Posted by: veritytwo | April 8, 2013

The Primer Fields Part 1

Be prepared to have your perceptions drastically altered



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  2. Well dayam Veri…another long moofie that I can nobee wacheroidal…

    Tell me whassit about.


    • wuzi boo na pedaqua ni, anu tebo mafge lem e plimca va!

      • Well I suppose that could be a lot of it…


    • Hey Willy; This is a great one that’s about the magnetic fields around every element from the smallest particle to galaxies that exceeds the theory of the torus and goes further than Nassim Haramein. All shown in lab experiments. What I see here is a fact of the workings of the big engine of the universe that so dwarfs Newtonian mechanics to the realm of the small minded. This is more than 100 years past Nikola Tesla’s time but shows him for the precious genius he was. TPTB must be cringing that this could get out into the mainstream but it shows in an easily understood format that the universe is teeming with energy that appears to be easily harness’able, all to the detriment of their corrupt system. Truly, knowledge is what’ll set us free, after all, all it takes is the 10% to change the mindset of the phony paradigm we find ourselves in. We’re approaching critical mass. This is so good, if I can get it, I’ll make sure you do..

      • P.S. It’s in 10 approx. 1 hour segments

        • More post script: The Primer Fields is very new and there is to be only six parts. I see #3 is up online but the rest are to come.

          • Wow…too many hours for a web troglodyte like my AT+T rig…


            But thanks on the magneto esplanapeshuns…I kinda get it.


          • The release of the remaining videos has been cancelled by the researcher do to safety concerns of those who may attempt to perform experiments without proper and complete understanding of the principles involved. The resonance project is one such lab.

  3. mairzy doats and dozy doats
    and liddle lamzy divey
    a kiddley divey too
    wouldn’t you?

    • No no no…the rhyme goes:

      mairzy doats and dozy doats
      and liddle lamzy divey
      a kiddley divey too
      wooden shoe?

      It’s about sabotage…a sabot is a wooden shoe…the Dutch would throw their shoes into the gears of machinery in acts of civil disobedience, back in the day…as they say.


    • I’m sure that you guys know this, and that’s probably what the joke is, but just in case:)
      Mares eat oats,
      and Does eat oats,
      And little Lambs eat Ivy.
      A Kid will eat Ivy too,
      wouldn’t you?

      • Ja de jokes on ‘political correctness’.

        Can you decipher this?
        > gawblesmurkah



        • lol I figured as much. Thanks for not laughing too hard at me.
          gawblesmurkah… God bless America? 🙂

          • Sorry. Google auto correct.

  4. Maybe I shoodah put a (grin) ondah lastum ..
    cuz I juss maydum ups…yups pups…

    But I been on 66 trips ’round the sun, and despite all the pain it’s still been fun.

    Course I nozums I been in dat “privileged” pozitium of bean amerkun…hekya
    always prodden me conscience and consciousness.

    mon boner mia…


  5. Nice video V. I’m not sure I agree with his dark energy – anti matter theory though. Too many quarks to convince me electrons are antineutrino. CERN I’m sure disagrees, but they have an agenda we know. Reverse creation.

    • I can’t say I fully agree with what he postulates upon pondering it but what I do see is an emergence of a theory that’s been described by others that’s shown albeit on small scale in an experiment that portends to much larger things that offers an explanation simply. Simply he shows a pattern of the nature of force fields that literally shape our reality on a grand scale from the smallest particle to galaxies. It’ll be very interesting to see what debates are sparked by this. I’ve already seen a skepticism in reading comments from different blogs from the mainstream scientific community in regards to this as new as it is. But then I’ve seen it in other venues where upon the fervor eventually falls by the wayside. It’ll eventually stand as a testimonial or fall by the wayside as invalid. Either way, it sparks the debate to a more in-depth analysis.

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