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H7N9: Greffex “Beats the Clock” to Build the First Comprehensive H7N9 Vaccine | Fort Mill Times – Fort Mill, SC

Swine_Flu_vaccine danger

H7N9: Greffex “Beats the Clock” to Build the First Comprehensive H7N9 Vaccine | Fort Mill Times – Fort Mill, SC.

H7N9: Greffex “Beats the Clock” to Build the First Comprehensive H7N9 Vaccine

Greffex has completed the construction of the first comprehensive vaccine against the virulent strain of H7N9 avian influenza

AURORA, Colo. —

Greffex scientists have created the first comprehensive vaccine for H7N9 avian influenza. Spreading from Shanghai, and transmitted by birds, H7N9 avian influenza is a highly pathological virus that kills nearly 20% of people it infects, making it more lethal than the 1918 “Spanish Flu.” As infected birds display no symptoms, the spread of the virus is difficult to control. While human-to-human transmission of H7N9 is rare, few genetic changes in the virus could greatly enhance contagion and initiate a fast moving pandemic. Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General for health security at the WHO, characterized H7N9 as an “unusually dangerous virus for humans.”

In just one month after the virus had been characterized, Greffex scientists built an H7N9 avian influenza vaccine using its proprietary GREVAXTM technology. Normally development of such a vaccine takes many months. “We believe the world needs a ‘plug-and-playTM method of creating vaccines,” says Greffex Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Uwe D. Staerz. “Speed as well as flexibility is needed for vaccine design to combat emerged infectious threats. We had already shown with an Anthrax vaccine that we can create ANY vaccine within one month.”

The GREVAXTM vaccine platform has been purpose-built with support by the NIH and NIST. It integrates short development times, with large payloads, carrying the H7N9 avian influenza hemagglutinin and neuramidase genes, and high levels of plasticity. It focuses the potent immunogenicity of adenovirus-based engineered vaccines to vaccine antigens, as it is fully deleted of adenoviral genes and devoid of helper viruses. Its modules allow a flexible ‘plug-and-play’TM design of vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, including but not limited to the H7N9 avian influenza.

Greffex has a vibrant pipeline of vaccines currently undergoing testing. “We originally created the GREVAXTM system for H1N1 swine influenza, and now have a Dengue vaccine, an Anthrax vaccine, an Ebola vaccine, and avian influenza vaccines, and we have overcome major production and manufacturing obstacles,” says John R. Price, President and Chief Executive Officer of Greffex. “And we are working on a universal influenza vaccine, the ‘holy grail’ of vaccine science.”

For more information about Greffex and its GREVAXTM vaccines, please go to our website: or contact John R. Price at



  1. ‘Appalling irresponsibility’: Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory

    Was that the scientists at Ft. Detrick who were appalled?

    • Apalled? lol… pot calling kettle black?


    Controversial bird flu research set for publication‎. The full details of controversial research that led to the creation of a highly infectious form of birdflu virus – including the precise DNA sequence of the five mutations that transformed the virus – will be published despite fears that the work could be misused by bioterrorists, scientists said today.


    Leading scientists condemn decision to continue controversial research into deadly H5N1 bird-flu virus. Leading scientists have condemned a decision by flu researchers to continue their controversial research into the deadly H5N1 bird-flu virus, which has already led to the creation of a mutated form of avian flu that can spread easily between mammals – including humans.


    “Beats the Clock” to Build the First Comprehensive H7N9 Vaccine
    87149=11 (refuse it!)

    As predicted the UNIVERSAL VACCINE coming soon via false flag. 30K minimum will die.


  4. Hmmm, I think I’ve seen this movie before…

    I will add…a few weeks ago there were people in Vietnam handing little cards at traffic lights to this website:

    “Every one of us would like to one day share and cherish certain feelings and wishes with our Loved Ones. PassedOn is a free web-based global initiative for those who wish to create Multimedia eWills (Emotional Wills) and save unforgettable moments for the people they love.”

    A little perplexing…Oh yeah…I also recall reading a Rockefeller Institute study in 2010 wherin they posited that South East Asia would likely spawn a pandemic of epic proportions….

    • Thanks EOW, You just creeped me out for the entire month of May.

      Oh the data mining is a beast isn’t it? Googleplex never sleeps. Sleep tight Santi, Big Sis is watching over you and mama.


      • ‘Creeped out’ is the sentiment indeed Puddy… (gave and still does chills) … Maybe I’m reading too much into it…but… ‘passed on’ does have certain connotations…but not in VN (mostly Vietnamese were getting the little cards)…

        Oh great…just remembered…no Vietnamese on them Ole Guidestones….

        😦 Sick f*ckers in this world.

        • the guidestones offer a utopia in some type of parthenogenetic society where old cultures die and are replaced with some twisted melding from all false sects. Somewhere in each nation or tribe there is a faction somewhere inside it working this transition and change. Softly in some while others are being eradicated openly.
          Greater and lesser schisms.

          We watch the process of aiding the weaker morality, making them dominant until they have eradicated the strong and then they cut the power to this weak force until they have eliminated both and usher in the DemonCracy. Usually it requires aid and banking pressure only. It’s the hearts of men they have a togher time with but terror, civil war, false flag will handle those who do not buy into the economic even under the austereering committees.

          The Vietnamese seem happy to enter the WOT-WTO though I have no pulse on the people’s view. You could educate us there EOW.

        • Hi Puddy,

          I agree..VN pretty much sold its soul (as do all member countries I suppose) when it joined the WTO…Lots of NGO’s are here…I wonder if the people that have done this, do it knowingly or are duped? …

          My observations on the people; most have a healthy distrust of government. There is a strong sense of family (at least where I am), it’s not uncommon for several generations to live together. The middle class has been growing but poverty is still quite prevalent . As to how they view global events…most don’t pay attention, their focus is more on day to day living…The economy seems to be slowing down, lots of expats have been leaving over the last few years…Interestingly I’ve noticed an increase in Russian tourists / businesses, especially in the beach resort areas…

          On the guidestones, I often think of that Charlie Daniel’s song…The devil went down to Georgia…Home of the stones, location of first US bilderberg mtg, and of course the creature (FED) from Jeckyll island…Strange place indeed…

          DemonCracy…Yeah…What a cruel joke on the masses that is…

  5. Asia must get it’s demographic in order. India to indonesia, the numbers and market are skewed. The balance sheet say so and Rockefeller holds that sheet. He’ll be at the Bildyborg Conference this year for sure.

  6. Universal flu vaccine.. the holy grail…. yea.. like those blankets they gave to the native americans.

  7. Watched a good doc that I ordered online entitled “Doctored” about how the AMA and it’s Big Pharma pimps organized a campaign to debase the practice of chiropractic medicine decades ago, calling them quacks and charlatans. Everyone here knows how med schools are funded. Is it any wonder they are trying to ban natural remedies and the practice of holistic medicine? Nope.. not at all.

    THe film goes on to show cases of people helped by chiropractic treatment after going through years of basically abuse by the allopathic medical establishment.

    • It was excellent Deb. Pharmacological technicians are the new doctors. They have no interest in in pathology anymore and the science of progress and what it means for the patient.

      It is only in psychology they will advance the diagnosis and that will be a ‘label and prescription’ confirmation. The osteopathic versus allopathic or surgical are becoming less distinguishable these days.

      Chiropractors with a focus on diet are the only healers practicing medicine in my view with some rare exceptions.

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