Posted by: Mr. M | May 14, 2013

Benghazi & other happenings

Benghazi & other happenings

This is my latest creation I’ll be hitting the streets with shortly. Should hopefully start a few conversations.

Sure seems as though the PTB are pulling the rug out from under Barry, one can hardly keep-up with the scandals, and when you have Reid turning on you, you know it’s bad.

So what’s going on? Has the flowering of a new consciousness awakening finally taken root? Is this the tsunami of truth crashing on the shores of Mordor? Are the PTB in charge of this, our are we are, only we haven’t realized our own success?

Whatever it is we know that they will not go down quietly, and we’re most likely in for one hell of a summer. But we knew that all along.



  1. Provacative Toon “M”! Glad you’re up and at em with your particular insightful “flair”.

    Cynically, or clinically, I think its just the turning of the worm(s) in the dung pile. When one appendage reaches its used date, they just change their dirty underwear. COTO realizes there is a GIANT shit pile of these maggots crawling in and around the power magnets. A complete janitorial flushing and cleansing is required to even see the porcelain halls of the structures that were supposed to house real moral and intellectual “leaders” of The People.

    Instead, we get Caligula and all of the Khazar Klowns stinking up the town, while they do exactly what is pictured.

  2. Yes its a gonna be a wilda rida over the next few months,if we live that long. Me suspectin foul play to cover up da shitstorm. Great toons M dude.

  3. Don’t forget…THESE SERPENTS ARE BREEDING IN SEWERS, there for, we must look every were for them 😉

    • Appears it’s a shift change in the serpents den Old Fart. Must be time for the battle trumpets and another GOP from Bilderberg. Will Barry get to complete his term? He looks weak and tired to me.

      The sharks are circling. Eric Holder is on the edge. He could crack at any moment. Darrell Issa and even the dems on the Oversight committee are going after him.

      There’s a shitstorm coming. Unfortunately it’s we the plebes in the line of fire.

      • Nothing’s change in modern BABYLON of the Rothchilds/Bildabergs and Suleiman’s Pasha’s Empires..They all waiting for the Vatican ( Which owns C.I.A., & M.I-5,6,7, etc ), to CONTROL Jerusalem (The WHORE of BABYLON ), than the control of masses and the rest is easy step done to bring in the N.W.O. or New Government….Ha…So they think !..We don’t forgive, or forget….JUSTICE MUST BE DONE FIRST. 😉

        SHALOM 😉

  4. Why is Obama dressed as a Muslim?

  5. Convenient wasn’t it that the IRS Czar resigned under orders and will not have to testify on the IRS scandal. Fast & Furiously they took care of that little detail. Jack Lew is a bulldog gatekeeper.

    Steven Miler (resigned) had 7 months to get his ammo and missed it by days. He will likely land a cushy job for keeping his trap shut about the DEM PARTY conspiracy to win an election. Hell, he will likely get knighted by the queen bitch herself considering they run the IRS through the City of London.

    I was impressed with Obama’s fervent outrage. Whistleblowers have taken a bigger hit under Barry than any previous committee stooge in history.

    Issa has a full plate with these three deals. But as Mr. M points out so well in artistic flare, the Benghazi affair is the Elephant and the other two are deflection off fast and furious and Benghazi.

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