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Shooting at MIT Watertown – Area residents told to stay indoors.




Watertown Explosions And Shooting: One Suspect Arrested, One Still At Large

3:23 UPDATE: The suspects in the Watertown shooting were reportedly identified via police scanner traffic as Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripath

3:17 am UPDATE: The Watertown suspect taken to the hospital has reportedly died, according to the White House Press Corps Twitter feed. The death of the suspect has not yet been confirmed by law enforcement sources.

3:03 am UPDATE: The second Watertown suspect was spotted running, police officers giving chase and expanding their perimeter, according to scanner traffic.

3 am UPDATE: The Watertown shooting scene is still active and a heavy police presence remains. Officers are still looking for the missing MIT shooting suspect. The suspect taken into custody earlier was reportedly taken to an area hospital.

2:45 am UPDATE: The Watertown shooting suspect is a light-skinned male with curly dark hair, according to the latest alert via police scanner traffic. The man should be considered armed and very dangerous, the alert also noted. The FBI is now reportedly “engaged” with their law enforcement partners to determine if there is a connection between the MIT shooting/Watertown shooting suspects and the Boston bombings. Residents interviewed by Fox News stated they heard the sound of multiple explosions. The sounds may have been intentional detonations by the Cambridge bomb squad. The FBI just recently released close-up photos of both suspects.

2:30 am UPDATE: The Watertown stand-off continues with more reports of shots fired. At least one neighborhood resident posted photos of bullet holes in his wall as a result of the “shoot-out.” About a dozen FBI agents in bullet proof vests and a SWAT team are on the scene helping police officers locate the missing MIT shooting suspect.

The Boston Globe referred to the MIT shooting suspects also as Boston Marathon bombing suspects, but the FBI maintains it is too soon to speculate about a connecti0n. The Cambridge bomb squad is also on the scene in Watertown.


black hat

FROM CNN:  BOSTON MARATHON SUSPECT # 1 Black Hat = Dead          

22017916_BG10    BOSTON MARATHON SUSPECT #2 White Hat = “terrorist on the loose”



  1. God dammit wordpress !! The links to the videos above ALL WORKED and showed the videos not just links… now they DON’T .. Wtf!!

    • Didja ever guess you’d grow up to be Lois Lane JG?

      Stidda reporting for the Daily Planet, you are a high-tech COTO reporter—we all loves it when you get hot on the trail of the assassins.


      • lol Will… where the hell is superman when ya need him?

        • Superman?

          Heez conflicted…in counseling now…he was so so SO into “truth, justice and ‘the American Way”…but that last part went black and gooey like a three year old potato behind the couch…

          Suffice it to say, Clark has issues. You’re on your own now baby.
          ‘Cept for the COTO Team a’course.


          • I’ll take the COTO team over Clark/Superman any

    • al-CIA-dumbing. The googleplex ate them!

  2. AND when the police officers knock at your door HAVE YOUR PAPERS READY PLEASE ! And for god sake hide your dogs!

  3. Ok CNN Mantra.. ” there is a TERRORIST on the loose, do not open your doors to anyone but a police officer”…

    I’ve have enough of this shit. Stop the world I want to get off.


  5. Other suspect on the ground(dead black hat?):
     photo suspectonground.jpg


  6. Suspect sought in Watertown incident matches description of marathon-attack suspect No. 2, police say. If you are keeping score suspect #1 black hat..dead.. suspect #2 white hat..on the loose.

    This joker just so happened to get a picture of the white hat terrorist on the loose and showed up on Piers Morgan with his pic.. ha! What a freakin’ coinky dink 🙂

  7. Photo of craft van shows up:

  8. Israeli police head to Boston to aid in Marathon bombing… REALLY?

    CRAFT’s ISRAELI CONNECTIONS: SEAL Team 3 Chief Chris Kyle served four combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and elsewhere. For his bravery in battle, he was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor, two Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals, and one Navy and Marine Corps commendation. Additionally, he received the Grateful Nation Award, given by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Following his combat deployments, he became chief instructor for training Naval Special Warfare Sniper and Counter-Sniper teams, and he authored the Naval Special Warfare Sniper Doctrine, the first Navy SEAL sniper manual.

    And MORE CRAFTiness

    Not On My Watch™

    School/University Firearms and Security Training Program

    This program is designed specifically for University and school district personnel to ensure safety and security of their students and faculty. We will train your key personnel in the use of weapons, safe firearms handling, threat assessment, and techniques to ensure survivability during an emergency. We will analyze your current emergency operations plan and provide recommendations, if required. We will teach you a decision making process that will ensure safety for you and our children: secure in place, escape, or fight.

    We will configure a course that will best fit your needs and budget. Please CONTACT US to coordinate and discuss your specific training needs.

    “If you fail to plan…plan to fail”

    • Let’s cut the bullshit lingo and call Chris Kyle out for what he is; a mercenary – a soldier of fortune…a killer for hire…a warmonger son of a bitch. Aye?

      And that goes for all his Isreali pussyboy pals as well.


      • Amen to that rogue !

      • And a loose end, a broken picket of a fence needing mending.

  9. Thank you for the updates on this. The Japanese TV is not yet reporting the death of the black-hatted suspect. I feel like throwing something at my husband’s TV (I would honestly give it away if he didn’t watch it so much). Obama comes on, saying “I’m gonna get you, my little pretty!” or words to that effect. I’m so glad I’m halfway around the friggin’ world from him.

    REal busy here (thank god for work).

    • Go ahead rub it in Pat !! lol This actually not funny at all. Boston is under Martial law. Check out my new update post.


    The names you posted above are completely different than this story suggests. However, the pictures are of the same suspects.

    “The Associated Press identified the surviving Boston bomb suspect as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass., and said that the suspects were brothers. The second bombing suspect is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, according to NBC News, who was found with an IED on his body. The brothers are of Chechen origin, according to NBC, a volatile southern Russian republic”… READ this story. Of course its MSM, so consider that.

    VIEW THIS regarding the fertilizer plant explosion:

    • missiles .. looks like they caught one on camera there.

      Sure is A LOT going down ALL OVER THE PLACE these days…
      these days…these certainly seem ‘THE DAYS’….aye?


  11. pics of the bros

  12. HEy Boom… that’s why I’m posting everything they are reporting on as the story changes. or as the worm turns. I posted a new article with updates.

  13. He’s just a kid….

  14. Sorry, actually go to and scroll down ’cause Creighton’s got a number of threads on this.

  15. I will boom..check out my latest too 😉

  16. by Scott Creighton
    “UPDATE: “Other photos will not be deemed credible” “Only the photos of our predetermined PATSY will be considered“
    UPDATE: Ohhh noooo! Today’s bullshit photo release seems to support the warning we got from some “security commission” whistle blower.

    >He said they would be blaming this one on an “unstable male, late teens early 20s” and that they will raid his house on Friday and find black power for reloading munitions and guns and an NRA membership card or something like that.
    And now we have the smiling guy in the White Hat… late teens early twenties, looks “unstable” and he’s the one they say they saw dropping his bag.

    >>And they put this conference together so “we the people” will phone in the tip that gets him fingered (so later they can’t say it was a set up)
    “If you see something, say something” saves the day! Snitch on your neighbors! Save the country!**{Yes — ww}
    Very cute. Very clever.”

    I think this explanation makes the most sense of all…


    • Yep, this so reminds me of the East German stasi and that movie called “the lives of others”…great movie. your neighbor, your family member, your co workers…. ALL OF THEM SUSPECT

      • Yup JG, they are pulling off right here in Amerika, just like we knew they were going for…

        I’ve seen this coming since I was a kid…it has been like slow motion…and now in FFWD…and as usual I reference the Sci Fi meme, because it is that future that is now, that was always what the fascination of Sci Fi meant to me.

        That’s why I went from reading ASTOUNDING TALES to THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH…
        Personally some of it came from my step dad and a neighbor dad laughing and telling ‘Pollock Jokes’…which seemed very “Nazilike”
        …the ‘Totalitarianism’ seemed like a shadow just beyond perception…always there waiting just around the corner.

        Here it is full blown…and the sheepsticks still don’t get it.

        “bah bah” booboo…


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