Posted by: kornisking | April 13, 2013

Somebody Just Had To Say It

Nobody wants to talk about it but somebody is on fire.



  1. Damnit the stupid thang wont work PUDDY FIX IT PLEASE !
    Stupid technology I hate it.

  2. A cul de sac ???

    “Hate – Hate – Hate”…Lol


    • “cul de sac” ???????? Hate hate hate i can grasp,,,readily.

      • “cul de sac” has come to mean ‘dead end street’ – but it is French and means literally, ‘bottom of the bag – or sack’.

        It is often used to say we have come to a dead-end of ‘whatever’ situation we are in. And it is certainly attended by a large degree of angst to come to such dead-ends.

        I feel for ya, technology seems more like voodoo the ‘higher tech’ it gets. It really is like the computer is just taunting me purposely at times. Especially on the web – it’s like some demonic entity playing head-games with ya.

        Gotta learn to roll with these punches dood – I gotta feeling it’s gonna get gooier as we wind on down this highway ta hell.

        So, take a deep breath and go into your “special private space”, you remember from FIGHT CLUB how to do this…right?

        Hey maybe Marla will be there…might be fun.


        • Who is Marla? Is she hot?

          • Yea, who is Marla? I dont personally care if she’s hot.. lol

            • Hey sweetie pie.

              • Hey Korny… I miss u and your humor when you’re not around. Good to see ya 😉

                • Problem is things arent that funny anymore. But I am trying.

                  • I hear ya and agree. But keeping a sense of humor helps to keep us sane. The SHTF is getting closer and closer every freakin’ day…..

          • Who is Marla Singer?



            Haven’t either of you seen FIGHT CLUB???


            • lol…nope… wasn’t Brad Pitt in that? I know it’s a cult classic but I never had the desire to watch it. Maybe the title turned me off….

              • FIGHT CLUB is one of the greatest films of all times.

                But if you didn’t like Clockwork Orange…maybe you don’t have the temperament for such films…

                Did you see the film SEVEN? Same director. Brad Pit was in that one too.

                None of the above are “Chick Flix”…which are the type of films I personally abhor…{grin}


                • Yea, that would be correct. I don’t like violent films. I did see “seven” with Brad asking all bug eyed and terrified…”what’s in the box??!!!!” lol Didn’t like it. Much too morbid and gorey and dark. I love scary films but the kind that keep you guessing and make you jump in your seat but without the gore. Hitchcock was great at that. He created great suspense and always a twist ending..brilliant. That’s more my speed. Which is why the Sixth Sense is one of my all time favorites. Very Hitchcockesque…

        • It had no place to go but the end. We never learned what many told us. Any linear society and science technologically destroys itself.

          The dies are formed, the forms die and the toolers and engineers go back to the drawing board. This is the system they sell.

          The 9 is a committee cul-de-sac, hence the symbol which originally looked like ? It closed the loop for sheeple but the question still remains. The Indians of all cultures used 9 with open vortex versus closed circle. It represented zero and one.

          ० १ २ ३ ४ ५ ६ ७ ८ ९
          0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

          Love the passion in this video and I agree with all said in it Korn. Thanks Deb for fixing the view. I can express a thought that if the vortex holds water we are the event of past nine transitions.

          From Sumerian, Egyptian, Israelites to modern Native Americans.
          I find it most fascinating at this point to see WTF (as Boomer has now provided) WE THE FOLKS, trading our inheritance for beads in techno-color frequencies. Pretty and bobbles for certain but the trail of tears will not be as lovely.

          Sadly, the distortions and distractions have completely diverted the tribes into war. Such is the nine represented in Astrologics as Mars. Saturn and earth, the three and six are Aligned like the pyramids if Giza at the cordinates of 6. The NASA clock [DSAC] counting down to G.


          Once the masses have sufficiently collected at the sixes well see the revelations clearer. The vortex is shrinking, the coil tightening, the spacetime interval condensing all we know to the zeropoint. I hope to be at ground 0. It’s a small world getting smaller by the second.

          I heard McConnels “Whack-a-Mole” frequency. That about sums up the process of the current sines for those who are visually adept. Stay underground my friends, stay unpredictable and don’t pop up in the six holes if you can help it.


          • So, we sit at the seat we are seated in. Should sufficient “intelligence” strike our cerebrums we might grok our genesis and position in the here and now in this far and away place. ( ) — Crap, I had to go look up how my brain was arranged, so I didn’t confuse the cerebellum with the cerebrum. I feel like such a bum.).

            Puddy, please attempt to “layman” us into your mathematical formulae so I can grok the layout. I get some, but perhaps I’m missing the Sum, and that would be tragic. I believe We are not fully versed in your dictums and insights?

  3. All fixed korny. Yea, I have to say, the internet is not the fun experience it used to be. I feel like rogue most of the time as well. It’s as if they are throwing constant roadblocks up to keep us from where we want to go on the net. Totally frustrating.

    As for the rev… he cracks me up. He’s fun to listen to. I love how he calls Obama the long legged mac daddy and I agree with a lot of what he says there about the people he’s bashing….EXCEPT, he thinks jerry falwell was a real man of God? lol. Wonder if Manning’s view is the same on Israel as ole Jerry’s was?

    Yep, I found it, he’s a zionist same as Falwell… guess he forgot that Jesus’ one real angry moment was when he threw the moneychangers out of the temple. The zionists are all ’bout money changin’. Whatcha got to say about that, homey?

  4. With nutboinkies like pasternachi Manning as “friends” – whoodafuk needzda enemies???

    Hoily Moily Doily it’s 7% of slippery retardation from Kevin Bacon.

    Perhaps another’s dream?


  5. Just got here to see this. I was going to say “Jerry Falwell?!”, had a contract/relationship with God? LOL! But, I see JG pointed That twisted fairy tale out.

    Good to see Kisk for sure. Keep the cannon primed!

  6. haha… kisk… i like that! I’m gonna steal it 😀

  7. No fan of Falwell as any other sinner but he was Whack-A-Moled and wasn’t a sell out to globalist freedon thieves and never skirted his views regardless of the shit storm he would have to endure. I was glad for his involvement with the CLINTON CHRONICLES and it cost him his life.

    If sheeple cannot connect the DVD gang, Obama and the grand scheme by now, they can expect the full force of Whack-a-Mole in their future.

  8. Falwell was a republican zionist and of course he hated Clinton. I don’t think he was whacked, I think the devil finally collected his due. Falwell was not a real Christ-ian.

    Falwell was a huge supporter of George W Bush and his war on terror (how Christ-like of him) and believed that church and state should become one. Really??! I have a BIG problem with preachers that fly in personal jets that got the money to buy those jets from their lower & middle class congregation and then go about preaching hatred and endorsing killing. What would Jesus think?

    Nope, Falwell was part of the bigger machine. A shill for Israel and the neo-cons. If he WAS whacked, it was because he played for the OTHER NWO team not because he didn’t sell out. He sold out long time ago.

    • Fall-Well drowned in his own soup…I remember the day as one of celebration…but ya knowz I’m Eeeevil.

      He wasn’t whacked…he was fat fat fat and had a heart attack cuzza dat. Overindulgence in ALL THINGS was his sin.


      • AGREED!! Falwell was a despicable fraud.

      • Did you get that from MSM? I never saw the body. Like Tim Russert, A Breitbart and others who testified to it’s use, I think its naive.

        Nobody wants to talk about it.

        • Yea Puddy since HAARP there have been no more natural storms, hurricanes, earth quakes nor volcano eruptions. And since the CIA come up with those mimic-killers that look like natural deaths…by gawd there has been no one who has died a natural death…all CIA murders to be sure.

          Come to think of it, they killed both my dad and my step dad those fuckin’ spooks…and one of my birds gawdammit…I knew that vet was a spook, she was too slinky and sexy to be a real vet.

          You got a ballancing act to tip-toe through here boss…between naivete and hysterical thinking…walk softly and carry.


          • Thats why I didn’t include everyone. But I spent the time to investigate each I did identify and why the death would have benefited or avoided problems.

            The basis for each previously posted here. Once you have read Koestler, Phelps, and accept the Jesuit conspiracy, all persons listed above were sacrificed. They were not free of being slime but they were eliminated for security.

  9. Ya know?…if I could pull it off, I’d take a time machine back to the 1940s…
    I’d have a little book store on a side street in a small town. I’d deal in rare volumes and grimoirs, and collections of anonymous hand written diaries.
    I’d dream of One Hundred and One Arabian Nights and smoke hashish from a hookah – and raise caterpillars in my rose garden….

    Meanwhile back in the 21st Century:

    “Google Glass records everything the wearer sees and says. So if all brokers are ordered to have them, their every move can be observed by company spies. Wonderful, right?

    And if traders can be kept in line, how about bank tellers and nurses and teachers and gun shop owners and chefs and cab drivers and lifeguards and blackjack dealers and realtors and assembly-line workers and kindergarten kids? How about everybody?”~Rappoport


  10. WW II 40’s or post? Where would your book store be? Small town U.S. or foreign land?

    • Big Sur, California…I’d go back to 1938, start from there. See how far into the second war life took me…I’d know how it all ended anyway.

      I like the style of the cars, the dress, the look of the women of that era.

      snow biggie – just a pipe-dream at any grape.


  11. Patrick, no doubt MANY have been suicided or heart attacked by the monsters but I truly don’t think that Falwell died that way.

    He was a slimey worm. Every bit NWO as the neolibs and the neocons. I don’t get where you are coming from with this? Why would they kill a man who was totally going along with their agenda of divide and conquer and hate? Clinton was already old news when he passed away.. Nobody cares about Clinton anymore. Why would someone bump him off for saying nasty things about him so late in the game?

    Look at what his best bud Chuck Baldwin had to say about him in ’06:

    • I’m not defending him or the likes of Breitbart. I’ve research Falwells last days and the tanking of the faith based initiative and other evidence says Falwell may have connected Clinton Bush DVD and seen the con game. Falwell like all Robertson’s, Grahams and Osteens are slimey. The point is he like others were mendings of the deeper committee.

      Administrators/enablers are not privy to the 33rd, club of rome and inner cercles or core committee. Compartmentalization eliminates the whistleblowers or defiant to provide the evidence of what they don’t know. I expect the Media like politicians and CEO’s never know the decisionmakers.

      Falwell was eliminated after the Bush-Clinton connection became known to him and they could not afford losing the base of Falwell followers. Invest some time into the research and you may see the same situation as we saw with Russert, Breitbart, Ken Novak, Jack Ruby, Hugo Chavez, Joe Brown, Elizabeth Edwards, Ken Lay, Serge Monast, Allan Francovich, Ted Gunderson, Paul Stangl, Mae Brussell, William Casey, Martha Mitchell, Robin Cook and other 911 and BP whistleblowers.

      I’ve spent years reading boring articles and obituaries on suspicious deaths from cancer and heart attacks where there should have been none.

      • What you say there Puddy is so much on target as to make a Special Forces Sniper wish he could shoot such a group at a 1000 yards.

  12. I didn’t always agree with Christopher Hitchins but I always enjoyed listening to him.. He’s a helluva debater. He’s right on here about Jerry Falwell and televangelist hypocrisy. I miss Christopher but not Jerry. May I add that the MSM did a helluva job making Jerry look like a candidate for sainthood.

    • Well brother Manning cant damn EVERYONE to hell now can he ?

    • I don’t miss either. Between the two of them they could not shine the shoes of the piece of shit Bill Clinton is. GHW Bush and Dick Cheney could if they were as slick as willie. The Bush’s were all jealous of Bubba’s criminal brain.

      Even Thatcher knew and feared the Clinton ruthlessness. Right wing always fight the wars. The fake left create them. Clinton and Obama are cut from the same bias. Assassination is their forte. Obama likes drones but slick willie liked creative killing. Just like his sex. Too bad someone didn’t give him Fidels exploding cigar in the oval office that day with Monica.

  13. Remember my posting of Calvi hanging from the bridge

  14. More assassinations to come.

  15. Joe – Pa?

  16. nuf’ said.

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