Posted by: jerseyg | April 16, 2013

When false flags don’t fly…. James Corbett

From 2010,  but Corbett’s words speak powerfully to the latest false flag event at the Boston Marathon.



    • Great piece by Cooper Veri. I think my blood pressure must be close to Peter’s after listening to Bill and James! Cooper stating the truth prior to 9/11/01..calling the people that believe the shit they feed us stupid…. and they’re STILL STUPID 12 years later !!

    • I was involved in the US Greens Abroad at that time, and really naive. 911 was what finally tipped me off that the US government did not have the people’s interests in mind. Right about the time Dubya was declared elected, I was on an e-mail list (the Net was worthless–Japanese search engines took you solely to vendors), and one fellow kept posting reams and reams of dirt on the Bushes and their Nazi past, all well documented. But we just sort of ignored him. It was a shame, because it all turned out to be true and totally germane. I wonder if he had presented his vast information better, in a more organized, persuasive manner, if it would have helped. But I really doubt it. We basically believed him. There just was not a single thing we could do about the Bushes. At that point, Nader was being blamed for Bush’s election. Handy patsy.

  1. A couple of great Youtoobers kids…

    Yup those dumbass murkans…Lol

    What can ya say but ta hell with the bimbos?


    • Yes will… to hell with all the dumbass murkans !!

  2. I wonder what the average MSM news-fed American is saying. In Japan, in response, the TV was playing images of Bin Laden. However, when we first heard about the explosions, we figured an American right winger would be held to blame, because the US government is desperate to get control over them before rioting begins, fueled by economic turmoil. This is how people overseas are interpreting it–if they are somewhat aware of international issues. The first big false flag was so obvious, and yet the system found a way to get the majority to ignore it. It worked like a charm, so they’ll do it again and again, just like a bank robber would if he found a key to successful robberies. The question is, why such chintzy little bomblets? (I guess they are not chintzy if you are standing too close.) Were they afraid of being spotted with anything bigger?

  3. Could be, it’s a test run to see what reaction they’ll get. I don’t watch MSM so I’m out of the loop as to what direction their spin is going in but they must be having a WTF moment in lieu of the fact that SH and Aurora Colorado blew back in their faces.

  4. Pat, I don’t know what the rest of them are saying but I do know what my best friend at work thinks.. We got into a heated discussion this morning over this. When I explained that I thought it was another false flag and why, she didn’t want to hear it and was giving me one of those “oh there you go again” faces.

    . So then I went at it this way, I explained about the high security, bomb sniffing dogs and loudspeaker announcements BEFORE the race and said that how come with ALL that, they were still able to set off a bomb with cameras everywhere. I said, they’d have to know who set off the bombs because they’d have him on the security cams Know what she said ? Welll, it was towards the end of the race, the cameras were probably gone by then. LOL

    I gave up. I give up.. She’s a smart woman but totally socially conditioned to believe her country can do no wrong. ~sigh

    • LMAO. “Well, it was towards the end of the race, the cameras were probably gone by then.” It sounds to my like you won that one. If she is intelligent, she knows it. When you persuade people, they react like that. But slowly, imperceptibly, they come around. Good job.

      • haha thanks Pat for the encouraging words. I sent around the Corbett vid to her and the rest of my friends and family. I’m; guessing very few will actually take the 7+ mins to watch it.

  5. Well another thing that bothers me is why people aren’t questioning why the “terrorists” keep picking on the little guy instead of the banks? Why don’t they wonder why bank of america or chase aren’t being blown up ? Like Corbett says, it’s the big guys that always benefit from such acts, not the citizens.

    Why would these “govt haters” be they “homegrown” or muslim go after people in movie theaters, schools & marathons? Makes no sense does it people? YOU DUMBASSES GROW A FRIGGIN’ BRAIN!

  6. Fear keeps them on that side of the paradigm. That’s a symptom of the low frequency reptilian order of things. Don’t know about you, but when I fell through the veil, it took me awhile to get my footing again. That low gnawing fear is an insidious thing.

  7. I find that so many people have no intellectual curiosity. If someone tells me something that I consider off the wall, I will do my own research to see if what they are saying is indeed true or false. I like to continually expand my knowledge base,. Everyone here at coto is the same way. I think that’s what sets us apart from the average sheeple. They are content to stay penned in and graze. We prefer finding a way to hop over the fence and explore the world we have yet to discover.

    • Well said JG, I feel the frustration that coto faces.
      One of my best friends just completely refuses at even contemplate what I trying to inform him of, he just says why do you care? Take care of yourself. WTF? Simple answer, because I fucking care!! You can provide all the facts but they just refuse.
      Nearly 8 yrs of research here and to not even consider what I say is quite insulting really. I think it’s selfishness, they only care about themselves and their little bubble. What blows me away is then these people pop kids out without a care for the world they live in. Selfishness. I vowed to never have kids unless I find a really hot, intelligent, coto material princess warrior. lol
      Fortunately I do have a couple friends who listen to me and are interested but they find it abit scary and back off when it gets to murky.
      Me, I don’t give a rats how scary the shit is, it’s reality, deal with it, I want it all!!
      I’ll never give up researching because that is who I am, I want truth, all of it, NOW!! 🙂

      • Oh get this, the friend I mentioned who wont listen.
        He actually introduced me to the 911 conspiracy!!
        Weeks later he’s climbing frantically up the rabbit hole while I dive in further.. LOL Go figure!!

        • lol jay.. it’s scary down in that rabbit hole.. he’s a coward !

          Oh and hang in there. Keep your eyes open. You’ll find that hot coto chic.. There are lots of them with eyes wide open 😉

  8. Interesting company…

    “Our courses have been carefully designed under the guidance of a military and civilian medical advisory counsel, along with military medics on staff with our company who have recently served on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result we offer the highest quality realistic injury simulation training program available in the world.
    We use state of the art moulage materials and film and television quality techniques to stimulate and empower our student’s creative abilities. From minor injuries to critical life threatening wounds and amputations,

    Here’s one I made up a few months ago…

    • Thx for the links eyes. Interesting…

      “A partial listing of our clients include:”
      “Israeli 54th Airborne Battalion”

      • You’re welcome Jay7sun… Huh? is right..

  9. Like 9/11; a multiplex of surveillance technologies were employed as “prevention”. Police, and plainclothes people deployed, “Drills” being conducted, multimedia on the scene, etc., etc.

    What good was it? Taxpayers should think about it. Government “administrators” impotent like usual. Remove them.

    Then, war criminals like Condaleeza Rice on the MSM news this morning. Fitting for ghouls to get face time. Why her? I haven’t heard anything from her for a long time. Then, she appears from the dark mists…

  10. Sidelight — what’s this?

    • Boom, I saw those blinking particles on a morgellon’s website a few years ago. They were actually imbedded in people’s arms along with fibers and some even had plant like substances emerging from their skin. Freaky as hell.

      This one looks very much like an eye. Creepy. I hope to hell I never find one in me or a member of my family…. yikes.

      I have seen what looks like silvery silly string weaving along the sidewalk at times while walking with the dog. I thinks it’s a web like substance that falls from the chemtrails. It looks very pretty sparkling in the light… like tinsel….

      • “I have seen what looks like silvery silly string weaving along the sidewalk at times while walking with the dog. I thinks it’s a web like substance that falls from the chemtrails. It looks very pretty sparkling in the light… like tinsel….”

        Those are snail tracks darlin’. It is the dried mucus from snails and slugs.


        • Eww slugs, really? That’s gross. I hate those slimey things. How can they leave such pretty trails.

  11. It’s been 12 fcukin years since 9/11 and the phony “Arab terrorist” meme fuse was lit….and STILL, they had to turn a passenger plane around because people panicked because of two male passengers speaking Arabic, because the marathon had been bombed…because people are in a hysterical mindset…because Amerikans are fuckin scared shitless pansies who got to act tough with their stupid uniforms and badges and flying that fucking red-white-and blue rag and weeping tears of gawdblesamurkah fevered jingojoy. And this is why you will find me here, keeping my distance from these lunatics…they’re as crazy as shithouse rats…hair triggers, all of them….Like I have said before, I can think of no people more deserving of the shit storm coming than these fucking idiot Amerikans.

    No Jolly Green “hohoho” today kiddos…


    • I’m totally with ya there rogue. Amerikan idiots. I can hear Green day singin’ in the background……

  12. Sure — American “extremists”. Sure — “Patriots”. Let’s investigate every signatory to the PNAC!

    Inversion by the inverters. It is most helpful to look at the finger pointers, to get closer to those behind acts such as this. The radicals are the anti-constitutionalists, those who truly do hate us for our Freedoms.

    • Chertoff = Nosferatu

  13. “Richard DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the Boston FBI office, asserted, “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker,” ruling out the possibility that the attack was carried out by foreigners who entered the United States.”

    “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker.”
    “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker.”
    “The person who did this was someone’s friend, neighbor or coworker.”

    Be afraid, be VERY afraid…it could be your friend, your neighbor or coworker, your cousin, you brother, sister…
    …FUCK!! it could even be YOUR MOM!!

    Of course this figures…look at the ingredients in the “bomb”: reloading powder, the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions, pressure cooker pots…nails…ball bearings….Ahhh…all of that needs to be restricted and names taken when people buy such things…or even attempt to buy such dangerous items. No more cash sales. Fingerprints, iris scans, and anal probes for all retail transactions. Lets be SAFE!!
    —–BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!!!! !!!!!!


    and gawblesmurkah!!!!






  15. Oh yea, here is photographic proof of what happened in Boston ! Thank u facebook posters !

    • Not being a Facebooky none of those images loaded for me JG,

      Could pick a couple or few choice ones to copy and paste to this page?


      • Will, it’s not a facebook page. It’s an actual website. Try again. It’s probably crashing due to traffic. I posted some pix that I could on my newest post but to see the entire evidence w/video you need to click the link

  16. A comment I just made on the new T+S thread:
    . . . . . . . . . .
    Although I find the philosophy of Hegel deplorable, he was yet an astute observer of history and humankind. Atop a dictum usually associated with Santayana; that “those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them” – Hegel noted further that, “the vast majority of people do not learn the lessons of history”
    [Both paraphrases mine].

    I bring this up as a clue to the answer of Mr Noel’s final question in his remarks:

    > “What will?” The question as I read it is; ‘What will snap the people out of their trance and put them into a mode of action?”

    So of course I brought up Hegel’s observation as one of the aspects of trying to anticipate what might actually ‘wake’ the common man up. The other complications are part and parcel of this thread’s topic; ‘Psychological Operations’ and their effectiveness. I would argue that although we do not face a Manichean Devil here, the System is yet highly effective in it’s powers of Enchantment.

    Those who escape this enchantment cannot be accurately profiled {in my view}, it seems to entail a nebulously defined “talent” combined with a ‘peculiar’ type of curiosity, perhaps ‘chance’ events in ones life that happened at an opportune moment…
    And I make these remarks from my own long experience conversing with the people that fall into this sort of ‘Category X’ – many off whom are participants in this very forum.

    I must admit I find the “Immunity Factor” mysterious within the confederacy of those who have this ‘X’ sort of ‘non-profile’. It is also a beneficial profile in many ways…that one of not being readily identified other than by our actual actions in defiance to those who would do such profiling. Yes, we gift them with much. And that too is to our benefit simply because of the numbers who are already pissed off and making a racket over it.

    As to proceeding to a “solution” to the present dilemma presented by open tyranny, frankly, I see no better action than to proceed as we are. Continue to point out the absurdity of this system, continue to argue for the obvious proofs that it is despotic…and all the other proofs we may offer to back that up.

    I frankly do not see much hope in changing the system positively, I see something more on the line of riding it out while the system destroys itself — remaining sane, remaining human.
    I see this is more a personal challenge to each individual, more than a collective action.
    Coordination can only be feasible by holding on to moral senses – no other form of regimentation should be acceptable to sovereign individuals.

    And so these are all grand and vague words, and I put it thus purposely, for all must put their own meanings to such terms as “moral senses,” “right and wrong” etc…

    We should also keep in mind that we seem close to some sort of acceleration, the moment is pregnant with possibilities.


    • Excellent comment, Rogue! From what we have seen in other tyrannies, there is nothing to snap people out of their trance. Homegrown tyrannies, where the enslavement was insidious and done with the people’s consent, fall only when outside forces compel them to change, at which point they typically implode, a few scapegoats are named and the rest of the gang gets away. Historically, barbarians invade and the tyrants, unable to stop them, skip town. After the Soviet Union fell, there remained an amazing number of simple folk who still openly admired Stalin. They were brainwashed. Likewise, I was brought up with all these fine words about liberty and how America is so special, and my relatives are still saying it, unaware that it is patent nonsense, except one sarcastic uncle who is a joy to visit.

      The immunity factor you mention was something Lobaczewski was studying. Where the pathological nature of one professor was painfully obvious, he said, there was always a six percent minority among his students who were nonetheless persuaded. He and his colleagues studied the phenomenon intently. He said tobacco smoke, including second-hand, seemed to confer immunity. Fluorides and cell phones come to mind as things that can affect personality and cognitive development in different ways. The former make a person docile, the latter, less able to empathize.

      Lobaczewski emphasized two countermeasures: prophylaxis and distancing. The former means educating people to spot the insidious ways corruption proceeds, and the latter is a survival technique when the “hysteroidal cycle” reaches its hysterical peak. You do not want to stick out, and even if you can tolerate the insane paradoxes (such as deliberate punishment of people exhibiting humane compassion), you only empower the tyrants when you deal with them. Survivors of tyranny are worth studying and emulating. Lobaczewski mentioned a constantly changing slang jargon that the tyrants can’t pick up on easily. In America, the blacks provide a good example.

  17. Rogue & Pat, yes, it’s become obvious there is nothing we can do but “keep on keepin’ on with our bad selves”. A lot of people are wise to some things but can’t seem to connect the dots to see the big picture.

    I’m weary of trying to convince the willfully ignorant of what danger we are in but my never say die nature will not allow me to give up. At least, not yet. Though I’m not sure I won’t have a stroke trying……..

    • ”Life’s tough…
      it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.” ~ John Wayne


  18. Origin of False Flag

    The term originated in the days of naval warfare. Ships would hoist the flag of their enemy, enabling them to approach closer to enemy ships than otherwise they could. They then could open fire with the advantage of surprise. The combination of secrecy and deception is a hallmark of all false flag operations.

    The definitional issues of false flag go well beyond the two components mentioned above and will be tackled in Part 3. The false flag phenomenon encompasses false flag events, pseudo events, front organizations and players (agents). In the events category the not-always-reliable Wikipedia provides a good definition: False flag operations are covert operations ( conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations […] designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. […] False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy’s strategy of tension

    ( tension).

    Outcomes are one criterion for classifying false flag events, pseudo events, fronts and agents. The strategy of tension, mentioned in the Wikipedia definition, includes all four forms. Ironically a pretty good explanation of the outcomes criterion can be found on an anti-Truther site, Skeptoid:* If one were to work solely from [“conspiracy hotbeds”] it would be easy to get the impression that our recent history is jammed with prefabricated incidents designed to enable our government to grab more power, take away the rights of the common people and/or line their already fattened pockets. You got it right there, Skeptoid. • .
    – Barrie Zwicker


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