina (+ -) but the supercells are all handled by microwave.

    The 10(4) lower scale causes the strange sounds (article you posted) while the 10 (14-16) cause the visible light effects. Everyone of those anomalies are a result of Atmospheric heating.

    These one and two mile tornado swaths are the new technology. Natural tornadoes are not that wide. Never were never will be.

    Just like the earthquakes, the scale of 6.0 + are never 10km deep naturally. They are 100km or more. HAARP signatures are easy to identify on this simple system. (error .10) or less.

    How the triad works (administrators-enablers-useful idiots.

    1. Somewhere idiots are making chemicals, fungi, compounds, etc.
    2.. Somewhere idiots are making nano ultrafine technical composites for science
    (3) Somewhere idiots are shipping to non-descrip warehouse facility
    4. Somewhere enabler is manufacturing the composite/compound for use
    5. Somewhere enabler is flying/dispersing global heating chaff by aircraft
    (whether actual pilot or drone controlled)
    (6) Somewhere administrators are tracking and monitoring all surveillance to insure a.containment and and c. progress
    7. Somewhere idiots are being brainwashed to believe there is some other reason for dying bees, birdfalls and crop/plant diseases (example Florida citrus “black spot”) from the west coast to east coast.
    8. Somewhere idiot-enablers may become whistleblowers and are either converted to admins or they go south to jail or grave.
    (9) The administrators/committee use the program to capitalize on commodities-tech stocks etc. through walmartstreet and redisttribute wealth


  10. Rise Up or Die! by Chris Hedges

    “Joe Sacco and I spent two years reporting from the poorest pockets of the United States for our book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.” We went into our nation’s impoverished “sacrifice zones”—the first areas forced to kneel before the dictates of the marketplace—to show what happens when unfettered corporate capitalism and ceaseless economic expansion no longer have external impediments. We wanted to illustrate what unrestrained corporate exploitation does to families, communities and the natural world. We wanted to challenge the reigning ideology of globalization and laissez-faire capitalism to illustrate what life becomes when human beings and the ecosystem are ruthlessly turned into commodities to exploit until exhaustion or collapse. And we wanted to expose as impotent the formal liberal and governmental institutions that once made reform possible, institutions no longer equipped with enough authority to check the assault of corporate power.”


    • Great post by Hedges.

      Lakota. I love when good writers mention this slaughter and pogrom. Hedges used it before in an article.

      To that event i commented:

      Connecting the Wounded Knee massacre and illuminati sacrifice to the Black Hills and Badlands. Good spirits had to be exorcised. That was easy. Build Mt. Rushmore and have the overlords facing east to the City of London and Amsterdam.

      Sioux Men Women and Children slaughtered. Bullshit historical account with assertions. Full of illuminati numbers (330 – 39 – 6) A total scam and obvious sacrificial bloodletting 2012 The Perfect Year

  11. A Viet Nam Vet, “Chemical Corps”, elucidated about Chemical and Biological Warfare. I thought that stuff was “illegal” after WWI? Naw.

    “As far as what the Public knows, they don’t have a clue.” “What the Guv ‘has’ is not what the Public knows”. “in fact, under any building, commercial or private (fast food restaurant for instance — might be ‘anywhere’) could BE enough chem/bio weapons to kill every person in the entire United States”.

    Comforting thought, aye.

    Would they use em? How, why, when, where, etc… what do you think? (rhetorical question).

  12. Oh, this is RIPE! After posting my comment above, within 60 seconds, I ran across THIS info at

    “Anthrax drug brings $334 million to Pentagon advisor’s biotech firm
    May 21, 2013”

    Problem — Reaction — PROFITS! Wheeeeee!!! See how the MIC and insider carousel works People? What did YOU put in your pockets today?

    You can’t imagine what the PSYCHO-FUCKERS be putting in Their pockets Every Day!

    • Yaba daba doooooooo! Another WOT-WTO windfall for Skyfall.

  13. “Rebel. Even if you fail, even if we all fail, we will have asserted against the corporate forces of exploitation and death our ultimate dignity as human beings. We will have defended what is sacred. Rebellion means steadfast defiance. It means resisting just as have Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, just as has Mumia Abu-Jamal, the radical journalist whom Cornel West, James Cone and I visited in prison last week in Frackville, Pa. It means refusing to succumb to fear. It means refusing to surrender, even if you find yourself, like Manning and Abu-Jamal, caged like an animal. It means saying no. To remain safe, to remain “innocent” in the eyes of the law in this moment in history is to be complicit in a monstrous evil. In his poem of resistance, “If We Must Die,” Claude McKay knew that the odds were stacked against African-Americans who resisted white supremacy. But he also knew that resistance to tyranny saves our souls.”~Chris Hedges



    Tomorrow the Senate plans to vote in support of Israeli strikes on Iran.

    They are expected to pass S.Res.65, which urges that if Netanyahu decides to bomb Iran, the U.S. should provide full support.

    This is a nonbinding resolution, meaning it will not become law. But the pro-war hawks are setting the stage for such action and this could be one of the final steps.

    The House, meanwhile, is planning to pass new sanctions (H.R.850) through committee. Some are pushing for the new sanctions bill–once finalized and sent to the President–to include language echoing the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which ruled out diplomacy and made war inevitable.

    Your elected officials must hear from you that you oppose the gradual push to war and that they should oppose these measures when they are voted on tomorrow. If they only hear from the vocal minority who want war, instead of the overwhelming number of Americans who oppose war with Iran, they will continue to push forward until it’s too late.

    Tell your Representatives and Senators to stand up against a backdoor to war and against new broad sanctions.

    NIAC will protect your privacy and keep you informed about this and similar campaigns. NIAC will not sell or share your information.

    Your Senators
    Your Representative

    • Well Hell! How many sucking senators ran over to Israel this last year on a “junket”? I remember the story news item. How many sucking senators, Reps, Administrators, are Khazars, dual USI passport holders, suckophants, etc? A Kill of Krows They Are!

      The War Hawks are stacked at the Psycho Top of the Pyramid. As with the Pentagon “Advisor” just upthread with his primo insider deal; how many War Hawks have “interests” in MIC companies or others that will Profit because of War, Fear, and the rest of the Big Fuck being put on The People?

      We Know it is Many, Many…


    On 20 May 2013 the Pavlof volcano in Alaska continued to erupt, spewing lava and sending plumes as high as 22,000 ft/6,700 m into the air. At least two communities, the Aleut village of Nelson Lagoon and the fishing town of Sand Point, reported small amounts of ash as the wind pushed the ash cloud eastward. Although the ash plume was still too low to affect commercial airlines — which fly at least 30,000 ft/9,150 m above sea level — it forced regional airlines that serve rural fishing towns and villages to cancel at least a dozen flights

  16. OOOPS!: Top IRS official will invoke the Fifth Amendment in congressional hearing about tea party targeting program

    Read more:

  17. [While Republicans continue to dance around the polarizing issue of climate change, Democrats are taking advantage of each devastating storm to chastise conservatives.]


    U.S. court rules bin Laden death photos can stay secret – Reuters

    whos this guy?

    • That guy is a fairly well made special effects model.

      Probably a physical manikin, rather than digital modeling imo.

      The hair-work is a bit clunky, and the neck is a tad too long.


  19. Hmmm…

    After a warm but very muggy day, I just heard the first drum roll of thunder, just now at dusk.

    Still no fireflies…


  20. Batshit Crazy!

    That’s what everything is…

    So…all of “America” is a battlefield, whenever the pResident and his drones want to categorize it as such for their War Games.

    Then — WE read this utter upsidedown “rationale” by TPTB:

    Read down to wear the wounded “soldiers” aren’t being financially assisted because TPTB haven’t categorized the Freaking Army Base as a “combat zone”.

    We all live in Stupidsville, Amerika.

  21. I meant to say, they haven’t slapped their CrackerJacks “label” of “its a battlefield” on the Army base. Yeah, righto. And Senators and Congress creatures don’t have to suck the ObamaCare Bongo like the rest of real working Americans. Sick of this Shit!

  22. Has everyone seen the PBS Frontline “Untouchables” documentary

    THe “Too big to Fail” HBO was a joke. Too big to fail, too big to jail, too big to sail. Loose lips sink ships. The AP-Fox and Anti-Obama whistleblowers were ready to sink the FED titanic? There were only a finite number of lifeboats. Some are ready to speak. Time to send the text messages.

    Eric, Barry, Timothy, you’ve got jail!

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