Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 2, 2013

Truth Is Offensive: How long before being Offensive becomes being “An Enemy of the State”?



I am offensive. Michael Hudson is offensive. Gerald Celente is offensive. Herman Daly is offensive. Nomi Prins is offensive. Pam Martens is offensive. Chris Hedges is offensive. Chris Floyd is offensive. John Pilger is offensive. Noam Chomsky is offensive. Harvey Silverglate is offensive. Naomi Wolf is offensive. Stephen Lendman is offensive. David Ray Griffin is offensive. Ellen Brown is offensive.

Fortunately, many others are offensive. But how long before being offensive becomes being “an enemy of the state”?

Truth Is Offensive: How long before being Offensive becomes being “An Enemy of the State”?.

  1. Bradley Manning: Telling the Truth in a Time of Lies
  2. Bradley Manning is accused of leaking documents that described serious flaws in U.S. foreign policy in an effort to start a debate that would lead to a more perfect union.  This patriotism for America has resulted in him being denied…



“Hitting depositors” could become the “new normal” of this diabolical project, serving the interests of the global financial conglomerates. There are provisions in the US, Canada and the EU pertaining to the outright confiscation of bank deposits.


The 193-nation UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved the first-ever treaty on global arms trade that seeks to regulate the $70bn international trade in conventional arms.

The resolution adopting the landmark treaty was approved by a vote of 154 to three, with 23 abstentions.

As the numbers appeared on the electronic board, loud cheers filled the assembly chamber.

UN adopts landmark arms treaty – Americas – Al Jazeera English.




  1. Hybrid Rogue is offensive…downright socially unacceptable. A rabble rowser by Himiny…

    Doncha fergitzit



    • Night of the long knives for you agitator. Drones in Indiana coming like bats for the midnight blast. Gawbelsmurkah

  2. It’s nice to see Chris Hedges is the real deal ….

  3. National Center for Simulation…

    Did it ever occur to you that EVERYTHING might be BULLSHIT?

    Don’t forget that Queen of Diamonds…even yer mom could be out to getcha.


  4. University of Central Florida

    A research park on the main campus houses tenants such as Rockwell Collins, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, Cisco Systems, BAE Systems, AT&T (which is essentially an NSA front), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Geological Survey, the Bank of America, the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Research, Development and Engineering Command United States Army Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC), and the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS).

    It is the headquarters for the National Center for Simulation (NCS), consortium of military-industrial corporations, government officials, and members of the academic elite. Their mission is to create an environment of “ preparedness” (conditioning, in other words) and their main focus is “training/simulation” activities. Mock terror/shooting drills.
    The Central Florida Research Park receives $1.4 billion annually from federal contracts given to them by the Pentagon.
    The president of the NCS is Lt. Gen. Thomas L. Baptiste, formerly of the U.S. Air Force. He is currently the Deputy Chairman of the NATO Committee in Brussels.


  5. I know it well after years living and working in Orlando and Disney underground complex. Now I have Research Triangle here in the Carolina.

    Denver Airport is creepy but not exclusive.

    Two North Korean Submarines “Disappeared” zero hedge

    Wheres the third? Appearing before your very eyes.

    TONKIN-TONKIN-TONKIN or TORA-TORA-TORA? Place your bets coto three minutes to post-TIME.

    • I’ve never seen Disney Orlando… although I did work on Disney Orlando sculptures at a place called Sally Industries in Jacksonville. It was just a party really. They put me up in a hotel suite overlooking Jacksonville Beach…and Sally had a whole bunch of lovely ladies working there that thought it fun to visit my “pad”…Lol.

      I do know you can get all the way to Disneyland Anaheim by underground from the Disney campus Buena Vista. Of course the Anaheim site has an extensive underground as well, a whole tech city.

      Disney was a fascinating organization to work for. But I was never ‘regular’, but a freelance ‘Union’ guy that worked from show to show at all the major studios. Disney Buea Vista was the prettiest place, like a campus resort. I loved my stay there.

      There were only vague hints of a sinister side to things for me in those days. The actual “Hollywood” studios had more of that sense…an edge of “thugs in the shadows” sort of feeling. But nothing as up front as in the Music side compared to the Movie side. A lot of con artists in both venues…

      Seems like memories from someone else’s life sometimes, looking back on it. Years do that…


      • Handlers and Teamsters? 🙂 thugs in the shadows. Interesting times Rogue. Wish I saw more of your excellent work.

        Art was a great escape for me. Never a sculptor but drawing and watercolor for ma as well as music.

        • Well, thugs of the “Family” type…

          I was working at Carlo Rambaldi’s studio {on Dune} and Dino Delaurenti’s daughter showed up. She had with her, two of the biggest ham fisted guys – dressed to the 9s as they say…the thick heavy jowl type – square, as wide as they were tall, and they were tall.

          Carlo had the lights turned out in his office and was hiding under his drafting table…?? Lol

          He told my friend Lauri to tell them he was out somewhere…I don’t think Ms Delaurenti believed her, she roamed around casually looking the main room over, smiling at us…then shrugged her shoulders and left.

          I have no idea what the hell was going on…but Carlo was scared shitless.

          BTW, Lauri is the artist who sculpted ET, great gal, great sculptor.


  6. They say the majority of Amerikans favor “legalization” of Marijuana…

    It doesn’t need to be “legalized” – it never had a legitimate legal issue involved in the first place. It’s a fucking plant for Kryst sake; a vegetable.
    The whole thing of it is bullshit… a sin against nature to demonize it.


  7. “the city get’n ya’n emergency manager is nothing but a plantation owner.”

    • Exactly.

      Corporate feudalism is what the NWO is all about, and it is settling down hard here in Amerika now. The old “industrial cities” are the ones seeing the infrastructure crumble relentlessly and war lords dividing the turf.

      Weeza hairs breadth away from the big bumpity thumpity.

      Well hey, we’ve had those Big Screen warnings for decades now. Haven’t we? Whether “Predictive Programming” or “Intuitive Prediction” – we’ve seen the landscapes and script before. Everybody knows that big badda-boom


      • “all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free”
        – Abrahamabra Lenincolon (Arabian Spring)

  8. Interesting…

    That New World Order game card chubby boy Un is holding up is recognizable from across the room. Boom-boom-mushroom.
    He doznt look like a Happy Buddha doz he? Nope.

    60 plus years NK has been sorta locked in the closet…they bound to be a bit twisted. Most Amerikans have no idea what the US did to that country…
    A tragic crime – and ongoing.

    So uh…gawblesmurkah


    • “One way of life is based upon the will of the majority, and is distinguished by free institutions, representative government, free elections, guarantees of individual liberty, freedom of speech and religion, and freedom from political oppression.

      The second way of life is based upon the will of a minority forcibly imposed upon the majority. It relies upon terror and oppression, a controlled press and radio; fixed elections, and the suppression of personal freedoms.”

      • And both “ways of life” are based on the hallucination that “government” is real.

        There has ne’er been and ne’er will be a “government” that guarantees individual liberty, freedom of speech and religion, and freedom from political oppression.

        Oppression is in fact “government’s” whole reason for existence.

        ‘Government’ is a racket.


        • Cui bono?

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