Posted by: dawnatilla | May 20, 2013

Absolute Insanity

Just saw this.. had to bring to the Coto Table….

Absolute Insanity



  1. Yup pretty crazy – but what is it about? Where? Russia?

    Do you have any idea what is going on and why?


  2. Yes Will, in Georgia… If you click the link at the top of the vid Dawn posted you’ll see this headline:

    Thousands of anti-gay protesters riot in Georgia: Chaos on streets as Orthodox priests join march and threaten to lash gay pride activists with NETTLES

    Police in Tbilisi guarded several dozen gay activists and bused them away
    Protesters carrying bunches of nettles threatened to use them on activists
    They insist homosexuality runs against Georgia’s Orthodox Christian values
    21-year-old: ‘If we must allow parades like this to join EU, I don’t want to join’


    Such hatred always boggles my mind. Orthodox priests joining the mob? Always nice when men of “God” get involved in violence against their fellow men who have done nothing but feel attraction to another human being that happens to be the same sex. All this rioting over gay people? REALLY?! Don’t we have better things to get ThAT pissed off about?

    Wonder what set off that riot?

    • Good grief…THAT’S what it’s about???


      Yes totally nuts.

      “nettles”??? Are these thorns of some sort?

      People are simply fuckin’ crazy!!


      • Nettles are prickly pear on steroid. Needles are microscopic and not removeable. Swells up big and red. Its the dry land medusa jellyfish. Boy Scouts run from it.

        • O’ give me a home…

          Far far away from any human beings…


          • except me (you)

            • except you (me)


        • Damn….thats some f**** up fauna ..’interesting’ how the boy scout thing comes up (unintentionally)…or..? 😉

  3. Just thought I’d add this one into the fray. I like the one about where the cops take down the dude carrying the sign on the playing field and the players and crowd turn against the cops

    • Ill check it out!!

    • One of these days….

      A significant minority will have had enough.

      And that will be the spark to an explosion that will bring the walls tumbling down. Tumbling. Tumbling down.


    • GREAT VIDEO “V”! I remember the very large black vet’s video (which went viral) when he ranted on the NYPD cockroaches. His words carried much weight, as he truly “cared” about The People and defended them with his Service as best he could.

      WE THE PEOPLE MUST Recognize the Enemy in whatever form he/she takes. Overt or subtle, They must be challenged, and put down to the maggot level from which they inhabit. A NO ASSHOLE TOLERANCE POLICY must be invoked by THE PEOPLE!

      In fact, WE can start pretty much anywhere in the corrupt system and begin to work to the root. Janet Napolitano/Chertoff and the Ghouls behind them would be a well recognized starting point for wielding Accountability for Authoritarian Assholism (AAA). 12 Steps or Two — make em walk the plank!

  4. Hey Nic!

    Putin on the Ritz ~ Pipeline Chaos! Seems to have funneled into another Jesuit assault on the orthodoxy. Any mob has it’s provocateurs and useful idiots. A little fire can fuck the show up.- super duper!

  5. And as Mahatma Gandhi said;
    “I like your Christ”
    “I do not like your Christians”
    “Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”

    • So goes the Society of Jesus. The constitution allowed purposely the freedom of religion. Religion can no longer defend itself so it attacks. Simple nature/nurture. There was never any chance for monistic understanding of GOD nor a dualism when the magic number three was introduced into human existence. Divide and conquer, coopt and condense.

      Insanity has not hit it’s peak yet, but the x wave theory says it’s bubble time again. Tornado alley and the green machine. What a wonderful it will be if you are one of the half billion left. Solar activity blamed for everything but the economy but we know how they intend to correct that point.

      Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.8
      Date-Time 20 May 2013 09:49:03 UTC
      20 May 2013 04:49:04 near epicenter
      20 May 2013 03:49:03 standard time in your timezone

      Location 44.927S 80.639W
      Depth 10 km

      HAARP from the warlords. China next. So begins Skyfall and Casino Royale ala the committee.

    • yup! 🙂


  7. Black kettles and pots

    DSM-V, the bible for global governance

  8. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”~Thomas Jefferson

    I’ve been to Club Med, Disney, Vegas, Palm Springs, Porte Villarte, Via Del Luz…and still the last resort has not materialized…it seems to exist somewhere just beyond Hell On Earth…just the other side of the Valley of the Shadow of Death…

    And so we have joined hands as COTO and we keep the journey…


    • Looked into the word corporatocracy somewhat. Even spell check here doesn’t recognize it. Only one that gives it any credence is Wikipedia. Probably the only reason they do is to be up on things otherwise, we know what side of the swamp they troll in. Seems so far, John Perkins lays claim to it. Powerful word, even if it isn’t recognized as a word. It’s my thought that it will be soon, it certainly gets bantered around a lot on this side, it’s very descriptive of a malaise that’s infected this planet at all levels. It describes fascism better than fascism does, bet TPTB be make a sign to whatever vile deity they bend over for every time they hear it.

      • Yes, recall that it was not a British Man of War that was ransacked in Boston Harbor by the Sons of Liberty, it was a corporate ship of the East India Company.
        Also all of the “colonies” were actually British corporations run by “the Crown”…a corporate/banking conglomerate.

        Corporatism not only defines fascism better, it predates it by centuries. A system run by corporatism is of course “Corporatocracy”.

        And we are all familiar with the quotes of the founding generation that pinned the tail on that donkey as the central enemy of Liberty.

        Viva Zapata!!


  9. I know this isn’t anything new for the crew but this one puts out some interesting facts and has some good interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts. Sorry Willy, it’s 71 minutes long. It digs deep into 9/11

    • hey “new” info old info its all info…I personally believe there is no such thing as new or old…as this is totally subjective..I also think that everything is plays its part in the fabric…naw mean:? 😦 ❤

      • Disturbing little flick ain’t it? But then, all of us here are trying our damndest to at least give the tapeworm acid reflux with the hopes that it pukes all over the muttonheads and causes their WTF moment.

        • Dude..veritable…wow…EPIC. ” But then, all of us here are trying our damndest to at least give the tapeworm acid reflux with the hopes that it pukes all over the muttonheads and causes their WTF moment.”. QUITE FITTING! Lol. ! Kudos! Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

  10. CNN Mind Control Central has curbed the Boston Hoax as well as Sandy Hoax but 24/7 on Agenda 21 Skyfall.

    How long before the grand command for carbon tax, fluorescent bulbs, $10 gas and slavery comes creeping out the Bloombergs and Maurice Strongmen?????

    Not long I’ll bet. A nice FRACKIN earthquake and a nuke scare or a Katrina frequency in Hurricane might help tip the scale of sheeple over the knows.

    • these motherfuckers be fracking all over the freakin place..u know this…but I wanted to type that hahahaha

      *u should give me an ‘assignment’ here..

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