Posted by: kornisking | May 3, 2013

Anti-Christ Puts The Brakes On Sweepstakes

Well if this doesnt just rival D.C. for pure mouse-farm filth.

I am no Perry fan and he may just be pandering to the pablum pukin pew packin papas but somebody had to say somethin about this total saggin pants-load of fuming effluent. If I was an evil NWO minion invoking evil agendas ,well lets just say I would be real careful about the venues that I would chose,cuz My pointed little head I might lose.

You can drive from San Antone to El Paso and not see a titty-bar or porno shop. This sign says it all.


“This is God´s country,dont drive through it like hell”  The sign still stands,and will stand,period.

Evil is afoot children. Just today I heard a mainline right-wing radio host talk about the jews ,the christians and GAIA ????#&#??¿¿¿???. WTF ?????? So called christians ushering in the new world religion ??? The SIXTEEN TITTIED GODDESS OF FERTILITY IS NOW A SUBJECT FOR CHRISTIAN RADIO PROGRAMMING ???????????

Scuse Me kids I gotta pop a cork cuz My billi-ruben is through the roof !  Hijo de puta !



  1. Real classy headers Patrick,cutting edge stuff. I only wish My meager attempts could do You justice here..

    • I made the case for Caucasian wars. Historical markers, repeating history and civil war is universal. There’s not active thearter of war that isn’t civil, ethnic secular or religious.

      It’s all paid for by our taxes, drug dependency and government sponsored black market international crime syndicate. They are simply the ignitors and triggers and referees.

      Rocky VIII – Russia Syria Iran’s ASSAD has won the last two rounds. US-EU’s AlCIADA REBELS now gets weapons instead of humanitarian aid. The REBEL wins the next round.

      LOW BLOW LOW BLOW!!! Hey ref, WTF, REBEL used chemical low blow but you called a head butt on ASSAD. WTF! This fight is rigged. Call my bookie! I mean broker. Sell my gold.

  2. I caught this frequency the other day big J and I immediately thought of your billi-ruben. My brother’s shot through the roof as well. No foolin. Remember the call we had. Please get on the regiment.

    Atheism in Fox Holes Should Not Be Required

    Simple G^6 rules states there can be no ORDER with choice. Therefore they aim to destroy any higher power than themselves. Religion, Family, Inheritance, Patriotism, Sovereignty and Property/Wealth.

    Pro-choice in life or death is theirs now. We just are left to be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim terrorists and the statement “Many are those who have chosen to live in order to die, but I have chosen to die in order to live.” becomes less a suicide bombers credo but a fact of life. Even Atheists will have to adopt the INGSOC religion. So they will not be atheists much longer.

    Their in a full court press right now don’t you think? What becomes clearer everyday is that everyone of these frequencies, events or propositions is meant to stress the tensors, transform and divide us to one of two coordinates. Eventually we all will fall into place and they can then work the system efficiently. This is the quincunx theory.

  3. Martial law detainees

  4. I get the right winger endorsing jews & christians but Gaia?? What??!

    • Serge Monast-bleue beamer states the unification of religion, Clergy response, tax-free exception pressure to endorse the universal transition to a master religion which will allow certain remnants of the sectarian or schism to be identified and then assimilated through re-educated or eradicated.

      Gaia likely incorporates this master religion which may or may not include the ET, Cosmic visitation through some ultimate hoax. This is the one I am waiting for. The Charismatics will be far and away a higher cut than the Osteens and Oprahs we have seen. Obama has captivated many regardless of what he does. This god-like status carries the ability for him to emerge from any fraud, crime or lie unscathed by the cult who worship him.

      I imagine the creme de la creme we have yet to see will be truly sublime. I expect we will know them very soon.

  5. Oh and next time that high school runner should shoot them the old hook em horns (devil sign) and see if he gets reprimmanded. I’m thinkin no, because even the nazi pope flashes that one…

  6. You have to be a slave to be able to thank God. That means at collegiate level under a sport scholarship you tow the satanic line. Once you go pro and start paying the moneychangers and agents back as a corporate gladiator and slave, you can pay for your right to worship but just don’t forget who to give thanks to.

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