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Israhell on Earth – The Truth about the Zionist Occupation of Palestine and Beyond


It is ironic, that the leaders of a people that will never forget the holocaust, are guilty of even more heinous crimes against humanity. There is no other way to describe the atrocities against the people of the Gaza Strip than genocide. The zionist’s goal is control of the entire middle east and all of it’s resources with the help of the U.S. and it’s allies. Iraq was only the beginning and Syria is just another stepping stone on the way to Iran.

All Jews are not zionists. They are a select group of racist, corrupt, powerful people that rule over the majority.  Charges of anti-semiticsm will fall on deaf ears since many Jews in Israel and worldwide, call for the end of the imprisonment and slaughter of Palestinians on their own land.   This is illustrated quite clearly in the documentary. 

So, take the time to watch and discover the true history of the region that you have not and will not hear in the main stream media, nor for that matter, on certain alternative websites.  It’s time the American people looked beyond the control and propaganda they’ve been fed and once and for all learn who is the real force behind the “War on Terror(ism)”.  ~jg




  1. Thanks for the link JG,

    However, something more than an hour long is beyond my video viewing means…I am sad to say.

    But I have studied the history of the establishment of “Israel” for many years now. I suppose my views are well known to COTO, but I will reiterate in summation here.

    I do not recognize “Israel” as a legitimate state, I consider the area Occupied Palestine. Thus it is my position that “Israel” has NO right to defend itself. And beyond that; the term “defense” is rhetorical bullshit when used by the “Israelis”…it has been a war of aggression from the very beginning.

    Zion is an obvious fairytale designed for such aggression and perception manipulations.

    Again I offer for the readership’s consideration; THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed, which is available on www as a free PDF. Just put the title in your browser and it is easily found.


  2. Yes Will, I am aware of your opinions regarding Israel which are also my own. This doc is probably a summation of all that you already know with clips from people that have been making these same points very effectively for years. Since they don’t have the “golden microphone” of msm to use however, only the already awakened will hear their words.

    An especially emotional and excellent rebuttal by Norman Finkelstein to a student’s crocodile holocaust tears is a highlight. Here is that segment on a separate vid that’s only a little over 3 mins.

  3. Another great moment was George Galloway grilling a radio caller on why he thought Great Britiain had the right to grant the Jews someone else’s country …

    • Thank you for the snippets JG. I have always enjoyed both Finkelstein and Galloway’s manner and commentary.

      It is a corrosive shame that most people are utterly unaware of the true documented history of this situational sham called “Israel”.
      I lost two gravitar ships on the Amazon forums because of charges of “antisemitism” … and I think that it had a lot to do with the unspoken reasons for the scourge that went down on OEN as well. Kall himself is obviously an ashcan nazi, with all the attributes they are known for; ie, insanity, intolerance and psychopathy.

      It seems that no one is willing to accept the fact – FACT, that Semitic is a LANGUAGE GROUP, that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with race or creed…that Arabic is in fact a Semitic language…and it really pisses me off to high Heaven, that such a blatant lie, based on such blatant bullshit, has become a bullwhip to stun truth seekers into silence.



  4. Very strong video. What I’ve seen of what many of the young Jews in Palestine/Israel say, shows for the most part that they’re just as brainwashed as any in the west and have absolutely no idea what Zionism is. If the monsters aren’t stopped, this is what we’re looking forward to. It’s already happening as evidenced by martial law in Watertown while the band plays on the “Titanic”. My heart goes out to the Palestinians.

    • Dear sir,

      Do you realize that you sent me an email that had nothing in the message field?….Lol


    • We are all one, monster and oppressed alike

      • Here’s the other one

        • Thanks Veri… I couldn’t agree more with the natural rights video.

      • Thanks Veri,

        This guy at Stormcloudsgathering says very well what I have tried to explain many times on this blog and elsewhere…

        Coinkydoinky I just wrote this two days ago:

        Perhaps “Zen Deist” might come close as a hint towards my philosophy. The concept of the eternal moment is central, and that suggests a paradoxical reality where time is illusion. And this paradox can be experienced personally. Every entity in time/space has its own path to this experience, at segue or “prior”…it doesn’t “matter”.~May 9, 2013



  5. Not to mention the Israhell occupation of these United States of Zion. Hey Strangers whom I love and miss and think of DAILY. JG: much luv Warrior Queen.

    Puddy the Pimp of Current Event REevaluations and revelations: You sir..are the Bees Fucking Knees.

    HybridRogue: Tonight we reunite in the ether…code word code word code word

    • word…darlin’

      Note, Zion/Sion…one is the Anglo-Saxon term, the other the Hoodaic.
      N’other words, Sion arrived with the Anglos in the 1600s…they founded the “nation” in the first place.

      They had the same problem the Hoos have in Palestine…there were already people here. What to do? Declare them non-human…”the only good injun is a dead injun”.

      Between 1600 and 1900 the Indian population was reduced from 10 million to approximately 250,000.



      • Where it remains to the day. Here in Canada they’ve been disappearing them from the Indian Schools where they try to change them into whitemen. Word has it Queezy 2 And Phil (doesn’t have long to go to see if his wish comes true to come back as that killer virus) disappeared 10 of them.

        • I had a friend in Hollywood in the 60s, a Sioux who grew up on a reservation. He was a pizza cook at Magoo’s, which I have spoken of before a few months back – Ruth Ann worked there as a waitress…

          Anyway, Dave was this guy’s name…he was an expert at martial arts. We used to spar in his apartment after work a lot. He taught me some cool kata, and some great flying kicks. But he was full of angst..a very troubled boy in many ways.
          I saw him take a guy’s eye out on Hollywood Blvd one night walking home with him. These two cowboys just coming out of a bar saw us coming, they stood in the middle of the sidewalk glaring at us as we walked towards them…they said something like “ah, a couple of punk faggots” or something. Dave put his arm out and pushed me back lightly saying, “let me take care of this”… as he reached the guys he suddenly jumped forward, his foot planted on one of the guys foot, and did a quick eagle-claw strike and jumped back quickly…the guy grabbed at his face screaming, his eye dangling out of the socket…
          The other guy screamed too, and ran.
          Dave was suddenly remorseful and almost crying..he said
          God I’m sorry…shit” grabbed me and we ran the rest of the way home…
          I think deep inside he hated whites…but he never was off with me, considered me his friend.

          He joined the army, they put him in the Rangers…he went to Nam, I never heard of or about him again.


    • The hun lives!! Where the hell you been g/f? Welcome home. You got some stories for us from your travels?

      • yes the Hun has been in remission…..but have a couple things under my sleeve…have not been stationary for months..kinda cool.. but I feel guilty for not being able to keep up here..dont give upon the Hun….she has only yet began to get the picture… Ill be back asap with that ‘picture’ to ❤ COTO CREW ❤ to help me piece it together.. hugs to you, JG warrior …:)

    • Hey there honey-boo. We missed ya. What’s the news from Frisco Nicole? Tell us of your travels and observations.

      • I miss u guys so much..pls dont think Im not coming back to an active state… Im at my families and helping them with some matters…at the same time collecting info regarding new activity in Lake County California (where I am currently) regarding an old mine (McLaughlin Goldmine) and a wooded undeveloped area near Upper Lake Lake County where there is purported to be a.D.U.M.B….also a sinkhole (comparatively small) in Lakeport…town officials claim volcanic but doubt it is close enough to Mt Konocti to be possible. The mine is on a road called Morgan Valley rd. Ill be back… Mad Love and respect to the DOPEST truth journalist CREW on the face of the planet. Love Nicole Dawn

  6. OCCUPIED and OCCU-PI’d. I have not read the book Willy speaks of but I will. The facts in my mind suggest the reality of what religion and extraterrestrial have in common. A basis of what civilization came from and where it came from and the systematic triad of adopt, infiltrate and corrupt.

    Mr. Peabody needs to take the shermans and other sheeple in ‘way back’ machine to understand Zionism, from Judaism, from the Khazar, from the Hebrew, from the Canaanite, from Ethiopian Cush, from the Poenecian Egyptian, etc. etc.

    The romans took xianity like khazars took Judaism. What a book it would be to track the DNA of all with truth and honesty to find the israelites and Identify the systematic eradication of the evidence in pogroms across all nations or tribes.

    I see the zionist program of modern Israel no differently than the US/native american genocide, Spanish and british empire slaughters in south america and asia. I see it in numbers and not in synoptic, historical or other false documentation.

    The scholars of reform judaism see the con of tamud. There are actually two Talmuds Jerusalem and the Babylonian Talmud. A hundred years can change societies and races/religions. Idiots are led by those who accept the doctrines offered by liars for the sake of power. Money being one of those powers but more importantly, the right to exist (as a killer of men) by operating the ancient arts of false faith, false flag, false belief and false identity.

    The creation of al-CIAda and Mossad-Hamas has gone a long way to create Israels manifest Destiny yet the agenda was planned centuries ago.

    Deb, the doc is true and a good look at the topical reality of a system that takes the real-estate, financial power and geopolitical factors and pretends to portray to the masses that they are the only motivations. I have a different mindset that accepts those as mere opportunities and perks to the core mission.

    The zionists would be killing Palestinians today if they all moved to Antarctica. In other words the object is eradication of black, white and every shade in between who were chosen to inherit the earth.

    Agreed PD. The tale goes way beyond what this little documentary discusses. But it’s a good primer to get those totally unaware started on a long journey down the road of truth 😉

  7. Caught, Israel orchestrating world war

    Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:19PM

    By Gordon Duff

    The plans are clear, an invasion of Syria, splitting the Kurdish region of Iraq off, into an Israeli controlled military bastion for an invasion of Iran. What isn’t being said, however, is that, in order to push the United States back to war after a decade of military and economic disasters, assassinations, false flag terror and a campaign of counterfeit WMD intelligence is planned.

    The proposed moves, as outlined below and confirmed through DEBKA, would require the United States to return to “Bush era unilateralism,” moves unlikely if President Obama, Secretaries Kerry and Hagel and JCOS Chief, General Martin Dempsey were still alive, despite wild conspiratorial claims quoted below.”

    Related Interviews:

    ‘US pursues Neocon war agenda on Iran’
    ‘US ignores HR abuses by friendly govts’

    The Israeli “security publication,” DEBKA, a key part of their “war through deception” campaign against the world, has now made it inexorably clear, Israel is putting into motion their “final solution,” a campaign to pit nation against nation.

    The result, the planet a smoldering ruin, Israel ruling over the ashes and mass graves, is a foregone conclusion, at least to Netanyahu and his worldwide terrorist network.

    DEBKA openly admits plans to move Israeli troops into Syria and Iraq, to “con” Turkey, Jordan and the Arab and Gulf States into a war intended to, not just destroy Iran and Pakistan but China and Russia as well, pitting them against NATO in the fatal Armageddon they and their followers believe will ensure Satan’s dominion over man.

    Do people really think like that?

    Yes, they actually do, the Zionists, the Neocons, and the Dominionists, a vast worldwide network of financial criminals, corrupt politicians and power-mad tyrants. In America, those now seeking to stage a military coup in the United States, submit to full Israeli control and lead the world into a new “dark age.”

    Conspiracy theory? Of course, very much so, but not just a theory but plans long whispered now made clear, plans impossible to misconstrue.

    Plans in motion

    The plans are clear, an invasion of Syria, splitting the Kurdish region of Iraq off, into an Israeli controlled military bastion for an invasion of Iran. What isn’t being said, however, is that, in order to push the United States back to war after a decade of military and economic disasters, assassinations, false flag terror and a campaign of counterfeit WMD intelligence is planned.

    The proposed moves, as outlined below and confirmed through DEBKA, would require the United States to return to “Bush era unilateralism,” moves unlikely if President Obama, Secretaries Kerry and Hagel and JCOS Chief, General Martin Dempsey were still alive, despite wild conspiratorial claims quoted below.

    Softening up the Goyim

    The American president is a likely assassination target. A new 9/11 style terror attack is a necessity, the groundwork already laid at Sandyhook and the Boston Marathon.

    The preparations are already underway, with political and military division in the US being contrived, “sequestration,” threats of gun seizure and a planned economic crash, another “pump and dump.”

    The terrorism is underway as seen in Boston, hoax articles outlining an imaginary 20,000 man US force to move into Syria as a “buffer” have been placed in American newspapers.

    World conquest and planetary annihilation

    In the Middle East, Israel is coordinating with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States along with Turkey, the Mossad supported Communist PKK terrorists in Turkey, key leaders in the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq, Al Qaeda led rebels and Druze militias inside Syria.

    Syria and Iraq will be dismembered. Jordan has already fallen to Israel and their Al Qaeda allies, now Israel’s base of operations against not just Syria but Iraq as well.

    From there, the move will be Iran, then Afghanistan and the Caspian Basin.

    If China and Russia fail to recognize the threat in time and “go nuclear” to block this move against Asia, the planned attack on Pakistan, scheduled for a 2015-2017 time frame will bring about a world war.

    Beginning with deception and cover

    More stories have been planted, more hoaxes, describing an agreement allowing Israel to build an air base in Turkey to attack Iran. Turkey has failed to issue denials though such an act would label them a rogue state. They are playing a very dangerous game and can well expect the betrayal any “friend” of Israel suffers.
    Turkey is fully “onboard,” cutting a deal with the Kurdish PKK, a first step toward joining Israel in a conquest of Northern Iraq. Israel has also promised Turkey an “occupation zone” comprising nearly a third of Syria.

    Azerbaijan has long been steeped in Israeli/Turkish plots. They have been promised Iran’s Caspian oil reserves.

    They actually put it in writing

    Key to this is getting the United States to follow the plans DEBKA clearly outlines for them.

    Issue 585, dated April 26, 2013 has laid out their startling plans beginning with a broad move into Syria. Israel has no plans to use its own troops, of course. Since their defeat in Lebanon in 2006, the IDF has been shown as capable of mass punishment and reprisals against unarmed civilians inside Israel and the occupied zones.

    DEBKA’s “fairytale” is carefully coordinated with terror cells and death squads in the US, all working under the broad cover of America’s Israeli controlled press:

    “On Friday, April 26, a few hours after this issue reaches DEBKA-Net-Weekly subscribers, Jordan’s King Abdullah II will be sitting down at the White House with President Barack Obama. When they finish talking, they will shake hands on the exact date in the coming days for the consignment of 20,000 American troops to the Hashemite Kingdom.

    Obama has ordered the biggest overt surge of US troops in six years in any Middle East country.

    This air base will be home to the incoming American troops. US engineering corps units have been working 24/7 to expand the base, adapt it to its new functions and construct accommodation for the GIs.

    Most of the contingents will be airlifted to their new base from US and Europe through Israeli air space, according to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s exclusive military sources.

    Israeli Air Force jets will escort the transports over the eastern Mediterranean until they touch down in Jordan and keep an air umbrella in place over the American force for the duration of its stay.

    The heavy equipment – tanks, missiles, self-propelled artillery, armored vehicles and Patriot missile intercept batteries – will be transported by sea to two destinations: Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba and the Israeli port of Haifa.

    These arrangements were tied up by Defense Secretary Hagel in his talks this week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz.

    In those conversations, our sources disclose, Israeli leaders offered every assistance, including air and intelligence resources, needed for preserving the Hashemite throne in Jordan, including support for the incoming US force. Netanyahu gave this pledge to King Abdullah on the four occasions that they met in Amman.”

    The plans, quoted directly from the highest Israeli and Jordanian sources, could never be realized without an America crippled by powerful terrorist organizations like AIPAC, long above any law.

    Current American doctrine prohibits any military action without, not only a UN Security Council resolution but a new National Intelligence Estimate. Previous “NIE’s” had found no evidence of nuclear programs in Iran. Similarly, current Israeli claims of WMD use by Syria were rejected by Washington this week.

    Israel’s plans are clear. What is also clear is that many Americans will die to get Israel the war they want, the war that Zionism needs to survive.

    What is also clear is that, in order to get that war, more Americans will die and that many have died already.

    • “Do people really think like that?
      Yes, they actually do, the Zionists, the Neocons, and the Dominionists, a vast worldwide network of financial criminals, corrupt politicians and power-mad tyrants.” ~Duff

      Yes indeed they do. My sister, and “Born Again Dominionist” said it to me directly in a telephone conversation; “We pray for the Third World War and Armageddon – that is the only way Jesus will come back.”

      No shit…and yes really…fucking nutballs rolling around squawking there lunatic glossolalia praying for nuclear war.

      Duff lays out a terrifying scenario__I suppose it could be soon. Some sort of abeyance…a laps of time from the entrance into the Singularity on 21 Dec 2012…yes, we entered a Twilight Zone of weird time dilation…I have felt it since then.

      Can it still be headed off? Anything is possible. If you can really really not believe in this scenario – and not just pretend you don’t. A trick of the will. Jump tracks. Don’t go with this mix. I have done it once before. It IS possible I know that.

      Stay with me COTO


      • You see the wide array of motivations for the collaborators and confederates. Each has their own truth and function.

        Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Absolute truth remains a beautiful mystery. I can assent tacitly to the objective and face the consequences regardless of the final verdict. Bring it on.

        • Quantum Leap…one simple adjustment in the mentalator…


    • That sums up my predictions for Obama, the Pakistan-India scenario
      and the nuclear false flag. The Fukushima primer, the West Texas HAARPING, the Boston Teapot and Little Green House on K Street, and the plan to pull the all the terror into one nice little package.

      The Home of the Brave will be shaking in their foxholes, begging for martial law, gas coupons, food stamps and wi-fi at any cost. It will certainly link truthers of the conspiracy to a thought crime violation and sanction.

      A re-education of Rita reality to follow for the sheeple. When the Global Governance and new constitution emerge and spreads it’s enormous wings, the shadows of tyranny will be universal.

      We are native Americans here as we will all find out soon enough. The pilgrims that are coming this time are snake eyed and fork-tongued.

      • Yep, tis true PD. I always loved when AJ turned the phrase on it’s head… “land of the slaves, home of the cowards”. It’s never been truer than today after the USA chanting at the Boston smoke bombing.

  8. Scared Americans and “The US Terror State”
    By Daniel Patrick Welch

    “They just don’t give a shit, and their macabre privileging of the relatively few victims among their own–as awful as these surely are–is lost outside the bubble, where the rest of the world grieves for their victims…” ~Welch

    I am glad to read this article and the heat generated by this guys passion.


    • Good one indeed. It’s funny we are discussing another OEN banning of truthers and observers. One of the last posts I submitted was called “What ever happened to the Home of the Brave?”

      Now it’s just a musical talking point transmitted during Roman Gladiator games by Holyrood/Sony MK-Ultra Morons.

  9. Good article and true enough to make me wanna puke..

  10. Saturday, May 11, 2013
    US Business Owners Can Be Fined and Imprisoned for Supporting Israeli Boycott
    A little known US law has actually criminalized boycotting Israel.

    Daniel Jackson
    Activist Post

    Would Stephen Hawking be fined or jailed for boycotting Israel if he ran a business in the United States?

    Over the years many prominent activists and organizations have called for and participated in a boycott on Israel.

    This swelling boycott is primarily due to, among other reasons, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the overall Israeli treatment of Palestinians throughout the region.

    Recently famed scientist Stephen Hawking even joined the boycott, opting to pull out of an upcoming conference set to be hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres.

    Read it here:

  11.  photo keiser.jpg

    • “Do not mention Israel”??

      Yea? I’ll mention Israel…FUCK ISRAEL!!


      • Fuck America Inc. too. I can’t get the blood washed off my dollars. Not even with TIDE!

        • Bon ditto Captain…

          Microwave them bucks…it bursts the microchip woven into the threads.



          • Yea, and while we’re at it FUCK the City of London and their ugly royal family too!

            • Thanks for the City of London curse JG,

              And this is where the grand departure takes place for me and Duff’s analysis above.
              I think it is the Money Power that is really in the drivers seat. I think that “national sovereignty” is a bygone era, and that it is an age of “interdependence” — and all are dependent upon MONEY.

              The International Bankers are first and foremost “international”. The architecture of modern political power is based on the globalist template of the Bankers, the Money Changers, the Money Power, as it has been known throughout the centuries.

              Why was Israel created and set down like a cancerous growth in the Middle East?

              Again we must consider all of history not simply the so-called “modern era”. And that history shows that Sion and Zion are identical twins…and the credo is “might is right” based on the false precept of “ends justify means” – and this of course is a clear definition of pathological thinking.

              I do not think that Israel is the center of global power, I think it is an outpost of that central power, a garrison, very much the same as Amerika is simply the major garrison state, but not the power that calls the shots.

              Again I bring up the points made by David Icke and the identification of “Rothschild Zionism”. The ancient mythos of “Israel” is indeed being used as grand theater in this agenda for a World Order. I simply cannot accept the fact that this World Order is based on a suicide pact, wherein upon fruition, all achieved is to be sacrificed to utter physical destruction. I see these people as thoroughly believing in the material here and now, in the pleasures and extravagance of the flesh, not pie in the sky dreamers of some mystical “afterlife”.

              Their widget followers and dupes may believe in some bizarre mystical fairytale…yes of course they do, but not the people who intend on inheriting the Earth. They plan on owning an intact planet, and ruling it in the flesh.


              • Re Icke and “Rothschild Zionism”. I go all the way with David. They are not of flesh and blood as we. It explains their actions perfectly
                They are alien hybrids. Whether from another dimension or another planet. They are NOT like us. That is the only way one can explain their destruction of the world. A world in which they too live in.

                Think about it… it explains nuke plants, gmo, geoengineering, destroying the gulf with oil and corexit, the pacific ocean with fuku radiation, the absolute murder of the honey bees and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

                They are making the planet more hospitable for their own species. Nothing else makes sense.

                • “They are alien hybrids.”

                  If so JG, and they have been here for thousands of years ala theory, then they are adapted to life on this planet in every way that humans are…they breath the same formula air, eat and drink terrestrial food and liquids etc…so they are destroying the environment that they are adapted to as well as we…

                  How do you explain that?


                  • The ones here are hybrids..half human. They mated with the ancient aliens to do their bidding. The ancients will be back when the planet is to their liking which is becoming more so every day that it becomes less tolerable for the rest of us 😉

                • Hey boomers. Remember this?

              • It’s pretty obvious, Israel was instilled there to be front and center over the oil wealth of the region. Without really having to say it here on COTO, the usurers wealth is very much based on oil. If the common Jewish people even had the slightest inkling that they’re being held up as a shield no different than what they do with the Palestinians in their intrusions into Gaza. The Zionists are using the holocaust as a ploy to deflect truth coming out, there would be an instant uprising. From things I’ve listened to and viewed, they’re just as sheepled as people in the US and elsewhere.
                As we know here, the power lies between the three city states. City of London being the financial center Rothschild controlled with the monarchy giving that legality. The Vatican, the so called spiritual center, probably the wealthiest organisation on the planet. After all, they’ve had almost sixteen hundred years to organize. It’s no leap of the imagination to link their financial management to the City City of London. The District of Columbia being the military industrial center.
                There’s one more hidden from common view with their motto being “War by Deception”. Tel Aviv and Mossad. It defies the imagination to realize that these people have infected their way into every important function of society right to the top and are in control of most of the important institutions. The disease being a psychopathy and a distain for natural order.
                I find no comfort being on this path and coming to these realizations. What to do about it? Talk about it? That works only in exposing snippets of news that aren’t put out on MSM by explaining what’s really happening with most.
                Exposing the illusion for too many, they can’t bear to hear it or think that we’re delusional. My favorite line is (an old one, I know) , “With your head buried in the sand like that and your rear exposed, anything coming along that chooses to do so can have their way with you”.

  12. A good saying in this present time:
    “Being called crazy
    In this insane world
    I prefer my sanity to yours”

  13. GOD bless Galloway,Chavez,Finkelstien and even Carter.

    • Hey Tex,

      Glad to see ya back again…and GOD bless kornisking too.

      Keepin that powder dry pardner?


    • Yes Korny, God bless those men and may Hugo RIP…the bastards had been after him for years and finally succeeded.

  14. Let’s send this ice monster to Israhell!!

    • Wow! The power of 10. El Haarpo nino has done this in oceans.
      The iceman cometh in a home-jacking. Great video.

    • Check this one out

      • wtf? “charging ice floes” are becoming the “it” thing now? Mn and Ca? This is crazy and the intensity of this is NOT normal.

  15. My first thought Patrick was.. that does not look normal. I don’t know that it isn’t but I am definitely suspicious that the ice had an artificial push as well. The sound of it and the creeping little centipede-like “ice feet” freaked me out.

  16. Grove Hotel – City of London – Bilderberg 2013

  17. So the bastards have come back to home base for what may be the most momentous and destructive (to the world) meeting ever. Would like to see a spy get inside and manage to record the meetings. I don’t know why that hasn’t happened, even with the best security in the world.
    If only life were like a spy movie 😀


    EOW, they are revising the DSM IV to the final fifth generation classification. Guess what we are all insane here, certifiable and dangerous lunatic terrorist with severe mental disorders.

    The next (fifth) edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), DSM-5, was approved by the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association on December 1, 2012. It will be published in May 2013.

    MAYDAY – We’ve got about five months left to breathe free air. After that it’ll cost you anywhere from $100 to your life.

    As I wrote in another post that I cannot remember now, I stated that the 2nd amendment is one of three synthesis to what we are seeing. The other is the first amendment and the other is the DSM system of being able to Baker Act you into FEMA based upon your stated or written views.

    This is why we are seeing the clips of celebrity, science and quacks coming out saying we need to be eradicated. One such science psychopath actually said we need to be euthanized.

    By: Puddy Dunne on December 14, 2012
    at 7:09 pm

    IRS – DSM (It’s MayDay coto) Bilderberg will discuss DSM-V, IRS, DOE, DHS

    The Re-Education For Lauryn Hill is another Primer – Beta Baby

    • Yep Puddy…seems to be picking up speed on all fronts…God help us all!

      “These days, we are witnessing an acceleration in the use of psychiatry to target Americans, to label them as dangerous, to take away guns they own, to blame gun violence in the US on mentally ill people. (see also this story by Dan Roberts).”

  19. Yes, we are already guilty of the adult version of ODD. Which is actually a real diagnosis given to children. Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Yea kids, when they line you up to be vaccinated against your will DO NOT PROTEST and simply OBEY.

    Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a childhood disorder described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as an ongoing pattern of anger-guided disobedience, hostility, and defiant behavior toward authority figures which goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. Children suffering from this disorder may appear very stubborn and often angry

    ENOUGH with these reptiles. If the terrorists they constantly scare the sheeple with existed, wouldn’t they take the opportunity to blow up that hotel when all the evil ones were in one freakin’ place? But nooooooooooooo… they think we are stupid enough to believe instead they go after commoners running in a race. LOL

    • ODD is a committee name for instinctual self preservation with signatures of genetic, environmental and psychological trauma brought about by the complete mental disorders of liberal parents who contribute by offering their kids up to GMO, EMR, Blu-Ray, Vaccines and Public Education.

  20. Tribute to Lauryn Hill.. always loved her and the of my favorite LH songs…

    “change comes eventually”….. yea change gon come but it don’t look good LH 😦

  21. My favorite fugees song…

  22. Here’s a good one that fits into this thread

  23. Bill Maher is still playing his Hegelian dialectical bullshit that the Republicans and the Democrats aren’t hooked at the hip in the game of power. A True Believer in neoliberalism as much a ‘fundamentalist’ as any of these “religions” he disdains.

    Yes, Greenwald and the other guy [didn’t catch his name] chewed up Maher and spit him out. Did Maher get it? Did he grasp any of what was said?
    No, he is utterly incapable of thinking out of the ironclad box of his shallow belief system – ala “mainstream” TVZombie mind.

    I hope Greenwald writes up something on this encounter with mainstream mediocrity and squishes the cockroach like the bug he is…
    . . . . . .
    Now as far as; Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)…

    Of course a pathological society will hold a mirror up to its critics and say they are the ones who are crazy. And yes, as things trundle along here, the sane are heading for some real big trouble.

    Re-education…huh…The Great Leap Forward, of Mao’s China is a model to consider…of course done in the “scientific” style of the “West is the Best” model.

    Ain’t we got fun?


    • So true. He tickles both sides and looks to solidify beliefs. Greenwald who I used to like immensely uses the same. Their ego’s clashed. I like Bill when he takes his toys and goes home. One of his best STUPID RULES.

  24. Veri… good video… Glen Greenwald is one of a very view msm writers whose column I still read. He and the Brit guy did chew him up and spit him out for sure, rogue. I guess the zionists would label GG a “self hating Jew”.

    Maher is a msm brain dead moron and the black woman on stage with him fits in that category as well. I don’t know how the man has managed to stay on teevee so long.. Oh wait, yes I do.

  25. Living an interesting life in interesting times. YIKES!!!

  26. You can run but you can’t hide

    • All systems based on lies eventually face an existential crisis.
      Both Israel and Amerika are such systems, and thus have a limited shelf life.

      …now, about that “Samson Option”…


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