Posted by: jerseyg | April 17, 2013

Lone Wolf ? NOT!




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  2. That’s good work. I’m guessing this is a “private” citizen doing this fine work? Its millions of times better info than anything the MSM and their klowns are providing US.

  3. Obomber is on my teevee talking about the senate’s rejection of his gun bill. On the stage to his right is Gabby Gifford on his left is Biden and Sandy Hook family..WHAT UTTER BULLSHIT!

    • Thanks for the pics here. I went back to the site again…
      ..still just little white squares where pics would be. Lots of them.
      I wish it would load right. I’ll try again later.

      So what’s Oboomba want? Does he want to over-ride the Senate via Executive Order? He wants a “groundswell” of support for this from the “people”? {grin}…

      It doesn’t matter does it. The System is going to do whatever the agenda one way or the other, everything else is just bullshit theater.
      And meanwhile this strategy of tension continues with the gun-grabbers v the 2nd Amendment supporters.

      Battle Lines are being drawn. And as we see, the police state is on the move in reaction to Boston as we sit here trying to piece this all together. The State Agenda is always moving forward regardless of the burlesque theater.

      And meanwhile we know that the definition of “domestic terrorist” is so vague as to include absolutely anyone.


    • CNN’s CIA footage and the little miss mockingbird Andy Pooper are asking America to watch their footage over and over. Over and Over? Yesh we get it. Repetitive mind control. The Black capped guy and the white reversed capped guy. We knoiw…….

      SPY vs SPY

  4. There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I got to beware
    I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

  5. Boston Marathon bomb suspect ‘identified’

    Has anyone seen any reports in this?


  6. They said they did now they say they don’t … muddy waters.. bullshit all around…

    This is the latest from cnn:

    • It is really hard to take someone serious that can’t speak in complete sentences…

      It took this guy six plus minutes to make a point that could have been made in 30 seconds. He sounded like he was on downers, or has been whacked up side the head too many times.

      The points Rappoport makes in the article this comes from are prescient – but Jon’s inclusion of this video was a mistake in judgement – he should rather have found a still jpg of that pressure cooker “bomb”.


      • Never the less, it and the sachel should have been turned to nano-confetti.

        • I don’t think so V. The exploding contents were not of a type or strong enough to “vaporize” metal. The remnants of pressure cooker container look as expected, in my opinion.

        • We have to consider the construction of this bomb.

          If it was packed with gunpowder, it seems sensible that the nails and such would be poured on top of that — it would have to be tamped – like loading a cannon, or the powder would just ignite and not really explode, of course inside a sealed vessel it would blow the top off as the mixture turned to a gas – but very ineffectively.

          The “shaped charge” is the result of the shape of the vessel, it wasn’t a large enough explosion to suspect a plasique, which would indeed have vaporized the whole container. Just the brisance or concussion of a plastique explosive would have killed almost everyone in the immediate area.

          My opinion…but I am certainly no explosives expert.


          • You’d think, that what the explosive was would be identified in a chemical analysis of the residue but then if TPTB are the ones doing it. The conclusions would be highly suspect anyhow, what will most likely be reported will be what fits into the tale they’ll tell us. Was listening to my car radio this morning, they’re certainly getting high mileage out of it.

            • Yea “high mileage” – just like Sandy Hook, another strategy of tension.

              I think they thought this would sway that Senate vote on gun regurgitation…it didn’t…and that in itself is a another part of the divide and conquer dialectic; the “Dems and Repugs” playing enemies with each other. All bloody theater.


          • To me the ‘bomb’ looked like what’s called a flash-bang grenade (bigger than the kind I’ve used though).

            I’m no expert but I did do some demolitions in the Army and have seen a variety of different types of explosions.

            All the world’s a stage…especially in this day and age…

  7. Good article from AJ:

  8. Those guys in khaki & black with the skull caps? Look like these guys?


    Virtually all of the “Terrorist Attacks” on US soil have been the work of the FBI.


  10. I know the forensic-minded want to figure out the “what” & “how” gawblesmurka; but the “who”, and “why” is what is foremost on my list. And “that” tends to reveal itself in the aftermath, as the predators proffer their pork and beans, hoping to capitalize one the “event”. This Ricin letter thing seems to be (STB) a side-light, a rabbit hole, a diversion. Like Before, a side dish is all-of-a-sudden put on the table to muddy the waters.

    Notice — Nobody died. Flunky or sitting POSI (person of supposed importance). Think? — ordering at a Mexican restaurant. Chips, salsa, please, how ’bout some drinks?

    This entire meat-grinder is intended to be a focused and directed “event” to cause fear in the flock, turn off their rationale thought, then ram through some more fucking freedom sacrificing “legislation”.

    It’s an M.O.! Its a recipe, Its a “formula” we’ve seen many times before for Destabilization. A Psyop of course!

    So…OUR response should be — So What?! You Fuckers killed more innocent people. Killing is easy, when folks are looking! NOW — WE’RE LOOKING, AND WE HAVE BEEN! The Scum will float to the top of the cesspool certainly. We’ll WATCH and SEE “WHO” seeks to capitalize on this, and legislate another turd to “Protect” US ALL, by “Writing OFF” more OUR Constitutional FREEDOMS!

    IN FACT — FUCKERS! Forget any semblance of “lawful” {meaning “legislated” or “executive privilege” bullshit tripe}; NO!!! WE’LL just call it “Creator Given” or “Natural” Rights to Defense, Free Speech, and ALL the other RIGHTS of Sovereign Individuals. THESE — you CANNOT STEP ON!

    If you cannot comprehend THIS, then go sit on your own load pressure cooker, and leave the Thinking to those who CAN!

  11. A couple of typos in the above in important places, but you grok my gist I hope.

  12. Do WE really need to see Anderson Cooper flogging the latest catastrophe? What’s that other asshole on CNN — SHIT! I can’t think of his name (which is fine with me). C’MON America! How is it you require some loser to “inform” you via an entirely corrupted medium?

    Go ahead! Pick anybody on the street, and decide that “that” person will provide you “all you need to know” about national and inter-national events for the forseeable future? Is that a smart move on your part?

    I thought you’d upchuck on that concept. Point made!

  13. This just in… HUGE explosion (amonium nitrate) at fertilizer plant, many dead and wounded, in……wait for it…..WACO. Sabotage? They dont know yet. But try this on….

    April 15th – Murder of children by FBI at Branch Davidian complex, WACO, TX
    April 15th – Amonium Nitrate bomb (maybe) blows up federal building in OKC
    April 15th – Boston marathon bomb.

    To take a page from Peter Levenda, when the synchronicities start, that is a clue that there are sinister forces at work behind the scenes.

    • Yes…it is really hard to assume this was simply an accident. considering the timing and place.

      Levenda makes a very good point.


    • I called a friend in Waco. He thinks another terror attack to get the focus off the Boston debacle> I concur. It also is located on the 30th parallel so I suspect terror from HAARP.

      They triggered the explosion with microwave heating. The rig is on the thirtieth parrallel in the Pacific and the eratquakes around Iran and New Guinea are there as well.

      Unfortunately anyone who felt the effewcts of it died in the blast. It was HAARP folks.

  14. I was just reading about that Chris.. holy crap. That was a HUGE explosion. Many injuries and tons of damage to surrounding houses, nursing home and school.

    Yep, very symbolic. In my opinion, no state, city or town is safe right now. They are on a mission.

  15. So late this afternoon I go to a music festival loaded with 250-fliers on today’s news. First thing I do is go up to about 10-police gathered in a circle and pass-out the fliers and talk to them for about 10-mins or so about today’s event.

    About an hour into it a bartender at one of the stands tells on of the jack-ass security guards to tell me to stop what I’m doing, so I confront him and ask him by what right does he have to tell me to do anything? To which he says I’m “upsetting his costumers.”

    To which I say, “Really? Which ones? Or are you some kind of mind-reader that can tell what people are feeling?” To which he goes off to get the head honcho. When the head honcho arrives he tells me I can’t do what I’m doing and I ask by what authority he has to say that, and he says he “has a permit.” To which I say, “Gee, so do I. I have the Constitution, and I go to hand him my phone and tell him to call the police, the ones I’ve already given fliers to, because I would LOVE to to go to court with the arresting officer having to admit he took a flier from me in the park. After which I could sue him until he bleed green. And besides, I could use the publicity. The message I’m trying to spread would be worth $100,000 in fliers, if he’d only arrest me.

    He walked-off and I went about my business.

    LOL! I am soooo good at what I do!

    • The power of NO is great. Just a little resistance can blow the whole curcuit Michael. You are my leader.

  16. Ha! Yes you are VERY GOOD at it! You do coto proud Mister 🙂

  17. M — YOU are The Man when it comes to relating to folks face-to-face. Kudos to you!

  18. Regarding that video posted above by the speech-impediment guy and Rappaport’s piece — it is posited that the pressure cooker was “packed” with shrapnel-like items. Then, they wonder why there’s no hole or swiss cheese effect upon the pressure cooker?

    To my thinking, the space inside the pressure cooker would be used for the explosives themselves. Containerized, and pressurized. Any shrapnel items would be wrapped around the outside of the exploding device, to send them speeding in all directions. That the “shaped charge” was placed against a building wall, helps direct the blast towards the potential victims on the street.

    I thought I’d mention this, because, why would a bomb-maker minimize the “charge” area by glomming it up with shrapnel? This defeats the explosive power of the bomb. Note — I am not a bomb maker. I’m simply applying common logic.

  19. I can’t see how the PTB can hide this evidence? They’re trying, but it’s like trying to stop a tsunami with a tennis-racket. Do they think that people only go to their propaganda sites to get the news?

    I would love to be a fly-on-the-wall at the WH and Langley right now watching these cretins trying to figure out what they can do to stop this.

  20. Question? Where’s all the “extremists” or Groups “Claiming” They did it?

    Nobody wants to take credit for it? Not even a false paradigm or rabbit hole diversion? Surely, the motive is multi-pronged like Sandy Crook or Aurora or any of the other FF’s.

    By-the-way: Obama’s defeat on the 2nd Amendment bill, and subsequent press conference telling real “Americans” that this issue is “not over” is a stunning admission by a sitting pResident. A Constitutional Scholar at that! (sic).

    So…WE have an illiegal pResident doing everything in his power to kill one of the last and most important Amendments to the very “Law of the Land”?! This is STUNNING in its Obvious implications. Why is he not immediately removed from office for Treason against the “Law of the Land”, and all of his cohorts as well? This is the Bombshell!

    • I think that the Marathon Blasts, like Sandy Hook, was put into effect to produce the web blog “conspiracy theories”, and as such some of the things that will be developing is a series of such theories being put forth and mirroring and blooming all over the Internet, many of which are totally spurious and built on flatulence.

      I think we are headed through another mine field where we will have to keep our critical facilities honed, and be careful of information both “official” and “independent” – for who knows where the two may covertly connect?


      • Rogue1 — you are so droll in such a special way — that I appreciate you with an exponentially fondue-ness the more I savvy your mindfulness.

        The Flatulence “angle” is one that should be explored more fully (perhaps by Certified Proctologists, or the Gas Man), as wave upon wave of flatulence seems to be upon us {again}.

        What can WE do, but be wary of the butts, and seek Truth in the midst of a Cacophony ( BREAK THAT WORD DOWN — “Caca” and “Phony” ) of flatulence? Why do WE always gotta deal with the stink of the hijinks of the finks?

        “A mine field”. Excellent point. That’s what we are always traversing. Not of our own making.

        COTO is savvy to beware of the propaganda emanating as flatulence. Steer Clear is the Watch Word.

    • I think it’s to stop the sale, make the surveillance and force the hoop jumps to buy gunpowder to make your own bullets and fertilizer to grow your gardens. Just bebfits to the main thrust of full spectrum crotch fondling and death ray scanners.

  21. Gun-grabbers React with Outrage as Second Amendment is Upheld in Senate

    “All in all, this is a pretty shameful day for Washington,” Obama said from the Rose Garden after the vote. “The American people are trying to figure out — how can something that has 90 percent support not happen?”

    Moreover, the liberal chorus call echoed by the establishment media demanding the Senate legislate by the result of public surveys – specifically, the Quinnipiac University poll showing 90 percent of Americans believe in background checks – runs counter to the fact America was not established as a democracy. The founders intended the United States to be a constitutional republic.

    Liberals and socialists, of course, prefer a democracy where opinion can be manipulated and a majority can impose its will on a minority.”~Kert Nimmo

    “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.”~Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816.


    • Your point here is well crafted. Obama, as a puppet, and his cohorts in treason, are shamefully exposing their purplish asses to The People of the Republic.

      Psychopathy sometimes “demands” that the psychopath Destroy himself on a suicidal mission. This seems to be the case with these faux “representative” who parse that they were “elected”, have the power to change the Laws of the Land?! We have definitely entered the WTF? ZONE, as these individuals expose themselves as Anti-Human, Anti-American, Anti-Lawful “Criminals”.

      Is there some other explanation anyone might take away from this?

    • Pretty well captures current day events I’d say…

      ‘Behold A Pale Horse’
      Page 225, chapter 12:

      “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the ant-igun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.” (William Cooper 1991)

  22. Most would have seen this but for those who haven’t :

  23. FBI Releases Photos, Video of Suspects in Boston Bombings…

    Has anyone here seen if this video and the photos are the ones we are already discussing? Are the FBI actually following the leads on the web?
    I think this is likely the case, which is rather a laughing out loud situation…
    Have the citizens at last taken the lead in forensic investigation?

    COTO knows that we have taken that lead. Has the so-called Intelligence Community finally accepted this fact? Perhaps they can take more of our prescient advice and things develop..{??}


    • Go Back and have a look at the last “primer Fields” comment Willy. Reads like someone or?,has finally deciphered your coded poetic jingo.

  24. NIce one there Rogue1. I’d like to know how many cops-on-the-beat (meaning salaried professionals who stepped up, did their job, and “helped” people in need — like at 9/11 as an example) are in the possession of “evidence” that they’ve been told to squelch? On every FF reams of video, forensic, and other evidence (circumstantial, eye witnesses) never make it to the light-of-day. It is my hope that these individuals will begin to get “creative” in sending out the Truth on the Airwaves to bust the criminals!

  25. It’s a Youtube anomaly that the video view count freezes at 301 views? No it’s not. It’s a clue coto. Tales from the vortex.

    Three weeks before

    • Wouldn’t that guy with the leg have passed out from pain and loss of blood? He looks like he’s enjoying the wheelchair ride !.. jesus christ that looks totally fake. I suppose the explanation could be that he was in shock though the look on his face seems to belie that fact. That leg doesn’t look real…plus..that is not exactly the best way to transport a person with their leg blown off is it? I would think the guy would bleed out in that position !! But wtf do I know? I’m just using my own common sense. I also saw on facebook a picture of a woman lying on the ground..all bloody and “injured” calmly looking at her cell phone. Guess she was in shock too but was texting out of sheer force of I’ll see if I can find it again somewhere.

      I saw that video of the guy falling down for absolutely no reason right after it happened and they showed that one clip over and over and over again on CNN…..I thought… wtf… was he an old man having a heart attack.. obviously wasn’t associated with the “blast” since no one else is affected AT ALL. My daughter asked me if I had noticed that guy and when I said I did, we realized we both had the same reaction..he was acting on que but seems like he may have bad timing? lol Or maybe I’m just too jaded…yea, that’s probably it.

  26. Hey Willie listen to Barry as he says we are going to get to the bottom of this. The Cul-de-Sac.


    • “Cleverly Crafted Cartesian Chatterboxes Caterwauling Counterclockwise Causes Covert Caustic Coughing,” Quipped Queen Catherine’s Clean Clitoris


  28. They’re not done terrifying Bostonians yet…

  29. FBI…help us help YOU… catch phrase…”they acted differently than everyone else” oooOOOOoooo YOU MUST CONFORM!

    Ignore everything else you see and believe and focus in on what we tell you to believe. You are getting sleeeeeepyyyyyyyy…

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