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Consider the Onslaught Being Perpetrated Daily…an Assault on Your Senses and ALL of OUR Liberties



Its TRUE! The People are not even at liberty To Think, in this long battle for Our Minds. Or so you’re told.

Either way, if the Mind is Captured, the Heart will follow — or, if the Heart is captured, the Mind will follow.

Is there a way of ESCAPE? Yes there is. Use BOTH as Your Most Important Defenses Against Those who live to steal your liberties.

ZEN NEZ ZEN NEZ — Free Will vs. Cultural Programming: The Matrix Loses

What’s Wrong with OUR World? Is it MY FAULT?! I know I’m not crazy.

Let’s see, WHO IS ACTING CRAZY LATELY? Here’s one now — Maryland Governor Taxes Rain. Sure, why not, aye? HeHe. Politicians truly are Batshit Crazy! They want YOU to “think” They own everything! Crazy I tells ya!

“Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley has instituted a tax on citizens for the amount of rain that falls on their property”.

John Kirby: Corporate media and sources of deception

Follow the “bouncing ball” of faux news reporting, as an Administration “sanctioned” mouthpiece gets thrown under the bus.

Consider how “real news reporting” strikes fear into the heart of The Beast! “Veteran investigative journalist Dave Lindorf, a two-time Fulbright scholar, columnist for CounterPunch, contributor to The Nation, Businessweek and, has been twice honored by Project Censored for reporting the “Most Censored” story of two different years. And now he has written what may prove to be the most censored story of 2013”.

How The Boston Bombings May Change The World For The Worse! By James Petras

A Question pops up in our minds – How many rogue Agencies can hide in the Shadows of a Government Monolith? And seeing that the Shadows can only hide so much criminal activity, it becomes apparent WHO is behind the acts of “terrorist extremism”. Who funds them? Cui bono? Who ordered up a “Police State” in America? Not Americans.

WE WATCH, as the “bouncing ball” of Administration interference again morphs the concept of “security for safety”, and exports it’s own rogue intentions to a foreign land. So far from real PEACE is this bastardized concept of MAKING WAR “in the name of peace”, that WE immediately see it for what it is. After WATCHING these types of activities repeated ad nauseum, and “sold” to us via Obvious Lies via Obvious Propaganda Puppets, via Obvious Controlled and Owned Media Organs…we now KNOW WHO is BEHIND WHAT!

BUT WAIT! WE LAUGH OUT LOUD AS COTO WATCHES THE “CIRCUS” PERFORMERS FALL ON THEIR FACES!: The Boston FAKE “Amputee’s” Fucking Leg Falls Off during the Photo-Op Wheelchair Psyop. HAHAHA!!! You’re SOOO Busted Propagandists!

That was found at —
$130 Million Tax Dollars used for this offensive offensive. The amount of the real Black money funds is hidden of course.

What’s Ahead For Syria? By Stephen Lendman 5-1-13

Great Stuff from Mr. Lendman here!

“Syria’s being systematically destroyed. Washington planned doing so years ago. Sovereign independence isn’t tolerated. It’s longstanding US policy. Numerous states learned the hard way. Syria is America’s latest victim. It’s falsely blamed for Washington’s war. The pattern by now is familiar”.

How does it happen?

“Mind manipulation convinces people to back what demands condemnation. Lawless aggression is called humanitarian intervention. Plunder is called economic development. Occupation, exploitation and imperial control are called democracy.

Might justifies right. Nations are destroyed for their own good. Humanity’s increasingly threatened. Where things end who knows”.

War by Deception is the daily grind WE are forced to drink. In fact, it comes from the every direction —

Again, the false meme of the “lone wolf terrorist” is repeated over and over again. “We are helpless” They tell us. All the while, the administrators expend increasing amounts of fiat money (with interest) and resources to construct their Full Spectrum Dominance Grid. Which WE SEE, even they admit DOESN’T WORK! Try and attach a Price-Tag to the recent Illegal-as-Hell Boston Martial Law Exercise? Yeah, they finally got their patsie-man…when a homeowner was finally allowed to come outside his home. Grok IT ALL!

LISTEN UP! As a real psychopath WHO REALLY KNOWS “CONSPIRACIES”, plays his part again. Once a Liar – Always a Liar!

Yes, WE REMEMBER the Meme well:

How long do WE “let” it happen?

UPDATE to this Thread: 11:25 CST 5/01/13

“Why no ambulances? Why no fire trucks? Why no stretchers? Why ZERO real emergency response?


Think about that…”


What WE’VE GOT HERE in this newly labelled Nazty termed “Homeland” is — LOTS OF QUESTIONS!!!

Lots and Lots of WTF?! Questions, that CANNOT be answered adequately by the “Administrators” and their flock of funky flunkies, BECAUSE — YOU SEE — It takes MORE LIES, and MORE LIES to COVER UP the LOAD OF LIES that were foisted in the first place!

YOU SEE, it is not possible to answer LIES with THE TRUTH. That’s an equation that cannot be made to work. That is why we continue to see ever more ridiculous and incriminating “answers” and bullshit “stories” propagated by the PROPAGANDA ARMS of the “Homeland”!

So what are these Homeland Security Agencies for, we ask innocently? WHY, they MUST BE entire Agencies funded and constructed for the sole reason of Propagandizing The People into accepting a Police State that is NOT NEEDED; which is impotent no matter how big it expands, and which is a grotesque Violation of the very Laws of the Land! WTF?!

NO MORE Anderson Pooper Scooper reportage. NO MORE Wolf Blitzer blatherings. NO MORE Hannity harassments. NO MORE MSM motherfucker philanderings!

See…at some point, ALL ADVERTISING ceases to work. It becomes a caricature of itself. The “Revolving Door” of motherfuckers in your stable of Zio-Nazi Propagandists has reached its inevitable rotten “manufactured date-of-stale”.

You’ve reached the point of diminishing returns. And WE the People WILL NOT be diminished by your bullshit any longer. YOU are responsible for YOUR Lies. We won’t forget. We know who you are. Your puppets are “live and in living color”. You Shadow People are also pegged. The “Curtain” has worn thin…and THERE YOU ARE!

Yeah, WE GET IT! Y’all have Overstepped your slimy, slithering, reptilian “snake-in-the-grass” form for an obscene caricature of Hitler’s Wet Dream! COTO cannot be fooled by your stratagems and devices. You’re an Open Book. HELL! You flout your DAMNED LIES on National TeeVee and Cable Channels 24/7. Every word you utter is an abomination in this nation of OBAMAnations! Only derelicts buy your crap “stories”. Vast numbers DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD YOU SAY! So, they quietly gear up for what they know you are pushing.

Let’s get this over with? Just come out and state your true purpose? Too many, now know you to be full-of-shit charlatans, murderers, terrorists, treasonous criminals, of a black-on-black Agenda of domination. The Boston Martial Law Extravaganza was OBVIOUS enough.

The FOOL is he who continues to masquerade, to dance, in front of the scrutinizing audience — not knowing that his hideous “Nakedness” is grotesquely Obvious to ALL. There is no vindication for creatures of this cult. NOTHING can hide your pendulous underbelly, your fat head, your lying, flatulent emanations. NOTHING obscures the vision of The Audience who are able to see through your veils to your dark heart. Shadows no longer serve to hide your corpulent crimes of opportunity.


Rather, it is easily seen that WE MUST PROTECT OURSELVES FROM — YOU!

“Therefore, the clear and unavoidable correct answer to the question – “Who can determine if a “Law” is unconstitutional?” is: “…each and everyone in government, who must do so before they act. This is a required solemn, constitutional duty according to their “oath of office” or the oath of their superior(s).

However, ultimately each individual Citizen has the sovereign power, duty and responsibility, always being responsible for their decision(s) and action(s), to determine what is unconstitutional. Some may say this will result in “total chaos and anarchy”. No! It will once again result in freedom and liberty. Those in government must constantly be held accountable for their actions and/or lack of lawful actions.”

So, when Bush, Jr. calls the United States Constitution, a “Goddamned piece of paper!”, WE KNOW for whom he has been working all along. Man! That curtain is SEE-THROUGH, isn’t it?!



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  2. Thanks White Seal USA Press Staff!

  3. Would this qualify as a “Conspiracy”?

    SEE: “Of Defining Ourselves and Being Defined — Dog Poet Transmitting…….”

    The Dogged One covers some ground during this post. He starts off, pointing out some “irregularities” regarding Alex Jones that many don’t want to grok.

    He then posts a familiar Link to Israel doing 9/11.

    Then, he discusses a bit the life of one who challenges TPTB, their Matrix, and the gaggle of buffaloed sheeple followers.

    It is when The Dogged One barks, “These blogs exist for the purpose of presenting arguments and points of view, which are designed to garner reactions”, that he starts to run-the-wily-rabbits down. He then bemoans the tiring “work” of a Seeker of Truth.

    BUT HOLD ON! He saves the Best for Last, as he begins with, “Well… I hope I’ve cleared up a few things, though it is unlikely I have cleared anything up for the people who do not want them cleared up”.
    There is much that is a waste of time to contemplate. This is not one of them…

    • Running comments < ^ < ^ < ^ < ^ < ^ < ^ < ^ my left foot

      Syriana is USA Inc. What appears before our eyes is the house of smoke and mirrors. Boston Smoke and Aleppo chemical weapons. Sarin or ricin, flip the coin. Alqaeda rebels or CIA rogues, there are just mirrors and the reflections clouded by smoke.

      Best to conduct a lobotomy on someone during an amputation. Such is Boston and Syria….. er, uh 911 Iraq-Afghan…, uh Oklahoma City and Bosnia and Herzegovina…… er, uh oh forget it. It's Deja Vu all over again, right Yogi? Just another Boo boo and bear market bull scam. The money flows and the heart of the country, Walmartstreet is pumping sweet.

      The money changers and the money grubbing sect could not be more upbeat on the asset liquidation who see it all as paper tiger American imperialism.

      The old Soviets would be proud of the slick system over their hard edged transition. I bet Breshnev is looking upon this transformation and mad because he did not have the technology. He only had the butchers, Pravda and vodka.

      Going to digest the links boomer but kudos on your observations. I posted that wheelchair malfunction on my last post. The girl who naarrates it is a kick. Her laugh is infectious. Watch it.

    • There are no secrets anymore.

      Great work on this entire article, and presentation.


      • Hey M! Cheers! Just a little round of reading, and the Obvious pops up like Monkeys out of the Politicians’ asses. Its not too hard to put the Obvious in order, and add a few observations.

        Its kinda like the gal in the Fake Leg video above, laughing and adding her comments about what she’s seeing.

        The New Reality TV Shows are the False Flag Circuses sanctioned and promoted by The Big Smudge Brothers standing directly behind the transparent curtain.

        When Shit Happens…COTO is going to look for Who Did It!

  4. Much here to check into Boomer…thanks for the connexions and neurophonix … that one of the “legless man” and his prosthetic falling off is hilarious — until you think about what the Chechen kid is going through…
    [watch your ‘then’ and ‘than’ Boomer]
    If it isn’t this, then it is that. I’d rather have this than that. Chronos and preference…da?

    “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    Get along to WHERE? That is the question.


    • Scuze me nanny biz but…

      For Boomer, JG, and especially Mr M:

      Use ‘than’ to make a comparison. Use ‘then’ when referring to time.

      “Look here, Jimmy. You misspelled culpable. And you’re confusing then and than. T-h-e-n is an adverb used to divide and measure time. ‘Detective McNulty makes a mess, and then he has to clean it up.’ Not to be confused with t-h-a-n, which is most commonly used after a comparative adjective or adverb, as in: ‘Rhonda is smarter than Jimmy.'”


  5. You’re excused of course. My ‘then’ mighta “went” when my ‘than’ ran the stoplight. Crazy daze here; jumbling jambalaya with this thread, as new info crossed my wires. You’re probably familiar with the conditions. Cheers!

    HaHaHa! I thought you meant the ‘thread’ had then/than mixed up. Quick read, couldn’t find the glaring ‘then/than’ in the mix. Now, I see you meant the comment above. That was a typo. As in, type n’run. Fixed it. Flowers to you.

    • Yea…it is sorta intuitive, and I never noticed you mixmaster that before so I brought it up…I see it mostly in Mr M’s comments, but sometimes in JG’s and it ALWAYS stops me short when I come across it. Like a bad note on a piano…

      Typos are so easy to miss in a rush and I umbershtanb that.


    • An dump fergit, it’s “for whozit da bell clangs”…



    Laura the murderer, gave GW a good whooping when he got home. Yes COTO Laura is his Handler.

    • You gotta give The Bush Family Tree a lot of rope. They’ve earned it.

    • George shows us how hard it is to complete a sentence while biting ones tongue and the wife’s straight-pen keeps jabbing one in the ass.

      He has that perennially guilty grin glued on his face..

      This is why they sent him to that third grade classroom during Showtime….


      • Puddy says Laura is Boy George’s ‘Handler’. I believe it. I don’t think appearances are deceiving in this case. She gives off a vibe of a poisonous coiled snake. What a handful it must be to keep Jr. from continually blowing their cover!

        “Like 9/11, there may have been an organized plot, a cons…, a cons…” ~ Jr. George


        • “As long as I’m the dictator…hehehe” ~Boy George, to a press crew in 2000.

          Yea keeping this juvenile delinquent’s tongue from wagging in public is a real feat. Laura the stern is obviously his minder.

          Obama the smoothy is obviously much more dangerous…such a master of the covert slick con.

          There is a lot of yak that Amerika isn’t going to make it through this second Obamy regime without a violent revolution…
          If so, WHAT’S NEXT?, becomes an imperative to sort out before hand…

          Do we really want another ‘government’? Another “meet the new boss” scenario?

          Liberty and government is incompatible.


  7. And the crowd rises and roars with thunderous applause – and shouts in unison; “IT’S TIME! I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! TOO ARMS! TOO ARMS!

    Many of us will not survive what’s coming very soon. But that isn’t stopping me from trying. Because there is a small part of me that has some measure of hope that, if enough people act, now, that we may have a bloodless revolution, or at least a less bloody one. Not laying any bets on that though.

    “When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous.” –Thomas Jefferson

    I have been waiting, not without mixed-feelings, for this time. Hope we all make it through to the other side. But if not, it’s been one hell of a ride.

  8. Living in ‘Their’ world is not an option for normals. COTO = Souls NOT for Sale.

    “The Land That Was” By Jim Kirwan 5-1-13

    “The Land That Would Be” By Jim Kirwan 5-1-13

    “The Land That Is” By Jim Kirwan 5-1-13


    Are taxes nothing but protection money? The state a kind of mafia? Democracy a fraud? Philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe is not only considered one of the most prominent pioneering intellectuals of the libertarian movement, but also perhaps the sharpest critic of the Western political system.

    “The state is the result of aggressive force and subjugation. It has evolved without contractual foundation, just like a gang of protection racketeers. And concerning the struggle of all against all: that is a myth. Of course the racketeer protects his victims on “his” territory from other racketeers, but only so he can conduct his own racket more successfully. Moreover: It is states that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people and immeasurable destruction in the 20th century alone. Compared to that, the victims of private crimes are almost negligible.” ~Hans-Hermann Hoppe


  10. At the following URL is an essay by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, which discusses the central thesis of his book ‘Democracy: The God That Failed’, needless to say that I recommend this highly to COTO:


  11. “Are taxes nothing but protection money? The state a kind of mafia? Democracy a fraud?” ~ Hybridrogue1

    Now, there’s an insightful observation. WE can see quite clearly, that a “system” of exploitation and oppression has been constructed, funneling the sweat equity of the masses to the top of a pyramidal structure. Bankers, politicians, hirelings, flunkies, agencies and their ilk — ALL — serve to grow the massive, murderous, and cancerous parasite feeding off of The People.

    This is a Key observation, as first, The People must realize who the blood suckers are. Then observe ‘How’ they co-opt the human resources into growing themselves ever bigger, ever deadlier, ever more obscene.

    This observation may offer a New Paradigm to The People. I would like to see Puddy put up a Header with a hideous picture of a cancerous tumor growth on a child’s face/head (I think of the pitiful DU plagued Iraqi children’s photos I’ve seen in the Fallujah region). And LABEL this disgusting ‘growth’ as “Made-in-the-USA”.

    Helping The People SEE things as they really are is so very important.

    These “creatures”, like the Bush clan, etc. are disgusting parasitical tumors, ala a horror movie, sucking the life force from Americans and the World’s People. This can be grokked when framed in a manner which Shocks people into the true realization of their plight. I’d like to see an ‘M’ or CasaZaZa treatment of this as well. David Dees (often contributing on Rense) does quite a good job of visual art exposures.

    I don’t have time right now, but reading around, turns up a litany of “How They Do It” examples. From “Executive Orders” to Corrupt Congress Members to Appointments, WE SEE “the method” of oppression expanding exponentially —

    Its Crazy, man! Rather, its Psychopathic!

  12. “Presidents and prime ministers come into their position as a result of their efficiency as morally uninhibited demagogues.

    Hence, democracy virtually assures that only dangerous men will rise to the top of government. In particular, democracy is seen as promoting an increase in the social rate of time preference (present-orientation) or the “infantilization” of society. It results in continually increased taxes, paper money and paper money inflation, an unending flood of legislation, and a steadily growing “public” debt. By the same token, democracy leads to lower savings, increased legal uncertainty, moral relativism, lawlessness, and crime. Further, democracy is a tool for wealth and income confiscation and redistribution. It involves the legislative “taking” of the property of some — the haves of something — and the “giving” of it to others — the have-nots of things.

    And since it is presumably something valuable that is being redistributed — of which the haves have too much and the have-nots too little — any such redistribution implies that the incentive to be of value or produce something valuable is systematically reduced. In other words, the proportion of not-so-good people and not-so-good personal traits, habits, and forms of conduct and appearance will increase, and life in society will become increasingly unpleasant.”~Hans-Hermann Hoppe,


  13. “One of the dangers that we now face, are self-radicalized individuals who are already here in the United States, [who] in some cases may not be part of any kind of network…”~Obama

    And so here we are…according to this Newspeak bullshit we fit the fuzzy definition of “self-radicalized individuals” having scary “extremist thoughts”, like we have the right to think our own thoughts and things as radical as that.

    And no matter how long I have seen this despotism developing, it still hits me like a ton of bricks every time I look at the reality of it. All that old science fiction material rolled up into a whole, manifest here and now.

    It’s pretty heavy reading the words of “the President” pointing out the new enemy, and realize it is YOU in particular he is talking about. It is a general indictment, yes a vague an fuzzy one, like an illegal warrant sighed for action without the specifics written in – to be filled in later as to whatever story-line they wish to portray. Everyone is Winston Smith in today’s 1984.

    So let’s have a toast to that Full Spectrum Dominance – You gotta love it when they make it so clear.


  14. South Carolina House passes nullification bill to make Obamacare a crime

  15. FBI Translator Alleges that Bin Laden and His Number 2 Worked as Part of Operation Gladio

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