Posted by: kornisking | April 10, 2013

Are You Hating Yet ?

After todays million meskin march and soon to be blanket (or should I say poncho)amnesty and fast-track citizenship will you be hating mexicans?  If you didnt hate blacks before 2008 do you not hate them now ?



  OK if you dont hate bankers after bailout and stimulus will you not hate them after the retirement and bank accounts are gone?  

If you didnt hate Monsanto after the failed California GMO labelling fracus when 90% of californians wanted GMO labelling and the legislature took the bribe and shoved the GMO cob up your ass will you hate them when your veggies are molded from acrylo-butyl-styrene or piss-phenol-A ?

What does it take to get you lethargic lower-classes to get a pisser on , HUH ?  If you dont hate a devalued and inflated paper dollar will you not hate electronic money that can be looted before you even freekin see it ? If you dont hate Disney will you not hate video feed from the Ministry Of Truth ? If you dont hate the U.N. now will you hate them when you live in a sixteen story shit-box with ten families to a toilet and a government monitor listening to you fart ?

If you dont hate ENRON now will you hate Ken when the lights go out six hours a day ?  If you dont hate Al Gore now will you hate him when the carbon-tax on your light bill wont even let you run a six-inch fan after your pension was cut?

If you dont hate something quick you might notice that big Rethuglican-Demwitcrat schlong up your six , pacifist.



  1. What I especially hate upon becoming increasingly conscious of what’s going down. For the most part, the sound asleep only roll over with a disruption in their pattern of of snoring when nudged to wake up.

  2. I thought this was a brilliant post on the part of Mr. Kornisking!

    Korn hones in on an emotional response to Oppression & Skullduggery that is “supposed” to be an instinctual response in The People, but seems to have been disconnected by nefarious means.

    I like this post.

    Kornisking points at the culprits unerringly.

    • You´re not so bad yourself toots.


    I think “HATE” is a self defeating emotion, an angst generator.

    ‘OUTRAGE’ is perhaps the term we might consider..’Indignation’ but with conscious self control.


  4. “There can be no justice in a stolen land.”
    ~Wakan Tanka


  5. Rogue1, you’re semanticizing I think. KisK is using the “hate” semantic to make his point, and well done in my estimation. He’s still painting the culprits with a laser beam however, and we know they need to be painted then dealt with.

    I just did some quick reading, and I’ll throw a quick post up regarding the predator’s M.O. via financial swindling, as endorsed and legislated “for” by TPTB. Make no mistake, hate em or just regard them unemotionally in their own “reptile” way, these predators must be lit up with the light of the COTO CONSCIOUS comprehension.

    • The Diaboligarchy is well understood here.

      In my view, what you term “semanticizing” is my using words with specificity and comprehending important distinctions.

      Recognizing the real problems are the essential truths to be had. The motivating energies for dealing with these problems must be dealt with reasonably as well. Understanding the pitfalls of falling into ‘hatred’ as though it were the same as ‘righteous indignation’ is dangerous territory, as an aspect of hatred is a certain blindness that can make us miss; The Distinction between the True Causes of our Calamities and ‘Scapegoats’.

      I am speaking my opinion. I may try to persuade you, but that doesn’t mean that I insist that you adopt my opinion as a ‘rule’ or anything more. You are free to express yourself as you will__and DO quite well.

      As thinkers and writers, COTO has some of the best there is. My concerns are my own. I see things as I do. And one of the things I see in the subtext of some of the opinions here is a tacit embrace of ‘Amerikan Exceptionalism’. Untwining that, or even articulating the specific instances where I see this attitude euphemistically displayed, would be seen as combative on my part. So I am not going to address it any further.

      Suffice it to say, I respect your opinions, one and all. What I add to the conversation is my own personal point of view.


  6. Your explanation above is excellent as usual. You’re rather “coloring” in the picture you drew to increase our understanding. It’d be nice if KisK would come back with some commentary.

    Bad Weather Be Around many of our areas, so that’s a mebbe why. Be Safe!

    • Its more fun to just sit back and watch the fur fly,tee hee.

  7. keep the sheeple scared
    which will make them hate
    which will lead to suffering
    as Yoda told young Skywalker ..

    “fear is the path to the darkside,
    fear leads to anger,
    anger leads to hate,
    hate leads to suffering.”

  8. Anger and angst are normal psychological symptoms of a helthy emotional being. Without them you might just well be a psychopathic comittee chair or catatonic schizophrenic administrator.

    In the silent war the noise is all Willies Strategy of Tension. As exampled by the Kermit Gosnell baby killer case and the Oklahoma Aids delivery dentist. These deranged bipolar losers are known by the authorities and sit waiting in files and investigations until such time to be released for public consumption. Enraged and mesmerized like the lemmings they are the public gets diverted off the real focus and compartmentalized into these 20-20 dateline sideshows.

    The real facts as laid out so well by Korn, are real and all movement toward the NAU and onto the One World Order under the Aegis of the UN’s Agenda21.The program of divide and conquer and Sun Tzu’s 6×6 strategems is greatly aided by these pathetic liberal mind games.

    We in the third camp can take these pathetic fabrications and psyops and turn it into power. Neither wasting energy in Anger or Depression but into cycling it into force. I like the approach of belittling their feeble attempts, ridiculing their performances and exposing their statures as mere clowns and jesters.

    I particularly enjoy it’s therapeutic value and will not become a lab rat for the DSM-V medical identification disorder database. I smile like the cheshire cat and tell them I am not playing. I didn’t inhale or take the pill.

    • Right on PD !

  9. As with the rest of COTO, I been hatin’ for years………….

     photo 529856_495423747173881_658374938_n.jpg

    • Love it Deb. Two distinct encounters with the liars and Royal Scammers with one awake amd one dreaming. Similar to what we understand today as applied augmented reality versus virtual reality with an ever diminishing separation.

      Both traveled in vortexes and donned the blue dresses and Dorothy’s ruby slippers and Alices teacup both MK Ultra control object triggers to altered states.

      Compliments to the artist.

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