Posted by: Mr. M | May 2, 2013

Way ahead of his time …

Way ahead of his time ...

Ran across this and had to share it. Ron Cobb was, and still is, an inspiration.

This is more pertinent today than it was 4o-odd years ago.



  1. Great mind – great style…Cobb is one of the masters.

    Thanks for sharing this Mr M


  2. I’d never heard of him Michael. 40 years ago? I ‘d say he nailed it fifty years from that time. I figure we can count the days now before 9-11×2. I’d say the caucasian wars home and abroad will fit the bill for a total transition.

    The number of dead will have to be 33,000 or there about.
    OKC-WTC-? My Guess is 9 teth, a new life and new civilization. But where is the question.

  3. Cobb designed some of the coolest creatures for the bar scene in the first Star Wars film. He did quite a bit of film design work.
    I loved his very clean crisp style…one of those artists that just a glance told you it was their work.
    I have a book on his work up to a point in his career. He did a lot of different things; film design, spot illios for magazines, comix, and product design. An all round great draftsman.


  4. “Beats the Clock” to Build the First Comprehensive H7N9 Vaccine
    87149=11 (refuse it!)

    Greffex has a vibrant pipeline of vaccines currently undergoing testing. “We originally created the GREVAXTM system for H1N1 swine influenza, and now have a Dengue vaccine, an Anthrax vaccine, an Ebola vaccine, and avian influenza vaccines, and we have overcome major production and manufacturing obstacles,” says John R. Price, President and Chief Executive Officer of Greffex. “And we are working on a universal influenza vaccine, the ‘holy grail’ of vaccine science.”

    As I predicted the UNIVERSAL VACCINE coming soon via false flag. 30K minimum will die.


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