Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 9, 2013

News around the 30th Degree


At least 14 hurt in stabbing spree on Texas campus; suspect believed to be student

Woodlands Texas – It appears the MSM like CNN won’t run with this story as it deflects the assault on assault weapons triad in full swing. Whats not too obvious is the CNN reports still coming from Sandy Hook and the line-up of guest survivors that come through on this endless parade.

Reminding myself of the the COTO confirmation that all polls are shit. This would include the mind control soundbite that 90 (9) % of Americans want tighter gun control. That’s too obviously erroneous to even consider as factual.

Once again I am convinced Gifford’s was never shot and that this ploy to constantly have her and her NASA CIA handler husband touting their support for the 2nd amendment while secretly pushing the Presidents bill is too obvious as well.


REGIME change? The SpringSpring? Hardly. Is it too obvious that Kim Jong Il is the player in this family? His brothers are losers like George was in the Bush family hierarchy but  KJI is a player. This is soft spring happening before our very eyes. He wants the Olympics there and the NBA.

Intelligence sources outside thew mainstream say the power struggle is communicating with the US and there are several key players who want to make the deal. AsiaPac committee team would love to turn this into a win-win-win for them so we should expect a typical  triad here.  Some redistribution of wealth, some fireworks for missile defence, star wars and surveillance followed by a transition to World Order Banking and WTO. This will come after enough strategy and opportunities have played out.  Completely financial program and more cost on our debt ledger.


Dozens die in quake near Iran nuclear plant

6.3 on the 9th. 33 dead.

This was a powerful HAARP ELF Assault near Iran’s only nuclear plant. A mere 10k deep and very strategic assault.  The Asians have said the Soetoro team has been too focused on Iran. Well of course. North Korea is a theatre while Iran is a war.   Two different games and completely different programs.

Embargos in all three arenas including America, but the sheeple cannot see it at home yet. It’s the vortex 6-9-3 and the focus is at Zero. Right between our ears and directly behind our eyes. Can you hear it or see it? If your coto, you can smell it.

Wait for the fifteenth on the 30th and hopefully we will get the show they have been promising.

More on the 30th in comments.



  1. Biden mocks gun skeptics: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America’

    • Good luck with THAT Biden! You can take mine out of my cold DEAD hand!


  3. Biden: ‘The Black Helicopter Crowd is Really Upset’

    Is this the Black Helicopter Crowd? Uh-huh.


    Biden: The ‘affirmative task’ before us is to ‘create a new world order’ .

    • Biden is such a boring puke…
      I’d throw up but I’m bored stiff and can’t move my systemic reflexionoidalboomphers – even my gag reflex stalled…
      I am on PAUSE and could’nt push to FORWARD button if it was nearby — NOW what am I going to do Puddy???

      You just had to show all those Binden bippies in a row and…

      • He makes Dubya Bush look like a statesman. [gag]


  6. $ = IOU = 963

    • Currently 82° – Mostly Cloudy

      – Expecting thundershowers by dusk.

      No fireflies yet…


    • and 396 = CiF
      less Abadegh or Abidah 124578 less 1
      Y18W18 = ∞

  7. More and more people are waking up to the New World Order agenda of the global enslavement grid, but with that mass awakening comes an oversimplification of the ideas. In this simplified worldview, earthquakes are always caused by HAARP, plane crashes are never just plane crashes, and nothing can ever deflect the NWO’s plans. Join us tonight on The Corbett Report as we interrogate the omnipotence of the New World Order and reassert the agency of individuals to make a difference and effect change.


    • Did you meet the 911 Whistleblowers? I wish we could get them on the Aurora Hologram, Sandy Hoax and Old Pueblo Ruse.

      • Nope, didn’t meet the 911 Whistleblowers…

        Because because because…?

        Because it is a too-long video for my AT+T rig, and the others are Pod Casts which take so much less of my allotted digitalis.

        I am hoping it will become a pod in the near futurist.

        But I can tell you that the advertised thunderstorm is late…and there are no signs at all of one on the way here.

        A nice cool evening breeze though…


  8. “It would also appear possible to create high
    fidelity speech in the human body, raising
    the possibility of covert suggestion and
    psychological direction… Thus, it may be
    possible to “talk” to selected adversaries
    in a fashion that would be most disturbing
    to them.”
    — US Air Force, New World Vistas: Air and
    Space Power for the 21st Century


    • They got me in the program. I won’t bite but it’s making me insane.

      Thank your stars Willie you don’t do your research by viewing psyop broadcasts from the likes of CBS and CNN. It’s a carcinogenesis and literally destroys the brain much like Bluray flicker and pixar poisoning.

      • If you’re gonna make a wish
        At the wishin’ well
        You’d better know the difference
        Between Heaven and Hell

        [Yea Heaven and Hell, Heaven and Hell…
        You could buy all you want if you could only sell]

        (‘Burnt Black Heart’ ©2006 Sci Fi Temple)


      • “Additionally, recognition of the everyday stimulation we all get and the effect of these information inputs on our learning processes becomes more clear. The suggestibility of humans, particularly when in a fatigued condition, has been exploited by terrorists, cults and others in pursuit of their own aims. The passive suggestibility of radio and television as we weave in and out of the semi-sleep states is for the most part not even recognized. The passive learning situations become even more relevant when we consider how we “receive the news” in our daily lives.

        The ability to influence thinking, behavior and performance is indeed a two-edged sword.”~Begich

  9. Breaking: Explosions Heard in Neighborhood Where Firefighters Held Hostage –Police: The man who held firefighters hostage is dead after authorities stormed the home in an Atlanta suburb. –One police officer wounded, but wounds not life-threatening –Gunman holds 4 firefighters hostage in Georgia home 10 Apr 2013 A gunman barricaded himself in a home in suburban Atlanta and was holding four firefighters hostage Wednesday afternoon, authorities in northeast Georgia said. Five firefighters responded to a medical call in Suwanee and were eventually taken hostage by an unidentified suspect inside the house, Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Edwin Ritter said. The gunman released one of the firefighters from the house to move a fire truck. A SWAT team and negotiator had made contact with the suspect Wednesday evening. Ritter said the immediate area around the house has been evacuated and residents were not being allowed into the neighborhood. (CNN, Fox News)

    Thanx to Veri



    HZ incident rates historically were low except for baby boomers. Vaccines were the cause increased by toxic food, protein and synthesized peptides and the increase in the EM polution and chemtrails.

    The rates are still climbing at an alarming rate much like Autism, Alzheimers and diabetes which all are effected by genetic poisoning and EMR.

    Get this ad:

    They want to vaccinate you for the vaccine they gave you as a child. Now that’s really shit on a shingle

  11. They are once again hyping North Korea as an aid to Irans nuclear enrichment. Another Yellowcake surprise? Me thinks it’s a backdoor triad to Iranian preemptive strike. I figure NK will do anything to get the NWO chair at the table. KJI is just the type of sleazeball the committee administrators love.

    Iran has said for years to eliminate all nuclear weapons and in the wake of Iran talks ending in stalemate, I think it’s time we talk a large arms treaty and leave the small arms to professionals.

    Sandy hook Korean style is not going to get past coto, though it will effectively frighten the sheeple into another psyop for foreign intervention and another Iraq-Afghanistan. Go Barry you Dick Cheney wannabe.

    • These reptiles are getting really boring. Can’t they come up with a new tactic for tricking the sheeple into hating people that don’t look like them and wanting another war with a country that has no means to hurt them?

      They’re so lame and yes BORING!

      • I agree jg, if the herd fall for this it’ll be proof positive the ‘frog’s boiled’, nothing to do, game over, winston and julia six pack!

  12. So opague!

  13. Theres my CIA Ponzi comment. Crash and Burn says the DNR. Another ROW.

  14. ‘Tiger Bench’ And Other Horrific Torture Methods Reportedly Used At Chinese Work Camp

    Read more:

    The Rockefeller plan for the North American Wetbacklands Union

  15. Operation Destabilize Venezuela and the Secret US Embassy Cables: Infiltrate, “Divide Chavismo”, “Isolate Chavez Internationally”
    By William Blum
    Global Research, April 09, 2013

    Wikileaks has done it again. I guess the US will really have to get tough now with Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.

    In a secret US cable to the State Department, dated November 9, 2006, and recently published online by WikiLeaks, former US ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield, outlines a comprehensive plan to destabilize the government of the late President Hugo Chávez. The cable begins with a Summary:

    During his 8 years in power, President Chavez has systematically dismantled the institutions of democracy and governance. The USAID/OTI program objectives in Venezuela focus on strengthening democratic institutions and spaces through non-partisan cooperation with many sectors of Venezuelan society.

    USAID/OTI = United States Agency for International Development/Office of Transition Initiatives. The latter is one of the many euphemisms that American diplomats use with each other and the world – They say it means a transition to “democracy”. What it actually means is a transition from the target country adamantly refusing to cooperate with American imperialist grand designs to a country gladly willing (or acceding under pressure) to cooperate with American imperialist grand designs.


  16. The Manichean Devil…

    …is self defeating superstitious thinking.


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