Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 11, 2013

The VAMPIRES Have Come Out Into the Light!

READ IT, Folks!!! Its a Full Spectrum Attack if you haven’t noticed. The COTO has been “Bringing It!” to you for a long time now. Before TPTB come for your defensive weapons, they aim to WIPE YOU OUT by multi-pronged attacks on your emotions, your physical well-being, your spiritual well-being, your mental state of mind, ad infinitum — EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!

Yes, from a certain Puppet, from his cronies, and from Their media propaganda mouths WE heard — THEY “Hate us for our freedoms”. The “THEY” They pointed out as Americans’ enemy was far, far away in a distant land. A culture and people Americans did not know and did not understand, was fingered for the diabolical attack of 9/11. As with “War by Deception”, a “fall guy”, in fact, an entire ancient civilization was demonized, and then erased under this grotesque psychopathic deception.

As COTO knows, this ruse has been used and abused so often up to the present, that We the People have caught on to Their modus operandi.

WATCH IT RIGHT HERE!!! Listen to the figurehead demonize THEM, over THERE for the heinous crime of 9/11. Yet, now in hindsight, WE SEE that the very words, the dispersions cast, were in actuality the very HATEFUL and maniacal beliefs held by The Cabal against The American People. The Iraqis and Afghanis were just “used” to sell the deception.

YES, Mr. Bush, the Junior. We HAVE SEEN “THEIR KIND” before. You speak to The Mirror. YOU are the “THEY” you speak about. “Illegal we do immediately…Unconstitutional takes a little longer”
~ Henry Kissinger in new WikiLeaks document release

CHECK THIS OUT FROM 1:59 TO 3:12. Mind Blowing Stuff Here!

This is choice Puppet Ventriloquism of Truth & Lies right here:

What was that Mr. Bush said down below? Yes, you heard it correctly. Plug that into your knowledge base of “the Story” and “the Event”. These creatures Crap Out at times, and inform upon themselves.

He says this, “ – Bush says this, “For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.”

So, before they take your guns, etc., they’re going to rob you of the little money you may have. It IS a heist in broad daylight! Get out your “pitchforks”, because by now, you should know Who/Whom is sucking The People’s life-blood from a 1000 different “cuts”! Be wise, stay small, and move lightly and briskly.

We The People must determine that WE, Will NOT Allow these blood-sucking parasites to feed off of us any longer. You know who they are. Let em know, YOU won’t stand for this a moment longer.

No Shit?! “This morning, without warning, and moments after Bitcoin achieved its all time highs, the currency collapsed over 50%, essentially vaporizing upwards of one billion dollars in value”. Imagine THAT?!

Now, what do you think “They’re” going to do to anybody still in this ridiculous rigged game called the Stock Market, which is at All Time Highs? Guess…



  1. “In 2009, The Rockefeller Foundation gave a grant to Social Finance UK to develop a then unknown innovative finance tool called the social impact bond. Targeting the emerging impact investing sector, social impact bonds are an innovation aimed at using private dollars to invest in proven prevention-driven programs that were typically funded by the government. If the service program is successful, the government will pay back the investor with interest. Governments only pay for results and may save money, service providers can bring their programs to scale, and investors make a return – both financial and social – a win-win-win.”

  2. “The Shock Doctrine” of Naomi Klein has entered a new and more vicious phase. We know that the Cyprus Template is in the wings for a global slap down of the “serf class”…everyone but the Renfield class: the Diaboligarchy, and it’s minions.

    Drip Drip, or Bang?

    Keep yer eyes pealed, and slipcraft in the upper mind. No matter what you may think you’ve planned for, it is still going to take floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee…intuition and moment by focused moment awareness.

    “When standing still be like a mirror. When moving be like water”
    ~Bruce Lee


  3. AIG claims in a court filing that a New York Fed employee took back testimony he previously gave in a legal clash between AIG and Bank of America

  4. “The path forward on the highway toward the coming economic collapse is needless to say, perilous. Worse yet, all of the off-ramps that are being constructed to lead depositors and investors to “safety” during these difficult times are themselves false roads leading to dead ends themselves constructed by the financial oligarchy.”~Jim Corbett


  5. Sorry to stink up the chemtrailed air with some Shrub-Speak, but I got distracted looking for the “They hate us for our freedoms” quote. Oblammo or any other of the puppets are equally as difficult to stomach.

    Just ran across this. IRS — A “private” entity.

    I feel so “protected”.

    Thanks for thinking about us —

  6. Podcast:

    This week on his weekly appearance with Dr. Stan Monteith on Radio Liberty, James Corbett discusses the factors affecting the economic fallout of quantitative easing, from the velocity of money to currency devaluations to market perceptions. James and Dr. Stan also take your calls on a range of issues and topics.


  7. Thanks for that Rogue1. We might just go ahead and say — “Get Your Money Out of the System!” or you stand a good chance of losing it ALL!

    Is anybody listening?

    • I am!

      • Where you been Ms D?

        • I’ve been following along, lurking, exercising (REALLY) and trying not to get too upset about all the ‘stuff’ going on. I seem to walk a fine line between being COTO and being lost in the battles of the day.

          • Me too. The key for me is to opt out of the battles offered and deal only with the ones in my way. Too many are created by diverting us from true liberty and autonomy. Hang in there.

  8. Ah, thank you for that trip down Bush-Cheney Lane. It’s hard to tell if I was more outraged at those lies and unpunished admittances then, or the ones I hear today.

    I did have a Freshman going to Loyola ask me about my 9/11 print, as I was at Wholefoods today, and got to turn him on to a few avenues during the brief 15-minute conversation.

    I thanked him for being aware and not to be intimidated by his peers that would call him “crazy.” He seemed to be every appreciative of that. Apparently he’s prime COTO material.

    The fight is on. The people have spoken through their record purchases of weapons.

    Question: Why are there a record number of guns being bought at a time when supposedly a majority of the people are for gun-legislation?

    One precludes the other. If what the government is saying is true, than people would be turning their guns in, in record numbers, instead of buying record numbers of guns.

    So whom are we suppose to believe? A government that has been anything but truthful to us on just about anything you can mention, or what the figures and facts tell us?

    “Liars don’t figure, and figures don’t lie.”

  9. “Liars don’t figure, and figures don’t lie.”~Mr M

    The figures tell us that there is in fact a ‘stand-off’…

    Who’s gonna blink?

    “All the kings horses…” comes to mind.


  10. 12/3\45/6\78/9=9 We are on the five. split invert. They say upside down but it’s just inverted.

    We can understand the Mayan calender and the beginning. We can understand the pole shift and rotational reversal and we can understand the vortex and it’s voodoo.

    So please make the connection to the master architects and noel coward. The shift is all human and non-human. the universe is fine. The orb of this realm is in the bizarro world order. Nothing can explain the science but math can explain the movement.

    There never was any cosmic event, but the minkowski time-space interval proves the frquencies are all but zero to one off the nine. That is, the events are not happening now or past but future events will occur based upon the effect of E, so the future light contains all the events projected today, yesterday that could potentially be causally influenced by 9.

    The universal norms are no longer in control. Thats how we see the manipulation of Market to Human Assets. It’s impossible in Math, Nature and physics.

    It requires no cosmic or celestial anomaly, no real force other than a projection of real events, past and the rapidity and acceleration. Human force and the light speed data in images will do the rest.

    When the gravity of the situation becomes humanly impossible to manage, you know what to do. Get out of the vortex, regardless of how irresistable, powerful and warlike it becomes. It’s coming and down the pipe it’s going to be crowded.

    The real danger is letting the interference and soft kill smog and matter eat you up from the inside. If the brain dies we die. The nines have controlled the axis and the shifts and if you are not swimming like salmon against the currents.

    Why five? It was the starting point for our indoctrination right after zeropoint. Birth and death. The mark of the beast is 666? No the mark of the beat is 396. the rythym is 396693396693396. Space-time -consiousness. We need all to survive. Two out of three is fatal.

  11. They’ve taught us so well to “respect authority”. The tv talking heads and politicians, the cop thugs in the street…ALL have weilded authority over us.. Or so “we” let them. Once all the ants start thinking for themselves…watch out..

     photo schooldaze.jpg

    • No wonder I was such a BAD student. I did not confirm, regirgitate their studies nor did I conform EVER……, so here I am 🙂

      • And we’re glad you’re here MsD 🙂

        • Thanks JG 🙂 It’s one of the few places that I feel normal and can speak my mind without holding my tongue and being thought of as a fruit cake…

          • It’s the jewel of all cake. A compliment that “fruitcake” is now. Be proud of it MsD it’s a far better label than Yellowcake. 🙂

            • You know what I’ve seen lately……..the gun control thing seems to have a wakening effect on more people than I could have ever reached with talking to them. It’s part of the lion den not willing to comply with big brother. It adds significantly to ‘us’ vs. them!

    • I’ve really missed the coto ladies lately. I’ve been alone too long. Need the femme savoir-faire.

      I had some meetings recently with some large land owners here and did a talk on Agenda 21 and coming carbon tax. It carried over to a walk down history lane and I was surprised to hear their coalescence on many conspiracies. Between the audience they had about covered all of them with the exception of the bin-laden scam.

      I asked a Jesse Ventura fan why he doesn’t run. I said he likes life better like Perot and he’s seen the dwindling special forces roster after the Abbottabad hoax and Bin-Laden composite.

      I was pushing my luck with that.

  12. Talked to Boomer last night who is traveling through hailstorm-tornado alley in Mississippi. He’s collecting on HAARP dividends, but I’ll let him update us upon his return.

    • Great banner Pudster…

      I always wondered what Tom Waits was waiting for; he just wants to see whats under the wrapper. COTO knows.


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