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The “Lords of the Flies” are just Maggots

The PRETENDERS by James Kirwan

The PRETENDERS by James Kirwan

“The time for the worm of the global-public to finally turn upon the warmongers and the hunters has been ignored by far too-many—for far too long. Now it has arrived!

Cerberus was an ancient three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the kind of Hell that we’re about to enter, unless the world reacts to all the threats, and brings an end to everything that has become the norm to this moment. Are you ready yet? The public outnumbers the Moneychangers and the Warmongers by millions to one. But all it takes to end them is just three percent of the public to stand up and end the massively-criminal-charade that’s almost finished killing life on the planet?

The time to finally see these creatures for what they have always been has arrived”.

We’ll let Mr. James Kirwan RANT for today. You may offer your own rant in the comments section or post your own RANT-OF-THE-DAY as a COTO thread.

ESPECIALLY REFERENCE James Kirwan’s recent article including the above quote at:

REFERENCE Kirwan’s complex Artwork sketch referred to at:

REFERENCE the recent COTO article:

If you are asleep regarding MONEY & FINANCE, you may not know what’s been going on for months with Real Money prices ( Gold & Silver ), and the stock market ( Rigged Game ). SEE for the extreme ugliness of Everything Manipulated by dirty, rotten, criminal scoundrels! Notice that the private corporation’s “money” (Federal Reserve – sic) is “lent” to the U.S. Government At Interest (since 1913. Also the year “Income Tax was instituted), in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution’s directive to invest the Treasury with the sole responsibility for coining “money”. WTF?! Again. And Again.

Culminating in a historic plunge last week leading up to Friday’s debacle, the manipulated rout of Real Money continues as the markets open this Monday morning.

At the moment, Gold is DOWN another $86 dollars or so, Silver DOWN another $2.28 at this time. All while the Rothschild Federal Reserve “Fiat” U.S. Dollar is UP? “WTF?!” We exclaim.

How’s that Guv Management Team doing with the economy and finances? As with everything, it appears that all is being inverted and turned Upside Down. Make of it what you will. One thing is for sure, as Mr. Kirwan and others hint — Things Cannot Continue in this Manner. They won’t.

Meta Bunk — That’s a Good One, HaHaHa!!! Its all Bunkum & Hokum from the cheap seats.

Debunked: “In politics, nothing happens by accident” – FDR

The claimed quote is:

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

This is a FAKE QUOTE. According to Wikiquote:…#Misattributed

There are no records of Roosevelt having made such a statement, and this is most likely a misquotation of the widely reported comment he made in a speech at the Citadel (23 October 1935):
Yes. we are on the way back — not by mere chance, not by a turn of the cycle. We are coming back more soundly than ever before because we planned it that way, and don’t let anybody tell you differently.
Even that is a corruption, as the original is “we are planning it that way”.

“Yes, we are on our way back— not just by pure chance, my friends, not just by a turn of the wheel, of the cycle. We are coming back more soundly than ever before because we are planning it that way. Don’t let anybody tell you differently”.

History Repeats…

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! Sometimes you just gotta laugh…or else you’ll cry.

UPDATE: Now, at 11:00am EST, Gold is down $114, and Silver down $2.56! The “Games” TPTB play are cruel indeed.

An Addendum to this Thread HERE:

New York’s ‘assault weapon’ registration to begin
By MICHAEL VIRTANEN Associated Press The Associated Press
Monday, April 15, 2013 3:03 AM EDT

INVERTING “Everything” was mentioned above, and WE have been watching how They do it for a long time now.

This latest treasonous obliteration and Inversion of Constitutionally GUARANTEED 2nd Amendment “Rights” {under the bogus “promise” and insane Theory of trading Rights for Safety} is a prime example:

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls those and other provisions in the state’s new gun law common sense while dismissing criticisms he says come from “extreme fringe conservatives” who claim the government has no right to regulate guns”.

WOW! Just dismiss Guaranteed Rights under the U.S. Constitution (Law of the Land) as “criticisms”, and demonize those whom oppose as “extreme”?! Definitely a WTF! moment.

This creature continues, “Yes, they are against it, but they are the extremists and the extremists shouldn’t win, especially on this issue when it is so important to the majority,” Cuomo said in a radio interview Wednesday. “In politics, we have to be willing to take on the extremists, otherwise you will see paralysis.”

It is quite clear that the ASSAULT occurring is that which is being waged against The U.S. Constitution and those whom adhere to this Idea of Protections for The People. Who is the “Extremist” here? Rhetorical Question of course. So WE ASK the question — is not an ILLEGAL “LAW” no law whatsoever?

The Writing is certainly on the Wall, and WE SEE who thinks they have the legitimacy to write whatever They want on Our Walls. For many of US, our Fathers and Grandfathers fought and died FOR protecting the very FREEDOMS built into the ideas expressed in the U.S. Constitution. And now, a sitting governor can get in front of the media cameras and microphones, push blatantly treasonous “laws” — and NOBODY is arresting him for His Own Extremist Illegal Actions! The land of the Absurd…



  1. Interesting “idea” posed by Scott Creighton —

  2. Order Of The Garter. The one percent of the one percent? Look further, know your enemy.

  3. More fascinating information here:


    “Tennessee State Militia/Guard has stopped DHS armored Vehicles from Kentucky – Russians with DHS Eagle uniforms”

  4. “At the root inside the root, people aren’t stupid. They choose to be stupid. They aren’t asleep. They decide to go to sleep. They don’t forget. They make themselves forget. They aren’t simply fooled. They fool themselves on purpose.

    Then they look out on the world for confirmation of their own acts of sabotage. And they see institutions that have been built on the same blueprint as their own, and they support such institutions and rely on them.

    “Yes, the world is fake and so am I, and we must do everything possible to keep it that way.”

    This, believe it or not, is a species of art. This fakery. It may not be timeless art, but it is universal. It’s an enduring creation.”~Rappoport


  5. The newest False Flag?

    Boston; Bombs at the finish line – “homegrown tearists”? [that would be FBI or Homieboy Security]


    • Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as ‘controlled explosion’ drill by Boston bomb squad

      Natural News.com1 hour ago…


      • Wonder what group they have it planned to blame for this one. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  6. My guess….anti-government, militant groups, conspiracy types. Boston, patriot day, tax day. Same week as Waco, OKC bombing, Columbine…

    • “anti-government, militant groups, conspiracy types. Boston, patriot day, tax day. Same week as Waco, OKC bombing, Columbine…”

      Good points Christian…that would be my guess as well, the “homegrown tearists” to tie into the “dangerous militant gun-owners” and yes of course the mainstay enemy of the state, “conspiriacy theorists”….

      This will be interesting to keep up with. Considering the ‘bomb squad’ tie in, plus the date…well…hey I’m a conspiracy theorist, and my first thought is a false flag provocation.


      • Anyone clued into what the spin is on MSM? Turned those suckers off a long time ago. Can’t throw a good false flag without a good cheer leading section to stir up the reaction part of this Hegelian Dialectic.

        • They have a suspect in the hospital hurt by the blast who is Saudi…that is a strange twist in itself…

          Might turn out to be something for the Memory Hole…John Doe 2 in the OKC bombing, was likely supposed to be Iranian…as a contingency cover.


  7. First question asked at the press conference some guy asked if this was another false flag? That guys my hero.

    • Good one

    • Really? That’s cool. Was that on TV Christian?


      • I believe it was CNN, regardless it was the first press conference after the event and the very first question by a guy with a thick Boston accent was “Was this just another false flag event to give the authorities the excuse to put their hands down the pants of people on the street?”. The governor just looked bewildered and responded with a quick “No”. Then the final question was asked by the same reporter and it was something about why were they telling people to remain calm over the PA once the bomb went off.

        After doing some further reading it turns out that the reporter was actually a reporter for Infowars, Dan Bidondi. Good stuff.

  8. Bravo Boomer

    coto header jan 8 2011


    Well see the continued Royal Flush, false flag, set ting up North Korea, setting up US Christians groups as terrorists aided by Mormon CIA and Southern Poverty. We will see the 33rd assault before October. The PM’s Boomer we discussed. SIlver down over $3 today. I could not be happier to watch the paper games, short and long.

    Zero Hedge

    3-9-6 works everytime. Everyone loses panic to the committee. A redistribution of wealth/false flag.


    On another note for us WP’ers. From OZ down under.

    Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet:

    Like Korn says “Flak means yer o’er the target”

  9. Monday, April 15, 2013
    Early Evidence Indicates Boston Bombing Was a False Flag

    Brandon Turbeville
    Activist Post

    Only hours after two bombs were detonated near the finish line of a Boston marathon, evidence is beginning to emerge suggesting that the act may have been a false flag attack.

    While reports continue to emerge from the scene, a number of facts point toward the typical setup used to devise, control, and execute such an attack as took place around the 9/11, 7/7, and OKC bombings as well as the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings.

    One of the hallmark signals of a false flag attack, as Webster Tarpley has expertly demonstrated in his book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror, is the use of drills acting as a cover for sinister plans and mechanizations within the halls of the shadow government itself which ultimately manifest as false flag terror attacks. Much like the aforementioned attacks, the Boston Bombing also carried the trademark “coincidence” of a drill scheduled to take place at almost exactly the same time that the bombs were being detonated at the marathon.

    For instance, earlier in the morning of April 15, 2013, the Boston Globe tweeted “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

    In addition, it was reported by Business Insider in the article “2 More Explosive Devices Found At Boston Marathon,”[1] that a police scanner “said police were going to do a third, controlled explosion on the 600 Block of Boylston Street.”

    Yet, despite the fact that the police had scheduled a highly “coincidental” explosion at the JFK Library, much of the mainstream reports regarding the device have presented it as another part of the Boston Bombing itself.

    In fact, the New York Post reported almost the polar opposite of the Boston Globe in regards to the second device. It said, “Police confirmed a third explosion at JFK Library in Boston. Boston fire officials confirmed during a press conference that the third explosion was linked to the ones that occurred at the Marathon. There were no injuries reported from the third bombing.”

    Andrew Katz of TIME tweeted that “police were investigating reports of bombs in other parts of the city,” and “Citing a police scanner, Katz tweeted that there was an ‘incendiary device’ possible at JFK Library as well as ‘another device’ in front of Boston’s luxury Mandarin Hotel.”

    Business Insider also reported that, around 3 p.m., there was a fire inside the JFK Library but states that it was not related to the “terrorist bombings.” This, as I mentioned, is in direct contradiction to the later reports that the “fire” was actually an explosion related to the terror bombing.

    Thus, we have a device planted inside the library by the police and confirmation that an explosion at the library was connected to the Boston Bombing. This fact alone should be enough to raise questions regarding the individuals responsible for the bombing. If the police had planted a device inside the Library and the explosion was related to the Boston Bombing, should there not be an immediate investigation of the police?

    It should also be noted that Chris Faraone of the Boston Phoenix also tweeted that a police officer near the finish line stated, “There are secondary devices that have been found and are unexploded.”

    Also interesting, however, is the fact that the University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, Ali Stevenson, stated that bomb sniffing dogs were present at both the start and finish lines.

    Speaking to Local 15, the local Boston news station, Stevenson stated, “They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”

    At this time, law enforcement officials state that they have identified a suspect, a Saudi national currently in the hospital for shrapnel wounds. One must also wonder if this individual is nothing more than a mere patsy in yet another government-sponsored false flag. It is highly dubious that an individual (with the exception of a suicide bomber which this individual’s survival excludes him from) setting off such powerful bombs would stand so close to them as to be injured by shrapnel.

    Ali Stevenson also stated that there was no doubt in his mind that the bombings were intentional and this much is quite clear.

    The question, however, is who was behind them?

    As Mike Adams of Natural News writes, “It’s far too early to take an informed guess on all this. However, it is indisputable that the FBI is actively engaged in carrying out bomb plots in the United States, then halting them at the last minute to “catch the terrorists.” This fact has been covered by the New York Times, among other publications.”

    Indeed. And the track record of the FBI, as well as other elements of the governmental establishment, should be reason enough for us to continue watching these developments and the subsequent claims made by these agencies and individuals

    • Obvious to anyone the need for an event at [JFK] library? 60 – 6? The Gregorian timeline is loaded to gills with hooks. I could predict way too many plots. My head hurts.

      1773 Tea party – séquestration de carbone – droits de succession

      From our friends at MI6 and the East Indian Company. Who killed JFK? al-CIA-duh.

      It’s going to get hot at the old pueblo of city of angels this summer.

  10. 2 of 4,511

    Why this ad?
    Best Dog Food – – New Lower Prices & Canada’s Largest Selection of Dog Food at PetSmart®.

    All terror attacks are psyops

    Jon Rappoport via
    1:38 PM (26 minutes ago)

    to me

    All terror attacks are psyops

    All terror attacks are psyops

    by Jon Rappoport
    April 16, 2013

    Whether the Boston Marathon murders were staged as a false flag, and if so, by whom, there are certainly contradictions in the media story line so far.

    Mike Adams, at natural news, has pointed out several key absurdities in the official scenario, including the apparent controlled demolition of a bomb at the JFK library, a mile away from the explosions at the Marathon finish line.

    This demolition, unreported by the press, was mentioned just before it took place, by a Boston Globe tweet: “There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

    The demolition would have taken place about an hour after the two explosions at the Marathon finish line, which means the bomb squad was able to find the Library device, rig it for demolition, and blow it up in record time.

    Whatever the cause of the fire/explosion in the Library, that “incendiary device” was spent, and the bomb squad found another unexploded bomb on the premises.

    A local Boston TV reporter, Eileen Curran, took a photo of the Library. The exterior of the building, at the employee’s entrance, shows blackened walls. If the “electrical fire” or the “incendiary device” caused this damage, the room in the Library where the fire or explosion took place must have been just inside the building. No media sources are specifically reporting that, which seems quite odd.

    The press is merely stating there was a fire in a room in the Library. The fact that the fire was quite close to an entrance certainly rates a mention. It adds juicy media drama to the report. But there is no coverage of the fact.

    All terror attacks, no matter who launches them, have a psychology. They have a purpose. Inducing fear, of course. Causing the public to give in to a new set of “security regulations,” which tighten the screws on freedom, of course. Painting some designated group as heinous, of course.

    The third Monday in April, is Patriot’s Day. It commemorates the April 19, 1775, opening battles in the Revolutionary War against England, at Lexington and Concord. Previously celebrated on April 19th, it is also the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing (1995), and the final FBI attack on the Waco, Texas, Branch Davidian compound that killed 76 men, women, and children (1993). April 15 is also tax day.

    So some media commentators are already opining that “anti-tax-pro-patriot-anti-government” persons are behind the Boston murders.

    At an elite level, where psyop research is conducted, the psychology of terror attacks involves disrupting the normal perception of reality.

    Most people live their days in a more or less steady state of mind. They perform routine tasks over and over. They see their daily environment as quite familiar. All this produces what could be called a light trance.

    If that seems improbable, notice what happens when something completely unexpected intrudes on habitual perception and experience. Shock is what happens.

    It’s as if the person had been sleeping and suddenly and forcibly wakes up.

    On a quiet residential street, a car plows into a lamp post. On a peaceful boulevard, a gust of wind blows a sign from its hinges into a store window, smashing it.

    People are shocked. They look up. “Wow. Where was I?” Yes, it’s like waking from a dream.

    Multiply that effect by a thousand. Bombs go off. The sounds of the explosions, the shock waves, people falling, people bleeding, grotesque injuries, death. In the space of a few seconds, and on a street where nothing ever happens.

    And one layer removed from this, the world watches it unfold on television.

    It’s a rip in the fabric of perceived reality. Right now.

    Retired psyop planner, Ellis Medavoy (pseudonym), told me in a 2002 interview: “People think it’s very esoteric to talk about disruption in the space-time wave. But setting up certain psyops is very much about that. The theory of these operations has everything to do with the fact that people exist in an average and consistent space-time wave.

    “They become used to that. They’re not even aware of it. So a psyop can go two ways. It can encourage that form of sleep, to make it continue. Or it can blow people right out of their wave into something that’s very disorienting.

    “In the latter case, you’re forcing people out of their average perception of space and time, but you’re not giving them anything to replace it. They’re hanging in a void, so to speak.

    “What’s the result? People desperately want a resolution of the psyop, so they can return to their former continuum. And because they feel desperate, they’ll take whatever and whoever you give them. You can say a deer chewed on a power cable and blew out the power for the entire east coast for a week, and they’ll believe you.

    “And that’s what you want. The ability to say anything and have people believe you.”

    I asked Medavoy if this included peppering the public with contradictions in the official account of a terrorist attack.

    “Of course,” he said. “They’ll overlook those contradictions. They won’t pay any attention to them. They’re so panicked, they just want a resolution. You can plug in anybody as the guilty party, and they’ll buy it.”

    Later in the conversation, I went back to the subject of the “space-time wave.”

    Medavoy said: “The psychology on this is clear. An overwhelming percentage of people deal with space-time in a passive way. They receive it, so to speak. They are presented with that fundament of reality and they blindly accept it. Therefore, when you take it away, they’re lost. A tiny percentage of the population, those who are intensely creative, react differently. That’s because they are, in a real sense, projecting their own space and time.”

    Psyops planners who stage events are aware of these factors. They want to create a world, a picture of a world, that is in dangerous flux and absolutely requires our “leaders” to stop that flux.

    One of my more vivid experiences of this came in the mid-1980s. I was interviewing a relative of a soldier who died in Vietnam. When the subject of whether the war was justified came up, he flew off the handle. He went into a towering rage.

    The fact that his cousin had been killed there automatically made the war a necessary policy of the government, a correct action. That conclusion stopped the unbearable flux for him. Otherwise, he was lost.

    It was, of course, that way on 9/11, too, and in many other such instances.

    There is a psychology operating here, and it isn’t merely some academic brand of nonsense. It cuts to the heart of how people literally exist in reality, and how it affects their deep response to events managed by professionals, who understand that psychology.

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