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Smoking Gun that Boston Marathon Bombing was Staged?

When I first looked at this video I thought the Aussie guy narrating was going to say the woman in the red and black was a dummy, a mannequin, a robot because she looked weird to me.  Her hands and face look like plastic.

But no, he didn’t mention that at all.  Instead he pointed out something very strange going on at the “actual” bomb blast scene beyond just one dummy.

  I had seen the picture of the “leg blown off guy”Steve Bauman click here  being wheeled down the street by cowboy hat guy and thought that looked fake as well.   This man has been on the trail of this since day one.  I’ll post his other vids as well.  If these photos are truly legit, this is some damning evidence.

See for yourself and post your comments as to what YOU notice. ~jg

Here’s his youtube channel for the rest of his videos  *quite good



Minutes before the bombs blew up in Boston, Jeff Bauman looked into the eyes of the man who tried to kill him.

Just before 3 p.m. on April 15, Bauman was waiting among the crowd for his girlfriend to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon. A man wearing a cap, sunglasses and a black jacket over a hooded sweatshirt looked at Jeff, 27, and dropped a bag at his feet, his brother, Chris Bauman, said in an interview.

Two and a half minutes later, the bag exploded, tearing Jeff’s legs apart. A picture of him in a wheelchair, bloodied and ashen, was broadcast around the world as he was rushed to Boston Medical Center. He lost both legs below the knee.

“He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,’” Chris Bauman said yesterday in an interview.

Those words may have helped crack the mystery of who perpetrated one of the highest-profile acts of terror in the U.S. since the 2001 assault on New York City and the Washington area, one that killed three people and wounded scores
bm explosion opposite library


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  2. SEE the photos on this page…

    The following photo was snapped mere moments after the first bomb detonation. Many people are asking, “Who is this guy?” and why is he dressed in combat boots and military BDUs (pants)? More importantly, what is he carrying in his hand?

    There are several things worth noting in this image:

    1) All three of the men look surprised, even shocked by the events. This might argue against their prior knowledge of the bombings.

    2) The object in the right hand of the man in the middle may resemble a small handgun, but I’m sure it isn’t. Why? Because no highly trained private military operative would carry a handgun with a “pincer” grip as appears in the photo. A proper grip on a handgun is far deeper into the palm. This object is most likely the same radiation detector shown above, just captured from a weird angle with a flapping leather case of some sort.

    3) The man on the left, an older gentleman, appears to be holding an object in his right hand which seems capable of being actuated with his thumb.

    4) The man on the right reveal “The Craft” skull logo on his shirt because his jacket just happened to open up for this photo (see below).

    Here’s a photo comparison of “The Craft” logo on his shirt:

    Here are two more operatives on the scene, wearing the exact same uniform:

    If you look at the hat for one of these men, you can clearly see “the Craft” skull logo on his hat:


  3. Yea Deb,

    What is with the strange ‘frozen woman’?
    She does look like a dummy, but pay close attention to those back and forth shots; her left hand is slightly cupped in one shot and totally straight fingered in the other…

    It is hard to figure that part out…is it a real person trying to look like a dummy? What? WTF??

    The guy with his “legs blown off” was obviously wearing a prosthesis to begin with…even the upper part of the leg is plastic.

    Things just get curiouser and curiouser with a brand of curiousness that has little skull logos all over it.


    • “The guy with his “legs blown off” was obviously wearing a prosthesis to begin with…even the upper part of the leg is plastic.”

      Will, the guy had both legs blown off and they are pushing him in a wheel chair blood trail behind him? No blood gushing out? Wouldn’t he have passed out or even DIED from bleeding out like that? How can he be sitting up like that with all that loss of blood????

      NOW someone posted this video. Not sure it’s the same guy but it doesn’t matter. It’s a debunking of someone elses video and this guy doesn’t do a very good job in my opinion but that doesn’t matter..You’ll see why when I post the video after it….and lest we forget Bauman supposedly is the one to ID the “suspects”.


      • “Will, the guy had both legs blown off and they are pushing him in a wheel chair blood trail behind him? No blood gushing out? Wouldn’t he have passed out or even DIED from bleeding out like that? How can he be sitting up like that with all that loss of blood????”

        That is what I meant…the guy was ALREADY a double amputee.
        Just undo the attachments and voila, no legs – or any make-up effect you want to add to it.

        When I worked on the thing there was a scene where the doctor character is trying to start another characters heart with that pounding the chest technique. While he is doing that the patient’s chest opens up like a huge mouth with big teeth – the doctor falls into the mouth with his arms, and CHOMP — the monster bites his arms off.

        For that shot we used a guy with no arms – just short stumps below the shoulder…we made gelatin arms that were blended onto the stumps, and for that one shot of the falling into the mouth we used the ‘stand in’ make-up effect guy.

        This is standard stuff for make-up effects in film, and I suppose stage…and apparently staged terror attacks.


        • Will, I know that’s what you were saying I was just adding my own commentary and asking how in the hell someone with both legs blown off could even be conscious. They certainly wouldn’t be able to hold their head up like that.

          YES, so very Hollywood fx like. Or military amputee fx like… take your pick…

      • You know…as far as the first video in this comment;

        It may seem hard boiled of me to say, but this bawling out by this nanny character doesn’t wash with me. This excuse made against the breadth of inquiry. The last thing on this guy’s mind if he really is a victim of a bombing at the marathon is “what people think”, he has some serious pain and anguish to deal with much deeper than what the ‘gossip’ might be.

        But beyond that the larger issue of getting to the real truth is critical and must leave no stone unturned.
        The proposition that there is a backstory for the person, so he must be authentic is not so cut and dry as one may first imagine. Intelligence methods have dealt in the creation of “Legends” since intrigue began, which is certainly before any history we know of.
        With today’s technology, it would be naive to think that the technocrats running the state can not insert things anywhere they want to and give any appearance they wish…even backdated – this is just technical trickery that isn’t even beyond talented amateur hackers.

        This isn’t to say that we know one way or the other with real certainty, but to say that this criticism of “conspiracy theories” yet again takes too much for granted in the automatic assumptions in his subtext.

        It would take actual gumshoe on the pavement sleuthing to make sure of this. I haven’t the resources. Very few do, and there are very few I feel I can trust implicitly in media that could convince me…some in the alternate media, and most of those it are still touch and go.

        So it becomes a matter of what the bulk of the rest of the evidence indicates. At this point it is beyond reasonable doubt that this was a false flag op. Whether the “actors” angle is certain or not is still hypothetical, even if very likely…to me I can not make the call with absolute certainty.


      • I cant see the vids here at work, but have been reading this EMT’s analysis of some still pics of a privateviedo of the amputee and agree he is an actor…the people working n him attach bone sticking out prosthetics, spill some fake bright red blood on the ground, then lie down and pretend to be hurt as well…they even get taken away on stretcheres before legs blown off guy..who just happened to be the one that fingered the two boys.

        • Wxman !!!! thank you thank you THANK YOU !!! There it is…the absolute PROOF that this thing is staged!!!! EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS. I’m going to write up a whole new post for this.

  4. I’d say someone repositioned her rubber hand. You’ll see a dark longsleeved arm reaching behind her in a couple shots in the second video.


    12 seconds in, we see:

    • Mannequin Woman in red & black, with blue circle insignia in frozen pose.
    • Young girl in white top, behind and above her right shoulder.
    • Guy directly above her in the photo, with wooden looking bone leg bone sticking out. Later to be in wheelchair with Cowboy Hat guy accompanying him.
    • Jeans-clad guy with legs straight, and blue and white tennis shoes, about 2 o’clock from Mannequinn Woman in photo.
    • Bright Orange pack, zippered open in front of Mannequin Woman.

    At 1:34 in this video, I see the Cowboy Hat guy “overseeing” the operation. I notice – he is not helping anybody personally, which is truly telling, but rather “observing” the staging.

    • In a “The JOKE is ON US” freeze frame, I see The Mannequin Woman is still in her frozen “pose” and looks exactly “like a mannequin”. She still has her left hand out, but the scene has been changed around her, and the bright orange pack is gone.
    • The other “injured” around the Mannequin Woman have now been swapped out with other “victims”. Notably:
    • A black woman with black boots, dark pants, white top, and red jacket. She is now, remarkably in the place where the guy with the wooden bone leg was previously occupying.
    • Clockwise from the black woman, we now see a relaxed looking tall guy in dark shoes, dark pants, grey shirt, dark jacket, gray hoody, and dark sunglasses, “leaning” on another obese dark-clad woman or mannequin with a black clutch purse. He appears to be waiting for directions for his positioning.
    • Clockwise from this hoody guy, I see a jean clad guy in a bright red coat, gray shirt, sunglasses, blue hat with logo of some sort, shouting at the guy clockwise to his right.
    • That guy is in a white T-shirt with a saying on it (TEAM KIRTO – you can read it clearly in the video below), dark cap, and jeans. (Just look down at the freeze frame shown in the video below).
    • The “new” gal in the foreground who is either getting up or repositioning (she’s blonde, in a red long sleeve shirt, black vest, and black tights above the knee).
    • People are milling around behind this staging, but no other “victims” are “on-the-ground” in any view around this scene.
    • Cowboy Hat Man is still “observing” from his perch in the grandstand seats. Definitely doesn’t feel the need to “help” any of the “victims”. It occurs to me…I wonder when he hooked back up with the wooden bone guy for the run up the street photo op?
    • That yellow clad guy is still standing in place behind the Cowboy Hat Man on the grandstand.
    • Who is here in a “directorial” type role? Yellow Clad Man, Cowboy Hat Man, Red Coat Shouting Man, and TEAM KIRTO white t-shirt man.
    • As pointed out by the Aussie narrator, only the one large window is shattered in the background, ZERO other bloody areas on the ground are found around or right up next to that window? What, there were no people walking by it, shredded by the blast?

    • Wow Boom, excellent analysis! Yea, cowboy hat man is supposed to be a hero? WHAT??!!! no way.. not from these pix.. he’s an actor same as the rest of them. See the vid I posted above about amputee actors for military type training.

      As for mannequin lady….dolls have moveable joints so their hands can be readjusted easily….we’re not surprised that her hand was moved to a different position.

      Remember those pix from 4chan? There weren’t that many people congreating in the bomb staging area. 160 people injured, 4 dead … bullshit ! It just can’t be.

      Bet that little boy that died was make believe too..

      The hoodie guy w/the shades is obviously not concerned w/all the blood around as he casually leans against the “body” behind him…

      Wonder what Camp Kirto represents?

  5. This Aussie guy is quite entertaining, he’s making me laugh, while he’s pointing out the Obvious Bullshit here. One of the most glaring facts, is there were virtually no people in the area of the bomb. By my crude math calculations — a handful of people does not equal squat when considering the “reported” dead, amputated, and injured resulting from this explosion.

    Feds — Can you answer this?

  6. Excellent work Will, Boom! Since I posted this I’ve been running around getting things done and now I am leaving to go to my grandson’s 5th bday party at his martial arts… I think I’d like to learn some of that for myself 😉

    Keep looking….. the more we break this open, the better.. Fox news (ewww) is heavily pushing the muslim meme and the wonderful USA USA chanting by the zombies. They even had two Jewish experts on that I watched while I was getting dressed.

    MSM makes me sick but I have to watch to see where they are screwing up and lying and what they will be pushing next…..

    • JG: I just watched the new release “Sirius” put out by DR. Steven Greer and CSETI. It was only released on Monday. As I was a contributor to it being financed I got the privilege of being a first viewer. I’ve got a 2 day window left to send it forward. If you would please, critque it. It goes a lot further than disclosure and is extremely well done. This is COTO material “HUGE”. What’s especially uncanny for me is last Sunday, I believe I experienced a sighting.
      I had your email before, not liking to be a nuisance, I didn’t keep it and wouldn’t forward this without your approval. If you send me with contact info, I’ll forward it to you. This is real new, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
      Don C

      • V, Yes PLEASE send me that link. I’m dying to see it. I already sent you an email.. lol THANK YOU you so much 🙂

  7. Tony Cartalucci provides a perspective on the FBI involvement in this schemed “event”. The preponderance of “evidence”, i.e. the logical deductions an individual forms after considering an abundance of information ( in this case — MSM vs Alternative News ), is SCREAMING out “False Flag!”.

    That entire charade yesterday perpetrated against the People of Boston, and in fact ALL Americans, is rather a testament to “men taking orders” without questioning the situation. The frightening realization is that at All Those Geared Up StormTroopers were willing to “Play Army” in direct violation of Constitutional Rights of The People. This is incredible, but WE expected such. I hope many of them today are reflecting on the OverKill of Friday’s now infamous day of “Martial Law”; all for a skinny, wounded 19 year old patsy hiding in a boat in a backyard. And as some folks have noted, it was a Citizen, who having finally be “let outside” discovered the poor “patsie”.

    I’m appalled at this Bullshit sold as “protecting US and Our Freedoms”. It of course, is the opposite. An Agency Op from the beginning. A mobilization exercise for Shock Value. This mobilization itself was the True “Terror Operation”. Not the two brothers used to sell the fear porn.

    And let’s just let Senator Linsey Graham, the Warmonger, the Pro-Torture Tarantula, and anti-lawful antagonist of Freedom, fly his own black colors:

    • Yea Boomer,

      Linsey Graham has certainly verified by word and deed that he is of the darkest and most vile of fascists in DC.

      “It sure would be nice to have a drone up there…to track {take out} the suspect..”~Graham

      How long has this cheesy racketeer been in the Sin-ate anycahoo?


  8. Friday 1:00am – 3:00am ?

  9. “If you need to muse on something, you might remember a few significant events that occurred on or around Patriot’s Day, the anniversary of the opening battles in the American Revolution…

    But the FBI are the elite forensic professionals, aren’t they? They’re the best in the world. We have to trust them, don’t we?

    Well, they fed us a story about an amateur ANFO (ammonium-nitrate-plus-fuel-oil) bomb in Oklahoma City, in 1995. That turned out to be a fraud. In fact, Fred Whitehurst, one of the FBI’s own scientists, blew the whistle on the vaunted FBI lab for faking proof that ANFO was the main explosive substance.

    Actually, the forensic lab at the FBI has been under continuous fire since the 1990s.

    Whitehurst went a lot further than blowing the cover on the FBI op in the OKC bombing case. He pointed to chronic lab problems resulting in the questionable convictions of up to 10,000 federal defendants, many of whom remain in prison to this day and have not obtained justice.

    In 2012, Whitehurst redoubled his attacks, stating, “While I was reporting issues at the FBI crime lab, FBI Director Louis Freeh was doing everything he could to shut me down…”

    A number of writers have pointed out, including Paul Watson, Tony Cartalucci, Kurt Nimmo, and James Corbett, the FBI has a history of involvement in terror events. The Bureau has encouraged and fomented pathetically obvious terrorist plots.
    David Shipler, writing in the NY Times (April 28, 2012, “Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI”) details a string of these ops.
    So if the Tsarnaev brothers were involved in the Boston bombings, consider that they could have been drawn into a Bureau plan and supplied with the materials to execute that plan.

    Go back to the 1993 Trade Center bombing. The NY Times exposed the covert role of the FBI through the testimony of one of the Bureau’s dupes (informants), Emad Salem, who was told he would be given fake bombs for a fake event that would scoop up real terrorists. But Salem then stated the FBI decided to go ahead with real bombs at the last minute.
    Salem was never permitted to take the stand at trial and testify.

    They could have been told it was a drill, an exercise, to “test the system.” They could have been told the bombs were inert. They could have been used as patsies.

    The public wants a story about heroes and villains, with all separations clearly drawn. That’s the media bottom line, and it takes precedence over a search for the truth every time.”~Rappoport


  10. Suspect’s Twitter Account Discovered: Contains 9/11 Truth Comments April 20, 2013 ~ Intel Hub

    So, hey what a profile for “the bomber,” aye?

    An “Islamicist radicalist” rattle snake – a “homegrown tearist” – AND now it is found he is a gawdam’d “9/11 Truther” …folks {Lol} we have hit the trifecta electra in the land of el hectica…and that’s a jingo dang-dingo djoojoobee lollipop for the massoids to diddle their brainpans with.


    • Now doncha be takin’ anything I say here as disrespect for those chosen buns…no-sir-ee noop ne’er wood and I ain’t.

      Just to keep the shock-bang fizzcake clear of lice, I wanted to make that prefectibly clear.

      ~Effrem Zembalist Jr the 3rd – Eff Bee Eye and 5th Beatle


      • Actually its “Ephriam Cybalist” clanging the brain-pans to beat the band.

        • Lol…Korn, I’ll go along with that editorial correction.

          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          And, is this convenient to the issue of silencing the accused:

          “Dzhokhar Tsarnayev, the suspect behind the Boston Marathon bombing who was arrested on Friday night, suffered a throat injury and may not be able to talk.”

          I still think the cops had him earlier, worked him over with torture and drugs ans planted him in that boat. A little “throat surgery” without pain relief might have been the savage ticket to this nasty biz these psychos play.

          Chilling to consider.


    • Indeed, just as I thought! He would turn out to be one of them goldarn Truthers! Bet he’s NRA too!

      • Pat,

        Do you know of the West Point paper on the definitions of “homegrown extremists”?

        I don’t have my files up at the moment to lead to the URL, but it you type that into the browser you should find it.

        It is really one of the most ludicrous documents of Newspeak I have ever read…it would be funny if these stupidfuks weren’t actually serious.

        Such as “constitutional adherents” being termed “anti-federalists”…hahahaha..WTF?? It is the Federal Constitution that the “fanatics” who defend the constitution are defending…
        Absurdities such as this abound in this West Point garbage wrapper.

        Beyond Orwell and into Kafka and Jackson Pollack mind dribble.


        • Yes, Rogue, I’ve been aware for a few years now that the right wing has been targeted in the US. The left has for ages (I was brought up in a liberal family in Salt Lake City, and we were called “communists.”) Environmentalists were targeted for quite a while, with the concept of the “ecoterrorist” featured in popular literature and so on. That seems to have died down (but if I were living in the States, I might think differently). I used to think there were big differences between the left and right, but now I think our differences have been grossly exaggerated, and it is particularly the young who fall prey to these characterizations (i.e., believe them). There are any number of little hot-button emotional issues that can be played up to get us to fight each other. In the 60s, people who opposed fluoridation of municipal water supplies were all “right wing nuts screaming about communist plots” (and my family were the “communists”). Years later I find out from chemistry that fluoride is demonstrably and seriously poisonous. My electrosensitivity seems to place me square in the right wing, these days. Well, whuddaya know!
          I might as well declare it right here since TPTB are already aware anyway, that I am one of the signers of AE911’s petition for a new, impartial investigation. It’d be more effective of me to hoist myself up a flag pole and scream all day.

  11. Columbine Day

    Three people were shot in Denver’s Civic Center Saturday where thousands of people gathered for marijuana-inspired “4/20 Day” festivities, paramedics said.

    Dzhokhar Tsarnayev, the suspect behind the Boston Marathon bombing who was arrested on Friday night, suffered a throat injury and may not be able to talk, a federal official told CNN on condition of anonymity.

    An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 struck islands off northern Japan on Friday but no tsunami warning was issued, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

    At least 156 dead, more than 5,500 injured in China quake

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday the United States would provide opposition forces in Syria with an additional $123 million in non-lethal assistance.

    • We just had another big earthquake today in Japan. It was a very deep one, and probably an aftershock of the big, deep one that hit the Russia-China border last week. I haven’t heard any of the booming I heard last week, which may have been solely meteorological in origin.

      With all this seismic activity, we might finally get the big Tokai Earthquake ( ) that has been forecasted for decades, and which would be more devastating than the earthquake two years ago. I teach a girl who lives down in the tsunami zone for that one, and have been trying to locate a route to safety. She lives on a broad coastal plain, and it is several miles of congested roads to the nearest hills, and there are no tall buildings whatsoever. A few days ago I drove around, and assuming I could get anywhere by car, my best bet would be to cross the Fujikawa River at its mouth with the tsunami bearing down on it, if the bridge is still up, abandon the car on the other side, and run up the nearest hill. My husband is suggesting I not go there anymore.

      • Pat I’d say come back to the States… but you’re probably safer there even with earthquakes and fuku streaming radiation and I’m dead serious.

        • Sadly, I think you are right, JG. I am surprised at the number of outspoken non-Japanese living in Japan–James Corbett, Ben Fulford and Rice Farmer are here, and while Tony Boys is not as well known, he is worth reading: He takes a similar view to Corbett. I think Rick Wilcox is still here too–I haven’t been following him.

          It’s hard getting your foot in the door here, but once you do, it “permanent residency” more valuable than the infamous “green card.” The MSM here mostly parrots America’s, all under the direction of the CIA, but not completely under their control. Yesterday one of the news programs pointed out obvious differences between the backpacks the boys had and the one that had contained the bomb. For some reason, they are able to get away with this here. There are a lot of good non-prime-time shows, and the national TV station comes out with good documentaries, but typically several months after their full relevance. For example, they did a program detailing the difficulties of controlled demolition about three months after 911 and no mention of the latter, but anyone watching could put two and two together and realize we had unassailable evidence of a conspiracy in the frightful visual images they assailed us with day after day.

          Max Keiser split for London, ostensibly because it’s home ground to all the financial shenanigans, but possibly also attesting to temperatures in America.

  12. Carlos Arredondo, Boston Marathon Hero in a Cowboy Hat, on the Bombs

    1. The Boston Cowboy
    He had gone to the marathon to honor his dead sons. By the end of the day, Carlos Arredondo was a hero. He tells The Daily Beast’s Michael Daly about saving a man with his legs blown off by the explosion. Plus, Lizzie Crocker on the amputations at Massachusetts General Hospital.

  13. FILE – In this Oct. 17, 2005 file photo, Carlos Arredondo, left, and Rose Gonzalez, right, who is holding her son Marcos, listen during a news conference after leaving a meeting with then-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and military families at the Statehouse in Boston. Arredondo, who burned the van of military officials in Florida after learning that his son Alexander was killed in action during 2004, and other military families met with Romney to urge him to seek the withdrawal of the state National Guard from Iraq. Arredondo was among those assisting people injured in a bomb blast near the finish line at the Boston Marathon Monday, April 15, 2013. Photo: Charles Krupa

    Read more:

  14. That’s all emotional-sucking “story telling” there P.D.

    Then, I reflect on what is revealed in the videos elsewhere in this thread. The Cowboy Hat guy was standing there for some time, while the “injured” below him on the pavement seemed to have swapped out for a different photo montage. And the Plastic Woman maintains the exact same pose throughout…is if reaching for the Truth.

    Except she’s a soulless mannequinn.

  15. I’m standing in the check-out line of WholeFoods when the middle-age housewife mentions to the clerk that this whole Boston thing looks staged.

    Never before has a false-flag been exposed so quickly.

    For two weeks now Blackhawk helicopters have been flying low all over the city in 3-team formations. I’ve been trying to get a clear picture and missed a chance today as they flow right overhead just as I set-up on the streets. They were forced to run a story about it in the news because of so many inquires, but all anyone can get is that it’s a “training exercise.”

    I bet. The copters I saw today had 50-calibers hanging out the sides.

    “If it keep on raining, levees going to break … and when the levee breaks you got no place to run …”

  16. Rezwan ‘Bollywood’ Ferdaus

  17. Once again, one is reminded that you can never underestimate how useful an enemy is to an authoritarian government when it comes to fooling vast swathes of the viewing audience into backing ludicrous policies.

    The public wants a story about heroes and villains, with all separations clearly drawn. That’s the media bottom line, and it takes precedence over a search for the truth every time.[J.R.]
    “The Public” wants to be coddled with feel good fairytales, convenience, sweets, titillation, and assurances of their superiority over ‘the other’.

    The ‘mass’ – the ‘collective’ – the ‘mob’, is an idiot and a phantom. ‘Mass Psychology’ is a magic spell created by ‘wizards’ of PR – ‘consensus’ itself is a ‘product’, and a matter of manipulation of perceptions.



    • I couldn’t have said it better, Rogue, though “Shet Crick” also comes to mind right now.

  18. I just watched the whole episode of NIGHTLINE {ABC} – on the capture of Jahar Tsarnaev. I am more convinced than ever that he didn’t have anything to do with the bombing. The whole story is bullshit.

    Did you know he went back to his room at the college dorm?
    He stayed there two nights, chatted with friends, was his normal self according to them. He wasn’t fleeing all over the countryside like the official story tries to tell us.

    How can it be both ways? How can we see interviews with these other students who knew him, who say they chatted with him afterwards, who claim that he was right there at ‘home’ {his room} and nothing was out of normal with him?

    I think the whole ‘chase’ deal was manufactured theater. I think they nabbed Jahar from his campus, and had him the whole time this show was put on in the streets of Boston.

    Cui Bono? The Police State.

    Stupid fucking Amerikans….


  19. Recall the graphic naked pic of the body of supposed Tamerlan “suspect”? So, the video below shows a very much “alive” “Tamerlan?” being arrested and put into police custody. The bizarro world continues:

    Then, grok this, which I found at Rense a minute ago:

    The “firefight” we’ve heard seen a video of, and read about, now, would beg the question, When & Where was that, and Who was involved?

  20. Also found at Rense: Read down through it for the significance…

  21. Willy Loman’s got it going on at .

    Plus the comments.

    This FBI FUBAR “Charade” is meeting its match with today’s modern Alt-News sleuths who are Awake & Aware, and unaccepting of authoritarian Bullshit! Yes, heads should roll. All of the “goons” who got called into Boston should make soup out of their shorts, and with every slurp our their bullshit bullion, repeat — “I am an Idiot, I am a mule, I only follow orders and cannot think for myself. I am as used and abused as the American Citizens I fear and distrust”.

  22. And while we were distracted by the Cop Promenade in Boston:

    CISPA Passes House – 4/18/2013

    The House of Representatives passed a controversial cybersecurity bill on Thursday in the face of warnings that it undermined privacy and a threat from White House advisers warning they would recommend President Barack Obama veto the legislation.

    * * * * * * BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU * * * * * *


  23. Hey Boomer, thanks for the tip on Creighton’s newest post on Boston.

    I dropped him this line in the comments:
    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Great ‘rant’ Scott,

    I know how you feel…it’s those honey glazed minds of those thousands of people in Boston who came out to cheer the cops for the martial law that had them locked down for days. It is shocking despite how typical a reaction from the TVZombie Amerikans.

    I think the cops had Jahar since grabbing him from his dorm, which is actually where he went after the marathon. He stayed there for two nights, spoke with friends in the dorm. He was totally calm and his normal self as described by a few of them.

    So he and his brother were certainly not “on the run” leading the cops on a Mr Toad’s Wild Ride throughout greater Boston as the media and the cops try to pretend.

    I doubt if Jahar was actually ‘shot’ in the throat, I think he was worked over up close and personal by his “handlers”, then pumped with drugs and dumped in that boat by the cops ops themselves. High coordination by special teams and covered by the top echelons of law enforcement/terrorism.

    The whole thing has been theater from start to finish.

    Welcome to the Amerikan Maximum Security State.

    Enjoy Your Stay…


  24. Hey Rogue, I just saw a video on “TV” where a helicopter was using infrared, and the kids body was readily apparent. Anyways, the cops threw in 3 “stun” grenades. It looked unhealthy.

    • Just because they found him doesn’t rule out him being planted there.

      But yea, stun grenades, that would certainly stun ya…


    • w/chopper above, how suv to boat ?

      • w/chopper above, how suv to boat ?”~盟

        Perhaps via that very chopper.


  25. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”~Goethe


    • “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.”

  26. Did you guys see this one?

    • Thanks Veri,

      That vid is compelling.

      Jahar is a patsy, the mercenary team set the bombs…no doubt about it.

      da keeks gotz sumpin goin on here


    • Excellent vid V. thanks for posting. I saw the bag comparisons on facebook but not the accompanying pix of the Craft gun sans bag. Daboo7 is always on top of it.

  27. Now they are going to juice this Boston thing for every drop they can get out of it…..
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    “Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist ‘sleeper cell’ 21 Apr 2013 The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers. Police believe Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack. A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google… Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come.”

    Whatta load of horseshit…


  28. See Also: (Reuters) – Back at college, suspect called Boston bombs “crazy”: classmate

    Working out at the gym at their sleepy New England college, two students chatted about how “crazy” it was that bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. Three days later, one of them was named a prime suspect.

    Returning to campus on Sunday after being evacuated on Friday during a massive manhunt for the bombers, students at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth swapped recollections of seeing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, back in the dorm, at class and in the gym in the aftermath of the bombings.

    Tsarnaev was working out in the gym from 8 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday, listening to music on his iPod, when he struck up a conversation with fellow sophomore Zach Bettencourt.

    “It’s crazy this is happening now,” Bettencourt recalled Tsarnaev telling him when the bombings came up. “This (these bombings) is so easy to do. These tragedies happen all the time in Afghanistan and Iraq.”


  29. MO – Opportunity – Motive – Cui Bono

    A “drill” goes live. Military, Police, Mercenaries, Equipment all on site and ready to roll.

    How many times have we seen this “piggyback” scenario played out?
    Too many times to count.

    The motive is answered by cui bono = who benefits? The Homeland Securitiy State…more funds, more ‘glory’.

    Who looses? First and foremost, the patsy. And of course the stupid duped population looses, although they haven’t a clue.

    Yes…another fucked up day in the belly of the empire.



  30. Remember the blown “out” large pane window on the street, shown in the Aussie guy’s video up-thread?

    1) It should have been blown “in” from a bomb placed “outside”.
    2) What’s this CST guy doing fiddling with a backpack in the doorway to the Left of the already blown “out” window?

    The staging and events discussed by the Aussie Guy take on even more complexions as we see this guy crouching with his black backpack, right near the already blown “out” window. This doorway and the large blown “out” window are pictured in the background behind the “Actors” staging position.

    Interesting, aye?

    More from Creighton at

    So…the “staging” of injured depicted in the video stills in the Aussie Guy’s clips seems to be for additional “carnage” clips to “sell” the story. It is obviously quite convoluted as to be expected with “War by Deception” psyops false flags.

    • I did see photos of Jahar getting out of the boat by himself this morning…he wasn’t bleeding at all, was mobile. What happened after that???

      We can only guess, but he had no throat injuries when he first climbed out of the boat…

      I would posit he is getting “cut” in that scene with the ATF guy over him while the other guy is pulling his shirt up.

      This poor kid just got sent to Hell.

      Some of this is just too sick to contemplate.


  31. “That is NOT the location the Feds claim they show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev “dropping” his pack. Had the bomb gone off where he was and where that image shows him CARRYING his pack, then the fence would have been blown into the street.”


  32. “The lesson was learned in 1963. After that piece of television coverage, the monarchs of media struck out on a different path. Americans actually saw Lee Harvey Oswald, after he was arrested. They saw his anger. They saw him say, “I’m just a patsy.” They saw his disgust and growing hour-by-hour understanding that he was going to his end. They saw he knew he was going to be swallowed up and disappeared. And finally they saw Jack Ruby shoot him in an underground garage.

    Television could not do this anymore. It was too strong, too real. No one individual could come across that way again.”~Rappoport


  33. And just what is CISPA in reality? Ex Post Facto legislation to cover for what they are already doing in abridging privacy rights, and writing the law to cover it – absolutely unconstitutional.

    Ex Post Facto laws are prohibited in the Constitution. This means not only can someone not be charged with a crime that wasn’t yet a crime when the act was committed – it also means the government can’t make laws that allow police actions that are at the time illegal and cover them with such legislation after the fact.


  34. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has released a report addressing the issue of firefighter arson. The Report on the Firefighter Arson Problem: Context, Considerations, and Best Practices, aims to educate members of the fire service, emphasize existing proactive approaches, and provide resources and best practices for prevention and mitigation.

  35. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is proud to present a new exhibit highlighting Mrs. Kennedy’s 1964 oral history interview. Sealed for 47 years and published in September 2011, it is a series of wide-ranging conversations with historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

    • I heard a few excerpts from some of these Jackie K tapes last year some time…nothing of political interest however…

      She does intimate an affair at one point though. Bigga deal, aye?



      • library fire just a coincidence?
        on the square, element water

        • I read something about a fire drill supposedly took place at the Kennedy Library…but all the reports out of Boston have sort of been morphing like ninja turtles in a Tasmanian kaleidoscopic.


  36. Listen to this corporatocracy Bilderberger pinko prick try to rationalize why his company (Nestle’) should hold the rights to control and sell water to us the unwashed masses. A little off the subject line of this posting? Not really, when you consider that these assholes promulgate a nazi psycho public relations campaign that would have made Adolf and his monsters proud.

    • there are two opinions…one is that having water is a human right…

      Yea, and the other is the corporitsts should own it all and sell it to us.


      Then what?? they own the air? When do they start owning and selling that??



      • “The most dangerous of all sciences is that of molding mass opinion, because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world.” — Talbot Mundy

        • Great quote there Veri,

          And oh so true…and now oh so obvious.


      • That’s what I think the carbon tax is all about, it opens the door for all things carbon based (hello!) to be taxable.
        What a wonderful world aye?

  37. Here is the pic I have been talking about of Jahar climbing out of the boat, obviously now bleeding throat wound…

    Just below this text:

    “The 19-year old Dzhokhar was between life and death, ‘intubated and sedated’ with a throat wound. Boston Mayor Tom Menino voiced concerns Sunday that authorities might never be able to question him at all.

    One thing remains unclear though – how the young man could walk out of the boat he was hiding in already with a throat wound that he was later almost dying from.”

    There’s no business like bullshit.


    • I meant NO throat wound is obvious from the photo…he obviously didn’t get that throat wound until he got out of the boat.

      The report said they pulled him out unconscious and was in a pool of blood…


  38. “I don’t have a single American friend,” Tamerlan said in a photo essay about his love of boxing. “I don’t understand them.”

    Yea well…I know pretty much what he means by that. I don’t have any friends in person around me…just you people in the land of digitalis {grin}.
    I don’t want to mix with the TVZombies either.


    • Group hug 🙂

  39. Is it just me or are these “events” taking place more often and becoming more obvious?

    Oh btw, was in the car today and heard on the radio about a terror plot foiled in Canada, Al-CIA-duh from Iran. I burst into laughter! ahahahuh
    I can’t take this bullshit anymore..

    • It’s spring Jay7, it’s blooming idiots.


      • Being in Canada, you should have caught the BS here. “RA RA RA SHISH BOOM BA” our Mounties are the best. We should be so lucky to have such a competent cop force. Put that manure spreader in high gear Harper, she’s never had a fuller load on.


    • Yup,

      That is a good one…it had to be photoshopped the lower arm is definitely too long to the wrist — you can see clearly where his fingers originally were before the alteration.

      An avalanche of facts have buried the official story at this time.



    • Absolutely damning…

      It was a smoke bomb with crisis actors…

      can there be any doubt about that?

      Not on my fiblerjoggler thar aint.


      • Just look at that blast. The “explosion” was a joke. Smoke bomb is right It poofed the flags out a little bit, didn’t blow anything out. The old fuck fell down on cue while the yellow jackets stayed upright. I don’t think they were written into the script. The dumb shits that dreamed this up should go back to their fall back job description, Stage managing an illusion is not their forte’. the one I seen but when I went back to find it couldn’t is where they’re pushing the double amputee down the road and his prosthetic starts to slide off and they have to stop and shove it back on. He’ll be screwed literally when the boys where he needs to go drop the soap in the shower.

      • On the day of the bombings during the Boston Marathon, The Boston Globe tweeted “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

        Can anyone find a jpg of that Globe tweet we see in this video?

        It needs posting.


        • Will… DONE… just posted it up top at the end of this article. Good idea.

          • Great JG,

            That sure squiggles the wiggles of the little piggies donit?

            It has come into stark, sharp, and glaring focus that Boston was a full on hoax.

            Wish I could gumshoe it through Boston, visiting emergency rooms and hospitals…I gotta feeling there were no real deaths or injuries. And it would be great to be able to verify this.


  41. CUI BONO

    The ‘Boston Bombings’ served as a detonator to mobilize the entire US security apparatus; it has led to the suspension of constitutional guaranties. It has been accompanied by an intense mass media campaign glorifying police state operations and the imposition of virtual martial law in the Boston metropolitan area of over 4.5 million inhabitants. The military police operation and media campaign aroused fear and terror among the public. Instant psychodrama produced mass worship of the ‘heroic’ police: they were portrayed as having saved the public from unknown numbers of armed terrorists lurking in their neighborhoods.

    The police, the FBI and the entire Security Apparatus – were repeatedly ‘honored’ at public spectacles, sports and civic events, lauded as ‘guardians’ and ‘saviors’. The sordid role of FBI in organizing entrapment operations was never mentioned.
    Indeed, the ‘Boston Bombings’ have larger political and economic consequences; they set the stage for a new round of wars abroad and regressive (and repressive) changes at home.~Prof James Petras


    • Glad someone finally came out and said it. The bombing itself was the sideshow to start the drum roll with the marching band unlawfully going house to house and literally breaking in. No doubt, as in going into Afghanistan, it was in the planning stages for quite some time.

  42. “Those who own the country should run the country.” ~John Jay, Federalist


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