Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 11, 2013

The People’s Intelligence Committee “Speaks”…

The People’s Intelligence Committee “Speaks”:

Rather…they have conveniently convened.

A quick pass past the MSM snews channels reveals the usual revolving heads spinning the latest concocted propaganda into the typical prescribed fear-inducing “web” of geopolitical terror events. I snore in boredom. Endless rounds of Bullshit are passed off as “working for the people”, then billed to Us, as the fat scats feign “people’s representative” status, and live like kings and queens while their “subjects” suffer. This is incontrovertible fact. Reflect, and Reject this Injustice!

Notwithstanding their obvious attempts at brainwashing the populace – “We the Folks” {To be known as WTF?!} ARE a gigantic BRAINTRUST of folks which are to be reckoned with as a determining factor in our OWN futures.

BACK TO OUR FUTURES! WTF calls BULLSHIT on TPTB. That’s good! Succinct, and scurrilous at the same time. Perfect!

So, here WE ARE – a COTO representing how many “intelligences”? Many, many, I would imagine. I noticed the degraded ones form up a whole lotta “committees” for this or that or dis or dat. The “House Ways & Means” committee for instance. Who dat?! WTF calls BULLSHIT!

Committees, shitmitties, they’re ALL “full-of-it”!

How can WTF project such projections? Observation and historical fact. Present day pretentiousness and preposterousness. Let us NOT forget WTF is dealing with “politicians”. If there is a lesser “class”, these parasites are surely one of them. Well, the Bankers pulling their strings are about the most bloated of blood-suckers.

THE POINT OF THIS POST IS – THE PEOPLE HAVE A VOICE; A VERY LARGE VOICE, A VERY LARGE MUSCLE WHICH CAN MOVE THE APPENDAGES IN THE DIRECTION NEEDED FOR “OUR” BEST INTERESTS. In the post below, you heard the Shrub shitpealing about its “his” job, its “the government’s job” to “protect-the-people”.

Utter Fucking Bullshit!

It is OUR job to protect OUR OWN. We are WTF!

We see what the game is here. COTO groks the genesis, and genuflects, guffaws, and hurls at the notion of politicians, bankers, lawyers, corporations, and all of their concocted “agencies” doing anything for the Public good, or in the interest of WTF.

Folks, it is plain to see.

The People’s Intelligence Committee has convened, and IS convinced that a gross conspiracy has been waged upon US. If there is ANY committee that carries any weight for WTF, then it MUST BE US! Should we “trust” CONgress to “help” us…with anything? Have you actually experienced this wondrous “promise” of THEM helping YOU? HaHaHaHa! WTF rests Their sorry kicked asses as Evidence to buttres Our case!

Ask yourself this most important question – As a bona fide MEMBER of WTF – WHEN would you ever “sell yourself out”? Or your family, etc.? When? Never, is the correct answer here.

Is there any time when They don’t sell out WTF? The odds are not in Their favor of standing up to such a critique and question.

George Carlin said, “We’re not in Their Club”. Well, WTF IS its OWN Club! A Really, Really LARGE CLUB, an actual NATION. And if you haven’t noticed, “They” ain’t in it!

Grok this Scenario WTF:

Obama Swears in 2013

Obama Swears in 2013

The People’s Intelligence Committee notices that only a few people have the microphones. Only a few people operate the cameras, edit the film, produce the “media”, and “frame” the propagandic events…

Look at the vast throng of WTF! Listening to a few elitist puppets and their entourages spewing their Lies. There is something Very, Very Wrong HERE folks! The POWER is in that THRONG of WTF! It can only be hypnotism, magic, delusion, and psyops that can control a vast throng via a few individuals elevated to a “stage”, using microphones and media to sway the masses with their propaganda. How is it that WTF have failed to see this FACT?!

The People’s Intelligence Committee HAS convened. And THEIR VOICE in unison rings {as folks pick up on the call, shout out in surprised attention to the reality before them, and join in a “mutually beneficial” front called WTF!}, saying:

It is NOT what the few people with the microphones, Your money, and the media outlets want.

NO!!! It is what WTF need and want! The vast THRONG of humanity deserves REAL FREEDOM. I heard Hillary was possibly going to run for the next pResidency? WTF?!!! Or maybe Jeb Bush WTF?!!! We can smell the foul stench of Oligarchy. WE the Folks deserve and demand real choices, not this same Joke played upon on repeatedly ad infinitum.

Not this deception, this illusion, this BULLSHIT of atrocities against our own nation and against red-blooded folks in other nations around the world!

NO!!! WTF — THAT CROWD of UNNUMBERED FOLKS don’t need a microphone. WTF IS the microphone when WE raise Our Voices. WTF is able to project our Own needs, desires, and justice without a ginned up media whore speaking in our stead!

Remember “The Wizard of Oz”? An Illuminatti psyop. Look at that picture above. It shows you the same illusions, the Delusions projected from behind the curtain by a little man (men) with levers. It is beyond BIZARRE to see a gigantic group of WTF enthralled, “hypnotized” by the Wizards.

Whatever you’ve got to do, do IT to “WAKE THE HELL UP!”.

When AWAKE; WTF Knows What Freedom Means — and it does NOT come from the few, the puny, the parasites with the microphones, media, and OUR money! REAL Legislative Power lies with WTF!

The 1% is 99% short of US.



  1. I tried to think of WTF as we the folks but every time I read it in Your rant it comes out what the freck.

  2. Practice.

    And you are on the nod there. We the People are continually saying/thinking “What the freck” as we observe the machinations of those who think they exist to be the “reality changers”.

    Perhaps you meant to imply “What the fuck”? Which is what I meant to imply, as We the Folks are often found exclaiming this…

  3. What pisses me off the most are the dumb asses that believe all their hogwash! The Obama lovers and the idiots that are drinking the kool-aid. I can’t get over how many there are! I have a pretty close circle of nonobamas with survival skills, but we’re surrounded by idiots! Drives me CRAZY!!

  4. Thanks Ms. Darlene. It must be something in the air. In the food, in the water, in the media mechanisms, in the schools, in the homes, in the churches, in the workplaces, in the culture(s), in the medicines, in the use of words, language, in the “belief” systems. Perhaps it has gotten into the very DNA of mankind to be blind to dangers our forefathers would have easily sniffed out in a flash. Our primeval instincts seems to be dulled to the proverbial “sheeps” level, as is said often.

    I still believe WTF should form all the committees we want, root them in foundations paid for out of the “public servants” assets, and the 1%’s assets, and used against Them. Just turn the tables. We’ll have our own investigatory committees, staff with our own ethical and educated men and women, relegate to ourselves our own judicial, legislative, punitive, police/marshall/agency and other “powers” — and go to town on the mess TPTB have created.

    This would actually be Consitutiona in it’s formation and nature. Simply, taking back what is Ours from the beginning, and Using IT for good, rather than evil. Corruption will be rooted out, rather than inculcated into the recipe. How fast do you think WTF could find some Real Crimes going on, with a People’s Intelligence Committee “look & see”?

    It seems Obvious that posse People’s Intelligence Committees are in the best interests of WTF?! In effect, what COTO and many, many other “awakened” sites, readers, and commenters have been doing, is performing the functions of investigating, etc. Its just there’s no cohesion, formal mandate, or coming together on anything other than the aether.

    We’ll do it our freaking selves. WE certainly know what is in our best interests. THEY have proven they only act against our interests on every front. Its called fraud and corruption. Treason and even worse.

    I’d like to see Direct Competition in this matter EVERYWHERE. Folks would truly grok an absolute authoritarian dictatorship has been illegally installed in America, when they see that TPTB are scared shitless to “allow” real investigations and real powers to be invested in the public, to be wielded BY the public, to be pitted against the corrupt illusions provided by those who want to throw it in Our faces that they were “elected” to “protect” Americans!

    See Bush, Jr. on the previous thread. Or just listen to the gun grabbers, CONgress shills, and Obomba and his buffoons trumpet their high and mighty while they do the down and dirty.

    Perhaps WTF should find some solid, moral Sheriffs and kick this thing off?!

    • I’m with ya Boom……I think I’ll have to look up my local sheriff and see which way their wind blows. I know ALL my neighbors are gun toting independents, but that’s really all I know about ’em. The frequency of all the control is deeply inbedding in the air/food/water/electric etc so many are controlled without even realizing it. How is it that we are COTO? How are we getting around the frequencies of control? What is keeping us from being zombies?

  5. Ruling classes have engaged in extra-parliamentary and violent public activity such as: coups-d’état.

    First, the creditor imperial states overthrow the constitutional order by seizing control over state power. Then they proceed to decree macro and micro socio-economic policies. They decree employment, wage and fiscal policies. They decree the present and future allocation of state revenues between imperial creditors and local workers.

    “The ‘total war strategy’, adopted by the ruling class, went far beyond pay raises and profit reports and embraced a frontal attack on the living, working, housing, pension, health and educational conditions of labor. The politics of ‘social pacts’ between labor and capital was totally discarded by the ruling class .It demanded unconditional surrender of all social demands and seized the executive prerogatives of the state to enforce and implement the massive re-concentration of income and political power.”~James Petras


    • Sure Wil, they want us all to worship the STUFF instead of our liberties, independence and constitution. Not to hard to figure out how this coup is hampering LIVING. They’re using us for their greater good and it AIN’T right. Fuck the system, I’m done playing their games, by their rules for their gain! DONE!

  6. Here’s a case in point from Today:

    WTF recalls how the so-called “Patriot Act” was installed, just like the Banker Bail-outs, etc., etc.

    This is predictable, as psychopaths are predictable. These creatures “do what they do”, and it is NOT in the interests of me or you.

    Here’s the three latest comments on the thread:

    Anonymous says:
    April 12, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Traitorous Bastards, one and all!
    Teach says:
    April 12, 2013 at 7:42 am

    It is time to send a clear message to washington. “Depart from your current course or risk a giant’s wrath” Remember the names of each and every traitor who goes against their oath. If time permits, elect them out and cancell all benefits. If this explodes drag them to the gallows.
    Anonymous says:
    April 12, 2013 at 7:27 am

    I was quite shocked to see that my Senator – Richard Burr – also voted with the ‘band of 16′ to violate the Constitution. This after getting multiple form letters avowing his support for the 2nd amendment. He needs to be ousted!

  7. My friggen senator Republican Kelley Ayotte was also one of the signers, the BITCH!!! She blows with the wind in the direction of the money/power, obviously!

  8. Today appears to be a very important day for Freedom for Americans, what with the CONgress selling out Americans (again) as is their nature and job description under the “change” banner.

    It is quite clear that the “administrative” powers are being used by an anti-American Values cabal to usurp the Constitution, Bill-of-Rights, and all things protecting the American People from TYRANNY. All other powers and means are being used to bring about the “Change” promised by the Puppet.

    Check that infowars post above. Then check the commentary in this thread from the Vatic Blog. Also note, Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, about the camps in Soviet Russia.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    (VN: lets not make the same mistake here. Lets learn from history! Remember, these are the very same people who are doing this for Homeland insecurity, that did soviet Russian revolution and murdered 63 million of their citizens who were Christian after taking their guns. Because the Zionists are pagans, they have no moral core and murder is just fine with them. So lets find out if it really is just fine FOR THEM.)

  9. A brief pointed comedic interlude in this rude awakening. Also, found at

  10. “Ac proinde hæc cognitio, ego cogito, ergo sum, est omnium prima & certissima, quæ cuilibet ordine philosophanti occurrat.” ~Descartes


  11. Via Del Luz ala Cartesian Wheels

    I hold this Truth to be Self Evident: That all of humanity, each Individual, is Born Equal in their Rights to Liberty.

    The extant of such Liberty cannot be enumerated, but can only be suggested by philosophical treatise.

    “Government” is a racket, and must be taken as such, and therefor transparent in all it’s actions to all it presumes to govern. “Government” is defined by it’s monopoly of the use of force.

    Any associations formed by the full and conscious assent of the membership that does not claim a monopoly on the use of force is not properly defined as “government”.

    “Nongovernmental Organizations” that promote and are maintained by a “government” that presumes to hold a monopoly on the use of force, is a misnomer (Newspeak) , they act as subsidiaries to, and are therefore part of “government”

    Corporations are NOT individuals, and do not possess the Individual Rights to Liberty of a human individual.


  12. Did God create the universe and then just walk away to ignore it?

    Can Science disprove God? Can Science prove God?

    Can logic prove or disprove God?

    Can a living human being know God?


    • If there is a God, does that automatically mean there is a Devil?


      • BIG ?’s from the Rogue1!

        Somethings are “self evident”.

        WE watch…WE learn…WE grow more intelligent.

  13. Reblogged this on One God News and commented:

    • Good Press Staffer,

      You put a jinx on their caper for us now.




  14. Excellent motivational piece, Boom!! There IS strength in numbers and they know it. All we need to do is wake up and STAND UP to those that think they are “king of the beasts” and yes, they think of us as beasts. Below is my all time favorite wildlife video. It fits well with your article and illustrates amazingly how there is indeed strength in numbers. One disclaimer though… I do love lions as I do all animals and know they have to eat too, with them, it’s not all about power but survival… Which, come to think of it, is not so different from the, anything but human ones, that rule……….

  15. Tremendous “wild” nature video and lesson for the 99%, JG!

    I can imagine the 1% “Lie uns” — if they were the elite humans — would call every unruly and rebellious waterbuffalo/wildebeast a “terrorist” for resisting giving up their young or themselves as “food” for the elite “Lie uns”.

    There’s many great parallels in this if you look and think about it.


    • I know, right Boom?! Plus the odds of that baby buffalo surviving an attack by 4 lions and a crock were NOT GOOD AT ALL. Yet, to the cries of the “ye of little faith” chorus saying over and over when the herd came to his rescue of “you’re too late” the little guy got up on his feet and joined his courageous happy family. I just LOVE it! Picture your favorite bankster or politician you love to hate the most being the “lie-un” tossed in the air….ahhh so cathartic 😀

  16. I wish I had stayed up later to read before we spoke. Well done as usual. WTF know the system. Either biblically or scientifically, the universal effects of the vortex are spinning the sheeple, enablers down into the pre-post stations of the master plan.

    How irresistable, how alluring, how profitable, how empowering is the vortex? Sane and good people will find out on the flip. The flip is happening and the facades will change, much as the makeover mask wears off.

    Climbing into a hole? In the vortex it is a reality. As WTF sink into the abyss the inversion or shift must conclude at 180 = 9 and 0. It was the whole message of Christ and what folks like Tesla and “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” and the cycle from one to one, the rule of man in the material world.

    We the Folks don’t need no stinking badges.

    • “We the Folks don’t need no stinking badges.”

      Neither badges nor Bibles Black…


  17. Waging War In The Name Of Victims

    By Jean-Claude Paye and Tülay Umay

    An excellent article…I highly recommend it:


  18. Yeah, that’s pretty good Rogue1, but its rather laborious in its delivery. I get the point however with clarity.

  19. “Let’m come a’running and take all your money and hide away…”

    “…it was summer….or maybe spring….


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