Posted by: jerseyg | April 23, 2013

Photo Evidence of False Flag Staging Behind the Scenes of Boston Marathon Bombing

With grateful thanks to fellow COTO commenter Wxman for providing the link.

We have all seen the picture of Steve Bauman (legs blown off guy) being wheeled down the street by his “hero” Carlos Arrendondo (man in cowboy hat w/flag ).  When you first see the picture, it doesn’t look quite right does it?   Man with both legs blown off, his head held up, not passed out (or dead) from loss of blood from his arteries gushing out all of his life giving blood.  Then you notice, there IS no blood at all around him, on the cowboy, or trailing behind him in the street.  How the HELL is that possible?  On top of that,  they didn’t even bother to try to cover the man who would have (if not dead already) been in extreme shock.  Any idiot knows to keep a shock victim warm, don’t they?  Another very odd thing is the color of the blood on the ground at the “bomb” site.  It looks like bright red paint. 

Well, another wordpress blogger has blown this thing wide open with his behind the scenes pictures.  If you think they are photoshopped PROVE IT.  Below are just a few pix from his post along with the link to his exellent article on this latest fleecing of the Amerikan sheeple. 

PS:  If you read my previous post and watched the videos, you will recognize the guy in the gray hoody with the shades.

Here is the link to the article and rest of the damning photos:





  1. This one says it all for me…bumbled, botched…kinda hard to do any of this any more with everyone having a vid phone. showed this to my other family, and for once it got thru to them and they started questioning, even my stepson who is in the military. hooray

    • Now THATs’ progress wx…. How many more sheeple will it wake up? People say that Bauman isn’t Voght.. but look at the pic w/ him and Bradley Cooper.. Does that look more like Bauman or Voght? I say the latter……….

  2. Needless to say, I agree with the article, as it has been my position all along.

    It should be noted that whether arterial or from a vein, when blood comes in contact with oxygen, it turns red – but NOT Fire Engine Red.

    Being in make-up special FX for years, I have a lot of experience with matching the color of blood. A proper fresh blood color is not pure red, like ketchup; one needs to add to a pure red, about 2 percent phthalocynne green.
    This poured onto a set would be fine as fresh blood. But later when it dries it would take on a ‘purple’ hue, as there is a hint of blue in phthalocynne green. For dried blood, it would be necessary to use use a very watery burnt sienna with about 1/8th pure red blend.

    The “blood” in these photo’s is not real, it isn’t even ‘special effect realistic”

    It is also absurd that the guy would be put in a wheelchair and rolled down the street. He would have been dead by the time they lifted him into the chair.

    The whole sequence is such an obvious bit of theater, that only those conditioned by constant PR and movie violence could buy this load of bullshit.
    . . . . . . . . .
    Here is a clear and sober geopolitical analysis of the Boston Bombing:

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky – Global Research, April 22, 2013


  3. jeeeeeeeeeeeeezus…

    My mom sent me an email response to the photo of Jahar climbing out of the boat.
    It was ALL IN CAPS…YELLING AT ME…{grin}

    She watched it ALL on TV…and they said…”BLA BLA BLA”…so it must be TRUE…Lol

    That is what we are dealing with here, TVZombies, totally entranced by the talking heads. No matter what grounded evidence presented to them, the TV Story prevails in their ‘minds’…

    Somebody roll me a taco.


    • My Mother gets a COTO post on every call. She used to hate it, now she accepts them.

      She used to lament over my tragic exposures and their effect on the billion dead but I said she should be grateful that no one died in the Soetoro stagecraft but maybe a few stagehands or a trigger or two.

      Moms okay with the Sandy Hook kids living in Chinas Disneyland with Kaylee Anthony.

      Remember why all the theatrics are involving minors and the young Turks as the beau ideal for these transitional campaigns. It was always the model for agenda 21 and soft kill sustainability. The Z generation will certainly be the most pliable and easily retrofitted for the new order..

  4. Oh jesus h christ Will, doesn’t that drive u stark raving mad? I know all about this. I deal with this crap every day..not w/ my immediate family who are savvy but willfully ignorant friends.

    • Yea really do make me crazy.

      I noticed a whole lot of TVZombies were commenting on that thread, the one this article refers to.
      Some of the comments were somewhat reasonable as far as they went__but even those come from the false perspective that reads our analysis as “conspiracy theory”…and that supposedly means that our analysis is biased and tainted.

      I wouldn’t ride on it being a FACT that the guy who supposedly had his legs blown off as being the soldier being pointed out. That doesn’t matter – what matters is that the wounds are faked, and the scenario is impossible – none of the dots connect. I don’t care what any of the so-called – claiming to be, medical professionals say. Wounds of that magnitude would bleed him out in a matter of a couple minutes. Pretending that the ‘main artery’ the cowboy was said to be pinching shut with his fingers would be the only point of bleed is preposterous.
      The whole area of both legs would be pouring blood.

      Anyway….660 something comments there when I left…who could read all that? So much of it being just more “bla bla bla”…

      Another thing I wanted to mention was the Boston crowd cheering the cops…did anyone notice all the uniform, brand new Amerikan flags?
      I wonder where the kiosk was set up for those? Probably the station taking the video…Don’t they ever consider how frikkin phony that looks…like as if Amerikans run around with flags in their hands all the time. Their brains may be metaphorically wrapped in that flag…but it is obviously staged when you see such bullshit on TV.



      • Will, I posed the exact same question about the flags on facebook. Where did all those flags come from all of a sudden and I bet they were all made in China 🙂

        As for the comments under that link w/the photos, I saw a LOT on there from EMTS and medical people who said there is no way in hell that guy would have survived w/both limbs blown off and arteries gushing blood long enough to be wheeled in that chair. He would have bled out at the “bomb blast” site.

        • JG,

          Yes I saw those comments as well. I was speaking to the quite a few who contested that…and who knows who is really in the positions they say they are in a web blog?

          Battlefield emergency response is often successful because of very special procedure, and almost always airlift of severely wounded. This obvious is not what we see at the marathon scene. what we see there is an episode of the Mickey Mouse Club.

          And now that takes us to the present, wherein Jahar is supposedly admitting that he and his brother were the bombers.
          But we already know that he did not leave that back pack said to contain the bomb that went off.

          This leads to an almost virtual certainty that this so-called confession is another bullshit script. If the kid says something different later who would ever hear it?

          Meanwhile Obama says; Don’t form opinions on Boston attacks until government decides. Got that? They will tell you what to think about this.


  5. “The surviving Boston Marathon bombings suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, told interrogators that US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had motivated him and his brother to carry out last week’s deadly assault, The Washington Post cites US officials as saying on condition of anonymity.

    The 19-year-old suspect, who is currently hospitalized and in fair condition, further acknowledged his role in planting the explosives near the Boston Marathon finish line last week.

    The officials, who believe the brothers acted alone in carrying out the attack, believe the pair had been “self-radicalized” as a result of US actions in the Muslim world and information found on the Internet.

    US Senate panel to look into FBI’s handling of Boston Marathon suspect

    The US Senate Committee on Intelligence is planning to conduct a hearing on the FBI’s handling of the Boston marathon suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnayev.

    High-ranking FBI officials will face questioning by US lawmakers over whether they failed to spot red flags surrounding slain Boston marathon suspect.”

    Worth note: “US officials as saying on condition of anonymity.”

    What is most astounding in this is how pat the story is as it fits into the whole framing of the “Internet Radicalized Homegrown Extremist” meme, that is so obviously being manufactured by the System.

    They obviously have this kid’s whole life in their hands…could it be that he will simply agree to what ever story they want to have him “confess to” simply under duress of his situation? That of course, being predicated on any of this actually being true at all.


    • You realize that one reason this episode has been so obviously faked with so much mind-boggling absurdity is good old fashioned “shock and awe.” A useful tactic practiced by psychopaths everywhere in order to get what they want. They are targeting us, basically. The trauma of watching an innocent kid get knocked around like a rag doll is lost on the bleating masses, but not on us. Oh no. This is the trauma well known to survivors of pathocratic tyrannies, be it the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or Merkah.

  6. I just heard Sibel Edmond talking with James Corbett on a podcast about the Boston bombings. They talked mainly about the global aspect to this; Chechnya was looked at closely. And the Intelligence games that go on in that area.

    But one thing she emphasized the most is to be very wary of any talk that entails “Blowback”…which is exactly the meme coming out of the official story right now, with the so-called “confession” of Tsarnaev the younger; that they were striking-back for US aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is termed “blowback” in spookspeak. It has been relatively convincing for years.
    But as Sibel says, the story lines are growing tattered the deeper we look into that particular meme.

    We see collusion between all of the global intelligence agencies, a large and complex game of ‘appearances’. The masters of this game know that blowing ‘appearances’ is the number one ‘No-No’ Rule of fight club. Play tough as you want in espionage, but DO NOT REVEAL THE GAME. The ‘Blowback’ meme is one of the strongest hands to conceal the real mechanisms of the game. Meanwhile each state, or block of powers moves inexorably deeper into open and harsh despotic rule…a New World Order dictum.


  7. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged with conspiring to use WMD, may face death penalty…

    Absurd; is a grenade considered a “weapon of mass destruction”? That is about the same magnitude of explosion that this ‘pressure cooker’ bomb was capable of…if that was even real.

    Railroading a patsy…all too common in this fascist police state.

    The madness of all of this…it is difficult to wrap ones head around.

    It is Kafka enshrined.


    • Since talk of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (in the form of a pressure cooker) is in the sNews again…A gentle reminder of times gone by:

      A slide showed Mr Bush in the Oval office, leaning to look under a piece of furniture. “Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere,” he told the audience, drawing applause.

      Another slide showed him peering into another part of the office, “Nope, no weapons over there,” he said, laughing. “Maybe under here,” he said, as a third slide was shown.

  8. Absolutely rogue..who are you or I to dare to think for ourselves? Yea, the “confession” is ridiculous. Saying that they were self-radicalized due to the U.S. involvement in the Iraq & Afghan wars… yea, sure sure… you don’t believe that Will ? What are you some kind of homegrown free thinking terrorist?!

  9. Yes, blowback IS the meme they are pushing with the fake confession.

    On a brighter note.. nice to hear not everyone with a tv is a brain dead zombie as evidence by the cspan call in vid…. well the pretend “attorney” sounds a bit mentally challenged but other than that.. well done peeps.

  10. Check out these photos::

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    • Thx JG. Somethings i noticed, firstly from your title link:

      The girl in the brown top and jeans seems to stand there the whole time watching no legs man. Now, in your above posted link.

      Boston Marathon Bombing

      look at pic -DSC03166, shes still their and its quite a bit of time after the bomb goes off? She seems to be scouting somewhat.

      Also: You see cowboy hat man in quite a few of those photos, in one he’s still holding his USA flag after the bomb. lol
      * You never see him or any1 attend to no legs man, nor do you see no legs man.
      * I never saw any ambulances near the blast zone, only freakin wheel chairs.
      * I only saw one ambo stretcher, all other stretchers must have been on a training exercise in Canada.

  11. This dancer who lost her left foot is a fraud. I’ve watched her several times. She either lost no foot or had lost it to some disease or cancer. It’s just too
    unbelievable to watch this altruism over and over and not see it as another actor/dancer/singer from holyrood.

    Amazing that she and hubby were 5 feet from so called explosion and yet not a mark on her face or body. Speilberg must be cringing at this version of Private Ryan, tales from the false flag crypt.

    Nearly killed and ready for Broadway


  12. We need someone to go to the bomb site at night with a black light, see how much real blood is their.. Just a thought 🙂

    • Sorry. I meant- there. For whom it concerns. 😛

  13. See how much blood is theirs make perfect sense to me. I think it’s gelatin or Karo. I was a trained EMT drop out but went on several very bloody calls in High school DECA.

    Arterial blood would not lay in puddles but id showers. Venous blood wi\ould be so dark as to look nearly black in that volume. I made better blood than that for kids holloween horror houses we constructed years ago.

    I have said several times since Aurora that it was almost as they want to make it as obvious as possible. Each staging has progessively become more amateurish in both actor, action and prop.

    I expected the perfect system is to get the transition they seek with minimal carnage. The real death marches on overseas and here with the agenda 21 sustainability, ie. GMO, Rx, Chemtrial, EMR, covert biological warfare and ENMOD.

    CISPA and NDAA under Patriot Act II will find it’s way into you home without Xe trained craftsmen.

    • I’m glad this has been pointed out re;blood splatter from severed legs. In Feb 2011 there was a “terrier’ incident in Bangkok where the ‘bomber’ exploded the grenade next to his legs. My friend e-mailed footage of the legless guy still quivering on the sidewalk. It’s very gory of course because it’s real. The footage provides a comparison to the ‘performance’ at Boston. I’ve been trying to upload it here but my device keeps freezing. Is there an eeemale addr i can send this to?

      • Yes, Al. I sent an email to the address we have for you at COTO. Thank you 🙂

      • Splendid Al,

        I would love to see that, hope JG can get it up on this page for you…I’ll be checking back.


        • Will, here ya go.. the video courtesy of alwhitesands. Tell us what you think and I know you will 🙂

  14. COINTEL – No one wants to talk about it. HAARP MICROWAVE

    Missile Strike Appears To Have Destroyed West Texas Fertilizer Plant – via @sharethis

    • Patrick, I was going to post something on that explosion but thought you were, so I was waiting.

      No doubt something hit that plant. A laser? a missile? but definitely something other than the plant just exploding from what was within.
      That flash coming from the left and then the huge explosion seems to point to that, no?

  15. See also this article with video showing who really left a backpack behind at the of those military dressed dudes (maybe from crafft intl?)

    • Yea Wxman,

      There are at least four points we have that are conclusive of a false flag:

      1] The CBS photo of Jahar climbing out of the boat, obviously not covered in blood, obviously by his own power…under the flood lights from the police copter.

      2] The video footage of him running with the rest of the crowd still wearing his back pack.

      3] The photos of the Tradecraft agents – one with that white patch on his backpack that is also shown on the bomb remains. While further footage shows the same guy without his backpack after leaving the area where the bomb went off.

      4] The obvious bullshit of the guy who ID’d the bomber who got his nonexistent legs blown off.

      That is a strong case right there…and of course many other development moving along…the “naked prisoner” ID’d by the aunt as the older brother. A female witness who says she saw the cops shoot him numerous times and then run him over with an SUV.
      No proof that both brothers were involved in any car chase…just smeared night shots….

      And perhaps the strongest case of all – the totally overboard martial law crackdown of Boston. The obvious reason for this whole show.
      Add in this talk about “reinterpreting the Constitution” by Bloomberg and other “authorities” and whattaya got? In your face TYRANNY.



  16. Here’s one that belongs here

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