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A Quick Spin Around the Alt-Net Reveals a Plan-in-Action to STEAL YOUR FREEDOMS! And Now, WE KNOW “WHO” is Behind IT!

Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing
By Jill Colvin 4/22 12:24pm

Bloomberg says, "Constitution is going to have to be changed" his underwear.

Bloomberg says, “Constitution is going to have to be changed”…like his underwear.

On 4-22-13, Wayne Madsen, on his , WE SEE a plethora of Headlines on different stories, all painting a very vivid picture of the M.O. of the TPTB. Take a look!

Lindsay Graham. Again?! WTF! Video at link.

Wayne says, “FBI missed Tamerlan Tsarnaev on trip to Russia because it misspelled his name. Bullshit!”

By KEVIN CIRILLI | 4/22/13 9:47 AM EDT
“Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Monday that the FBI did not know that Tamerlan Tsarnaev — the deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect — went on a six-month overseas trip in 2011 because his name was misspelled.
“He went over to Russia, but apparently when he got on the airplane, they misspelled his name, so it never went into the system that he actually went to Russia,” Graham said on Fox News, saying he spoke to an assistant director of the FBI”.

Wayne says, “FBI denies it was in contact with Tamerlan Tsarnaev just before the Boston bombing. FBI=Federal Boobs and Idiots”.

Wayne points out, “The Koch Brothers (the Tsarnaev brothers’ corporate terrorist counterparts) making play for Chicago Trib, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, LA Times, and Hartford Courant. If anyone should be tried in Gitmo for crimes against humanity, it is the Kochs”.

A bid for more consolidation of MSM in the hands of criminal Zionists. Obvious “Timing” here, and predictability. Not too concerned with how it looks.

Wayne notes, “Another cockroach crawls out from under the slime bed to blame Muslims for Boston. Michael Mukasey opens his immense pie hole”.

Yes. We remember this roach, as just another in a long line of Gatekeepers for the elite criminals. These cretins cannot help themselves. They ROLL OUT their plants, and fling their Propaganda into the fan, blowing it all over us!

Wayne sees, “Someone gets it and it’s a former FBI agent: If anyone was running Tamerlan Tsarnaev it was the PNAC crowd: Perle, Ledeen, Gaffney, Abrams, Woolsey, Adelman — the Kosher Nostra of the neocons. We now know why Miss Lindsey and John Insane McCain want Dzokhar declared an enemy combatant — to cover up the neocon links for their Terror in America Sanhedrin friends”.

Wayne points out, Boston was no “homegrown terrorist” operation. This latest event was scripted and planned years in advance. The Patsies, “Cultivated” if you will, for their later “use and abuse” in the Psyop. “Where did the Tsarnaevs get their money? They drove new Porsches, Range Rovers and Mercedes”.

All of the Zionists, Fascist, Nazi, Mafia “players” coming out of the woodwork, getting MSM facetime and media coverage to sell their “Protection Racket” is also predictable, and scripted. We have now seen this “GAME” played following every bloody “event” since before and after 9/11! It is just NOW, that we see it so clearly, so predictably, so brazenly.

AMERICANS – Somebody wants to take your FREEDOMS alright. AND, as predicted, they are “wrapped in a flag”, and working from the inside out. KNOW YOUR ENEMIES!

Wayne points out that, “Harper engineers his own terrorist plot. Arrests for “major” terrorism plot made in Ontario and Quebec. Harper uses stunt to push through anti-terroism bill. Neocons are so damned predictable”.

Hurry, Hurry! Is their M.O. Don’t Think!

Wayne notes: “Stephen Harper was a member of a neo-Nazi organization called the Northern Foundation. Harper is now a leading Zionist, which again proves the age-old links between Nazism and Zionism. The Transfer Agreement says it all. Zionism is not merely racism but Nazism, as well”.

InfoWars on the Canadian version of the Psyop —

Wayne sees that, “Paraguay swings back to fascist right rule. Horacio Cartes, drug smuggler, elected President. The CIA station in Asuncion celebrates with cervezas all around”. Paraguay? Bushville? Predictable.

Back to Back C-span callers – Boston Marathon Bombing a false flag to take away more rights

Martial Law For The Government Of USI / By Jim Kirwan 4-22-13

Chuck Hagel Green Lights Israeli Attacks On Syria and Iran
Kurt Nimmo / / April 23, 2013

Videos for “Waking Up”:

THE BULLSHIT about “How a regime ‘Says & Sells’ FREEDOM while doing the exact opposite” has not hit the fan squarely in its whirring face!
People of the Lie – The face of your Enemy is before you!

Boston PD Commisioner Slips Up, Calls Tsarnaev Bros. Actors (Video)

Same “Crisis Actor” interviewed at 2 separate “events” locations!

The Nazis “Go Live”, but are EXPOSED!
Revisit this story just posted at COTO, and grok THE PLOT to remove American’s “Freedoms” via False Flag events:



  1. When they drag BLoomberg out of his house and hoist him up to be hanged high for treason, I want to be in the front row to watch.

    • Just don’t bring any large sodas

      • Hey casa 🙂 Large sodas for everyone on me !! But instead of drinking them, let’s aim them at Bloomy as our own, not so fond, farewell to the fascist, zionist bastard 😉

  2. follow the money

  3. Yeah, that ONE FUND administrator is “helping” someone, and it is not the victims.

    Hey CasaZaza! What’s Up?! Haven’t heard from you for awhile. I hope your biz is doing well.

    No large sodas at the hanging, agreed.

    • Hi Boomer, things is good.

  4. It is all so blatant…”Let’s reinterpret the Constitution”? Yea that’s the ticket Bloomberg…

    I got a better idea, lets call a spade a spade and a traitor a traitor and use that Constitution to deal with traitors as it intends they be dealt with.

    I think a lot of people are realizing that Boston was a ‘Test Market’ for the Police State Martial Law crackdown. And despite what is in the press about how much the majority of Bostonians embraced the lockdown…I know how spin works and how the message is massaged and does not necessarily represent what people are actually thinking and feeling about all of this.

    They are pushing too hard too fast, and people are getting genuinely alarmed with this grab for despotic power…it is so out in the open now.
    There is trouble brewing…and some REAL shit could be on the way if the push comes to shove.

    The economy is likely closer to collapse than we think, and this is why the hurry up to get the people conditioned to a large militarized police presence, especially in metropolitan areas. The Big Oink seems nearer each day now.

    Yea the hard core TVZombies will sit and spin on their thumbs…but anyone who was even half awake last week suddenly popped up on the adrenalin…
    Again record amounts of guns and ammo were sold during this incident.
    Battle lines being drawn. When that battle begins in earnest, gone are the dreaming days.


    • If the Boston residents resisted, poking weapons out their windows, and saying “fuck off”, “leave us alone”, we’ve got ourselves “protected” — I imagine The Raid psyop would have taken on an entirely different complexion.

      It seems apparent that just this type of lawful resistance will occur in the future. At That Time — a polarization will occur amongst The People.

  5. I spoze the administrators noticed that COTO is getting 195 hits per hour..

    Just like during the Sandy Hook period. The web is really hoppin’ and boppin’ with this Boston thing. Looks as though we have another “gunpowder plot” for the 21st century.
    The terrorists have been identified, and it is the Military Industrial Complex in it’s newer more blatant form. Let’s give a nod to both Ike and ‘V for Vendetta’.

    And a toast to Boomer for such a well constructed post…good job my man.


    • Funny You should mention powder. I am a member of a muzzle loader club and they said legislation was introduced Friday to background check to buy re-loading supplies. I know now when I go to get supplies the shelves will be empty (it doesnt matter who gets the stuff as long as its in the hands of proles ).
      Did You hear Obama tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the ass,so now he wont be able to shit on the CONSTITUTION (oh no I shouldnt have used that word now I´m on another list) They always aim for the brain when self-destructing.
      We are disintegrating,pieces of I-wrack are flying off !
      By the way the naked kid in the photos was just a piece of ass for the cop´s party. Theres no countin for taste nor lack thereof.
      Korn out.

    • Just putting up the kind of info that is available to everyone who wants to be informed and “know” what’s going on, rather than be “told” what’s going on by the flotsam jetsum propaganda organ grinders, and their many, many monkeys, whom have been very naughty, and need a blistering spanking, while requiring that they be put in cold steel cages for the rest of their lives. Or worse. Monkey meat.

  6. One of the more interesting anagrams…

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev:

    Khazar Hands Overt

    I was just looking at some of the pictures of the impromptu crowds cheering on the police…I wonder where all the flags they were waving came from? …Do Americans carry a small flag in their back pockets just in case? …

    • It comes with the Obamaphonies. 🙂

      (Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers grilled top security officials on Tuesday about the handling of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation and why one of the suspects flagged as a possible Islamist radical was not tracked more closely.

      The same 3-9-6. Incompetence meets congress. redundancy in the dialectic. It solves Congresses ‘do nothing (but steal)” issue while forcing the NDAA, FISA, CISPA agenda to get a boost. Quite a nice formulaa the triad when you can pull it over and over and over and ………..again. You can set your watches to these clicks.

  7. I hate to be nitpicky during these glaringly ‘in your face,’ elephants but their is an issue I’d like to address.

    I heard Saxby Chambliss interviewed as he was the dickhead assigned to the congessional cover team during the FBI interrogation of young Sirhan at the hospital.

    The entire interview with he and Herr Blitzer was so cryptic. Saxby never indicated whether Sirhan had admitted, confessed, disclosed or denied involvement. It is the most impressive 6 minutes of diffusion I have ever witnessed.

    Words that were heard were ‘remorseless, emotional, lucid, stable, conscious, defiant and excited’

    We are witnessing the transition of news with any substance, facts, whether lies or not, nor are we ever given names, dates, ranks or identities of any authority.

    Instead we get ‘sources’ or ‘officials’ or ‘on the agreement of Anonymity. COTO knows we will never see surveillance tapes of Aurora, Sandy Hook or Boston that aren’t passed through the labs of Pixar or Disney but at least we should expect some names and facts even if they just make them up.

    But it occurred to me that the dumbed down masses who occasionally drift through to see “dismembered bodies” cant read or would not read even one of the links Boomer posted after he spent the time to read it and glean the gold from them. Nice job Boomer.

    Yeah, Saxby and Graham, aficionado’s of the cryptic abortive newspeak and buzzword repetiitve drivel we can expect 24/7 now.

    I savor the handful of our regulars and those who come back periodically to check in. Thanks to you all for keeping me going and from becoming Kaczinski who discovered sheep have little or no need for autonomy or command of conscience..

  8. so…
    Tamerlan went to russia
    after the cul-de-sac.. hmm

  9. Akitz pics

  10. American Committee for Peace in Chechnya
    The American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus (ACPC), a project of Freedom House, coordinates with an international network of human rights and democracy advocates, journalists, scholars and nongovernmental organizations to advocate for and support human rights in the North Caucasus.
    The Jamestown Foundation is a Washington, D.C.-based institute for research and analysis, founded in 1984 as a platform to support Soviet dissidents.
    more info

    • Sibel Edmond talked about ‘American Committee for Peace in Chechnya’ with James Corbett in their last radio/video chat. Looks like a who’s who from PNAC when you look at the members dangling from the scrotum – donuts?

      Sibel is framing all of this as Gladio – parts 1 and 2. The newer event’s being within the Gladio 2 part…all still in orbit around NATO.
      NATO is viewed as the Nazi Werewolf, Leave-Behind schemata…
      And we all know the P2 lightning bug jelly dildos put in play and the choruses of the hula dancing skull and bonesmen paradisio flambe..

      It weren’t goldfinger, nor badfinger, t’was that gawdam stinkyfinger that told the tail…hohohohehehehahaha…


  11. meeting at the cul-de-sac

    while we fight the phishings and the hooks we forget the enormous nets.



  13. “Here is another strange part of the Iconic photo of Jeff Bauman in the wheelchair. He was assisted by Carlos Arredondo (cowboy hat). The photographer was Charles Krupka. Just so happens Charles Krupka also took a photo of Carlos in 2005 when he set a truck on fire over the death of his son in Iraq. He is dressed as a priest. Does this photographer follow him around?
    Here’s a 2005 picture of him, this time playing Father Carlos, who in 2004 “burned the van of military officials in Florida after learning that his son Alexander was killed in action during 2004…”~’Backgammon’ on new Rappoport piece


  14. “Apr 19, 2013 · SB 140, authored by Sen. Mark Leno … California Gun Confiscation Bill Passes, Approves $24 Million To Expedite Illegal Gun …
    Apr 20, 2013 · Using the $24 million from SB 140, the California DOJ says it would take three years to catch up with the … California Gun Confiscation Bill Passes …”

    This covers all semiautomatic weapons, pistols and long guns.

    Senator Leno authored SB 819 in 2011 that authorized the DOJ’s ability to confiscate illegally possessed weapons with funds from the Dealer Record of Sale account to provide the DOJ with additional agents to enforce APPS. As a result, agents last year were able to seize more than 2,000 firearms, 117,000 rounds of ammunition and 11,072 illegal high-capacity magazines in targeted sweeps.


  15. I’d be outraged if this happened to me. I doubt very much, I’d be able to keep myself from hurling invectives at these goons.

    • “Are we then to stand to our arms, with the hot-headed Georgian? No. That must be the last resource, not to be thought of until much longer and greater sufferings. If every infraction of a compact of so many parties is to be resisted at once, as a dissolution of it, none can ever be formed which would last one year. We must have patience and longer endurance then with our brethren while under delusion; give them time for reflection and experience of consequences; keep ourselves in a situation to profit by the chapter of accidents; and separate from our companions only when the sole alternatives left, are the dissolution of our Union with them, or submission to a government without limitation of powers. Between these two evils, when we must make a choice, there can be no hesitation. But in the meanwhile, the States should be watchful to note every material usurpation on their rights; to denounce them as they occur in the most peremptory terms; to protest against them as wrongs to which our present submission shall be considered, not as acknowledgments or precedents of right, but as a temporary yielding to the lesser evil, until their accumulation shall overweigh that of separation.” – Thomas Jefferson 1825;view=1up;seq=379

  16. By James Corbett
    April 24, 2013

    “It has often been observed that the war on terror is unwinnable. After all, how could a war on an abstract noun ever have its “Mission Accomplished” moment? It is, according to this wisdom, meant to drag on forever.

    Just because a war can’t be won, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be lost. The truth is that the war on terror is over. And America has lost.

    Just look at the images of the Watertown lockdown. A city under a supposedly “voluntary” lockdown that was in fact enforced by bands of roving SWAT team members going door to door, forcibly removing people from their own homes at gunpoint. Whatever the use of the word “voluntary” might mean in this case, I defy anyone to differentiate these images from a martial law scenario.

    And yet, amazingly, the media does not show us images of enraged Bostonians. It does not interview those who were treated this way by the SWAT teams. It does not ask those people directly affected what they think, or report on dissent. Instead, we are shown images of mindless celebrations orchestrated to the score of that age-old chant of the mob that has lost all capacity to reason critically: “USA! USA! USA!” Surely it is a mob far under the hypnotic spell of the mainstream fear programming that can cheer the destruction of their own rights. It is even more perverse that this destruction is being done in the name of two bumbling college-age boys who, it must be stressed, have yet to be proven guilty of anything.

    The irony seems to be lost on much of the American population that scenes like these are precisely what the all-pervasive “terrorist” boogeymen supposedly want: a people so enslaved to the fear of their own shadow that the actions of two hapless misfits can cause such chaos and the disruption of so many people’s lives. This irony is certainly NOT lost on a government that has tried its utmost to make people afraid of the so-called terrorist threat over the past decade.

    Yes, the terrorists hate you for your freedom. So who are the terrorists? And who is trying to take away your freedoms?

    If terrorism is the use of violence to further political ends, then the real terrorists by definition are the ones who are ramping up the fear after each and every incident in order to shape the public’s perception. Has some shadowy group of scary bearded men with turbans really caused the American population to cower in fear at the first sign of a homemade explosive anywhere in the country? Or has the government and their cronies in the media primed the population to be afraid of something that, statistically, is less likely to kill someone on American soil than a bee sting?

    In the end, the questions answer themselves. All that is needed is reflection over what we have witnessed play out over the past week: an Orwellian two minutes of hate directed not at these boys– about whom almost nothing is known except for their previous contact with the FBI–but at the ghost that has been haunting America’s nightmares ever since the Bush Administration conjured them into existence.

    These ghosts will continue to haunt the American population until they, and their like-minded allies around the world, choose to wake up from the nightmare. After all, you can’t win a fight against a ghost. You can lose one, however. The events of the past week have proven that much.”


    • I don’t think that it’s a stretch of the imagination to come to a realization that many of those people (probably most) that were roused out of their houses were so cowed that they didn’t point out to the dogs on point that indeed, they were nothing but dogs. I’d say that there are a lot of disillusioned people in Watertown right now.

      • The pigs were supposed to be searching for the two brothers.
        So what’s with pulling people out of their houses, who are obviously NOT the brothers???

        Just piggy party time, that’s what.

        Crazy video…the real stormtrooper deal, and ya wonder, why isn’t this sequence on the national TV? Simple, it doesn’t fit the script.

        Tightens my jaw seeing this…


        • [ approximate timeline ]
          10 p.m. Thur Officer Collier shot
          11 p.m. Thur Black SUV carjacked
          1 a.m. Fri shootout on Laural St.
          Dzhokar abandoned SUV on a nearby street
          and fled on foot ….

          walking directions from
          62 Laurel St, Watertown, MA 02472
          67 Franklin St, Watertown, MA 02472

          Head west on Laurel St toward Dexter Ave
          272 ft
          Turn left onto Dexter Ave
          312 ft
          Turn right onto Cypress St
          0.3 mi
          Turn right onto Walnut St
          0.2 mi
          Turn left onto Franklin St
          0.1 mi
          67 Franklin St Watertown, MA 02472

          where was the helicopter?

        • “he ain’t wrong he’s just different but his mind wont let him do things to make you think he’s right” ~ willie

        • Yea tell me about it, rogue. My beautiful niece, that I love dearly, hates guns but was perfectly ok with jack booted goons aiming guns at her neighbors windows. Go figure. This pic tells the tale…

           photo 550291_190660764416123_633004680_n.jpg

  17. So where is Boston’s Johnny Tremain when we really need him?
    And all his pals, the Sons of Liberty???

    That’s right…long dead, like the Liberty they championed.

    “Next time is the best time we all know
    But if there is no next time where do we go?”~Brian Ferry


  18. PHILADELPHIA—After months of attempting to indoctrinate his friend with the militant ideology of Islamic fundamentalism, local man Khalid Sayed, an Islamic extremist actively working to create a worldwide community of Muslim believers through violence and terrorism, said he has decided to give up radicalizing his dim-witted friend Omar Alibek.,32189/

  19. Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports today (see English translation here). The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.

    In 2012, Tsarnaev spent six months in Dagestan, a region neighboring Chechnya. The FBI interviewed him the previous year but said it found no evidence that he was a threat. On Tuesday, Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano said her agency was aware of the trip and, on Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry stated Tsarnaev returned from Russian trip “with a willingness to kill people.”

    The Caucasus Fund was established in November, 2008, following the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. The main purpose of the organization, according to Izvestia, is “to recruit young people and intellectuals of the North Caucasus to enhance instability and extremism in the southern regions of Russia.”


  20. CIA director William Casey and Russian dissident Arkady Shevchenko were instrumental in creating the organization. Jamestown’s board of directors includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski, a high-level globalist operative, initiated the CIA’s recruitment of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that ultimately produced al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

    The notorious russophobe Brzezinski heads up the foundation’s American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, an NGO based at the Freedom House, the latter funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, the CIA front designed to foment color revolutions and overthrow governments. It also receives funding from Soros Foundations, the CIA’s Ford Foundation, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the outfit used by the U.S. government to run “humanitarian” NGOs instrumental in running color revolutions in former Russian states.


  21. “The duty of a free press is to report the facts as they are found. By sticking to that principle, journalists accomplish a great deal in exposing al Qaeda and its inherents for what they truly are. And just as they report on terrorists, it’s the job of journalists to report on how the war against terrorism is being fought. And when their spotlight is cast on intelligence activities, sound judgment and a thorough understanding of all the equities at play are critically important.”

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