Posted by: jerseyg | April 6, 2013

A Silly Saturday Moment…..

Found this and just had to share it.. Made me laugh  :)  ~jg

THE POSSESSED TOASTER…………..”ya know,  when all is said and done, it makes good toast” ~~~~



  1. Hahahahaha…


    How do you run across this stuff Deb?


  2. Will, youtube…. I start out watching one video..and well, it’s like eating potato chips, you can’t stop at just one.. .. I wind up in the strangest parts of youtube when I wander……lol…

    actually i found this in a comment someone left on another video I watched after watching one with David Icke.. very good btw… it’s kinda long but you might like it. I did 🙂

  3. …and I looked in the mirror across the room and thought to myself….”oh there’s that animal…” and I fell into a pool of light…~ww


    It’s funny Deb…I said some of these same things a few threads back and you fought tooth and nail against it.


    Ta Panta Nous
    Paradox divides the whole – there is only ONE which cannot be divided.
    The moment is Now, has always been Now, will forever be Now. Time is illusion, a playing field for the sequences of Time-Space-Continuum. One is Infinity-Infinity is One.

    When you know yourself intimately enough, the self will show you this.

    These are just a few words from that thread…

    NOW is the moment of Power…

    So review the Icke video again, tell me what is different in substance to this?

    Yes, of course I enjoyed the vid Deb, thank you. Lol


  4. Will, I wasn’t arguing about your being connected to your spiritual self, I was arguing about your being so sure about knowing what happens when this life as we know it is ended……

    Listen again to the very end of this video.. Listen to what Icke says.. THAT is what I was referring to…”none of us know what there is still to know”,,,,,and there ya have it.. my point in a nutshell made elegantly by David Icke.

    I have always felt connected to my spiritual self and have always been open to all possibilities. However, I don’t dare say I know for a fact what happens to my spiritual energy when I pass from this life/plane.level…whatever you want to call it.

    • Hahahahaha…Deb, you aren’t “connected” to your spiritual self – you ARE your spiritual energy…

      I didn’t say, and haven’t ever said I know all there is to know…

      I said it is right now…it is always right now. You aren’t going anywhere you aren’t already, this is the moment.

      Whatever … we are not communicating.

      Leave it then.


  5. when 2 of my favorite online personas are bickering i get mixed feelings. a little natural sadness …. but more excitement as it breaks through any “preaching to the choir” that such relatively small cyber communities are prone to and clearly demarcates opposing avenues we can all learn from.

    in this instance however i fear it is speaking past each other rather than a real disagreement on any objective point. Willy seems to be focusing on the essence of time and how our 5 senses perception of it always and only flowing from past to present to future is inadequate to describe what quantum physics has shown to be more accurate……time is an arbitrary human imposed concept that can be encapsulated into this……..very…..milli-second…………….THERE……….NOW….oops, i mean this one coming up right………………………..oh, almost got it that time…..NOW….wait….really i think this time i’ll get it…..and……wait for it……………………… see how elusive and slippery the supreme moment of now can be, like greased mercury. when we accept that every now becomes what we are, have been and will be we get comfortable with, and realize it is MUCH more than a tired cliche, the idea that we each create our own reality.

    OTOH, Deb is just claiming not to have all the answers, as WW then concurs and we end up with the QUESTION. What happens when our physical existence on this plane ends? Religion has been created to exploit our natural childish fear of death. i think most here would agree we do not just become worm food. But what then? in the past i have spoken as if i know for sure. Reincarnation makes sense but of course as Deb is trying to make clear, NOBODY knows for sure exactly what happens.

    So you 2 are talking about seprate things and don’t really differ much on the big issue, far as i can tell. in the non-pixilated realm, i am a big fan of group hugs …..lets have one now of the cyber variety…..according to time pieces derived by mere mortals….it is now 12:45 EST. if you have to go back in time to join in….go ahead….time as we have been taught is just an illusion………..NOW, i am putting my arms around the entire COTO family and squeezing….MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Thanks for squeezing back. i felt it, no bullshit.

  6. Ahhh thanks CR.. The voice of reason. You get it ! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I had a response for Will after his last comment but deleted it because I decided it was just going to turn into another circular “argument” going nowhere since I knew I had made my own point as clear as possible. For cryin’ out loud I pointed out even David Icke made my case and Will still wants to argue about ….nothing …since we agree that we are all neverending energy at one with the universe.

    Reincarnation has always made sense to me too and still does. Am I certain about it? No. We do leave these mortal bodies behind and what happens next was what I’ve been talking about since this discussion started. No one knows until the moment of death. That is the only correct answer.

    A big hug back CR. You are definitley a favorite of mine as well. We seem to be on the same frequency…..

    NOW what about that toaster? lol

    • once your toast, you can never be bread again!

      • The British like it done on one side. Take a lesson COTO
        . 3-9-6.

        Separate Wheat from Chaff and burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire

  7. “I was arguing about your being so sure about knowing what happens when this life as we know it is ended……”~Deb

    But…when did I ever say I was sure about “what happens”?

    You do not read what I say, but read INTO what I say what you think I say.

    My whole point is and has always been, that if you ARE, you are ETERNAL. Nothing more – nothing less. I am not talking about the “Little-me-Deb”, I am talking about who Deb really is.

    As far as I can tell Deb is thinking about reincarnating as a toaster…and you know? Whatever holds your crumbs together. But I think getting this, ‘here NOW’ thing, would be more beneficial than hoping to freak out some lady in her kitchen by ‘becoming’, or ‘haunting’ some appliance “later” … you know “after” you “die”?

    In the words of the “immortal” {hahaha} John Lennon;

    “I am He as You are He as You are Me and We are all together.”

    . . . . . .
    Let’s be as clear as we can while still being restricted to human language and yacking here in the time-space-continuum;

    What Deb freaked out about is that I said I “know”…she was concerned about the “certainty” factor. She wouldn’t demarcate between “what” it was I claimed to know, and “assumed” that I was saying that I know “what happens” after we die.

    My “knowing” has always been thus: ‘I am’. It’s rather that Cartesian thing, “I think therefore I am.” Everything beyond that is supposition.

    I do not KNOW that I am a human being on planet Earth fighting battles of words with some devil that popped out of a toaster to harass me…no matter how much that seems the case while I sip my morning java.

    I do not KNOW that Deb is anymore real than the buzz coming from my refrigerator….{You talkin’ to ME??}

    So now what? What now? And then what? And whatever the fractures in time might avail us in hope or dread…

    And what’s wrong in talking in circles anyway? Is that somehow “bad”? Cycles seem to be the way things go here on this bardo.

    Oh Oh Oh….no no no, no contracts. Just because you deleted yours does not obligate me…mojo no-no master po banjo…

    Here, take this.


  8. Damn Will.. you STILL don’t get it. I explained it, CR explained it succinctly. However, you feel the need to browbeat anyone that questions the pearls of wisdom that drop from your keyboard. Arguing endlessly seems to be your favorite pastime. It’s not mine. This is my last comment on this subject.

    • I don’t “get” what?

      I understand exactly what CR said. I understand exactly what Icke said. I understand exactly what ‘little me Deb’ said…

      So what don’t I get that you aren’t going to say anything about?

      What is the stresser here? Why the edging towards angst?

      Damn Deb.. you STILL don’t get it. I explained it, CR explained it. Doesn’t matter.. This is my last comment on this subject.


    • Now now now…adding the “browbeat” thingy isn’t fair…you said that was your last comment and then you went back and added to it…

      And now you are going to say that mentioning this is more “browbeating”….hahahahaha…WTF?

      Well then, alright. Alright? Is it alright? All Right ©.

      Maybe “Okay” is a better term. You like “okay” or “alright”?

      \\©// … winged all right…okay?

  9. Wakan Tanka…

    Isn’t it curious that Wakan, is so close to the English, “waken”?

    The Sioux term means {roughly} “holy” or “divine”…

    Well…I thought it was interesting. Must just be a koink on the doink…


  10. Anyway…it’s not Saturday anymore…

    Did you make toast this fine Sunday morning Deb?

    I did…but I avoided the toaster…I made “one sided” toast in the frying pan…I like to drop a splat of butter and sprinkle spices and herbs in it…it gets crispy on one side…and is downright flavorful. Goes good with java too.

    Tomorrow I’m going to try locks and bugles. Strawberry jam? Sometimes.
    A kosher dill? Does it wiggle when you giggle? Maybe the minnows are paused midstream???

    Like Roy of Hollywood said, “Something’s Happening”.


  11. Hey, it is coming up to the 50th anniversary of the coup d’etat in Dallas.

    Is anyone interested in posting on the subject?

    I was only 16 years old when it happened. Lot’s of repercussions since, a lot to lay at that doorstep into this whacked out “future”. Two little Georgie Porgies got bumped up the latter as one effect. Maybe a little anal-ysis on that tropic of cancer?

    I am of the opinion that George Jr was involved in whacking John Jr. He went missing right in the middle of his presidential campaign at the time that plane was blown up off Martha’s…subspicious to be sure. Subsets of miniature viscectitubes float through the ether vibrating like Oldfield’s bells.

    Remember the word believe is originally a Sanskrit term made of two smaller words; Bel and Eve. Bel is “of war, jejune, juvenile, destruction. Eve is “of Earth, mother, nurture, sustenance”…”Belief” is a dialectical term of tension between those concepts.

    “I believe in nothing – everything is sacred.” Yes, it was a test, there is a correct answer to choose from the words left by the Chink.


  12. �����������ï¿



    • rogue and jg sit’n in a tree ..
      as we say down south,
      ya’ll need to get a room!

      • Not really a fit but what the hell, the bent of our little online spat here goes something along these lines. Another throwback to the sixties.

  13. Kinda makes ya wonder…

    I wrote this note in a word-doc I have for this month’s news and articles:
    I got the notice when I hit the save button. It said that these changes by “others” would be lost if I continued the save…

    >A notice popped up at about 3:10 today that said this document had been “changed by others”.[4/7/13]

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    I remember a few years ago finding a note left on a word-doc saying something to the effect that I had better be careful. It was placed above the title of the document. I haven’t figured out that one either…???

    Pretty weird. Sorta like coming home and finding all your drawers open and stuff strewn about…Who ya gonna call?

    Called my congressman and he said quote: “You ain’t nuthin but a billy-goat”



  14. uh.. butterside down?

    “All power is in the hands of the executive. The Parliament only seals its decisions. Judicial power is not independent. The economy is monopolized, hooked to the oil and gas needle. Entrepreneurs’ initiative is curbed. Small and medium businesses face huge barriers.”

    • And Gorby sees this as different from every other modern ‘government’ on the planet???



  15. Here is some more SILLY BULLSHIT:

    By Attorney Jonathan Emord



    • “Were it not for President Reagan’s commitment, made on March 23, 1983, to build an extensive anti-missile defense system, we would not be in as strong a position as we are today to ensure that Dictator Jong-un’s rhetoric avoids becoming reality.”~Emrod

      What a bunch of dumbfuckery…”reality”???

      This guy’s head is up in the ASSHOLE ZONE and he doesn’t know shit from chololate.

      “We would not be in as strong a position..” he says…

      Who the fuck is “We” Kimo Sabi?

      And this is from what’s her face’s web site NEWS WITH VIEWS…


  16. “We will pilot Social Impact Bonds as a new way of funding the third sector to provide services.”
    what’s the third sector you ask?

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